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I was meant to post this fic for Halloween. But unfortunately, it got lost before I could post it. I had found it again (I had posted it in the wrong folder in my documents.) So I will proceed to post it. It's pretty corny in the horror sense. I just wrote for Halloween really. But it involves my in-game avatar (AKA Ray,) seeking shelter in the Old Chateau during a storm. And it's what goes on from there. I think be the end, you'll think Ray is a bit of a dunce. So here we go. I kinda got inspired by the online horror game 'The House' (not suitable for minors) but I tried to make it as different as possible. For people who are on the forum that I posted this on also, yes this is the same one. But with a few improvements.

Disclaimer: This is rated PG-13 for corny horror themes, a little bit of blood, and odd stuff happening. It's not that nasty but it has some strange stuff in it which people may be weirded out by.


Ray was in Eterna Forest when the dark clouds formed. She could tell by those clouds that there was going to be a violent storm. Judging by the how fast the clouds had come; the storm would start very soon. She needed to find some shelter.

The rain started falling as the sky rumbled. Ray was getting wet fast.
“Bliss would love this weather” she thought. “But he likes the sun better unfortunately. Not the night time.” She kept walking through the forest, occasionally stopping under a tree for shelter until braving the harsh weather again.

If that lightning hadn’t flashed, she wouldn’t have seen the large house that was hidden behind some thin trees. But the lightning did flash, so she saw it. She was in luck.
“Great!” she said “Maybe I can phone Jeeves in Hearthome, and tell him I’ll be there when the storm clears up” she walked to the trees, smiling. She got out a Pokeball.
“Siren” she called. The Absol came out of its ball, bowing its head to Ray. “Please cut this tree for me” Siren popped her large claws out before slicing the tree in two.
“Good girl, Siren” Ray said, giving the Absol a dry poffin. Siren happily ate the poffin before allowing herself to be returned to her pokeball.

The garden was riddled with shrubs, and ivy. The ivy was so healthy it grew all over the house. Ray felt a chill.
“It’s probably the rain coming through my clothes” she thought. “But the house looks abandoned. I was really hoping to use a phone…” she sighed. But an abandoned house was better than no shelter at all. She carefully pushed the heavy open and went inside.

The house was dark, dusty, and very cold. The windows, which were formerly dirty, were getting cleaned by the rain that was running down them. Lightning occasionally flashed.
“Out of the cold, into the colder…” Ray joked. But she felt edgy. She noticed she was standing in a very large foyer. She walked up to a mossy statue which was on the outside of a broken doorway. It looked as though it were glaring at her. Ray couldn’t tell what Pokémon it was, if it was a Pokémon. Ray didn’t like the way its eyes seemed so real. She sighed, deciding to look for a phone. She moved the broken door and entered the door way the statue seemed to be guarding.

Nothing seemed to happen as Ray entered the room. She had been half-expecting for some demon to be waiting for her. But nothing was in the room. Ray noticed a large sweeping broom near the door, the kind used to get rid of monsters. Ray took her eyes away from the broom to look around. The windows that looked out into a back garden were so filthy due to the rain not hitting them; it was hard for any light to come into the room. Ray looked at one end of the room. There was one open door, but judging by the boxes and shelves, it was some sort of storage room. No need to look in there for any reason yet. As Ray started moving her gaze to the rest of the room, a long dining table went from one side of the room to the other. When Ray saw the man, he was moving. She gasped when saw his eyes with nothing in them, just emptiness. He turned to look at her. She yelped and ran to the storage room, hoping that he didn’t see her.
“Demon…” she said, frightened. “Spirit!” she paused “No. It was just my imagination. It had to be” she looked out of the storage room, and was relieved to see that the man was nowhere to be seen. She shivered at the thought and came out of the storage room. She walked down the Dining Hall along the table, examining the fine crockery, and exotic cutlery that was set. She saw another room, judging by the tiling on the walls, and the wood flooring, it was the kitchen. She peered in; nothing there. Good. She looked at the sink, finding it filled with rancid water.
“Gross,” she said. “I’m not pulling the plug out. That’s far too disgusting.” She looked at the fridge. It had old magnets on it. She looked at a photo of a family, the woman and man holding hands, a little girl, and a butler…a butler! That was the man Ray had seen walking past her. She grimaced and felt another chill.
“I don’t like this place…maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll find a working phone. If not…I’m getting the Hell out of here!” Ray said to herself. No phones in this room, she noticed. She thought it would be a good time to leave this room. As she left, she noticed something in the bin. She grabbed whatever it was and found an antidote. An unused antidote. The cure to a poisoning. She shuddered at the thought of why it would be in the bin.
“Murder...” she said. She thought it would be best to leave the room…fast.

Back in the Foyer, Ray stood there. She looked at the statue, glaring at it. It just seemed to glare back.
“Well, you can get stuffed too” she said to it, trying to make herself feel braver, although she didn’t feel very courageous in this house. She turned to look the stairs that lead to an upper floor on either side of the Foyer, both sets of stairs led to the same place; it was just one of those traditional places that had to do that. She turned around again, startled. She swore she heard it growl at her. She looked at it. It looked back. It was if it wanted to say something, but couldn’t. Ray didn’t want to turn her back on it, just in case it would be closer when she looked back it. But she did turn her back, and ran up the set of the stairs to her left. She found another doorway leading into another dark room. But this doorway had a set of cobwebs overrunning it, like a motorway for spiders. Ray sighed. She didn’t want to go in there. But not only was it to try and find a phone, but for the sake of curiosity. She quickly ran through the web, ripping the strands off as she broke it.

The storm had gotten a lot worse as the lightning evidenced. Ray was startled by the flash. But she knew she was safe in the house. At least, she hoped she was safe to some extent. It was a small room Ray was in. It was big as one of her walk-in closets in her Apartment in Hearthome City. But the room had two large bookshelves. Ray went to look at the one to her left as the gap was a lot more spacious than the one next to the wall. As she started to walk to the end of it, the lightning flashed again, lighting up the room. Ray let out a quiet scream because she saw the red words, scrawled onto the wall in front of her “Get out!” Ray shivered and ran out of the room. She turned right, and down again, coming to another door right in the middle of the upstairs corridor. She entered it, hoping to find some safe haven.

Another hallway, almost pitch-black, greeted her.
“Oh no! Not more darkness” she murmured, worried. Five doors, all leading into dark rooms, stared at her, as if daring her to come in. She had lost hope of finding a phone; she had even forgotten why she was trying to find a phone in the first place. Something was keeping her in the house, something that she considered a curse; her own curiosity. She had to find out what was in this house. She was curious about this place, despite being afraid. She entered the door right in front of her first.
The room had twin beds; one of the beds was unmade and messed up. Ray wasn’t sure what those dark stains on the sheet were. Ray looked at the other bed; it was perfectly clean, and made. If Ray hadn’t been in this horrible place, it would have been almost inviting. A large mirror sat on a dusty dressing table. As Ray approached it, she noticed the letter opener, she hoped the dark stuff on the edge of it was just rust. She looked up at the mirror, seeing her dark hair, the blue streak being the only thing that stood out among the brown, her blue eyes looked back at her, the pupils nearly extending right to the edge of her eye due to the darkness.
“Nice to see a familiar face” she joked to herself in an attempt to calm herself down. She turned away to look out of the window. She looked back, and screamed when she saw the long-haired, woman. She looked at Ray, screaming, the blood running down her white face, and completely black eyes. Ray screamed and ran out of the room again, back into the hallway, slamming the door behind her.
“No more!” she screamed “No more!” but there had to be more.

She went into the room to her left. A portrait of a man (not the butler thankfully) standing by a large tree was nailed to the wall. When she looked at the portrait, she swore she could see the man staring at her with a large pair of red glowing eyes rather than a normal pair of eyes. She shivered once more.
“I need to stop doing that,” she whispered to herself “Or the house…or whatever is in this house…will know I’m afraid” she walked up to the portrait in an attempt to show bravery. The eyes seemed to turn back into a pair of normal eyes that the man possessed as she got closer. He looked almost human but he had a nasty smirk on his face. Ray touched the portrait. It felt almost like a real person was right there in the room. She felt a piece of paper in the edge of the portrait. She pulled it out, opening it up from a folded state. It was a note, written in faded ink. Ray felt worried as she read it, growing more uneasy. When she finished reading the note that the man of the house had written to his family, she realised coming into this house was a huge mistake.
Sorry, my darling family, I am so sorry to Arceus for what I did. I couldn’t stand that strange thing anymore, wreaking havoc in our home. I felt horrible because my family had gotten ill with horrible illnesses. Our butler killed my mother who lived here. I found he had hanged himself the very next day. My wife and daughter were left. My wife was the first to go for an unknown reason. And then my child died from the bad illness. I am writing this note because I am leaving this World. Hopefully I can put things right in the afterlife.

As if on some sort of paranormal cue, Ray heard a girl giggling, and someone running out of the door in the next room. She gasped, shocked. Someone was here. A real person was here. Not a horrible ghost. She could tell by the footsteps. But what if it was a trick? What if it was a horrible trick the house was playing? She looked at the note again. The child had died. This was a trick the house was playing. Ray dropped the note and left the room, feeling the glowing eyes on the back of her head. Back in the hallway now, she turned right and walked down past the door to the parents’ bedroom, to the next room.

The buzzing noise of static greeted her. The room had a lot more light in it, due to the fact the TV was still working. It didn’t show any channels; just the white lines and fuzz of an unused television. It seemed to be staring at her. She walked up to it, not wanting to look at it. Maybe she could get it working again, it would provide some comfort at least. She gave it a good thump. She saw a picture of something giving her a big grin. But then she realised, this was a malicious grin, not something of humour or friendliness. She realised the picture was getting closer.

She screamed at it. She ran out of the room, slamming the door. She ran out into the upper floor, down the stairs. She looked up, even more frightened. She saw the husband’s mother, was it a corpse, or a ghost. It looked down with a maniacal look at her. She looked like something that would leap up and drag her up with her. Ray screamed one final time, and ran out of the house.

The storm had stopped. Ray hadn’t noticed. But the moonlight from a clear (slightly cloudy) sky illuminated the world. Dew drops had settled on the ivy and the shrubs. She ran up to the tree that had somehow grown back. Fear had made her stronger for a moment; this was proven when she kicked it down, not needing Siren to cut it down this time. She noticed the woman with bright, chestnut-brown hair, and exotic clothes that reminded her of a nature God. It was Gardenia; a Gym Leader she had beaten a little while back, earning her badge. She watched as Gardenia seemed to approach the house.
“No!” Ray shouted. Gardenia looked at her, looking puzzled yet concerned.
“Don’t go in there,” Ray continued “It’s screwed up! It’s horrible!” Gardenia sighed. “I guess I was too late to tell you not to go in there. That’s where a whole family died for unknown reasons. I’m sorry I couldn’t warn you in time. It’s not a great place to seek shelter in” she continued after a short pause “It’s a place of misery, a horrible thing for this forest to surround. At least you got out safely, some people don’t.” she walked away. Ray felt a large chill running down her back.
“Never again…” she murmured, running away from the house, wondering what she would tell Jeeves.

End of Fanfic

So, what did you think of it? Please tell me in constructive criticism. What did you like about? What did you not like? I hope you didn't mind the corniness of it too much. But, I don't think it's too bad. I better explain that 'Jeeves' is a shiny Hypno Ray caught (in the fanfic world) after he tried to 'assault' her. He has taken the job of being her butler because Ray's 'daughter' (her Lucario she raised from an egg and named 'Lucy') reckons he should 'do his time.'

-I have no intention of finding shinies anymore. I just can't find any. Besides, I think the ordinary coloured pokemon are just as great. =)
-If you want suggestions for nicknames, I'm not bad for thinking up ideas. And if you don't like any of my ideas, you don't have to use them. =)

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