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 Tales of Old, 1.9 current stories 

What is your favorite of my stories?
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 Tales of Old, 1.9 current stories 
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Story 1- Journal of Mewtwo {mew}

Exert from a journal found near Mewtwo's lair in the Cerulean Cave:

Entry #1, Cinnibar Mansion

Today we found a strange floating creature in a jungle expedition. It is very shy, but playful. It appears to have strong defensive powers, but very little offensive powers. It makes small mewing noises, so the doctor calls it mew. I hate that creature. A few minutes ago, I was trying to figure out if there were any sightings of this creature before, and it kept on snatching away my book, laughing as I tried to get it back! I must stop writing this now and hide the journal, just in case it tries to do the same with this book.

Entry #2, Cinnibar Mansion

this annoying creature will not stop drawing strange animals! But I think these drawings have a deeper significance. Today we put Mew in a cage with a simple rat to see how it would act with other creatures. It stole a marker that was in my shirt using it's psychic powers, used it to draw a rat-like creature on the bottom of the cage. When the rat went over to sniff the drawing, and it started to mutate! The rat turned purple with four white whiskers and a curly tail. I will make a drawing of it for future reference:


I only hope that the drawing of a strange looking boxer won't mutate me. Underneath the drawing of a rat, Mew wrote strange runes that looked like this:

<center>{unown r} {unown a} {unown t} {unown t} {unown a} {unown t} {unown a} </center>

I have no idea what these runes mean, but they seem to resemble letters. I must go. The idiotic doctor is asking for my assistance.

Entry #3, Cinnibar Mansion

What a discovery! This mew seems to be a pregnant female! I just hope that the newborn won't be as annoying as the mother. This discovery seems to prove that there is another Mew, and possibly an entire species! Also, I have found out how to translate the writing that Mew does.
She has changed several creatures, including a dead body into a ghost. I learned that she calls the purple rat rattata, the ghost ghastly, a frog with a tulip bulb on its back bulbasaur, and that the sounds they make are also their names. I have also discovered that the creatures that Mew creates change shape as they grow, showing extremely fast genetic mutation, or very strange hormones taking their toll. We have learned that it is the hormones, since the small frog (which we have come to call Bulbasaur) has turned into a very large toad with a large flower on it's back (Venusaur), then the toad had planted a seed that grew out of it's flower, the seed grew quickly, into a bulbasaur. Now I must finish this entry, I am getting very sleepy. I hope that mew won't keep me up all night trying to find a spot to give birth.

Entry #4, Cinnibar Mansion

Mew had her "kitten" today. Mew and the doctor were very sad about what happened, because the baby was born dead. The baby looked nothing like the mother, and we are assuming that it is male. We do not know for certain, because Mew won't let us near the newborn. I see that this creature has a much more powerful body than mew, even though it is just born and dead. Its tail is long and flexible, its feet are large and look very muscular, and it's ears look very powerful. Its brain must be very large, because there is a muscle on the back of its head that seems to help hold its head up. The doctor is calling me now, so I must finish this entry. He sounds very exited, so maybe he has discovered something else interesting.

Entry #5, Cinnibar Mansion

This is a huge discovery in medical science! We have managed to clone the baby mew! The doctor dislikes the newborn, he thinks it is very dangerous, but he has no idea what it is. It is wonderful. Today the young mew, or as the doctor calls it, "Mewtwo", has found a cure to a very deadly disease! The doctor says that he needs more proof to make sure that it works, but it does! One of the elderly neighbors came down with the disease, but when mewtwo gave him the injection, it not only cured the disease, but also got rid of his arthritis! It is a miracle that we found this creature's mother. Mewtwo is also starting to understand human speech, and speak it. He doesn’t speak like you and me, but he more makes you think what he is thinking. It is much deeper than that, though. He can also create mutations in creatures much better than Mew. Today, he turned most every creature in the mansion to a "pokémon" as we have started calling them. The doctor makes me watch over Mewtwo when its mother is sleeping, and he just alerted me that it is sleeping. I must go.

Entry #6, Cinnibar Island. This entry is written in slightly different handwriting.

A conspiracy. Giant meteor fell on the island today, loosing many creatures. Mewtwo uses power, turns creatures to pokémon. Kills mother and doctor in process. Turns back human intelligence ten thousand years because of terrible mistake. All animals pokémon now. Mewtwo fuses with apprentice writing journals. He is shielded from magic because mewtwo. Mewtwo and apprentice now go to study everything about world. Mew turn to human. Human turn to mew. Few mew survive. Many human survive. mewtwo and apprentice go now. Keep book as only thing to remember old world. Destroy everything else.

(All but one of the pages are torn out after this one, and the last page was meant to be the last page.)

We are now the most intelligent creatures on the planet. Alakazam and Xatu are preschoolers compared to us. We await the one who can tame us like the weak pet pokémon that everyone has by age ten. We are now ten thousand years old, and still share a body. The world will shiver at the mention of our name. Mewtwo. We shall one day free all the pokémon, and rid the world of the humans who think pokémon are tools. Mewtwo's reign is approaching...

-End of journal

Story 2- Journal of Regigigas {chatot}

The following was obtained when a ditto was shown the pictures of the three pokémon in the caves north of Dewford town, in the Mauville desert, and west of Lilycove city. The ditto’s eyes grew wide and white, then it transformed into the rare Unown, found in the ruins of Alph, the Tanoby ruins, and the Solaceon ruins. The ditto’s “writing” was deciphered the following journal-like document:

Day 1:

Nothing makes sense to me anymore. Everything I believed has been disproved. The three... they have come. This morning, as I was working my share in the regite mines, a sky rock struck, much as it did three hundred years ago, when my great-great-great-greatgrandfather’s father was turned from one of the one of the simple folk to human.

Before it fell, the green and white-cloaked soothsayer Xatu came yelling “the kings arrive at midday! The kings arrive at midday!” nobody listened.

He continued disturbing our work, until the sun was in the center of the sky. At noon, there was a speck on the sun. Xatu looked up at the sky, smiled, and yelled “look to the sky! The kings cometh!”

By the time we looked at the sky, the dot was growing. It kept growing, until we realized that the speck wasn’t getting larger, it was getting closer! The miners ran, but the Xatu bowed on the ground, shouting praise to the sky rock. The stone smashed the Xatu, and a green bird with white wings and markings that matched the prophet’s cloak came flying from the stone.

We cautiously approached the stone, and instantly noticed four distinguished segments: A brown one, a blue one, a grey one, and a white one. there were also markings on the segments: three dots on either side of one dot for the brown, fie dots in a line with one on top and one on the bottom for the blue one, six dots surrounding one dot for the grey one, and four dots in a diamond shape with three underneath them for the white one.

The rock shook. we ran back, fearing our lives. We did not want the same fate as Xatu. The blue part separated from the rock, followed by the brown and grey. The white remained stationary.

The markings on the rock started to glow, but nothing happened to the white side. We hoped nothing else would happen, when icicles started to come out of the blue shard! The grey turned into a sphere, split in two, and started growing limbs, the brown started attracting rocks from all over the globe to itself, and the white disappeared without a trace. When all this was finished, three pokémon stood there: a freezing clear blue one, a rounded metallic grey one, and a rough rocky brown one.

The miners suddenly fell to the ground, in a bowing position, shouting “Hail the Three Kings! Hail Xatu, the messenger of the Kings! Hail! Hail!” I was the only one still standing, frozen in fear.

Then without warning, a smiling Chatot started whistling. “ Fwee-too! Dig three caves!” it yelled in a singsong voice, ”Or dig your own graves! Fwee-too!”

“shut up, you stupid bird.” Commanded one of the miners, as he threw a stone at the bird.

“Xatu will not be the only one turned into a pokémon! Mark my words! Hee-hee! Beware! Fwee-too!” The Chatot disappeared without a trace.

IT be continued... FINALLY!

Day 3

They have taken total control. Whenever someone goes near them, they bow. I am no exception, however I do it of fear instead of wonder. The regi mines are no longer mines, but one large castle. The miners are no longer miners, but servants to the three kings, living in the castle, doing everything the kings say.

Many people are happy, believing that their saviors saviors have come, but I am not so gullible. The chatot's warning is still ringing in my head, and it seems that I was not the only one to fear the future. My brother Tyrouge raised his voice to them, only to be taken into a room to never be seen again. The only thing that I saw in the room was a flash of light coming from under the door, before a small purple creature walked out of the room with the kings, then was thrown out of the window.

I cannot stomach seeing the kings for very long. My brother's disappearance is too much to bear. Today, I found the purple creature speaking to the green bird and the chatot. When they saw me, the green bird and the purple creature went their separate ways. As I approached the chatot, it suddenly opened it's beak and gave me another riddle: "Fwee-too!" It whistled. "Fear of the kings is fear of all things! Fwee-too!"

Before I could ask it what that meant, it flew away whistling. I have a terrible feeling about what it wanted me to do...

W007, that wait wasn't very long. Just a few hours.

Day 7 (the ditto seemed rather frightened at this point)

More people have been taken into the same room as my brother. Each time a different creature walked out with the kings. Whenever I went to the coast to escape from the glares of the kings, I saw each of those creatures trying to dig into a large stone. I witnessed the same creatures doing the same thing in the jungle, and desert.

I viewed two sea creatures slamming headfirst into a stone, as if to sink it into the fierce current. I believe that they were working with the other creatures.

The Chatot appeared again. This time it was outside my window, and told me exactly what it wanted. “Psh!” it grunted. “I have been very patient with you as of late. Speak up to the kings! Raise your voice! Insult them! They will take you into the room of transformation. Resist with everything that you can, until the white stone appears. It will possess you, and allow it to! The rest will come to you afterwards. Don’t mess up, idiot! Fwee-too!” and it flew away before I could raise my voice to it.

W007 another wait!

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Hey, you posted another "journal", girog. I'll probably like this one just like I liked the first. Please, keep going, I'm excited already.



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Thanks for the moral support. I posted another chapter in the Regigigas one, and you have another pretty long wait. Tell me what you think of my newest chapter!

Not a very long wait, as you can see. just a few hours. At this time, i'm done with the next chapter.

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