Craziness in Unova
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Author:  5illy [ Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Craziness in Unova

*I rate this K, 'cause this is just beginning, and it could go anywhere. Basically, something happened in the night, turning humans into Pokemon and... well, just read on to find out!*

All was quiet in the bedroom. Suddenly, a Tepig burst up the steps and turned around to look down. "Come on!" A voice came from below. "Well you could have helped me!" A Snivy dragged itself up the last step and flopped over, panting. "All right. Let's get her. But don't go crazy-" The Tepig had already made it to the bed and was trying to pull the blanket down. "Stop that, I'll do it." The Snivy dragged itself up and leaned into the face of the sleeping figure in the bed and blew hard. "She's waking up, I'm coming down." Just as the Snivy hit the floor, an Oshawott tumbled down after it. "Ow! Who blew in my face? Wait, what are a Tepig and Snivy doing here?" The Tepig opened it's mouth, but the Snivy covered it. "Okay, look down, and don't flip out." The Oshawott obeyed, and immediately looked close to flipping out. " Wha?- I know when I went to bed I was human! Wait, the only being that knows to blow in my face to wake me up is-" The Snivy was looking out the window at the view below. "Not now, someone's coming." Just then there was some thumping around downstairs and a Minccino appeared. "Help me, I can't find Professor Juniper!" The Tepig looked at the Minccino, then spoke up. "Hey! You're Juniper's Minccino! Let's go find her, then!" The Tepig charged off, followed by the Minccino, Oshawott, and Snivy.

*Like it? You have to guess who the main characters are! (Hint: Think Black and White...)*

Author:  5illy [ Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Craziness in Unova

After reaching the lab, the group looked around. Minccino ran off calling Professor Junipers name. The Snivy went over to a box and looked under it. "I think I found her." The Tepig looked, then looked at the Snivy. "Are you sure, Cheren? That looks like a Cinccino." Cheren sighed. "Yes, I'm sure, Bianca. Or would you like to ask Hilda, who is waking her up right now?" Minccino ran over and started hugging Juniper. "I've looked for you everywhere!" Hilda gave a confused look, or the best she could pull off with an Oshawott face. "What was she doing under a box?" Professor Juniper had freed herself from her Minccino and was speaking. "I was under the box because it fell on me. I was unconscious because I tend to black out in some situations. Anyways, I have received calls from other regional professors and the gym leaders reporting similar things. I need you to go around Unova and figure out what happened and possibly fix it." Bianca spoke up first. "Okay! That sounds like fun!" Professor Juniper smiled. "Great! Meet me on Route 1!"

*I'm too lazy to make my own characters, so I'm going with game characters. Yes, the female player character is named Hilda. The male one is Hilbert. He might or might not come into this story.*

Author:  5illy [ Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Craziness in Unova (Comments accepted!)

After the group made it to Route 1, Professor showed them how to catch Pokemon. "Why would we need to catch Pokemon if we're Pokemon? How am I even supposed to throw the ball?" "Bianca, there are types out there with advantages to us. As for throwing, whack it with your tail?" Juniper got their attention, or at least Cheren's and Bianca's attention, because Hilda was busy playing with the freshly caught Patrat. Bianca went over and Tackled her, making Hilda Tackle back. "I was saying." Juniper was speaking now, while Cheren got in-between Bianca and Hilda. "Pokemon are easier to catch if they're weakened, or asleep or paralyzed. And Cheren had a point. There are types out there strong to you. Here. Each of you get five Pokeballs." After handing out the balls, Juniper went on ahead. "Hey! Let's have a contest! Whoever catches the most Pokemon wins! We can count as well!" Cheren was was thinking. "That does sound interesting, okay Bianca, as long as you don't get into another fight with Hilda." Hilda was looking at the grass, then jumped up and pointed. "Look! That grass shook!" Bianca ran for the shaking patch, leaving the others behind. "Wait! I think there might be-"

*Cliffhanger! Of course, anyone who actually played Black/White should know what's in the shaking grass... Let's say Bianca is in for a fight...*

Author:  5illy [ Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Craziness in Unova

"Ahhhh! Help me!" The scream came from Bianca, who was being chased around by a bipedal pink Pokemon. "Tackle it! Tackle it!" This was Hilda, who was slowly creeping through the tall grass towards a Pidove who worked for the Pokemart. "Wait, it's trying to hold something! But nothing's there!" Cheren looked up from his facepalm to see what was going on. "It's using Helping Hand! Use this moment to attack it!" Bianca charged at the Pokemon and hit it. "Yes! Ahhhh! It hit me!" "That would be Pound! Attack back!" Bianca Tackled the Pokemon again and turned to face Cheren. "You sound like my Trainer!" Hilda was coming back now and could see the Audino was getting up. "Behind you!" Bianca turned around in time to see the Audino coming in to Pound her again. "Ow! Anyone got a Potion?" "I do! I have three! Here!" Hilda tossed the Potion to Bianca, who caught it and healed herself. Cheren was trying to get her attention. "Catch the Audino!" Bianca managed to throw a Pokeball at the Audino and caught it. "Yes!" The three got together on the edge of the tall grass to talk. "Ok Hilda, I'm making sure Bianca gets to the next town without fainting." Cheren and Bianca left for Accumula Town, leaving Hilda behind. "Ok, I can do this." The Oshawott took her first steps into the tall grass only to get attacked by a Lillipup.

*More cliffhangers! Critique please! :)*

Author:  5illy [ Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Craziness in Unova

"Gah! What the heck?!" The Lillipup was standing over Hilda and Leering in her face. "Get out of my grass! I'll hurt you!" "It's okay! I'll get out when you get off me!" The Lillipup scrambled back and watched as Hilda backed off. "Um, I was in your grass before and you didn't attack." "Well that's because Audino was around. See, she's kind of a bully to everyone. And when your friend took Audino away we were all so happy." "Oh. Well, do you want to come with me? I can't go around Unova alone after all!" The Lillipup looked surprised. "You're exploring Unova?! I'll come, then! Don't worry about what to call me or anything!" "Ok, then! I'm Hilda!" The two then managed to get across the rest of the route without trouble and made it to Accumula Town. After visiting the Pokemon Center and buying some supplies they were intercepted by Cheren. "Hey, there's something going on in the square." Hilda noticed a Zoroark addressing the crowd. "See, even now, after last nights mysterious events, there are some who enslave Pokémon. Consider these words carefully." The Zoroark left the square, surrounded by a group of Patrats and Purrloins. The croud which had gathered to hear the announcement broke up except for Hilda, Lillipup, Cheren, and a Zorua who was coming towards them. "My name is N. Are you trainers? Then you are enslaving Pokémon in many, many Pokéballs." Cheren broke in suddenly. "Wait, you speak too fast. And "enslaving"? Pokémon choose to come with us." "Let's test that statement with a battle with the Lillipup." Hilda broke in. "Hey! Lillipup's with me! Do you want to battle, Lillipup?" "Yes!" N smiled and rolled forwards a Pokéball, revealing a Purrloin. "Scratch!"

*Ok, no critiques? Come on, someone's got to be reading this... :(

Author:  5illy [ Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Craziness in Unova

The Purrloin caught Lillipup in the face, leaving long marks. "Oh, you asked for it! I'm Tackling you into the ground!" Lillipup rammed the Purrloin until it finally collapsed, fainted. "I lost? Well then, I'll show up again! Just see!" N ran off, leaving Cheren and Hilda in the dust. "Bye, Cheren. I'm going to Striaton City. And by the way, just because you're a Snivy doesn't mean you don't need glasses. Lillipup found these back on Route 1." "Thanks. Later!" The two went their seperate ways, with Hilda off to Route 2 and Cheren to explore town.
"Yeah! That was easy!" Hilda had just beaten a Lillipup in the road who was just standing there waiting for someone to challenge. "Look, there's Striaton!" Just then Bianca came around the bend in the path and stood in the way. "Okay, I've been training too, so let's battle!" She sent out the Audino from before, which began to glare at Lillipup. Lillipup glared back and growled. "Lillipup, careful! It looks angry!" "Hey, Hilda! I'm going to try a new move on the Audino!" Without waiting Lillipup Bit the Audino.

*Alright! This is going to follow the team I used for Black, but I'm not telling what the rest of the team is! Also, it seems Lillipup learned Bite! (I don't have to follow the teams used by the rivals exactly, so therefor Bianca has an Audino.)*

Author:  ClawsonExperience [ Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Craziness in Unova

Don't worry about the lack of critiquing. This is a small forum, with an even smaller literature fanbase.

As a general rule of thumb, whenever you're typing something out on a forum (or whatever), then use space paragraphing; as in put a space between two paragraphs, obviously. It just makes things easier to read; and when something looks easier to read, more people will read it.

I think the plot line is intriguing. There are many people who would read a story about Pokemon throwing Pokeballs (or 'whacking them with their tail') as too far fetched to make a decent story, but I'm generally more generous when it comes to delving into people's eccentricities and imaginations. I'm actually looking forward to how Pokemon without tails would control a Pokeball, and perhaps how other Pokemon would respond to being commanded by another Pokemon whom they may not have any respect for. There's certainly a lot of room to expand, and you have more paths than the one's I've listed to follow.

One thing I have noticed is the characters' blasé attitude to being turned into a Pokemon. Sure, there's some initial shock, but no real drive to find out what the hell just happened. I mean, your entire life has just been turned upside down. Everything you ever did, everything you ever wanted to do, everything you ever strived for has just been decimated; and you're left with an unfamiliar world that the characters seem suddenly OK with. I just find the OKness of it all a bit odd. Personally, I'd be going ape **** about it all.

Keep it up!

Author:  5illy [ Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Craziness in Unova

Without hesitation, Lillipup Bit Audino. Audino stumbled a bit then Pounded Lillipup over the head. "Ow! Now you're asking for it!" Lillipup roared as he Bit Audino again. This Bite hit extra hard and knocked out Audino. "My turn!" Bianca leapt forwards, smiling. "Okay Lillipup, I think it's my turn." Lillipup backed off as Hilda came forwards. "I have a new move! Take this!" Bianca launched an Ember, barely hurting Hilda. Hilda prepared to Tackle, but stopped as a stream of water made it's appearance from her mouth, knocking Bianca over. "Okay! You win! I'm going to heal up and train some more!" Bianca dragged herself up and headed into Striaton City. "Come on Lillipup, it's getting late and I want to get to the Center before it gets too dark"

Hilda was dreaming. It was dark, and she was human. She could see a figure in the distance. Moving towards it, she tripped and found she was an Oshawott again. "No! No!" "Wake up! Wake up!" Hilda opened her eyes to find Lillipup looking at her. "You were talking in your sleep. Is everything okay?" "Y-Yes. Let's go to the Dreamyard. I heard we could get a new teammate there."

*Wow! A dream sequence! Seems like everything's not okay! And look, more than one paragraph! Thanks to ClawsonExperience for the critique! Also, if it's a rival or gym battle, the rival/ gym leader will only be weakened. Knocking them out would only make more problems, like having to drag them to a Pokemon Centre or if it's a Gym Leader, not being able to get the badge!*

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