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 NAVA the D.W. edition 
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New Arctic Vs. Ash the Deoxy Warrior Edition
NAVA is also now known as Avon vs. Marcus. I use the term NAVA, cause it's shorter that way. This story is also a parody of Avon Vs Marcus.
BUT as co-creater of Avon and Marcus, I hold rights to write my own version. This version is shorter than Arctic Master's version, seeing as I do not try to top his work, but do something else by focusing on the comedy and parody aspects. As in, expect barely to no descriptions. I HIGHLY suggest you read Avon and Marcus before reading this so you have an idea of what's going on.


Chapter 1: I wanna rock! Err… TRAIN!!!

Once upon a time there was a trainer called Avon who wanted to be a pokemon trainer. But his parents didn’t let him.

“But mom!”
“No means no young man.”
“Please! Can’t you see everyone else is also becoming pokemon trainers. So why can’t I?”
“Cause I said so. That’s why.”

for some unknown reason and forced him to finish up elementary and middle school.

“…Finish up elementary and middle school and then we’ll talk”
“Darn it!”
“What did you just say Avon? *holds up paddle*”
“Nothing, err… I said… thank… it?”
“That’s what I thought.”

Once he did he asked his parents to let him become a pokemon trainer. While hesitant, they agreed only if Avon was accompanied with someone else.

“Please mom and dad. Let me become a pokemon trainer. I already did as you two told me. And I got mediocre grades too!”
“…I hate it when they grow up so fast…”
“Fine then son. We’ll let you become a pokemon trainer. BUT only if you can get someone to accompany you in your journey.”

Here’s when player 2, known as Marcus Lamech came into a picture. Marcus was Avon’s childhood friend and was somewhat known to be tough, he also had a Munchlax.

“Say Marcus would you mind going with me on a pokemon trainer journey?”
“Oh yes, why not?”
“Yes, you know. The guys that train pokemon, fight gym leaders and get badges. You know.”
“I already said yes Avon.”
“...Fine, I’ll go it.”
“Great. Now just gotta tell my parents the news.”
"Where you watching Kanto Idol last night?"
"That explains everything..."

When Avon told his parents about Marcus’s response. They were…

“…I knew you should have given him a harder requirement, impossible even…”
“So… can I become a trainer?
“I am a man of my word. Yes son, you can become a pokemon trainer now.”

Avon then left the room

“As I said, I am a man of my word.”
“I don't give a flying mace about man of his word, I just want my baby to stay with his mama.”
“…man of my word…”

Avon was really exited and could barely sleep. The next day however he woke up sorta early the next day, well earlier than his friend Marcus anyway. So after Avon put on some clothes and tried to leave the house without being noti-


…There goes my idea…
Well a little bit later after the good bye crap, we go into Marcus’s House…

“zzz….get here… you tasty… yum… yum…oh…f-”

Yeah… Marcus was then forcefully woken up as his mother hit him in the head with a frying pan and yelled at him.

“WAKE UP!!!”


“BAD MUNCHLAX! BAD BAD MUNCHLAX!!! You know you are only supposed to eat Garbage on Sundays! Bad Munchlax!”
“Eh… Marcus?”
“Avon?! What are you doing here so early?”
"What were you doing to Munchlax?"
“…Ever heard of obedience training?”
“Yes, but I don’t think it involves hitting a munchlax with a rolled newspaper.”
“Ever heard of Boot to the head?”
"Exactly, now lets go cause I ain't in the mood."
"Why exactly?"
“Cause my mom woke me up by hitting me in the head with a frying pan…”
“Now if only I wasn’t used to this sort of thing…”

Well later, after the young adventurers left… *reads script* Pallet Town… wait Pallet? Talk about stereotypical, anyway… Our young adventurers then headed to Professor Oak’s place.

“Say Avon, just what pokemon do you plan on getting from this Oak guy?”
“I guess I’ll get Squirtle since it sorta relates to ice types and ya know, Ice is my favorite type of them all. But what about you?”
“Eh… I don’t know. But considering how the starters in Johto were fire, grass and water, then I’ll get the fire starter.”
“But why do you wear green clothes then?”
“Can’t a guy love the color green and prefer fire types?”
“Not to upset ya, but it’s sorta odd.”
“So is your name while spelled backwards making Nova.”

But on the way, they faced… Jason Bullard. The average rival/enemy in most games. Unlike most other rivals, this one was more retarded than them and slightly more intelligent as he blocked the way to Professor Oak’s place.

“Hello Dwebs.”
“Hello Retardmackdumbface. What’s up?”
“Hey! I am not a retard!”
“Sure... you are not Retardmackdumbface, you’re KING Dumbass the fourth, also known as Lord Retardedbuttmonkey, the turd-eating-jack-rabbit-furry-wanna-be-that-eats-sea-cucumbers.”
“Are you asking for a death wish or are you just crazy?”
“I woke up after having my mom hit me in the head with a burning frying pan. I think that justifies me not being in the mood to deal with you.”

Danananananananana Batman! Heh… oh right, wrong show.

Jason vs. Marcus #1

In the left hand corner is Jason Bullard, the dumbass bully and on the right corner is Marcus Lamech, player 2

Now BEGIN!!!

Round #1

Jason’s turn!
Jason Bullard hits Marcus with simple punch in the face!
Marcus dodges!

Marcus’s turn!
Marcus tries to remember how to fight…
Turn skipped

Jason: 20/20
Marcus: 40/40

Round #2
Jason’s turn
“You’re gonna pay for dodging my punch! It’s time I use my secret weapon!”
Jason hit Marcus in the balls
Marcus is hit with 20 points of damage

Marcus’s turn!
Marcus remembers Shuryuken!
“It’s payback time!”
Marcus uses Shuryuken on Jason!
Jason is hit with 30 points of damage!

Jason: -10/20
Marcus: 20/40

(Fighting Dictionary:)
(Shuryuken: A fancy name for a powered up uppercut attack. It’s from Street Fighter!)

Marcus wins!!!

Fight’s over!
The winner is Marcus!
Marcus gains 35 exp points
Marcus level’s up!
Marcus learns: Jason Kick!
(Jason Kick: Hit’s the opponent where it hurts!)
Marcus becomes tougher!

Jason just escaped running into Oak’s place!

Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:13 pm
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Ok, time out, before I even read it:

You have 3 projects going on at once? You really think you can handle something like that?

Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:35 pm
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Yeah, cause I have too much free time and my compadre just needs some motivation and some redbull to update some of this stuff and we both have experience with this sorta stuff. It has its flaws, but some of this stuff is pre-written and are updated every once in a while. So that makes it easier, that and the fact that we aren't rushed to update so we take our time cause till now, we lacked a proper reason to be rushed to update.

Oh and quick note, there are eight projects in total I'm working on in a way. Two of them are still in the development phase and two of them are already pre-written to several chapters. This having 8 pre-written chapters, under one roof having... I dunno... at least ten on the very least? Maybe 15?

But, this stuff is not newbie stuff. I already went through that phase where I wrote lots of crappy stories and updating was a hassle. To be frank, I don't even know when or around what time I should update these stuff. So I just update when I want.

Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:04 pm
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