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 Death, the never ending story 
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Fails at life
Fails at life

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This is something i decided to write during a very hard time in my life. And watever possessed me to write it here is beyond me

I keep looking over my shoulder hoping to see you again.
Walking hoping to see you down the lane.
But i know you won't be, not here anyway.
Sometimes I think i see you down the street.
Is it my imagination or just the heat?
Everything is rattling, why don't you go away?
These mind games you are giving me are leading me astray.
Why don't you just leave me alone, why can't you let me sleep? All these images are driving me mad, why can't you see?
You are giving me too much pressure, too much i can't ignore.
Sometimes I wish you'd realice, i want you out this door.
I just want to relax. Oh can't you let me please? Oh I just want to close my eyes so i could get some sleep.
So now I had whisked you away, why don't I feel better? My eyes are droopy, and every thing i see is red.
All i want, oh God, all I want is peace.
Why can't I do it, oh God, why can't i sleep?
Pondering these things, why don't they go away? Why don't they God, why do they have to stay? It's a never ending story, and write it i have done. Sometimes don.t understand things life can bring. If God can bring Summer, fall, winter, and spring, why can't he bring me a simple wish to bring peace back to me?

R.I.P little brother

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Sat Jun 23, 2007 12:06 pm
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Awww! Thats sad :( But it was a good poem. Youve got a natural talent 9/10


Sat Jun 23, 2007 12:25 pm
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Urm... this will either sound extremely insensitive or extremely honourable, but as some of the members at psypokes know, I am a Musical Theatre Composer. I have a team of lyricists and story writers who come up with words and scripts and plots and I either pay someone a lot of money to write music for their work, or I myself will write the music for it.

You may have heard of some of our shows, but I'd rather not mention what I'm affiliated with on this site, as this place is about Pokemon, not me and my company.

Anyway, the point is, I would like to use this poem, if I may, in one of our shows. It's possibly one of the most innocent and simply 'beautiful' pieces I've seen in a long time. Professional lyricists and storywriters tend to lose their innocent approach after awhile which is why I am constantly movingmy teama round to different projects and different areas, thus keeping them constantly evolving.

I agree with the aforementioned comment, you have a natural talent. Let me know if you approve of me scoring this lyric.

Due to the nature of the poem, and that it is posted here, and the way in which I found it, I could not justify paying you an outirght fee for intellectual property possession of the piece, though my Accounts Department would accept your name as a percentaged contributing lyricist in whichever show we place the lyric, and after a certain amount if money is made in royalties (not profits) from said show, you will be paid due royalties.

No promises though, just a request. Beautiful piece of work there.

*NB: Scoring means (in this case) turning into a sung melody
*NB: Lyric means (in this case) a set of verse sung to accompanying music.

Regardless, that was beautiful.

J L Psyches

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Sat Jun 23, 2007 1:47 pm
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Wow thats really sad whats with all the sad it makes me cry? :cry: but it's very well written.

Whats a signature?

Thu Jul 12, 2007 6:31 pm
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Dragon Tamer
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giant quadriple post there try using the edit button
as for the poem sad but well writen


Thu Jul 12, 2007 9:44 pm
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Pokemon Trainer
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very good

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Sun Aug 12, 2007 2:50 pm
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