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Author:  ShinyLeafeonGirl [ Thu Oct 01, 2009 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Pokemon School

Here's my stories at school where I imagine my self as a Pikachu, but with black front paws! Image

You can post your own stories if you like.

The sun was just peeking over the mountain. I woke up. "Ugh," I thought, "another day at school. Oh, well, at least it's Thursday." I got up and ready. I looked down at my black paws. Why was I so different? At least you have good friends said a small voice in my head. That was true, I had a nice group of friends who were, I should say, wierd. "Oh! I got to meet Beth'!" I said to my self. I put on my gold watch necklace (I really do have that necklace in real life) and headed to school.
There was a nice Autumn breeze in the air. The first day of October! It will soon be Halloween, and I can't wait! I broke into a run and headed for the school yard. I saw my best friend, Beth the Eevee. She was standing there talking to Ty (he's a Vaporeon).
"Hey!" I called. Beth and Ty turned to look, then called back, "Hey!" I sat down next to them. "What'chall talkin' about?" I asked.
"Oh, nothing, Lyn'" ,said Beth, just figurin' out what I wanna evolve into." She sighed, then looked at me brightly,"There finally gonna have the end-of-the-year evolution stone sale! Who knows? Mayb if I get one I'll come back next year as a Jolteon, or a Flareon-"
"Or a Vaporeon!" Ty added, "then we can be the Vaporeon cousins!"
"How about Leafeon? There's one not to far from my house. After all, Leafeons are my favorited Eevee evolution!" I said, "or an Umbreon! You've always seemed like an Umbreon to me. Or-"
The school bell rang. We went inside with the rest of the crowd, and we made our way to and from our lockers (my books are heavy) and into Mrs. Ninetales's room, our home room, wich is also Science. We had had fun, and I would playfully smack the Absol, Dakota, in front of me ,and we had a whispering argument, I called him "Pointyhead" and he called me "blackfeet" and we kept it up until the teacher caught us and told us to hush.
Then we made our way to Ms. Girafarig's Language Arts room. After that, we went to P.E. and had the different types split up into groups. I was the only Electric type in my calls, so I had a smell litlle antenna attached to a light bulb. I needed to use my electricity to light the bulb. I used thunderbolt and was getting and orange glow. I put more electricity into it. It got brighter, brighter, britghrt, then...BOOM!!! The bulb exploded and the lights went out in the gym. I got in trouble though, cause some electricity hit the little pool with thw water types in it and Ty and a lotas fainted, get sent to the nurse, and came back later after my talk with the coach (and he was a Nidoking, so that didn't help me feel better.) We want to Mrs. Noctowl's room (soc. studies & reading) then to Mrs. Kangastan's room (math) then we finally went home.

Hope you like these stories and add your own!

Author:  Draconian Kelsie [ Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon School

OMG! that is awesome!

Hey,can you put me in the story? You know...the WIERD GIRL?
I really like Cubone,Absol,Totodile,and Charmander,but as long as I'm not Psyduck or Muk,then I'll take just about anything.
Btw,I took a personality quiz at and it said I was Mewtwo,Charizard,Tyranitar,Dragonite,Slowking,and Banette.(had to take it several times to get the full facet of my personality) It also said I was an electric type (the "hyperactive" part is true!)
I would LOVE to be in this story!

Author:  Ryu [ Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon School

Can I be Mewtwo the bully?I wont be too mean I promise...

Author:  JHShadon [ Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon School

Could I be in it as a new kid who is a Gallade with a little sister who is a Kirlia and when she gets bullied Gallade gets mad and starts attacking the bullies. Also he has best friend who was orthaned at an early age and is a blind male Lucario(He can see the land with aura but not writing and stuff like that that, and gang killed his parents and a Toxicroak Joisonjabed his eyes as a Riolu before getting arrested) also he has a blindfold that doubles up as a focus sash and the Gallade that one thats a headband.

Gallade's Name: Jack
Kirlia's Name: Jill
Lucario's Name: Jordan

Author:  surfingpikachu [ Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokemon School

That was a really good story! I looved it! (Just make sure you watch your spelling mistakes) Yes, I think making Pokemon go to school is an AWESOME idea so make sure you keep it up!

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