Viral Secrets PG-13
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Author:  redt [ Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Viral Secrets PG-13

Okay, so this is a story I made with the inspiration of one of my roleplays. Rating: Teen; for blood, mild violence, minor language. Category: Adventure/Suspense Base Plot: It's about a virus that begins to infect the Pokemon world and the team that tries to stop it. This is the story about their struggle to find the truth and bring peace to the world. Enjoy.
The first chapter is just to get a feel for the incoming plot. It was intended to be short and with no dialogue.
Chapter 1
The Breakout

The air was damp and cold as the night kissed the day away, the darkness consuming everything. I walked down an empty road in the middle of a lifeless town while the moon shone brightly. The doors stayed shut and the curtains of every window refused to move to the will of a breeze. A shadow flicked in the corner of my eye, darting between the buildings. The shadow crouched on top of the house next to me. It bared its teeth, sharp and glistening with fresh blood, then lunged from the rooftop towards me.

There was a quick flick of light, blood hit my face, and the creature slammed into the side of a house where it slumped, breathing heavily. My katana held firmly, I approached it knowing that it was all over. The creature looked at me with stunning red eyes and roared, while I looked back at it with my bright blue ones. The creature quickly realized the situation and began to try to flee. Its wounds were healing quickly and I had to finish it fast. I grabbed a pokeball from my belt and let out my Vaporeon in a burst of light. I ran my blade over my hand and Vaporeon’s paw, our blood mixing on the blade. I ran the blade through the creature, while it screamed one final roar into the lonely night. The creature contorted violently before dissolving into nothing but trickles of light in the night air.

I continued walking down the road, this time back from where I came. The job was done it was time to go back. Vaporeon by my side, the moonlight sparkling off his watery skin, we walked outside the city. Into the cold and loving night we walked, the night that knew all of our secrets.

I’m no longer a part of this world, I am dead. What pulses through mine and my Vaporeon’s veins is a virus called the Touch. Together we can destroy any infected creature but not each other, there are many things that we still don’t know and the others won’t tell us. My name is Red Feor and together with my Vaporeon we must destroy the Touched and the virus itself, it is the only reason we are here again.

Author:  rex09 [ Sun Aug 01, 2010 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Viral Secrets PG-13

....does this mean we can have weapons in the RP?? lol jk
but really, this little bit is pretty good. to really have anything to criticque on though, it would have to be longer (just saying, i know it's supposed to be short).

Author:  redt [ Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Viral Secrets PG-13

Chapter 2
The Touch Pushes Back

We walked into the city of Sunyshore, it was a beautiful day and the people were bustling. I approached the docks. The mariner, John, walked up. “Hey Red. Let me guess, you need a ferry to the lab?”

I smiled, “Yeah. I gotta meet up with the folks.” He nodded, “Well that can be arranged.”

He whistled and a younger man ran up. “Yes sir?” John patted me on the back before giving instructions, “Take this young man to the lab.” The young man nodded and looked at me, a questionable expression on his face. “Right this way sir.”

We walked down the docks until we stopped at a newer speed boat. “Just take a seat and we’ll be there in about ten minutes.” I took a seat while Vaporeon decided to jump ship. As soon as he hit the water he disappeared.

I chuckled, “He’ll meet us there. He doesn’t like boat rides that much.” The young man just nodded.

While that boat ride was enjoyable, it gave me time to think about things. People don’t go to the lab often since most of them never know what’s going on exactly. Supposedly this is where the virus started and they’re probably right.
“Ok we’re at the lab.”

I rose and walked towards the man. “Thanks for the ride, here’s some money for the lift.” I handed him the money but it didn’t make it to his hand. Instead a blade was put to my neck. I could glimpse the man’s eyes, they were red as blood.

“You cannot kill us. We live forever. We are everywhere.” A dark raspy voice came out of his mouth. “We will become you. We will become everyone.”

“And how do you suppose to do that?” I managed to choke out.

He snickered, “With you and your partner. We will become strong enough. We will be able to stay in a body.”

And with that the man threw me away before his body began to transform. The skin became dark, like it was burnt, and his hair turned white. Its arm grew spikes down the side and the creature was no longer human. “Blood.”, was the only thing that escaped its razor maw.

It lunged at me but then a beam of ice nailed the creature. “Quick Vaporeon!”
Vaporeon appeared on the boat and I ran the blade across our skin. I stabbed my sword through the ice. The block of ice shook for a moment before the creature dissolved. All that was left on the boat was a hollow ice block that once had the evolved version of the virus.

We jumped off of the boat and quickly made our way to the lab. I walked in and was greeted by Tony, one of the researchers.
“So how was Celestic Town?” I rushed by him. “I’m guessing it was bad then.”

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