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 Hostile take over 
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Okay, I had this idea. What would happen if Pokemon were introduced into the world we live in today. And the world freaks. What would happen? That is what inspired this story.

Well, that's the way it started, but then I finished the preview, and hated it. So, I changed it into this- What if Mewtwo found a way to recreate itself into the world today? And it sees how easily it could take it over? The story starts with this preview.


John shaded his eyes, glancing out of the dirty window. He searched the area surrounding the abandoned factory, making sure that no one was close. Satisfied, he hopped off the chair he had been standing on, and strode over to the active bank of computers. He hovered over one of the screens, taking in the data. John scowled; his little experiment wasn’t going as planned.

He slammed his fist down on the keyboard, and rushed out of the room, heading toward the place where the actual experiment was taking place. He hurried across a rickety cat walk, not caring to keep his balance. He then descended a flight of stairs, and found himself outside the generator room. He pushed open the doors, and walked through the tangled mess of wires and machinery. Finally, he found what he was looking for; a porcelain sphere that was hooked up to a bunch of sensory equipment. The inside of the sphere was glowing as energy passed through it, bouncing off the inside.

John checked one of the sensors, glancing over the read outs, confirming his suspicions; one of the generators he had pain sta kingly repaired was losing power. John cursed under his breath; it had taken years of careful planning to get where he was. John sprinted toward the failing generator, and popped open the control panel, shining a light inside. Working amongst the mess of wires, John carefully searched for the power source of the generator, a small uranium crystal. This form of power had recently been discovered by him, and was the key to this entire operation.

Finally, after many stressful minutes of careful sifting, he found the inner titanium box that contained the tiny crystal. John carefully popped open casing, and found the glowing uranium crystal, which was hooked up to several cables. Just as he suspected, the crystal was faulty; instead of giving off a steady, pulsating light, the crystal was blinking rapidly, which showed a steady loss of power.

Careful not to hook HIMSELF up to the generator, John removed the crystal, and replaced it with one that was about the same size and shape. He worked quickly, knowing that the sudden loss of power might jeopardize everything he had worked for. He popped the new crystal in, and re closed the panels. John hurried back over to the porcelain sphere, and breathed easily as the light of the energy magnified by several degrees. He turned back to the monitors, and felt his heart stop. The experiment was actually working!

Turning back to the sphere, John watched the energy suddenly change color, and become absorbed into several of the attached cables. The light suddenly dimmed from the sphere, revealing what was inside. There was a black chip looking thing, colored steel blue. It was a DS game, more specifically, a copy of Pokemon Diamond. Thanks to several of John’s friends, they together had successfully completed the National Pokedex, meaning that it had all the Pokemon ever created, which was almost five hundred.

John laughed, his glasses reflecting the light to create an evil look. John’s curly brown hair lay flat from his sweat. He may only be fifteen, but he was about to make history. He followed the cable over to a portal looking object. John laughed again, and turned on a camera, ready to record what was going to happen; his only regret was that his friends hadn’t come along to witness this. Ah well, all the credit would just have to go to him.

John walked over to the side of the portal, and pulled a very important looking lever. The power that had been transformed by the porcelain sphere rushed into the machine. The screen on the side flickered, then blinked to life, showing a white, purplish looking creature. John was surprised by this. He had been meaning to create life from the game, starting with the starters. The Pokemon he was looking at was Mewtwo, a powerful Pokemon that had been cloned from Mew.

A siren blared behind him, and he whirled around. He rushed to the computer station, and let out a cry. The code was being rewritten! Instead of creating the starters first, Mewtwo was going to be created! And not only that, but instead of being a weakened one, this Mewtwo was going to come out at its full level!

Sure enough, behind John, the portal activated, and a white light filled its circular shape. Out of the light stepped Mewtwo in all of its glory. Inside John’s head, he heard the thing laugh. John freaked, and picked up the gun he had brought, firing the entire clip at Mewtwo.

Mewtwo looked up lazily, and stopped the bullets with its mind. They suddenly melted, and it let them go, dropping to the floor and collecting in silvery puddles. Mewtwo laughed again, and gripped John with its mind. John lifted from the floor, struggling for breath. Mewtwo twitched, and snapped John’s neck in two, killing the young boy instantly.

Mewtwo tossed John’s remains aside. “Pathetic human”, it said. Turning to the computer, Mewtwo began to control it telepathically. He disabled the machine telepathically. Mewtwo didn’t want anything in its way. Mewtwo laughed, and blew a hole in the roof. It slowly rose out of the building, taking in the new world it had been thrust into. A new world that was about to change....


Fri Jun 29, 2007 8:57 pm
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Mmkay, I'm going to post chapter one now. And for your information; I changed Mewtwo from an it, to a he to make it easier on myself. And I'm too lazy to edit my Preview, so tough if it's too much for you poor little eyes.

Hopefully this next installment will spark a lot more attention than just a preview. *gets hopes up*

Anyways, I welcome ALL forms of critiquing, mainly how to make myself a better writer. I've decided to focus on being an author as a career choice, so I need all the help I can get.

Chapter One
A bloody start
Todd flipped on the television, yawning. He hadn’t gotten in till one in the morning last night. He had been hanging out with his friends past curfew. Yawning again, Todd flipped to the news, combing his fingers through his brown hair. He listened in on the news, catching the weeks weather. It was going to be in the high nineties all weak. Good old heat; what could you expect, if you lived in Texas.

Suddenly, they interrupted the weather with an emergency alert. They cut to a young woman with light, brown hair, and a picture perfect face. She shuffled her papers, and said,”We interrupt the weather with a special bulletin report. As you may well know, there has been an Amber alert for a John Spencer, who disappeared a week ago. After full investigation, the fifteen year old boy was last seen entering an abandoned factory. This was never confirmed, so police never searched the station. But, another person called in, and gave this video of an alien looking being hovering above the station.”

They cut to a video, showing a white and purple colored creature literally FLYING above the factory. Todd gasped, dropping the remote. This thing was Mewtwo, a fictional creature from the Pokemon games. They cut back to the reporter, who said,”After running numerous tests, this video was confirmed to be real, not photo shopped. Not only THAT, but it seems this creature is called a Pokemon, which is from a set of popular video games made by Nintendo. Nintendo has said they have nothing to do with this thing, and have readily agreed to give whatever information scientists need on this thing. Apparently, its name is “Mewtwo”, a Pokemon that was written to be cloned from another Pokemon, named Mew. Mewtwo has made appearances in the very first Pokemon Movie, and another called “Mewtwo Returns”.” They cut to clips from the movies, showing Mewtwo’s epic battle with Mew.

Todd rolled his eyes, but knew that something was up. John was one of his best friends, and had hinted at something BIG happening, and invited him to tag along. But, John had done these kinds of things before. And nearly gotten them killed in the process. Surely this apparition of Mewtwo was because of John. Todd chuckled. Todd was said to be a genius; he was probably one of the greatest minds of the 22nd century. But, his decisions were stilled controlled mostly through hormones.

Todd pulled out his cell phone, and began texting to all of his friends to turn on the news. Looking at the TV again, Todd noticed that the reported was explaining what scientists were going to do. They were fitting a helicopter with special communication devices; they were going to make contact with the thing. Of course, they also knew how dangerous it was going to be, so it was going to be accompanied by four Apache helicopters. Which basically meant that they were involving the army with this.

The reporter was handed a piece of paper, and she read it swiftly, then nodded. She turned back to the camera, and said,” We have a camera crew on the scene. We will be able to show you what happens when we try to establish contact with Mewtwo.”


Mewtwo was deep in meditation when he sensed the approaching helicopters. He lazily popped open an eye, glancing quickly at the annoying helicopters. He couldn’t believe humans could stand such annoying machines. The noise they made was horrendous; he’d heard better sounds from a ZUBAT!

Grumbling to himself, Mewtwo slowly released his mind from the meditative stance, turning his full attention to the horrendous machines. There were five of them; the one in the middle was armed with lights, and the other four were armed with deadly missiles. Mewtwo snorted. If the humans were trying to get Mewtwo to believe they were coming in peace, they were doing a crap job of it.

The five helicopters stopped, hovering in midair. The middle one switched on its lights, and began flashing different codes at Mewtwo. Mewtwo rolled his eyes; humans were truly a pathetic race. Mewtwo watched for a bit, and even amused the humans by appearing to respond to their idioticy.

After a few minutes, Mewtwo finally grew board of playing around. He blinked, and the middle helicopter exploded. The other four instantly reacted, firing their missiles at him. Mewtwo chuckled, and focused on the missiles, making them stop in midair and drop to the ground, exploding. Mewtwo sensed several of the scientists below him die in the fiery inferno. Before the helicopters could do anything else, Mewtwo disposed of them with a twitch of his neck.

Looking down at the carnage he had wrecked, Mewtwo laughed to himself; this world was going to be a cinch to conquer. But something was missing.... Ah yes, of course. A public announcement of their impending doom. Zooming off, Mewtwo came to a camera crew that had filmed what had happened. The Camera men began to turn and run, but Mewtwo froze them in their places. Looking into the camera, he laughed dramatically and said,”For all those watching, know this; this is the end for you all. Everything you know, everything you love about your world, is about to change forever. This is only the beginning.”

Todd dropped the remote, staring at the TV in fear. This Mewtwo had just killed a bunch of people in cold blood! Beside him, his cell phone was vibrating like crazy. He had five calls coming in at the same time. All of them were from his friends, who Todd had told to watch the news. Todd glanced back at the TV, staring Mewtwo’s frozen face dead in the eye. He knew right then that Mewtwo probably had come from what John had been talking about. Something fishy was going on over at the factory. Todd had to find out. It might contain some clue about what had happened to his friend. And how to stop this psychotic Mewtwo.

So, what did yall think? Please post any suggestions, or if you just want to post any ideas of what's going to happen, tips, ratings, whatever; I'll take it.


Sat Jun 30, 2007 9:05 pm
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I suggest proof-reading.

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