Chino the Eevee and the Blessed Ribbons
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Author:  OneGlovedEevee [ Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:03 am ]
Post subject:  Chino the Eevee and the Blessed Ribbons

FYI, you pronounce the "i" in Chino like "eye".
Chapter 1

There was once a family of {eevee}s. The mother was a {glaceon}, the father a {leafeon}, and 3 kids, Amy the {espeon}, Kyle the {umbreon}, and Chino the {eevee}. Kyle and Amy made fun of Chino because she had not evolved yet. What Chino wanted more than anything was to evolve. She asked her mom about it constantly. But the answer was always the same: "I can't tell you how to evolve. You must find it out yourself." Obviously she said this because she had evolved naturally on Ice Rock, and the others had evolved naturally as well. And when she went to school, none of the other Pokemon would play with her. They were all very mean to her, but the meanest was Ivory the {absol}. Whenever Chino got on the jungle gym, Ivory would tell everybody to push her off. Also, Ivory was the teacher's favorite student, so she never did anything about it. In fact, the teacher was just as mean as Ivory. She would quarantine Chino's desk to make sure nobody would get near her. Chino's only friend was a {pikachu} named Ari, who couldn't evolve as well. Since Ari was Chino's friend, they quarantined her as well. Ari was sick of it, so she quit being friends with Chino. It seemed like Chino would never have friends. Until one fateful day...

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Chapter 2

A Beautiful Rainbow colored bird flew over the playground, and landed right in front of Chino.”Hey stupid bird, Get away from her!” Ivory yelled. The bird turned around. “Give me a reason why...”
“Because she's... stupid... And lame...”
“You should not judge a book by it's cover. This is for you... Chino.”
The bird handed her something.
“How did you know my name?”
“You shall find out soon.”
The bird flew off. Chino looked at what the bird gave her. It looked like an ancient scroll of some sort. Ivory tried to take it from her, but couldn't for some reason. It was like she had been paralyzed. Chino unfurled the scroll to find a map, along with some {unown} letters. Fortunately, Chino knew how to read {unown}. She translated the message to
Map of the Blessed Ribbons, gift of The Unique One. Chino looked at the map to find the first destination was someplace called The Cave Of Destiny. She went home to tell her mom. “Mom! Dad! You won't believe it. The most beautiful bird I ever saw... It came down and...”
“We saw the bird, Chino. We saw it holding the scroll. Chino, this is your destiny.”
“I don't believe in destiny.” her dad said, but he was only saying that so Chino would stay home. But how could Chino stay home? She had a destiny to discover!

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Chapter 3

Chino ran to the direction of the cave... But when she got there, there wasn't a cave.
“Huh? Where's the cave?” Chino said. That's when she saw the bird again.
“Crystals gleaming in your soul...” The bird said.
“I don't understand...” Chino said.
“Use the rocks!” The bird said, disappearing. Chino guessed the bird meant to use the rocks to spell out, so she did. After she had finished the words, the ground started shaking and cracking. Out of the cracks came a cave, which Chino went into. She would see the word “Crystals” appear on the walls every now and then. Finally, she came across the exit of the cave. But when she tried to exit, She saw {unown} jump in front of her and spell Crystals over and over again. Finally, Chino screamed out “CRYSTALS!” The {unown} disappeared, and Chino walked through the exit. But then, she tripped on a stone. She turned around, to find the most beautiful crystal she had ever seen. She picked it up and put it in her bag. Then the clouds started rumbling. A beam of azure light came down on the spot the crystal was, and after that, the clouds went away. There was a sprout in place of the crystal, along with a watering can. Chino watered the sprout, but nothing happened. But then, the ground started shaking again, and a tree started growing. The tree started shaking, spreading seeds everywhere, which grew into trees, and so on and so on and so on until a forest was in the place of where the cave was. Chino looked on the map to find this was her next stop, the Eternal Forest.

Author:  OneGlovedEevee [ Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:29 am ]
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Chapter 4

Chino walked in the forest for about an hour, but could not find a way out. She then heard a familiar voice. “Your destiny is about to unfold...”
“Do you know how to get out of here?”
“A true quester looks forward and never back...” The bird was gone again, but Chino understood what he meant. So Chino just went forward, and was soon out of the forest. She then found herself on a cliff. She looked down and found a river full of {vaporeon}s. Sure enough, she saw a familiar rainbow colored bird. “You're journey is about to begin...”
“What do I do now?”
“Are you crazy?”
“Look on the map.” The bird said, fading away. Chino looked on the map, and found something called the Leap of Trust. Chino knew what she had to do, but didn't know if she could.
“Jump Chino, we will catch you.” the {vaporeon}s said from below. Suddenly, Chino knew why it was called the Leap of Trust. She jumped from the cliff... And landed on a bed of {vaporeon}s.
“See? We told you that you could trust us.” One {vaporeon} said. “My name's Aura. I know why you are here. You don't have any friends because you haven't evolved.”
“Yeah. Everyone is being mean to me, even my friend.”
“I understand. That's what everyone did to me when I was younger. Can I come with you to the Cloud Castle?”
“Cloud Castle? What do you mean?”
“That's your last stop. Check your map.” Chino checked her map to find a cloud like castle. She knew that the Blessed Ribbons would finally be explained.

Author:  OneGlovedEevee [ Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:30 am ]
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Chapter 5

Suddenly, the {vaporeon}s stopped, and 2 new passengers boarded; a {jolteon} and a {flareon}. The {vaporeon}s went moving again. “Chino, these are my friends Cloud and Scorch.” Aura said. “They were on their way to the castle.”
“Hey Chino. Were you headed to the castle too?” Cloud asked.
“Yeah. It has to do with the Blessed Ribbons...”
“Wait, {ho-oh} finally chose someone to use the power of the Blessed Ribbons?” Scorch asked.
“I bet you don't have any idea how big this is.”
“You would be right.” Chino laughed.
“Well, it's a pretty big deal.”
“Hey guys, speaking of the castle, there it is.” Chino looked up in the sky, and saw the Cloud Castle proudly standing.
“But how will we get all the way up there?” Just as Chino said those words, {ho-oh} was soaring through the sky. “Just sing the song that lies within...” He then disappeared. Suddenly, Chino felt like singing, and the song poured out. As she sung, she and her new friends felt like they were being lifted. They looked down and saw they were 10 feet off the ground! Chino kept on singing until they reached the castle.
“Nothing left but to go in.” Scorch said. But there was one more trick up {ho-oh}'s sleeve...

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Chapter 6

Chino tried to open the door, but it was locked. Chino took a step back and saw the words “Soul Crystal” on the door. She then remembered {ho-oh}'s words: Crystals gleaming in your soul... She got the crystal out of her bag.
“Now what?” Cloud asked.
“What is she doing?” Aura asked.
She put the crystal in front of the door. The door opened. “She knew what she was doing.” Scorch said. Chino, Aura, Cloud and Scorch went in the door, to find a wall, and a folded piece of paper. your destiny is about to unfold... Chino unfolded the paper. It said “push the wall.”
Chino pushed the wall, and it faded away. there was a long hallway, which she walked through. It led to a wall. your journey is about to begin... Go back to the beginning. Chino went and grabbed the crystal. once she got it, she ran back and put it in front of the wall. the wall fell down. Chino kept walking, to find the Blessed Ribbons.
“There beautiful!” Chino exclaimed.
“What are you waiting for? Go grab them.” Cloud said. Chino tried to grab them, but they wouldn't budge.
“Now what?” Aura asked. Just sing the song that lies within... Chino started singing, and the ribbons started floating down. The ribbons enveloped Chino, and something strange started happening...

Author:  OneGlovedEevee [ Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:32 am ]
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Chapter 7

Aura, Cloud and Scorch stood there, watching all the ribbons surround Chino. While Chino was in the ribbons, she felt an odd feeling. Then something unexpected happened. She started evolving. Chino watched in awe as her body started turning a new color, Her tail and ears changed, and she felt an odd feeling inside of her. The ribbons then faded. The transformation was complete. But little did Chino know that she was indeed the Unique One.
She had ribbons on her ears and neck, and was a lovely pink and white color with blue, gleaming eyes.
“Chino, you look stunning!” Aura said.
“She's unlike any {eevee} I've ever seen!” Cloud said.
“She is the most beautiful {eevee} I have ever seen.” Scorch said. Suddenly, {ho-oh} flew into the room.
“I am Rainbow, guardian of the Blessed Ribbons. I have been searching the world looking for someone worthy of the ribbons. Chino, you are the Unique one, a new species of {eevee}.
From now on, you shall be called Chino the Slyveon.” Rainbow picked up Chino and brought her home.
And form then on, none of the other Pokemon made fun of her, not even Ivory. But one day, when Chino went to school, a Pokemon researcher saw the new species of {eevee}, he had to take a picture. He showed the picture to everyone he met, even a worker at Game Freak, who decided to put her in a game...

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