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 The Rebirth of Paxii (PG-13) [A Nuzlocke] 
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This is a dramatized telling of my current Soulsilver Nuzlocke challenge with parts from my first Nuzlocke on Leaf Green. In other words, this is the story of a boy named Paxii who without any memory of anything before the day he awakes in New Bark Town goes on a journey through Johto (and hopefully Kanto as well) in the hopes of finding his memory, and why he can no longer remember his past. Because this is an ongoing Nuzlocke I don't know how it will end yet, but I can say that there will be some violence, there will be a lot of death, and I may or may not add in some romance. This is my first attempt at a fan-fiction, and will likely edit it as I get comments. I fear the beginning may be a bit dull as I work my way into the mood of the story, and find the right flow.

unfortunately the formatting was messed up when I copy/pasted it, so i need to fix the paragraphs and such.

“What's your name?”
“I asked you your name. Is it Paxii? Your Arm has Paxii carved in it. Looks kinda nasty actually.”
“Who are you?”
“I'm Sarah. But back to my question: who are YOU?”
“Uh... ...Paxii?”
“You don't sound so sure. Come on inside and I'll get you cleaned up. You look like you've been through Hell.”

It's been a while since I stumbled into New Bark. Apparently I was beaten pretty badly, and they suspect I was abused. I was only thirteen then, or so we think. I don't really even know. Lyra found me struggling to hold myself up, and when I couldn't speak she called her dad, the Professor. Sarah's been like a mother to me, and since she brought me back to health I don't mind her calling me her little boy. The adults in the town say she was married to some great Pokemon trainer, but he died or something before they had kids. I dunno but apparently a young teenager from the wild was the solution. People call me Paxii, because that's the name on my arm, and I guess if that wasn't my name it is now. But that's enough about the past. It's been five years since then, and the Professor has been anxious about some sort of meeting with another Poke-Nerd. The Pokemon in this area aren't particularly strong compared to most, but anyone can tell you that a Beedrill's poison sting can be nasty, and if you don’t have any Pokemon of your own, you might as well sign your death certificate.

“Paxii, I'm glad you could make it!” says the Professor. He stands just below six-feet, and while the gap between the young man called Paxii isn't much, it's noticeable that the professor has to look up at the boy. Paxii is tall for his age, with dark stringy hair, and a bellsprout build. Grey eyes look back at the professor. It is obvious that the Professor has called the young man in to ask a favor, and both know that the task will require a Pokemon as payment.
“Paxii, I called you in to see if you would be willing to possibly consider helping me with a task.”
“Whatever you need, Professor.”
The professor is a genius, especially when it comes to the study of evolution in Pokemon, but where intelligence was plentiful, speech was hindered, and many conversations ended in ramblings of an old man long since lost in his own thoughts.
“A former colleague of mine has a package for me, but I'm on the verge of a break through, and I'm a bit too old to be out in the wild. I know it's a lot to ask, but could you retrieve the item for me?”
there is a silence as the two stare at one another, when once again the professor breaks the silence.
“I was hoping you could do this in exchange for one of my Pokemon. I know you've been talking of leaving New Bark to uncover more of your past. You won't get far without a Pokemon for protection, and I think we can agree you won't find a better first Pokemon anywhere else.”
The professor leads Paxii to a stand in which rests the last three Pokemon of the Professor.
“I want you to choose the one that you feel is your match. You know I once spent weeks trying to decide what sort of Pokemon I wanted to raise, train, battle, and study, but I...”
“I want this one” said Paxii, pointing to a docile looking Chikorita.
“I see... I don't mean to dissuade you, but the fields here are full or bug, poison, and flying type Pokemon, and our little friend would be at a disadvantage merely trying to survive.”
“I've made my decision, and I want the Bulbasaur.” Paxii said camly.
“Bulba-what? This here is a Chikorita.”
“I said, I've made my decision I want the Chikorita. Are you feeling alright, Professor?”
“Uh... right Chikorita it is.”
“His name is Kells”
“His what?”
“Chikorita wants me to tell you his name is Kells.”

The professor looked at Paxii with a quizzical look. “I see.” He replied, but to be honest the professor was only more confused. Perhaps there was a reason the psychics couldn't read Paxii's mind he thought to himself. “Kells it is” the professor muttered before getting back to his studies. And with that Paxii began his journey with Chikorita.

Paxii took long strides as he made his way to Mr. Pokemon's house, but Kells happily kept up with him. The two had a mutual understanding, one surprising to see in two that had only just met, but Paxii was no ordinary trainer. They suspect Paxii had been a trainer before, but there are no records of such. Paxii was able to sense when a Pokemon was near defeat, and could bring the best out of the few he played with. The oddest of Paxii's mannerisms was the way he could talk with Pokemon just by looking at them. Psychic trainers had come to New Bark with the intent to help Paxii remember his past, but none had been able to get a read on him, and many feeling embarrassed by this fact chose to interpret this as Paxii having no past. And so Paxii was born at the age of thirteen to Sarah Greene, and that was that.
Paxii and Kells made great time, and after battling a pidgey and a boisterous rattata they had made their way to Cherrygrove City, though to be honest it was a very small city. The people gave Paxii odd looks, and a few children stared with envious eyes at the short green Pokemon, their faces practically green with envy. Paxii would likely had a great deal of fun exploring the new city, but he wanted to fulfill his promise to the professor first.
After a quick stop to the Pokemon Center to heal Kells, the duo made their way north towards where they were told Mr. Pokemon was working in a house in the woods. There was a minor scare when Kells was badly poisoned by a nasty weedle, but the PokeCenter was nearby, and the ordeal only made Kells feel safer with Paxii. Even Paxii was surprised to how quickly Kells had grown attached to him, and began to worry if perhaps there was too much trust.
They arrived to a clearing with a single wooden cottage. “Here we are,” muttered Paxii, as they approached the door, and knocked. A short, and rather stout man opened the door, and upon seeing the two lit up. “Welcome! Welcome! You must be the one Professor Elm sent.”
“Indeed. I was told you had a package I was to deliver.”
“Oh, not just a package, but a great finding indeed!.”
Mr. Pokemon continued to explain how while hiking he had come across this large white egg with curious triangular marking on it.
“It was so beautiful I just had to have it, and I couldn't see any mother nearby, so I brought it home. I went ahead and made a few calls to a few professors, and it's unlike any other Pokemon egg they've seen! I then was referred to Professor Elm through a friend of a friend of a... ...oh no matter. The point is Professor Elm is the leading professor on Pokemon Evolution, and we believe this may be a new species.”
The man seemed over excited about the finding of what seemed like a simple egg, but the man's eccentricity was so overwhelming, Paxii couldn't help but grin while listening to the man go on. Mr. Pokemon was working on mapping out the migration patterns of various species of Pokemon, and claimed to be close to a breakthrough in his research when he found the egg.
“So I just take this egg to the Professor, and that's all?”
“Oh, if you would be so kind. I'm a bit too far out of the way for a delivery service, so this seemed the best solution I'm afraid.”
“Not a problem, Kells and I will take good care of it, and see it makes it to the Professor.”
Paxii and Mr. Pokemon shook hands, and went their separate ways. The walk back to Cherrygrove City seemed much shorter, and before long Paxii and Kells were resting at the PokeCenter and making their way to New Bark. Kells had been getting plenty of exercise fending off the wild Pokemon, and when a rash teenager ran into Paxii it only felt proper to have a battle.
“Watch where you're going!”
“We don't want any trouble.”
“Yeah, what ever. Nice grass Pokemon. I bet this cyndaquil can roast him!”
“I'm in a hurry, but if it'll teach you to watch where you're going Kells and I can make this fast.”
The teen threw a pokeball, unleashing the fire type, cyndaquil. Normally a fire type would have the advantage, but this Pokemon seemed new to battle, and had no idea what to do. Kells had subdued the Pokemon in a few hits, and the teen ran off in defeat.
The journey home took only another hour and before long Paxii was back in the Professor's Lab with Kells ready to deliver the egg. The professor was answering a few questions for the police officer. Apparently one of Elm's Pokemon had escaped, and the professor had to fill out an official report. The professor didn't seem too attached to the missing Pokemon, and was more worried about the Pokemon causing harm to someone, and resulting in a hefty fine on his part.
Paxii sat on his bed thinking about what he wanted to do. Plenty of people his age had left with their own Pokemon to challenge the regional leaders, and now that he had Kells, Paxii could do the same. The professor had been thrilled to see the egg, and mentioned something about observing it. It took a while, but eventually Paxii fell asleep with Kells curled at his feet.

“I choose Bulbasaur!”
“Ha! Goodluck with that one.”

Kells had been staring anxiously at Paxii, and when he finally opened his eyes it was because Kells was nibbling on his toes. “I'm awake, so stop that!” I had been a week since Paxii had made the delivery for the professor, and Kells and Paxii were now inseparable, and Paxii's decision made. Once he had said goodbye to his neighbors he began the hike back to Cherrygrove City to apply for his trainer's license. While it wasn't required to have a Pokemon, the license was needed if someone wanted to travel across the region to battle the regional leaders.
It was the strangest thing, but Paxii felt that his short battle with the stranger had awakened something in him, and he was having strange dreams about beginning his journey as a trainer. Paxii and Kells made a great team together, but they had their weaknesses, and if they were to defeat all the leaders in Johto they would need more party members. Kells seemed to have a good idea of where they were, but Paxii seemed to have trouble with using his new map, so he decided that every new route, cave, path, and the like would be a new opportunity to catch one different Pokemon, and so when Paxii back tracked to explore an alternate path and found a spearow they had to attempt a capture. Kells was fast, but careful to not harm the spearow too badly, and with one pokeball the team had welcomed Tripp. Kells, Tripp, and Paxii made a great trio, and the new trainers found themselves in shock as their Pokemon dropped one by one.
It was a quiet day when Tripp noticed a yellow blob on Paxii's backpack, and the team then welcomed Krum the kakuna. It took a day and a half for the group to reach Violet City, but with the diversity in the group they quickly dominated and expanded as a group. A zubat flew out of a dark cave, and Zulu joined the ranks, as did Nelly the ekans when she slithered past Paxii's legs while training before challenging the gym. When Paxii felt confident in his team he challenged the monks of Sprout Tower, and after battling long into the night was surprised by a ghastly, and Krux joined the group.
The team was already at six, the maximum number of Pokemon one can carry with them at a time, and as tensions rose, and Zulu bit Tripp, who scratched Krum, and so on Paxii found himself opening a Pokemon storage account, and depositing all but the new rattata named Mura, Kells the chikorita, Tripp the spearow, and Krux the ghastly. Paxii figured out that while Krux had a great deal of potential, it didn't care for battle like the others did. Its soothing presence still earned a slot on the team of course. Paxii then rented a room at the PokeCenter and slept in preparation for the coming battle.

The sun was extra bright when Paxii strode up to Violet City gym to claim the gym badge, and as usual Tripp and Kells were anxious to prove themselves. The first trainer released a spearow, but after only a few pecks Tripp proved the victor. The second trainer's pidgeys served as little more than an affirmation of Tripp's exceeding skill.

“Welcome to my gym, challenger.”
“I come seeking your badge, and will have it soon”
And they fought.

Falkner's pidgey tried in vain to throw sand in Tripp's eyes, but Tripp was far superior, and quickly dispatched on the tiny bird. Pidgeotto was by far the real challenge, and after a few blows it was clear Tripp would not be strong enough, so Paxii recalled Tripp, and tested Kells' endurance. “I know you to be far more powerful than any of these trainers thinks you can be!” shouted Paxii, as Kells endured strikes that should have knocked him out in a single blow. Grass type pokemon are weak against flying, and so to pair one against a flying gym was thought to be suicide, yet Kells was the one to deal the final blow, and secure victory over Falkner.
“I lost... the badge is your...”

Paxii decided to rest in the PokeCenter another night before continuing his journey, and when sleep finally approached him he had more of his strange dreams...

Come now, Bulbasaur, these Pokemon are no match for you.
We shall make Pallet proud indeed.”

“Who's there? Show yourself!”
<it is I, Krux. You were having a nightmare, and I wish to help you.>
“Stay out of my head, and you will do well.”
<understood, I apologize. But who are you really?>
“I will not be haunted by ghosts, especially ones under my care, am I understood?”
<yes, we can talk later.>

“We are more than friends, Paxii.
We are a part of each other, and without you I am nothing.
Only you can bring honor to Pallet.”

Paxii awoke in a sweat, unsure what these dreams he was having meant. Krux had limited his appearances in Paxii's dreams, and while he could feel its presence, was no longer annoyed by it. It had been a week since the battle in Violet, and since then Paxii had made his way onward through Union cave. Azalea town was only just ahead, and the team could use a rest at a PokeCenter, especially Rhodes, the newest member. Rhodes was a seemingly ordinary geodude, but when it resisted each of the attacks from Tripp and nearly defeated her, Paxii felt none was more perfect. While Paxii liked the team dynamic, he had heard rumors that Azalea town was home of a Bug gym, with very powerful pokemon, and Paxii knew that a rock type would be a great advantage in the coming battle.

“You're killing these Pokemon!”
“I'm doing no such thing, old man, and unless you want to suffer you should leave!”
“Please trainer, this man in black is cutting the tails of Slowpoke, please help.”
“That's it, you're both getting it, starting with the boy!”

The man in black released a rattata, which Rhodes made fairly short work of. When the second Rattata tried to tackle Rhodes, he let out a bellow that one can only assume was a laugh, as the tackle did no harm to Rhodes. Rhodes smashed the rodent's head into the dirt, and continued his bellow, the man in black recalling his near dead pokemon before returning to the well.

“Thank you,” said the man, “those men came and have been cutting the tails off of the slowpoke.” “I mean no disrespect, but my companions and I have been traveling for quite some time, and would like to rent a room in the PokeCenter before it is too late,” replied Paxii.
Paxii arrived in Azalea town in the late afternoon, and after renting his room wandered the town to inspect the gym. The leader's name was Bugsy, and from the look of it, his Scyther was the biggest threat. The scyther had learned a technique in which it quickly struck at the opponent, then switched with another pokemon before the opponent had time to respond, though it appeared the quick strike was fatal to most every pokemon it hit.
Rhodes would be the main fighter against Bugsy, but only after he learned to properly throw a rock. Paxii decided to try training by the well, but when no one was standing in the way, and the ladder down the well looked so inviting, Paxii couldn't resist. Spotting an unharmed slowpoke, Paxii used Tripp to weaken it just enough for a Pokeball, and the team welcomed Polaris.
Only just after Polaris was caught, a man in black charged up to Paxii, and demanded the slowpoke.
“This is our well, and that Slowpoke is in possession of our tail.
Give it to me now, of suffer my wrath.”
Perhaps he was just feeling cocky, arrogant, or boisterous, but Paxii retorted back, “Ha! You don't scare me, and I'd die before I give you my Slowpoke. Draw!”
A zubat emerged from the man's pokeball, but Rhodes seemed to have finally figured out how to use rock throw, because the little bat was soon trapped between the wall and a boulder. A rattata rushed Rhodes next, but this rodent was no different than the last two, and fell without even scratching Rhodes. After a quick battle with another member in black, Paxii had subdued the last of the Neo Rockets, save their apparent leader, one Proton.
“A shame you've come this far to fail, boy. We are Team Rocket... Prepare to die!”
Proton's Zubat was no match for a rock to the face, then again, who would survive a rock thrown into your face? Koffing was recalled after a likely puncture from another rock. Proton was defeated, and the other Rockets fled, but more importantly, Rhodes had mastered rock throw.

Paxii rushed to the PokeCenter to rest, when a familiar face emerged from the shadows.
“Hi. Remember me? Yeah. Cyndaquil and I are back with friends.”
“That Cyndaquil reminds me of the one a friend of mine lost... good thing he didn't need it.”
“Enough, I followed you to prove I'm better, so we fight now.”

Rhodes was still thrilled to have been training all day, and after two projectiles, the Ghastly was finished. The Zubat that followed was hardly worth the time, and fell after only one blow, and finally it was just Cyndaquil. Smoke filled the air, and Rhodes couldn't seem to land a hit, but the Cyndaquil was popping in and out with it's fire attacks when finally a single rock connected, and the smoke stopped.

“Cyndaquil! You may have won this time, but we'll be back, and even if it takes a year, you will suffer.”

The trainer's word's echoed in the night, and Paxii was relieved to return to his room for the night, for tomorrow he would challenge Bugsy.

“just look at her. I think I'll call her Pop-Rox. She certainly looks tough,”
<Master, forgive me for interrupting, but these dreams are not normal.>
“I know... But what do they mean?”
<I'm not sure, but I think these are memories. I sense a great mystery about you.>
“I have no memories, Krux, unless you can do what the psychics could not.”
<I am almost certain these are memories, but what ever happened to her? I mean Pop-Rox. She was a geodude I believe, am I right?>
“I don't know, leave me please.”
<as you wish.>

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Rhodes was well rested, and ready to earn the Hive badge for Paxii. The morning dew clung to the grass, and geodude hovered just above the ground so that the blades tickled him. There was a slight imbalance in the power of the team, with Rhodes and Kells the strongest with Tripp closely behind, and the others falling behind in no particular order afterwards. Paxii was training tanks, Pokemon that could take a brutal beating, and still function well. Paxii felt that just as he had chosen which pokemon he would train, fate had chosen the individuals that would join his quest. Paxii pushed open the doors, and had Tripp fight against the first few trainers, in order to save Rhodes' strength for later.

“Who are you!” Shrieked one of the trainers as he held his near dead caterpie. “Don't we all wonder?” replied Paxii, “I'm the new champion to be. Remember my face when I challenge the greatest trainers.” Paxii had grown arrogant, and felt near invincible, for he had yet to lose a single battle, or even a pokemon, but such is the duty of a trainer. If not careful a trainer will lose his pokemon. In any normal battle an opponent can sense when their foe's pokemon is near finished, and can administer a swift blow that only immobilizes their foe, but there are those without honor, who will pursue their foe until it stops breathing. While it is honorable to not slay a pokemon is it is unnecessary it is the Trainer's duty to protect his pokemon, and to know when to accept defeat. Paxii pushed his pokemon often much further than any trainer should, and if not careful he would lose one of his friends.

“I heard this was a gym more powerful than Violet's, but it seems its only a bunch of young children playing with bugs,” bragged Paxii.

“I may be young, and seem like I pose no threat, but I am quite powerful,” responded Bugsy. “Perhaps you were too reckless to understand this, but in a gym it is the duty of the trainer to recall their pokemon before it dies. I would like to hold back and no take the life of your pokemon, but I have a duty to this town, and so long as your pokemon is on my field I will no hesitate to defeat your pokemon by any means necessary.”

“I may seem arrogant to someone of your level of ability, but I assure you I earn that arrogance,” chuckled Paxii.

“Arrogance is not a trait one can earn, and should I need to be the one to teach you humility so be it.” whispered Bugsy.

Rhodes hovered just an inch from the gym's floor when Bugsy called upon Scyther.
“U-turn!” Shouted Bugsy, as Scyther struck Rhodes, and was replaced by a Metapod before Rhodes could land a hit, but Paxii had foreseen this, and had Rhodes focus on defense, and with a strike to the floor had a large chunk of the battle field in his hand ready to launch it.

“Throw!” and the chunk of cement smashed the green bug.
“Your arrogance will be your defeat, trainer.”
“Funny, your Pokemon is done, and mine appears fine, and ready for more. I earn my pride.”
“and now Scyther will show you the error of your way. U-Turn!”
“Rhodes, brace yourself, and ready for his next Pokemon.”
The Kakuna that emerged next fought well, but barely managed to poison Rhodes, which an antidote cured immediately, and then only Scyther remained.

“I prepared for this, Bugsy! I studied your technique, and I know that while Scyther may pose a threat while it has friends to hide behind, alone it is vulnerable.”
“I admire your apparent perceptiveness, but I'd guess you have yet to see Scyther cornered. When Scyther feels it is on the verge of defeat it unleashes its full potential. I pity your Geodude.”
“Save your pity, Rhodes is my solid ground, and has yet to feel pain.”

Scyther became fast. Much faster than anticipated, and as it blurred across the field, slashing Rhodes, it was impossible to hit. Rhodes took little harm from a single attack, but it was obvious that after a few hundred hits he was fading.

“Rhodes, get a hold of Scyther and hang on!”
Scyther's arms are sharp blades. Rhodes grabbed hold of Scyther, and managed to land a few critical blows, but the blades were beginning to grind Rhode's rocky skin down to sand. Rhodes finally succeeded in dislocating Scyther's arm, and shortly after the Scyther was no longer fit to fight.

“I have lost, but at what cost? My pokemon can recover after a few days rest, and can be ready to challenge any new trainers in as soon as a week, but your Geodude has sustained many nasty cuts that will leave him vulnerable to any attacks. A minor scratch can easily be healed given time, but you have let your Pokemon be permanently damaged. Your arrogance has ruined this pokemon for battle. To continue using this pokemon will kill it.”

“I don't need your advice. These are my Pokemon, and everyone likes a scar. It builds character.”

“Your Geodude has earned this badge, but I fear your arrogance will kill him. I hope you learn humility without having to suffer the loss of your companions. Take the badge, but learn to be a trainer before you challenge Whitney.”

Paxii left the gym, and took a day to rest after the battle. Rhodes had a gash that ran from the top left of his head across to just above his mouth. The gash was certainly deep, but Paxii felt that given time it would seal. Sleep came slowly, and Paxii tossed all night with a nightmare. Kells had seen Paxii thrash in his sleep, but never like this, and only when Krux crept into Paxii's dream did Kells relax.

“Pop-Rox! Don't die on me now, I only just met you.”
Tears poured down the trainer's face, as the geodude's eye slowly focused on her master, then unfocused as if to ask why.
“No... Why! First Twix, and now Pop-Rox... I am no trainer, I am an executioner, leading my friends to their slaughter.”

<Master, you need to awake from this nightmare!>
“Krux, why did she have to die? She was a baby!”
<Who died? You are having a nightmare, and have Kells and I very worried.>
“It was just a dream? oh... why are these dreams happening to me?”
<I do not have the answers, but you should probably think on them later, for now we should leave.>

Paxii packed his bag, and paid the bill before leaving Azalea town, and Polaris bid farewell to the ones it had known it's whole life, to join this boy on his quest. Though this was not the first Slowpoke to join this boy, but it would be the last.

“This gym is little more of a challenge than the last. It is as though my Ivysaur was meant to make such short work of you. Though I shouldn't be surprised, for we are on a journey, and my friend and I will bring honor to Pallet when we are done here.”

Three days of hiking through Ilex Forest and the final path marker was in sight. Rhodes had healed quite well, but there was still a distinct scar across his face, as a reminder of the battle from last week. Kells had continued to train almost excessively to try and balance Rhode's new weakness. For most cases there was no issue, and Rhodes would barely take any damage from an attack, but on some rare occasions a blow struck the scar, reopening it, and preventing Rhodes from being of much use. The hike had been long, and arduous, and the party was anxious to reach Goldenrod City. A wild oddish had wandered into Paxii's camp one night, and was soon caught, and transferred to the storage system. He named the Oddish Phunky.

The dense trees had provided a cool shade for most of the hike, but upon leaving the forest, blinding light greeted them. It was during the shock of the bright sun that a wild Drowzee made its attack, and after Kells had subdued it, Paxii caught him and named him Argus, and then Argus was also transported to the storage system.

Krux and Paxii had grown increasingly fond of each other, and would often exchange thoughts without speaking. Paxii assumed it was the ghastly's ability to read his mind, much like a psychic, and Krux knew it was because Paxii had been close to a psychic Pokemon before. The two had no secrets between one another, and Krux was helping Paxii cope with his nightmares. The dreams were becoming worse with every passing day, and without Krux Paxii felt he would break down. Perhaps it was unwise of him, but Paxii began to train Krux to battle in the hopes of using his Ghost type to avoid Whitney's attacks. Paxii knew Whitney was a master of normal typed pokemon, but other than that she was a mystery. Paxii only seemed interested in battling the gym leaders, and was unable to remember much of anything else. To make matters worse, Paxii was beginning to blur his memories with his dreams, and Krux would have to remind him of what was a fact, and what was just a dream.

Paxii rented a room at the PokeCenter like usual, and scoped out the gym leader to devise a plan. Whitney was strong, but Paxii felt confident that Krux would be untouchable during the coming battle, and formed a strategy as followed. Kells and Rhodes were prepared for battle in case Krux was hurt, but Paxii was confident that wouldn't be an issue, and after a day of observation felt he was prepared to challenge the leader.

Paxii spent the night with Krux, as they exchanged their thoughts about the coming battle, both feeling it would be an easy match. Perhaps it was Paxii's pride that Krux had absorbed, but the two of them felt almost overconfident in their ability. Morning can early, and for the first time in a long time, Paxii didn't have any dreams. Once again it was with a boisterous slam that the Gym's doors creaked open, and Paxii declared his intent to claim the badge before the day was over. Whitney smiled, as if enjoying the thought of deflating this arrogant trainer's pride.

Krux fought well, and seemed to be perfect for defeating Whitney. Trainer after trainer lost to Paxii, and with each victory the confidence of Paxii and Krux grew. In a matter of a few hours all the trainers in Whitney's gym had lost to Paxii, but Whitney had been studying Paxii during each of the battles, and had already found a flaw in Paxii's plan. Kells and Rhodes enjoyed a few of the trainers for themselves, and after defeating a Meowth Kells began to glow, and evolved into a Bayleaf.

“You the leader of this gym?” asked Paxii.
“Indeed, are you the one that wishes to be humiliated by me today?”
“I intend to defeat you, Whitney. Go Krux!”

Whitney started with a Clefairy, which tried in vain to hit Krux, but ultimately failed. Though Whitney's first pokemon had been defeated she remained calm, for her strongest Pokemon was a Miltank. The plan was simple, evade, sleep, and slowly whittle away the pokemon's health, but it was no expected that Miltank would have a rock move. The pink cow launched a rock at Krux completley by surprise, and the little ghost which had never dealt with an attack like that before was completely unprepared. Ghost pokemon are often the spirits of a departed Pokemon that has transformed their body into a semi-physical form. For a ghost pokemon to remain in the world it must maintain control over its body, but it is possible for the remains of the body to be destroyed, and in so doing, kill the ghost again. Krux died. Paxii felt a part of his brain being ripped apart as the Pokemon he had called his friend dissolved.

“Krux?” Paxii called timidly, but there was no response, and Paxii could feel it that Krux was gone.

“You killed him... you killed my friend!”
“He was already dead, I just killed him again.”
“You bitch. You snot-mouth bitch! You killed my friend!”

Paxii's pride was tattered, but Whitney had only done her duty, it was he who had failed Krux. “Kells... Kill it.” and as Paxii commanded, Kells fought the Miltank until Kells could take no more. Paxii couldn't bear the thought of losing two pokemon in one day, and recalled Kells to use Rhodes. Rhodes seemed un-phased by the Miltank's attacks, and when the cow was tiring itself out Rhodes dealt the finishing blow. The cow's leg snapped like a twig, and while Rhodes had not killed the cow, had certainly defeated it, and rendered it completely useless in future battles. The cow cried out in pain, and Whitney tried to have Paxii detained for letting Rhodes permanently harm her prized pokemon, but after she had just killed Paxii's Ghastly they were deemed even by the Cities rules. Even so Paxii was given the Badge, and then told to leave immediately from Goldenrod. Paxii held the empty pokeball with Krux's name in his hands as he carried his bag, and left Goldenrod. Paxii decided to keep walking instead of resting. Perhaps it was his attempt to avoid the nightmares, but they came anyways, even with Paxii awake.

“I claim this badge having defeated you, and Diglett and Ivysaur have made a mockery of your gym. We can't be stopped, so get out of the way.”
“What seems like arrogance is what I think is actually pride. You honestly think you can defeat all the gyms in Kanto, and bring honor to Pallet? I wish you luck, for you have bested me, but I sense you will only find sorrow if you rely on only your natural talent.”
“Noted, now I have placed to go, I have lost friends to get here, and may lose more, but I will be the champion.”

Paxii couldn't control the dreams at all anymore, probably due to the death of Krux. He became much more careful of his Pokemon, and made sure to switch them out when needed. Paxii had become soft, sobered by his nightmares, the death of Krux, and the loss of a friend. When Paxii caught a Hoothoot he named it Yurik, and shortly after catching it failed to recall it early enough, and it was killed by a team of Rattata. Paxii had lost his touch, and was no longer as driven to battle. His unwillingness to battle cost a good amount of training from his Pokemon, and resulted in only Kells and Rhodes in a state that could battle. Polaris didn't do much, just sat there, and seemed to fear Paxii.

Paxii found himself wandering into Ecrueak City. There was a gym, which housed a powerful Ghost trainer. Paxii decided to use the gym as a chance to regain his passion for battling, and began training Tripp. The plan was for Tripp to use it's immunity to ghost moves, and strike finishing blows with flying type moves.

It took a few weeks, but eventually Tripp was in fighting shape, and Paxii then scoped out the gym, and formed his strategy. The Nightmares continued, and Paxii had found himself stuck with the image on the most recent, in which a spearow named Cicatrice was trapped, and torn to shreds without Paxii able to do anything. “You are Tripp, not Cicatrice, you will win” muttered Paxii, as he drifted off to sleep.

Paxii awoke from the same nightmare with the spearow, but pushed it from his thoughts in order to concentrate on the coming battle. Tripp proved to be a powerful ally, and was immune to nearly every attack made by the trainers in Morty's gym, and after some time was ready to take on the leader.

“I come to take your badge!”
“I stay to keep my badge, so where are we now?” laughed Morty, before they lunged into battle.

Morty found that Tripp was immune to many of the attacks he wanted to use, and found himself forced to sacrifice his pokemon's health to curse Tripp, but after switching pokemon betwee Tripp and Rhodes, Morty's pokemon were losing health for no reason, and one by one his ghastly, and haunters fell until it was just Gengar and Tripp.
“You've done well, and exploited my weakness, but Gengar is a long time friend of mine, and won't fall easily.”
“Morty... look at your Pokemon. My spearow has defeated him while you were gloating.”
And Paxii was correct, Gengar had posed little threat, and Tripp had earned the Fog Badge.

“I can't believe I lost... but I did. You have potential to be a great trainer, Paxii. Don't waste that gift.”

Paxii left Ecrueak City, and travelled west. A Meowth joined the team, and would often find little trinkets for Paxii. He named it Muse.

I had cool Images, but I can't get the format to work, So they are stuck on my computer.
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