Volt the Eevee
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Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:47 pm ]
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Chapter 26
Matilda clung onto Giovanni's leg. "Who is this?" Matilda whispered. Giovanni looked down and smiled. "This is your mom." Giovanni told Matilda. Matilda looked at Ellen. "The only thing I wonder is, where has he been?" Ellen asked. Persian hopped off the couch. "Peeeeurrr!" Persian yawned as she stretched her whole body down to the ground. Then someone knocked on the door. Giovanni picked up Matilda, and let Ellen hold Matilda. Then Giovanni answered the door. A boy with spiky orange hair, a blue shirt, jeans, and a black cape was at the door, trembling in fear. "Look. I have my family finally in one place," Giovanni started when the young man held up his finger. "Ellen got all the pictures, didn't she?" The young man asked. Giovanni nodded. "Then it's all settled! Come on!" The young man pulled Giovanni's arm out the door. Black clouds filled the sky. Small red bolts of lightning would emerge from the clouds. Mothers with strollers ran home. "Isn't it awesome? Aren't you gonna get your stuff and capture whatever awesome legend Pokemon is behind those clouds?" The young man asked. Giovanni shook his head. "No, Gary. Ever since I found my real son, I..." Giovanni turned away. Gary looked over. "Disabanded Team Rocket." Giovanni said. Gary looked away. "We'll have to use our bare hands then..." Gary muttered with his arms crossed. He took a Pokeball from his belt. "Bare hands with force." Gary muttered. "Go! Skarmory!" He yelled. Skarmory came out, and landed on the ground. Gary climbed on Skamory. "Giovanni! Stay here in case I fall!" Gary yelled over the loud booming. Giovanni nodded. Skamory flew to the clouds, and waited for Gary's command. "Skarmory, use..... Ok.. now what windy moves do you know? Oh ok.. Just flap your wings really hard." Gary said. Skarmory followed. The clouds started to fade away. Something red was on a cloud. Gary flew to the red thing. "I hope it's Latias! Or a Red Gyarados!" Gary yelled. When he got to the cloud, his dreams of awesome Pokemon fell to the ground. "I'm gonna be better at this when I evolve!!!" The red thing said. Gary dropped his head. "I had to say anything related to Gyarados. A Magikarp?" Gary yelled. The Magikarp frowned. "Look. Just because I'm tiny, and my rumours that I only know Splash, I know Tackle and Flail!" The Magikarp yelled. He hopped off the cloud, and fell. He fell in a lake. Then something yellow bounced from cloud to cloud, and Gary got happy. "Rikou, Rikou, come to me!" Gary rubbed his hands.The yellow thing was Volt. She settled on one cloud, and smiled. "I have had to deal with a lot today. Team Aqua, Team Magma, Pokemon Pinchers, boy! Now I have my own secret base! Up. Here." Volt rolled on her back. Gary slumped. When he got to the ground, he told Giovanni what had happened. Giovanni shrugged. "Problem solved. I'll go home." Giovanni muttered.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:22 pm ]
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Pokemon Pinchers and the Hoen teams? ...Seriously, what happpened to volt? Flashback?

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:01 pm ]
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What I'm gathering from your question is that when Sinnoh was found, Hoenn disappeared.
Chapter 27
When Giovanni got home, he smiled. Matilda was snuggled in by Ellen, and they were sharing a Snuggie. "Don't your hours go till eleven-o-clock?" Ellen asked. Giovanni blushed. "Yeah... um..." He asked. Ellen looked at him. Giovanni went blank. "The kids." He whispered. He ran out of the house. Ellen shrugged, and returned to her crackers. Giovanni ran inside the empty Team Rocket building. When he reached the two nursurys, he made all the kids get in their wheelchairs. He lined them out of the building. "Okay kids, you may have built a reputation of me being a villian, but I have contacted all your parents." Giovanni said to the crowd of childeren. The childeren cheered. One wheeled to the front. "Why were we here, anyways?" The child said. Giovanni looked over. "No matter how villiany I was, I had some kindness in me. I found a hurt child, brought the kid here. Soon I had one hundered twenty kids in the base, and a lot of my grunts had to retire because of age. So I trained you all for the job." Giovanni explained. The kids shrugged. "When are our moms coming?" One kid asked. Just then, many many cars pulled up into the driveway. Moms and dads flooded the place. "Malinda!" "Thomas! Thomas! Come here!" "I missed you Vennesa!" Phrases like that kept the place in chatter. Giovanni was scolded repeatingly, but he didn't mind. One lady even smaked Giovanni on the head, but he didn't care. All he cared about was making Johto, even the world, peaceful.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:59 pm ]
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Aww, Giovanni has a a nice side....

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:54 am ]
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Chapter 28
Giovanni left for home,he grabbed the mail from the mail box. Cyrus was waiting for him. Not just Cyrus either, Matilda was there too. "Leaving your kid for trade again?" Giovanni asked sarcasticly. Cyrus shook his head. "Mother wants to see her grand kids." Cyrus said. Giovanni sifted through the mail. "Then why isn't she here?" Giovanni asked. "Mother will be here shortly." Cyrus replied. Cyrus' Matilda was playing with a Nintendo DS. Giovanni's Matilda walked over to him. "What are you doing?" Giovanni's Matilda asked. "Playing Mario Bros." The other Matilda replied. The younger Matilda shrugged, and went to get his tinker toys. "Are you playing with Lincoln Logs?" The older Matilda asked. The younger one shrugged. He started to build a house. Suddenly, a lady came through the doors. She didn't look to old, and she was wearing a violet dress. "Hello, everybody!" The lady yelled. The group of people gave their attention to her. "Grandma Ethel! The older Matilda replied. "Hello, Zack!" Ethal replied. Matilda's real name was Zack. "Grandma!" Matilda said. "Hello, Matilda!" Ethal told Matilda. When the greeting was done, Ethal had ended up sitting between Zack and Matilda. "Someday, I'm going to the moon!" Zack said to Ethal. Ethal laughed. "You're to late. NASA stopped sending Mankeys to the moon." Ethal said jokingly. Everyone laughed.

Author:  Mektar [ Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:00 am ]
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I stopped reading at chapter 8. Your ideas are good, but the execution is just terrible. Learn to write properly please.

(Sorry if I just hurt your feelings. I'm simply expressing my opinion.)

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:45 pm ]
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I don't know what you mean. There isn't any death penalty in my writing.(That's what execution means.)
Chapter 29
When Ethal left for home, Zack went back to playing Mario, Matilda went back to his tinker toys, and Giovanni was sitting next to Ellen. "Did you get all your pictures?" Giovanni asked. "Can Matilda the Mankey climb trees?" Ellen asked in laughter. Giovanni chuckled. Someone was at the door. Giovanni answered the door. Pokemon was at the door, holding a laptop. Pictures of many girls were on the laptop. "Girls, this is the leader of those guys I keep telling you about!" Pokemon said to the girls. They all waved at Giovanni. One of the girls spoke up. "I battled him, too!" The girl said. "Charmander, awesome!" Pokemon said. Giovanni let Pokemon in. "Guys, raise your hand if you think this house rocks!" Pokemon said. They all raised their hands. Giovanni sat on the couch. "Old villian knees..." Giovanni said as he clucked down on the couch. Ellen laughed. Matilda ran and sat on Giovanni. "Guys, raise your hand if-" Pokemon started. Giovanni raised his hand. "If you all need to introduce yourself." He finished. The girls all laughed. One girl raised her hand. "We are the Pokemon girls! We are from each region, and were all named Pokemon!" She said. The girls did a wierd handshake, then one girl put her hand on her heart. "I am Pokemon! I'm from Kanto, and the girls call me Charmander because that's my starter Pokemon!" She said.A Charmander hopped on her shoulder and waved. She had a blue dress on, and a white bowler hat with a picture of half a Pokeball. The Pokemon in the room put her hand on her heart. "I am Pokemon! I'm from... Well, Giovanni, you know who I am. But I'm called Cyndaquil for my starter!" She said. The next girl did the same hand action as the others. "I'm Pokemon! I'm from Hoenn, and I'm called Torchic for my starter!" She said.A Torchic Put her face in front of the screen. Another box on the screen opened. A girl with red goggles and a yellow scarf was in that box. "Sorry I'm late!" She said. The girls laughed. They continued the introduction. "I'm Pokemon! I'm from Sinnoh! I'm called Chimchar for my starter!" She said. A Monferno hopped on Chimchar's shoulders. "And last, but not least, me. I'm Pokemon! I'm from Oblivia! I'm called Pichu for my starter." She said. A Pichu with a ukulele hopped on Pichu's shoulder, and played a twanging tune on his ukulele. All the girls did dances with it.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:04 pm ]
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My big mouth: execution can also mean the way something is carried out.

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:13 pm ]
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Sorry for the long post date. This shouldn't be spam because the rules say it won't be spam if the post is useful. The chapters are useful to this discussion. So I think I'm good. And it's my computer's fault my execution is bad.My computer will delete all space not used, exept for single spaces. And I owe you two chapters, so here you go.
Chapter 30
Giovanni grabbed the tv remote. "I can be an old man now." He said happily. Ellen sat closer to Giovanni."A happy old man." He said. He turned the tv onto Pokemon News. Proffesor Oak was there, along with Elm,Birch and Rowan. "We have news that Giovanni has 'disabanded' Team Rocket, therefore leading peace to Kanto, and Johto." Elm said. Rowan grabbed the microphone from Elm. "And half the peace to Sinnoh!" He said. Birch shoved his face in front of them all. "And more to Hoenn!" He said. Ellen smiled. "I never really did like you working for evil, but you did earn us five-hundered-thousand Poke-dollers a month." She said. Matilda climbed on top of Giovanni. Giovanni made a squishing sound as Matilda climbed on top of Giovanni. "Why did it take me thirty-seven years to realize that evil is horrible?" He asked. He lost his smile when thinking about his life of crime. "Now when I apply for a job, the person hiring me is going to say: 'So, you're previous job has been leading Team Rocket?'" He said. Ellen shook her head. "Doesn't matter! All that matters is that your face is all over the news!" Ellen said. Giovanni looked over. "You really like those crackers, don't you?" He asked. Ellen nodded. "I know what to get you for your birthday, then." Giovanni said jokingly. The news continued. "We plan to arrest Giovanni, for many years of crime." Rowan said. Elm ran across the screen, stealing the microphone out of Rowan's hand. The camera adjusted the angle to Elm. "Making sure this doesn't happen again!" He said. Oak couldn't run because of his age, but Birch did. "Hey! I need camera time!" He yelled. The producer must have yelled at them, because they stopped doing their thing. Oak was happy for that. "Anyways, anyone, and we mean anyone, even if a Pidgey, brings this theif to justice, will be rewarded with a prize of being able to have a broadcast with us. That includes... the proffesor's dances." Oak said. Birch ran infront of Oak. "See my dance!" He yelled. Giovanni frowned. "Big trouble." He said.
Chapter 31
Giovanni got in his car. "Catch me if you can." He muttered. He stopped at the base. Grunts made the base into a hotel, and many grunts and scientists were there. Giovanni held up his hand to anyone who dare welcomed him back. He climbed into the elavator, but didn't go into the nursury. Instead, he went into a room designed as a waterfall. Someone was meditating in the waterfall. Giovanni yelled. The person woke up. "Shhhhh. I'm trying to hold the record. Longest time being quiet." The person said. Giovanni grabbed the person's arm. "Never mind that. The profs are after me." Giovanni said. The person gasped. He held his hand to his mouth. "I don't know who the profs are! I'm from three hundered years ago!" He said. He put his hand down. "Look. You're from castle times, you know how to fight." Giovanni said. When the two got in the car, the person looked around in suspicion. "Where are the Rapidash?" He asked. Giovanni looked at the person. "Excuse me?" he asked. "Yeah! This thing can't move without them pulling it!" The person said. Giovanni shook his head. When he got home, the person looked around. "Lucario, you have to help!" Giovanni said. Lucario shook his head. "Come on! I'll beg!" Giovanni said. Giovanni got on his knees. Something popped. Giovanni got a twisted look on his face. "You appear to be older than me." Lucario said. "I'm only fifty-seven." Giovanni said. Lucario shook his head. "Fine. I'll call the profs. Go along with everything I do. No matter what." Lucario said. Giovanni nodded. Lucario got on the phone. Oak answered the phone. "I have Giovanni Rocketer with me. He's strapped to a chair, and eating a box of chocolate mints." Lucario said. Oak sounded exited. "We'll be there in five minutes!" Oak said. Lucario looked over. He strutted over to Giovanni. Lucario got a chair and some rope. He also got a box of mints. "I'll tie you." He said. In five minutes, Lucario had Giovanni strapped to the chair, and Giovanni was eating mints. "When the profs come, pretend to be old and creaky." Lucario said. Giovanni nodded. Proffesor Oak came through the door, with his lab coat flying. "Finally, I found you." Giovanni smiled. "Remember when we went to collage together?" Giovanni said.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:54 am ]
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Still going well. A new plot twist, although for some strange reason, the 'tied up in a chair with mints' thing sounds familiar. I don't know why...

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Wed Jan 19, 2011 3:47 pm ]
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Maybe you saw it in a movie or something. I never Google my ideas, so maybe it already was taken. But Lucario gave Giovanni chocolate mints.
Chapter 32
Oak shook his head. "You had to blow everything up." Giovanni said. Oak didn't care. "You tried to blow up the Ruins Of Alph." Oak said. "I can't believe you even have a nice side." Oak said. Giovanni pretended to be offended. "I'm not a swirling black hole of a person, am I?" Giovanni asked. Ellen came out of the kitchen with a new box of crackers. She dropped the box. "Oak! Get out of my house!" Ellen yelled, while grabbing a broom. Oak shook his head. "Giovanni is a villian. As a villian, he must go to jail." Oak said. Giovanni smiled. "You're so much fun." Giovanni said. Ellen walked towards Oak, with a broom held as a weapon. "I'm not afraid to use this thing!" Ellen yelled. Matilda came out of his room. He screamed. He got on the floor and started kicking his legs. "Stranger danger! 911! Stranger danger! 911!" He yelled. Ellen held Matilda's legs. "It's just Oak! I have Oak covered! I'll use my broom!" Ellen yelled. Matilda calmed down. "This is like that one Pokemon show. Remember? It's like Holy Matrimony!" Matilda said. Lucario untied Giovanni. "This is part of the plan. Send out any Pokemon you have with you." Lucario whispered in Giovanni's ear. Giovanni sent out Arbok. "Eeeeeeeeaaaaaarrrr!" Arbok yelled. "I was a fine trainer in my youth." Oak said. He sent out Chikorita. Giovanni laughed. "Everyone knows Grass is weak to Poison!" Giovanni yelled in laughter.Matilda took a Pokeball from his pocket. "I caught this Pokemon yesterday!" Matilda said. He sent out Ekens. "Eeeekkkkkkeeeennnn!" Ekens screeched. Oak dropped his head. "Go! Meganium!" Oak yelled. Giovanni looked at Matilda. "Take care of Chikorita. I'll get Meganium." Giovanni said. Matilda nodded. "Into double battles?" Lucario asked. Oak dropped his head. "Go! Bayleef!" Oak said. Lucario looked at Matilda. "You have nothing to worry about." Lucario said. Lucario formed a ball of psychic energy in his hands.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 5:55 pm ]
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Eh, I'm not worried about it. I might just be imagining things. O.O
Also, ooh, a battle scene! Nice. :B

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:49 pm ]
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Just so you know, battle scenes only go like four lines. So that means the end of a chapter and the begginging of the next.
Chapter 33
Someone burst through the door right before Lucario threw his ball of energy. Lucario lost his aim and accidently fired at Giovanni. Most of the house caught on fire, and Giovanni disappeared. "Where in the world did he go?" Oak asked in fear. "Oops." Lucario muttered, even though it's what he wanted. Meanwhile, in Hoenn, Giovanni was soaring through the air. "Wow. I thought I was to overweight to go this high." Giovanni laughed at his own joke. He didn't notice the motel he was landing through. He crashed through the roof and landed on the floor, two inches from a bed. The two kids on the bed screamed. "Sir! Are you alright?" The girl asked. A boy ran for one of his books. Giovanni smiled. "Suprisingly, better than ever before." He muttered. The girl smiled."My name is May." The girl said. Giovanni got up. "Sir! Don't try to stand! You just crashed through our roof!" May said in fear. The boy came back, holding a thick book. "Get on the bed. Dr. Max is here!" The boy sang. Giovanni followed. "I think, from your burn marks, that you have a second degree. Nothing to worry about, I skipped a grade because I'm so smart." Max said. He ran into the bathroom, and came back holding a rack of medicine bottles. "Hmm. Do you prefer Aspirin or Tylenol?" Max asked, looking at the rack of medicine. "Is this even your medicine?" Giovanni asked. "Not just me. Family emergency medicine. But this is much of an emergency." Max replied, grabbing a cotton ball from a bag. "Then Tylenol." Giovanni replied. Max grabbed a bottle and a small cup. "Here. Drink this. It won't help much, but we have tea." Max said. Giovanni drank the cup empty. Max grabbed a suit of sweats. "You're suit is to tight. When you have a burn, you wear lose clothes. The bathroom is over there." Max gave Giovanni the sweats and pointed to the bathroom. When Giovanni came out of the bathroom, he took his shoes off. "I'm opening the window. Nice and sunny out, plus no breeze, and it's slightly cool." Max said, and had May help him open the windows. "By the way, you have a name?" May asked. Giovanni laughed. "You won't like it. But it's Giovanni Rocketer." He replied. Both of the kids gasped. "The evil dude from Kanto?" Max asked. "If you would like to put it that way." Giovanni finished. Max rubbed some cream on Giovanni's face. "Helps a burn." Max tuned. May turned on the tv. "This cartoon is my favorite. Can you imagine? You BeyBlades instead of Pokemon for battles?" May asked to Giovanni. Giovanni laughed. "It's a new cartoon. I've heard of it." Giovanni replied. Max came back with a tray in his hands. "I had a burn before. Daddy would give me a bowl of ice cream when I had a burn. You should try it!" Max sang happily as he gave Giovanni the tray. Giovanni laughed. "I'm so cruel, and you're helping me?" Giovanni asked. May shrugged. "Really no reason why we shouldn't. Never a reason not to help somebody." May replied. Giovanni finished his ice cream, rubbed Max's head, and got out of the bed. "I have to show you something incredable, but dangerous. Ask your dad first." May dialed numbers on her cell-phone. "Dad, can we go someplace awesome?" May asked into the phone. Someone's voice spoke through the other side. "Where is it?" May asked Giovanni. "In Kanto." Giovanni replied. May told the voice the answer, and May smiled. "Thanks, Daddy!" May replied, and hung up. "Let's go." May said. Giovanni smiled. He threw out a Pokeball. A Fearow came out. "My trusted buddy." Giovanni said, and lead Max and May on the Fearow. The bird Pokemon flew out of the motel. They flew over Kanto, and stopped at Viridian City. He talked to an old man. The old man smiled. "So, ye wanna leern how to catch Pokemon?" The man asked. Giovanni nodded. He stared at a tree. "There's one of 'dem Weedles." The old man said. He grabbed a Pokeball, and threw it at the tree. The old man fell asleep. The three people left. The old man woke up. "And theers how it's deene!" He said. The Fearow flew to Cinnabar Island. "Do any of you have a Hall of Fame?" Giovanni asked. May raised her hand. "Do you care if something wierd happens to it?" Giovanni asked. May shook her head. "I only beat the Elite Four because Steven kept nagging me." May replied. "Good." Giovanni said, and walked into the water. Something weird happened, and a ghost rose out of the water, and cried like a Nidoran. Giovanni became pixallated. Max and May screamed. "ThIs iS wHaT hApPEns When YOu aReN'T CareFUl!" Giovanni yelled. The ghost laughed. "I am MISSINGNO.! Anyone who dare wake me will pay!" Missingno. yelled in laughter. "Old man, you are foolish! I have horrible moves!" Missingno. yelled. Giovanni looked frightened. Missingno. yelled out his cry agian, and all went black.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:39 pm ]
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Okey, the teeth-at-the-tree-and then waking up bit I know for SURE I've hear before and frankly don't care since it always forces a giggle from me. Also, Missingno. is awesome. Off-Topic: I'm guessing you got the 'Curse makes your pokemon a lifeless shell' thing from that one fanfic on dragonflycave?

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:37 pm ]
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Man, how did you know? I just though the story over for a bit and I realized whenever I see Slowpoke they use Curse. And yeah, Missingno. is awesome. If only his awesome powers could be used in HG/SS...
Chapter 34
When everything turned back to normal, Giovanni was gone. The kids screamed. "Where'd he go?" They both asked. Missingno. laughed. "No where. Anyone who gets caught by Curse gets lost. Forever." Missingno. laughed. "You're going with the old man." Missingno. said, and launched his Curse. May and Max were sourrounded by darkness, and three horrible laughs went in a chorus. "Welcome." One said. "You will be here," The second said. "Forever!" The third finished. A spotlight appeared. Three people, standing as a bunch, were in the darkness. "We are the Johto Trio." One said. One lunged forward. "I am Raikou!" He said. His purple hair was curled, and his yellow body had black stripes. Another lunged forward. "I am Entai!" He yelled. His long brown hair matched his brown body, and he had a thick black braclet resembling thing on each had, or an thick black anklet resembling thing on each ankle. The last walked forward. "I am the boss. I am Suicune!" She yelled, and her purple hair and blue dress flowed. May and Max hugged each other in fear. "Why are you here?" May asked. Raikou and Entai formed a chair with their arms, and Suicune sat in it. "Missingno. happens to be my creation. He sends me people for workers. You are merely childeren, thus I will spare you. But old man here might be useful." Suicune said, and another spotlight appeared over a chair. A body was strapped in it, and black hair refused to reveal the face. The head looked up. A pained Giovanni was sitting in the chair. Max stood foward, and May reached for him. "What are you doing with him?" He asked. Suicune crossed her legs and laughed. "Nothing to big. He will find an end to infinity." Suicune started. "He will just walk and walk and walk. Until he finds an end to this place." Suicune said. "Just kidding!" Suicune laughed. "This place doesn't last for infinity. It lasts until a couple feet behind the chair. Same with all sides." Suicune said. "And the height. About eleven feet." Suicune said. Raikou and Entai threw Suicune up, and she did a summersault. She landed on her feet. "Giovanni will be my ticket out of here. Old man, find a door for us."

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:29 am ]
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Ooh. And the walk forever as a servant reminds me of the Walker, the Stone Servant in Stoneheart/Ironhand/Silvertounge.

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Sat Jan 22, 2011 8:41 pm ]
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I have no idea what you're talking about. I haven't heard about anything like Silvertounge or Stoneheart or anything that has to do with body parts and rocks.
Chapter 35
Raikou and Entai unstrapped Giovanni. Giovanni knocked on the walls, looking for a hollow sound. He smiled when he heard the right sound. He fealt around, and grabbed a pen. He shoved his pen through the tiny crack in the wall he fealt, and a giant door opened. Suicune applauded. "Well done!" She said. Entai and Raikou carried Suicune out the door. They all gasped. "It's like a child had a box full of Legos..." Raikou started. "And he dumped it out on the ground..." Entai continued. "And it formed this." Suicune finished. Giovanni ran out in front of him. He stopped. "I can't move!" He yelled. May pulled his arm. Giovanni fell on the ground. "Thanks." He said. Giovanni walked around. "The water looks different..." He said. He walked into it. "It's like normal ground!" He yelled. Suicune looked around. "I have heard of this place before. It's called Glitch City. The only way out is to... restart." She said. Everyone looked at her. "How can you restart? You might ask. That's easy." A voice said. They all looked around, and found someone there. "I've been here for a long time. But I never bothered to get out of here. You restart by a puzzle." The voice said. It turned out to be a lady, who wore raggedy clothes. "The puzzle is inside that cave." She pointed to a cave right by her. "You can't move, but that puzzle is easy. I did it five times. But I never activated the switch. You just pull it." She said. "Now if you mind, berry trees with invisible berrys are a walk aways. See you later." She said, and walked away. Giovanni stepped forward. "I put you in this trouble. I'll get you out. Follow me." He walked into the cave. All was dark, and he was unable to move. "I feel something on my feet..." He screamed. Something fuzzy was rubbing around his feet. It's red eyes looked up at Giovanni. "I am not a Pokemon. More like... a glitch." It said. Giovanni rolled his eyes. "Missingno., leave us alone." Giovanni thought. "No. I am not Missingno. I am his cousin, a very strange name. My name is 'M." The glitch said. "The way you get out of here is to become my friend. Only one person passed this, a very nice girl. Her name is Serena." 'M said. Giovanni thought something up quick. "I'm a villian." Giovanni said. 'M smiled, even though he had no mouth. "Sold. You know me from the start. I have activated the switch for you. Grab your friends and go." 'M said, then faded away in the darkness.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:06 pm ]
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Ah, the notorios 'M. My very odd mind thought of the over-level-100 pokemon glitch after I finished reading this. I guess because they're both glitches..?

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:06 pm ]
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I only included the two famous glitchs, never expect to see them again in my story. :3 But I never though about those Hex Value Pokemon... which Pokemon did you think of, exactly?
Chapter 36
All the people appeared in a blue room. They stared in shock at what they had found. Spirit was sitting in a chair, with a man and his daughter looking at him. "Daddy, I think he's cute." The girl said, and stroked Spirit's head with her hand. Spirit looked weak, but his body appearance was fine. "I can't believe he did that for us. He's probly hungry." The girl said. The man nodded. "Don't worry, I'm going to be your friend." The girl said. Spirit smiled. "I had used most of my energy." Spirit said. The girl frowned. "I'm sorry. I didn't know train tracks were there." The girl replied. Spirit looked up at the girl. "You didn't know. The tracks were covered by dirt. You wouldn't know in your life." Spirit stroked the side of the girl's soft face. He put his hand down. "All that matters is you and your father are fine." Spirit said. The man stared in disgust. Spirit's skin had turned pale with all his effort. He had scraped his hands. The man decided to leave his daughter alone with the creature. "My dad decided to let me have you as a pet. I kept nagging him, anyways." The girl said. Spirit smiled at the thin girl. "You chose a good pet." Spirit chuckled. "I'm going to take good care of you." The girl said. Spirit couldn't help but look down at his ribs. "I hope you know I would like a bucket of water right now... I'm thirsty." Spirit said. The girl laughed. "I don't have much. I always carry a bottle of water in my backpack." The girl said. Spirit seemed to be much happier. But Giovanni wasn't really in the room. He was outside, looking through the window. The house was in the middle of an abandoned field, lush with many colored flowers. The girl grabbed her backpack, and took a full bottle of water out of it. "Here. I have a small tank of water in my fridge. I will refill it when you're done." The girl handed the water bottle to Spirit. He took the cap off. "Thank you. Stopping a train with only your bare hands and psychic energy really can tire you." Spirit said, and started drinking the water. The girl signaled to Spirit she would be right back, and she left. She came back with a thick book. Spirit read the title. "Perfect Pokemon Class Experiments?" Spirit asked. "Yep. My experiment question is, 'What do you think a Pokemon Clone would look like?' I was wondering if you could help me. Mew is to cute to pass up on. But I need a picture of her." The girl said. Spirit laughed. "I have her completely memorized. But do you have a computer?" Spirit asked. The girl nodded. She showed him her laptop. "I can search for one." Spirit said. "Would you like a sighting picture or one from ruins?" Spirit asked. A knock came on the door. "Time for you to go to bed! You to, Spirit." The girls father said. Spirit closed the laptop. "Where's my bed?" Spirit asked. The girl pointed out the door. "No offence, but my dad doesn't think you're as cute as I think. You're bed is out in the living room." The girl said. Spirit left. The man kept his eye on Spirit, and lead him to a box. "You sleep in here." The man said, and left. "I don't like that man, anyways." Spirit thought to himself as he tried to fall asleep. At morning, the girl got ready for school. Before she left, she checked the box. She screamed. There, lay Spirit. All was silent.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Volt the Eevee

Dang murderer... as far as I know. And the pokemon that came to mind... I think it was something like Chancey. No idea why. :P

Edit: Ooh, post #400. 8-)

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:20 pm ]
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:3 Yes, as far as you know. Congrats on 400 posts. And hey, do you like my new avatar and sig?
Chapter 37
Spirit wasn't moving. Then, a twitch. The girl sighed of relief. She gently shook Spirit. "Time to get up," She softly said. Spirit opened his eyes. He rubbed his neck. "That box hurts me." Spirit stood up. "You're lucky. Today were having pancakes!" The girl said happily. Spirit smiled. "If your dad wants me to have any." Spirit said. "Don't worry. If my dad won't give you any breakfast, I'll save you some of my lunch from school. You're still lucky. Were having pizza!" She said happily. The man came out of the kitchen. "I can't take you to the bus stop, Sarah. Your... Thing will take you. It's somewhat human." The man said. Sarah took Spirit's hand. "I know where it is." She said. When they got to the bus stop, Spirit waved goodbye to Sarah as she got on the bus. When she sat down, her friends looked outside. "Did you wake up your dad early again?" One of her friends asked. Sarah shook her head. "My new best friend!" She yelled happily. Spirit just remembered something. "Where did Pokemon go?" He asked himself.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:15 pm ]
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I like the avatar, and th signature made me laugh. Also, I was wondering what the heck Pokemon was doing, too.

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 4:56 pm ]
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Thanks. I made one like that on Paint, but it was too big, so I used my gif program. I'm bad at capturing Giovanni's personality. I just made him use simple sentences so he wouldn't reveal much. But I am thinking about changing it...
Chapter 38
He flew above the region he was in, and scanned the area. He smiled when he saw her. He landed. "Hey!" He yelled to the girl. Pokemon looked at him. "How did you get here?" She asked. Suddenly, people emerged from the bushes. "We are the Pokemon Pinchers!" One person yelled out. Some were girls, some were boys. Their green suits matched their dark hair. One by one, they raised their hands, facing Spirit. Purple pulses came out of the armor they had on their hands. They shot the pulses at Spirit, and he got on his knees. He used his effort to resist the evil pulses. He dropped his head. He raised it back up. His eyes were red, and his skin had gotten darker. A girl bounced through the trees, and landed on her feet. Pokemon smiled. "Pichu!" She cried out. The girl turned out to be Pichu, one of Pokemon's friends. "I came when I recieved the strange signal." She said. Pichu looked over at Spirit. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Poor old thing." She aimed her arm at Spirit, and Pokemon noticed a gadget was on her hand, like a wristwatch. Pichu shot a disk out. Pichu swayed her arms back and forth, in a circle motion. Spirit returned to normal, and he dropped on the ground. Pokemon rushed over to him. "Spirit!" She yelled. Three people on UFO vehicles came out of the sky. They threw chains over Spirit. They took him away. Giovanni ran in. "What happened?" He asked. Pokemon looked over. "Like you would care." She replied. "Some people took Spirit away!" She yelled. "I know of them." A voice said. Volt emerged from the bushes. "They tried to catch me once. Only the pure of heart can possibly overcome them. Trainer Pokemon and Ranger Pokemon are two of the few." Volt said. Meanwhile, Spirit was shut in a jail cell. "Well. Haven't I seen you before?" An evil voice said in the darkness. Spirit turned around. "You used me. You made me destroy a whole island. All the Pokemon who lived there have no home." Spirit said as he clutched the bars of his cell. The darkness laughed. "Right. I did use you. Prepare for the second time." The darkness yelled. It whipped Spirit with a rope. Spirit yelled with pain. "I won't listen. The first time, I thought you were a friend." Spirit said.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:52 pm ]
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Ouch. Too bad for Spirit. Also, since I finished that Pokemon Ranger recently, I remember the Pokemon Pinchers and their capture gauntlets. :b

Author:  Ashketchumwee [ Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:33 pm ]
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I'm a real Pokemon geek, I finished Guardian Signs in three days. I finished Soul Silver in about three weeks. Don't tell me that's not geek. :smile:
Chapter 39
The person whipped Spirit again. He yelled. "You won't use me!" He yelled. The person climbed out of the shadows. An old man was in the shadows. "Ed 'The Thinker'! Don't!" A girl's voice screamed out. Spirit looked up, and smiled. Pokemon was scolding Ed. "You are wasting your time. Why don't you join a Baseball Card Club? Lots of people have cards of Babe Ruth." Pokemon said. Ed ran away. Pokemon looked over to Spirit. She smiled. "He must remember to leave the job to me. Silly old man." Spirit frowned. Pokemon laughed evily. "You're suprised, aren't you?" Pokemon asked. Spirit crawled deeper into his cell. He hadn't noticed the cape she was wearing. "Well. You might not know me when I reveal my disguise." She flipped her cape around herself. She wasn't Pokemon. She had pink hair, and a white coat. "Where's Pokemon?" He asked in fear. The lady smiled. "They consider it rude not to introduce yourself, silly little me. I am Kasa!" She yelled. Spirit walked towards Kasa. "They consider it rude to change the subject. Where is Pokemon?" He asked again. Kasa laughed. "You don't need to know." She said. Just then, Matilda came running through the room, along with Giovanni, and Pokemon. "We have made a remote that turns you into your favorite Pokemon. I know I'm going to become a manly Persian! You just wait." Giovanni yelled. He pressed a button on the remote he was carrying. A white beam of light passed through the room. Kasa had become Toxicroak, Matilda became a mini Dialga, Pokemon became Typhlosion, and Giovanni was smiling. "I know I'm the best Persian you've ever seen!" He yelled. Everyone stared in shock at him. "Not exactly," Spirit said. Giovanni released his smile. "Why? I'm I manlier than expected?" He asked. Kasa tapped his face. "Rhymes with remix." She said. Giovanni frowned. "I'm a Steelix? Persian is my favorite!" He yelled. Matilda pressed the button again. Everything went back to normal. Giovanni frowned. "I have another remote. It will make that pesky Mewtwo defenseless." Giovanni said. He took out another remote, and pressed that button. Spirit's body started pulsing. Electric shocks shook around him. He fell on the floor.

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