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 42 - The Diadem 
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I started of a role-play which was going to have this storyline, but it didn't get anyone joining. I decided to make a FanFic on it because I didn't want to abondon the idea, and because sometime in January, I'm going to be writing a FanFic with two popular FanFictioniers, DNA and The Obsidian_Wolf. I plan on writing 8 FanFics in a series, this being the first. I would rate this fanfiction K/K+...
Blurb/Plot/Whatever you want to call it

It's the future, far into the future and pokemon have spread across the galaxy. Melanie the Vulpix is a new undercover agent working for the Pokemon Intergalactic Intelligence Offices(PIIO).

When a collection of universally famous jewels/valuables go missing, Melanie is sent on her first mission, with her dective partner Timothy (Squirtle). Will they find the missing jewels? As the plot unfolds, it turns out that it goes further than a basic theft, and the safety of the universe depends on them...

EDIT: 28/12/07
Ok, so I kinda missed 'tommorrow' by a week, but it's been christmas, and I've been doing christmassy stuff. But here it is, what you've all been waiting for *insert drumroll* Chapter One! I'm going to quote the story because other people do that.

Gallade was worried. He was new to the security guard job and the idea of a night shift terrified him. He knew that a ghost-type could easily break into the building, and he was weak against them. Then he heard a breaking vase from the floor above him. He fainted.

Four hours later, the police were all over the building. The Daemmiark Treasures had been stolen; the guard had somehow been knocked unconcious and the treasures were gone without a trace, except that the place the treasure had been was absolutely freezing. The Darmmiark Collection was supposably worth 47.8million Vailox, it was the biggest treasure collection this side of the Hoalris Sun System. It was believed that Mr. Darmmiark's great-great grandmother had been a pirate, and the last survivour of the Flreakanasonte, the largest pirate ship ever known, but had had an fortunate accident that stopped the stealing spree luckly for the local banks.

"I want your best forces on this officer. I'm paying you 500 thousand Vailox to get me back these treasures before the end of the month."
"We'll try our best. Makr, remember that Vulpix the training tutors all keep going on about, tell her that she's got a mission, and put her with that Timothy squirtle for a partner, he has alot of experience and I think he deserves a second chance, I mean, how could you resist pressing a big red button that should not be pressed on any occasion."
"But sir, he's on clean up duty for the rest of the month."
"Not anymore he's not."
"Yes sir."

Melanie landed in from her final training mission and grinned. She had passed the trianing, now she was a spy. She couldn't stop smiling, all the way to half way down the lift, where it stopped, and the sides opened, and she got pushed out of the lift and down a hole to under the ground.
" Hhhey!" she shouted out, then realised it was an emergency. She flicked open her emergency box on her belt and an Oran Berry flew out. "How useful!" she exclaimed sarcastically, then she landed on a large cushion in the center of the room. She looked over to the walls, looking for some idea of where she was, then saw a big PIIO sign on the door and sighed, relieved, realising she was safe, and then began to grin again, realising it was her first mission. Her grin quickly vanished as the oran berry she had got out before hit her on the head ad exploded, covering her in a blue juice.


Fri Dec 21, 2007 3:35 pm
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Timothy was doing the afternoon shopping. He picked two boxes of Choco-Ponytas of the shelf for breakfast, then a packet of 'Mr. Mimes Perfect Rice' of the shelf. He turned the corner and notice the fridge unit was slightly out of place. He went to push it back and heard a all-to familiar click, and the floor gave way below him. 10 seconds later he was in the mission office, sitting next to a rather confused looking Vulpix.
"Timothy the Squirtle." He introduced himself as, holding out his top right foot.
"...I'm Melanie, I just passed my last test. They said I was really good at them all, I passed with an A+." She shook the foot with her paw.
" I got that too, but I'm stuck on mission assistance because I pressed some big red button which blew up the 4th Empire State Building. How was I supposed to know it did that?"
"So do you know what this mission is?"
"Urr... No."
"How do we find out."
"The wall..." just then, a screen on the wall turned on. A Mightyena was on screen.
"Hello. Melanie and Timothy. You are the agents we've selected to investigate the missing Darmmiark Treasures. We want you to go to the scene and gather evidence on the missing jewels, trying to figure out the motive of the criminals, the way they got in and out, and what pokemon you think they were. We have uploaded the files to your watches. Timothy, you have been given this second chance as a proper spy by the head, but you'd better not blow it, or I might be forced to put you on toilet duty for a month. Anyway, a helicopter has been send your way and will pick you up shortly. Melanie, good luck." Then the screen went off.
"Ugh I hate that guy. He's the one who suspended me originally. But at least #I'm unsus..." He was stopped in mid sentence because the floor disappear beneath them. They landed in the back of a Helicopter which began to fly away.
"Couldn't they just let us walk through doors instead of dropping us down random holes?" Timothy moaned.


Sat Dec 29, 2007 10:17 am
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