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 Death of Peace 
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Yes i am back after one hell of a deserved break. Anyway i'll cut straight to the point...


In the past each region had it's own League. But the Governments had made a life changing decision. They would merge them all together and make the Ultimate League. They would find the strongest trainer in the lands and choose them as the leader.

Scot sat calmly on top of a lush green hillside. Nothing stirred. The occasional bird Pokemon would fly overhead, but nothing serious. He laid back and watched the clouds go by. He let himself slip into a deep slumber.

A few moments later he was awoken by the sound of cars. He looked up and saw two black vehicles travelling towards him. He stood up and brushed himself off. A tall man stepped out of one of the cars, followed by a bouncy young girl. They walked over to him. From this distance he could see the mans scaly face. He looked like a shrivelled old prune. His iris' were pale and grey. He brushed back his greasy hair and let the girl step forward. She carried 6 Ultra Balls round her belt and held out her hand. Scott grasped it slowly, still unaware of what this was about.

"Good day to you sir but we have a proposition".

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Thu Oct 04, 2007 9:54 am
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{geodude}Chapter One: In the beginning{geodude}

"Good day to you sir but we have a proposition" the man was the first to break the silence, "As you may know we have decided to merge the existing leagues together and let it be under rule by the strongest trainer we can find".

"Yes i know, and i suppose you found me then?" Scott sat down onto the grass and looked back up onto their cold faces.

"Yes and no. You see this lady here says she can beat you and will become the Champion instead" the girl smiled and walked off.

"And i suppose you want me to battle her to find out?" Scott stood up, already knowing the answer, and followed her in a wide green ditch.

"You really think you can beat me?" the girl span round at one end of the ditch and grabbed one of the Ultra Balls by her belt.

"I could try..." he smiled and watched her throw it to the ground.

"Go! Camerupt!"

"OK then... Go! Poliwrath!" Scott threw an Ultra Ball to the floor and out came a tadpole like creature with a hypnotic spiral on it's stomach. It faced a bright red camel creature with over-sized rock humps on it's back.

"Camerupt use Earthquake!" the ground shook as the creature stomped it's legs and bits of rubble and dirt were sent flying towards the Poliwrath. Poliwrath dived out of the way and narrowly missed the attack. It had been trained to terrifying extremes. But Poliwrath had evidently been trained more.

"Poliwrath use Hydro Pump!" Poliwrath closed it's hands together and fired a jet of crystal clear water towards the slow moving beast. It hit with tremendous force and sent the Camerupt to the floor. The girl quickly returned her Pokemon as did Scott.

"You won't win this one, Go! Arbok!" a giant snake like creature leapt out of the next Ultra Ball and snaked it’s way towards the ditch. Scoot withdrew his Poliwrath and thought over his situation.

“Hmmm… Go Alakazam!” a yellow creature, almost human like, was sent out of the ball and into the ditch. It stood still and focused on it’s kinetic spoons.

“Arbok! Use Poison Sting!” a jet of purple spines came out of the snakes mouth and hit Alakazam. It simply stood there, as though it had felt nothing.

“Use Psychic attack now!” the Pokemon lifted it’s spoons into the air and they started to glow a purple colour. The Arbok was raised into the air by an unseen force and tossed to the floor.

“Grrrr! Go Yanma!” a green dragon-fly creature with bulging eyes came out of the red laser. Scott smirked slightly and returned his Alakazam. He grabbed the next ball by his belt and threw it to the floor.

“Go! Magmortar!” a red and orange Pokemon came out of the beam and landed neatly in the ditch. All of it’s body was ablaze.

“Use Signal Beam!” a red and green beam came out of the eyes of the Yanma and hit Magmortar with little force.

“Fire Punch now!” the fire Pokemon’s hand set alight and it hit the dragonfly straight on. It was sent flying through the air with tremendous force.
“No more games now! Go! Starmie!” a purple star Pokemon came out of the beam. In it’s center was a glowing red gem.

“Go! Shiftry!” a odd looking Pokemon came out of the ball. In it’s hands were leaf like fans. It grunted and stood in front of the opposition.

“Ha! You fell for that one! Use Psybeam Starmie!” a beam of fluorescent colours hit Shiftry but it simply bounced off it’s body.

“Any decent trainer would know Shiftry is Dark and Grass, Psychic doesn’t affect Dark Pokemon… Use Solarbeam now!” particles of sunlight were collected into the fans of the Pokemon. Suddenly a beam of bright white light was shot out of the fans and sent forward towards the star Pokemon. It was sent flying backwards but was caught by the beam of the returning trainer.

“This is it your going down now! Go Vileplume!” a hideously smelling Pokemon was ejected from it’s ball. It was beautiful in sight but nothing else. It had a giant flower attached to it’s head that weighed down on it’s strained back.

“Ha! Go! Gliscor!” a bat like Pokemon came out of the beam and fluttered about in the wind. It suddenly spread it’s wings as though it had been awakened.

“Use Toxic!” the flower Pokemon ejected a spurt of purple blobs and it hit the bat Pokemon. As the blobs were dripping down the Pokemon they suddenly soaked into it’s skin.

“Tut Tut any trainer would know that Gliscor is poison type… Use Razor Wind!” the bat whipped up ferocious winds and directed them at the heavy flower. It was sent backwards onto it’s back and was returned by the trainer. She glared at Scott and walked away.

“Well done, you were certainly far superior to that girl. You have surpassed yourself, here take this” the cold faced man handed him a green card with his name on it. It showed all of his Pokemon and it read.
‘Official League Card, Scott (Champ)’ Scott looked up and smiled. Finally he was being recognised for his prowess. He was going to become the Ultimate League’s Champion.

Thu Oct 04, 2007 9:56 am
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{dragonite}Chapter Two: Champions{dragonite}

Scott arrived at The Johto Falls soon after the League managers arrived. They had decided to build the Ultimate league under the Johto Falls, and on request of Scott, they decided to scrap Victory Road.

"It doesn't test trainers at all, it's just a nuisence" Scott had argued that day with the managers and had won. Afterall the challengers had to get all thirty-two badges now the otehr leagues were gone. He arrived there and it was alreay built for him.

"Hi, have you any idea who you want to help you run this place? The other four?" the cold face man had slithered his way towards him.

"No. Can't i just use some of the other people from the Old Leagues?" Scott stopped walking and watched the man think about his proposition.

"I can see why you think that but now trainers have to get all thirty-two badges then they will be much stronger than the other Leagues would be able to handle..." he carried on walking.

"OK well i think i can find some people out there somewhere..." Scott beared a small smile and wondered how much he was expected to do. he thought over the best types to use against the challengers. Ice. Dragon. Psychic. Steel. What nuisances those types had been on his journey. And what nuisances' they would be for challengers. First he would find a Dragon Trainer. He thought over all his friends he had made over the years and none of them fitted the description. As though his prayers had been answered a large cream coloured Dragonite flew above his head. It landed just before his feet. On it was a red haired trainer with a long black cloak. Of Course! Lance the Dragon Champion! He had once been an Elite Four Champion but became too good and was replaced by some sea captain named Drake.

"Scott how good it is to see you again!" they hugged for a breif moment and walked onwards.

"How are you and your dragons?" Scott walked him into the League and showed him around, although it was Scott's first time here too.

"Fine fine, and how are your bunch of misfits?" they both laughed.

"They would beat you any day, as usual" they laughed again, but louder this time. They had been childhood friends and had always known it each other.

"I've been staying in Blackthorn, did i tell you?" Scott shook his head slowly. "You should go it's a lovely place up there and it's full of Dragon Tamers, especially in Dragon's Den and in the Dragon Gym".

"My my you've gone completely potty..." Scott walked into what he presumed was the Hall of Fame. It was lit with white lights that you could hardly notice as they were surrounded by White floors and White walls. Going down the sides of them were green flashing lights.

"Anyway are you in a spot of trouble with your new lair?".

"Lair? This is the Ultimate League! And i want you to be in it" Lance stopped and looked directly and Scott.

"I would be delighted, where do you want me?" they walked over to the computer that stored the Fame data.

"Fourth spot, near the Champion Room" Scott watched as Lance's face lit up. "Great, do you know any more strong trainers that could help us? Preferably Steel, Ice or Psychic?".

"Don't you remember? From Hoenn? A bit on the short side? Grey hair and wearing alaborate clothes?".

"You've lost me who is it?"

"Steven Steel!" Scott smiled as he remembered another friend of his from Hoenn.

"Of course i forgot about Steven... But where is he now? He was always on the move..." Scott sighed.

"I know we can look for him after, but for now we need to think about the others..." Scott sighed once more and walke dout of the building.

"OK we best look for Steven now before he moves anywhere else. If we can think of anyone to help us then we will, OK?" Lance walked out with Scott and jumpe donto his Skarmory. Followed closely by Scott's Gliscor.

Thu Oct 04, 2007 10:00 am
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{beldum}Chapter Three: Steven Steel{beldum}

Scott arrived at the Meteor Falls in the Hoenn region. It was situated just South West of Falabor Town. Steven was an avid fossil collector and Scott presumed he would be here. he looked around the ground floor and found nothing. He stood in the middle and looked up a giant waterfall. At the top he saw a small entrance. he must be up there.

"Go! Poliwrath! OK Poliwrath use Waterfall to get me up there!" Scott's Poliwrath was ejected from the beam and it Scott hopped on it's sturdy back. It swam using Front Crawl and slowly approached the Waterfall. It jumped up and started to glide up the mountain of crashing water. They got to the top and he returned his trusty partner. He walke dover to the hole and walked through. The enitre place was lit by tiny lanterns. The were some Archeaoligists using nets to fish out fossils in the river. Scott had never known such a place exsisted up here. Stood on the top of a cliff side was a small man with greyish hair. He was wearing elaborate clothing and was watching over the workmen. Scott instantly recognised him to be Steven. He sent out his Gliscor and flew to the peak. Steven jumped back in surprise then caught back his nerve.

"Scott! How good of you to drop by!" Steven held out his hand and Scott gripped it firmly. They shook hands and started to walk away from the edge. Scott's Gliscor flew to the roof of the Falls and started chsing Golbats.

"I need your help Steven..." Scott stopped him.

"Go on" Steven looked Scott in the eye.

"As you may not be aware of i have become the Champion of the Ultimate League" Scott waited for his reaction but nothing showed. "I want you to be one of my Four, Steven".

"Of course i will! Who else have you gathered?" Steven smiled again and started to walk down a make-shift ramp made of stone, going down the hill.

"Well no-one except you and Lance" Steven's smile grew bigger.

"Lance! Wow i havn't heard from him for a while... We really will be un-stoppable now..." Steven led him down the path and out of the secret cave.

"You will be put in second command, after me and Lance" Scott looked over the waterfall.

"Of course, of course..." Steven looked over and immediately looked back. "I hate this thing...". Steven sent out his Skarmory and jumped onto it's back.

"Oh and Steven... We're at the Johto Falls" Scott smiled and watched him land firmly on the ground below. He walked out of the Southern exit towards Rustboro. Scott looked behind him and saw a flock of Golbats flying out of the cave, followed by his mischeivous Gliscor. He hopped onto it's back and flew down towards the Falabor exit...

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{alakazam}Chapter Four: Shadow Fax{alakazam}

Scott walked into Lavender whilst chatting into his cellphone. He watched as numerous old people passed him by and some people were weeping, presumably becuase of a dead Pokemon.

"Yeah i'm here now Lance and yeah i found Steven in the Falls" Scott had been trying to reach Lance on his phone since he set off from the Falls. He had told him that there was a Psychic person here who was probably willing to join the League.

"Yeah well he should be in the Tower near the North of the town" Lance was miles away at Johto Falls, over-seeing the build of his own room.

"OK i'm on my way, see ya!" Scott closed his phone and entered the Pokemon Tower. This had been the center of some Team Rocket problems a long time ago but they were soon sorted out by yet another kid. As he enetered a group of people came out crying and brushed passed him. Inside it was dimly lit by candles and there were many graves around the floor.

"Hello, i'm looking for a man named Shadow Fax," Scott walked upto the receptionist counter and quizzed the woman. "I was told to find him here."

"Yes... He's on the floor above this one" she smiled gravely and continued working on her computer. Scott walked towards the stairwell and climbed it cautiously. Not many people were on the next floor. Just an old man, crouched beside a grave. Scott walked towards him and crouched beside him. On the grave it said 'Arcanine, a beloved pet'. This couldn't be the person, he was supposed ot be a Psychic Champion.

"What do you want?" the man slowly got up and lent on a wooden cane that he laid down on the floor before hand.

"I'm looking for Shadow Fax, do you know him?" Scott watched as the man checked his memory and sighed.

"I am him..." he started to walk away from Scott and towards the stairwell.

"Sorry i thought you were someone else, are you interested in..." Scott was interupted by the old man.

"No! I am not interested in your pathetic little league..." the man started to walk down the stairs. Scott ran towards them and followed.

"How'd you know i was gonna ask that?" Scott seemed amused by the little old man.

"Oh for pete's sake! I'm a Psychic Master! Give me some credit! I read minds!" the man went purple in the face like an over-sized beetroot. "And besides your all way too weak for me, if i were to join i'd have to asume the position of Champion..."

"Oh really?" the man got to the bottom floor but opened a gate that lead further down into what he presumed was a basement. Down here it was mueky and dark and even the candles couldn't prevail light here.

"Yes really..." the man stopped as they both saw a Dusknoir floating in front of them. The Pokemon pushed Shadow and he went flying into a group of crates. Scott frowned and sent out his Froslass.

"Froslass! Use Shadow Ball attack!" a ball of purple light came from the white Pokemon's hands and was sent towards the Ghost Pokemon. It instantly fainted. The man got up and walked towards him.

"It seems i under-estimated you..." he held out his hand and Scott shook it. He was frail but strong. "Please let me be first to challenge people." Scott became confused. Surely he would want to be better off than the Ice Champion? But no he wanted to be first in the line-up.

"OK i trust you know where the Johto Falls are?" Scott started to help him up the stairs.

"Of course, what do you take me for?" They both laughed and walked outside. It was aa misty day and a few drops of water came down and hit them on their cheeks. Shadow grabbed a ball by his belt. They were all Dusk Balls. He sent out an Xatu. He hopped on it's green back and flew off into the distance. Three down, one to go...

Thu Oct 04, 2007 10:05 am
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{glalie}Chapter Five: Lorela Iclia{glalie}

Another cold witch to add to the league. Scott always hated Ice trainers. They were always cold-hearted and insensitive. He was surprised when he heard information on where to find her. She was in Sandgem, enjoying her sunny holiday. Apparently she was distantly related to Phoebe of the previouse Elite Four and she was always known for her hot holidays. He arrived in Sandgem and the sun was shined down hard on his back. He looked around and many people were enjoying the summer period. Professor Rowan was even out, searching the shrubbery and the leaves. Scott walked South until he reached the sandy shore. The beach was flocked with people. It could take him ages to find her. He looked around. There was a Pokemon battle going on near him. It was a Rattata and a Sudowoodo.

"What an odd Pokemon to send out against a Sudowoodo" Scott muttered to himself. He looked onwards towards the water and saw what appeared to be the final in a Tournament. There were a film crew and even a stage set up. At one end was a young girl with light blonde hair. She was quite beautiful. She wore a blue bikini and was holding a white ball in her hand. One Scott ahd never seen before. Opposite her was a Rich man. He was wearing a white satin suit with blakc pinstripes down the side.

"This is Pokemon FM here and we're reporting on the Final of the Mixed Tournament here in Sandgem Town!" a middle aged woman walked past chatting into the lens of a camera. The battle begun.

"Go! Glalie!" a round white ball Pokemon was ejected from the beam and floated above the stage. It was a one on one tournament. The competitors were only allowed one Pokemon. If that fainted then the other person won. it was very high stakes.

"Go! Granbull!" an ugly Pokemon with buck teeth was dispersed in the beam of red light. It yawned.

"OK Glalie use Blizzard!" a black cloud came form no-where above the stage and hovered over the opposing Pokemon. Strong winds picked up and swept icy shards towards it. It was hit with tremendous force but didn't faint.

"Granbull use Hyper Fang now!" the purple Pokemon charged towards Glalie with it's jaws open wide. It clamped down but missed the ice Pokemon.

"Finish this with an Ice Beam attack!" a beam of white lgith was ejected from Glalie's mouth and towards the Granbull. It hit it and fell to the floor. A refferee dressed in red and white pinstripes stood up onto the stage.

"The battle is over! Lorela Iclia has won!" the girl smiled and watched as many spectators cheered. She stepped off the stage and walked off. Scott set off to follow her.

"Can i help you?" she turned round and looked at Scott in the eye.

"I can think of many things off hand but... I have come about buisness" Scott watched as she thought about what he had said.

"Go on" they began to walk together back towards the town. She was carrying a blue towel, which she wrapped around her waist.

"I need a person to be in the new Champions League with me."

"What stage?"

"2nd up from the bottom."

"That'll do. Where is it?" they entered a small log cabin.

"You don't want to think this over?"

"What and face another boring Tournament?" she smiled and stepped behind a curtain. Scott walked on to follow her.

"It's at the Johto Falls.." he was cutt off by an abrupt scream. He looked up and she was standing in horror with the towl held closely to her chest.

"Get out! I'm getting changed! I'll be there just don't watch me!" Scott gave off a small laugh and stepped outside. The sun was starting to set. He would go to his favourite place to sleep for the night and eat fine foods then tommorow he would set off for the League to meet the others...

Thu Oct 04, 2007 10:06 am
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