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 The Depth of Shadow: A Nuzlocke Challenge 
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Hello... my name is Shadow. And this is the story of my journey.
It all began one night while I was watching A TV special about a Red {gyarados} Which was spotted at the Lake of Rage, in Johto.
After the TV special was over I decided to go for a walk to the Light household. As I was leaveing mom warned me about walking thru tall grass, I told her not to worry as I was only walking down the street to the Light House. Only I called it that, Light was what I called my friend. He had light bond hair and moves extremely fast just like Light.
As I'm about to Knock, the door burst open and Light comes streaming out like a locomotive, yelling something about {gyarados} and lake verity. suddenly he revesed and charge back into the house. I followed Him in. His mom said Hi and directed me to his bed room. There he was checking his email one more time, as soon as He saw me, he told me that he was going to the lake in search of the rare Red {gyarados} and that I had to follow. Clearly he hadn't been paying attention to the show because it said that the Red {gyarados} was a freak mutation, caused by the Criminal gang Team rocket. And that said Red {gyarados} was captured by a boy named Hiro. No matter, I still decided to follow him down to the lake. when we arrived a the lake we saw that we weren't alone. By the shore was a white haired old man an a young dark haired girl. They were talking about some rare lake pokemon. As we got closer they finished their conversation, they turned and said hello before heading down the path that lead away from the lake. Light looked over noticing that the man had left his briefcase, He wandered into the tall grass to get it, I told him to be careful of wild pokemon he said that he was perfectly safe. He was wrong of course. suddenly a pair of wild Nesting {starly}s swooped down at us. It the commotion light dropped the brief case which sprang open, inside where three pokeballs.
Knowing that the {starly}s were extremely territorial, I knew we'd have to drive them off . I grabbed the pokeball on the left while light grabbed the one next to it. We hurlled the balls at the {starly}s. Out of my ball sprang this small green turtle {turtwig}, while a small orange chimp {chimchar} came out of Lights. i ordered mine to tackle the nearest {starly}, it rushed towards it and completely missed its target... But the rest of the battle went smoothly. afterwards we started back with the brief case, when the old mans assistant came running towards us. She saw that we had taken the pokeballs out and was quite upset with us. She marched us down the path where the old man was waiting. She addressed the Man as Professor Rowan. Light explained what had happened to the Prof.. The Prof. looked at us and told us to take the pokemon home for the night and to come to his lab in sandgem town the next mourning. So light and I went home, My mom was quite worried because I was out so late. i told her i was fine. The next morning after Playing the Legend of zelda on my wii, My mom called me down stairs. when I came down she was talking to light's mom who was apparently looking for light.
I told her about the meeting with the Prof. and that seemed to make sense to her so she left. after breakfast mom pulled out abox and said that she had something for me. In side the box was a new pair of running shoes. I said goodbye to my mom and headed toward sandgem with the {turtwig}. on the way I came across a {bidoof} these are annoying but fun. {turtwig} took it out in just 2 Hits.
Finally I arrived in sand gem the lab was right on the out skirts the Prof.'s assistant was waiting for me outside. She told me to hurry in, Just as I walked in light came out talking about how awesome the prof. was and that he was going to beat me. So I talked to the prof. and he said that the {turtwig} I had taken wanted to stay with me. Then he asked if I wanted to keep it. I said yes saying that I was going to call it Bowser,m the prof. then said to me that that wasn't a fitting name as {turtwig} was in fact a she, So knowwing it would hopefully evolve into a {torterra} I decided to Nameit tortetra after the savy she-pirate princess.
He then handed me a state of the art pokedex saying that I should record data of various pokemon that I encountered I thanked the Prof. and when I left the lab his assitant handed me 5 new pokeballs. I said thanks and walked home to say good bye to my mom before heading out on my journey. when I got back Mom gave me this journal and a snack. I gave her a good-bye hug and set out. first I walked to the lake again to capture that {starly} that I had fought earlier. It appeared and after a short battle I caught it I Called Him Raven.
It was still early when I got to Rt 202. I could still hear the crickets chirping away, suddenly one appeared infront of me I caught it like a bug mania after Genosect, It was just {kricketot} I named her Melody. I healed her at the pokemon center as i headded back toward Jubilife city, A massive {starly} appeared out of the blue and took out Melody in just one hit.
Sad it was but Onward I marched, When I got to the pokemon center I put melodys body into the PC. I spend the rest of the day exploring the city and surrounding areas I stopped by rt 204 to try and snagg another pokemon Unfoutunatlty it was another grass type {budew} who I named petal, she Has been boxed for now. around the city I found a woman with some electric rodent that gave me a free quick claw, I alsomet a man that gave me an old rod, and a lecture on how to fish, even though I told him that I was no fool and knew how to fish. with my new rod I raced home to twin leaf to try my rod in my old pond behind my house There I caught regal the {magikarp}
Time to grind.

Heres my current progress map
Pink is regions I can no longer catch pokemon.



Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:26 am
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I like it. I'm surprised that no one thought of writing about Nuzloke except the person who made it up and you, though

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Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:10 pm
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