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 Pokemon Kanto Journeys Returns!!!! 
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I'm too lazy to find & revive the old post. Soooo here is Pokemno Kanto Journeys back in action!

~~~PART 6~~~
Last time:
Red got Charmander & beat Blue's Squirtle
Red got the Pokedex
Red managed to get through Viridian Forest
While in Viridian Forest Red caught Pidgey
While in Viridan Forest Red met Joey the bug catcher.
Brock defeated Red with Geodude

~~~Viridian Forest~~~
Red went to go train in Viridian Forest with Charmander & Pidgey...
Red: go Charmander Ember!
Charmander: Char!!! [uses Ember]
[Wild Weedle fainted!]
Red: Alright Charmander! :D
Joey: Red, your Charmander is getting really strong.
Red: yeah it is.
Joey: So do you want to battle me again?
Red: Sure!
Joey: Alright lets go! Just a warning I'm stronger!
Red: not stronger than us!

[Bug Catcher Joey would like to battle!]
Joey: Go! Metapod!
Red: Go Charmander!
Joey: Use Harden!
[Metapod used Harden!]
Red: Use Ember!
[Charmander used Ember!]
Metapod: *tips over*
Joey: use Harden!
[Meatpod used Harden!]
Red: Use Ember again!
[Charmander used Ember!]
Joey: Metapod use Tackle!
Metapod: *wiggles*
Joey: Metapod! Tackle!
[Metapod use Tackle finally!]
Red: Use Ember and finish it off!
Charmander: Charrrrrrrr!!!!!
[Charmander used Ember!]
[Critical Hit!]
[Metapod fainted!]
Joey: D***IT!

Red: I win.
Joey: yeah yeah...
Red: Woah!
Joey: what?
Red: Did you see that?
Joey: See what?
Red: Charmander just used Metal Claw!
Joey: Really?
Red: Yeah!
Joey: Congrats Red!
Red: Thanks now I can fight Brock! Thanks for helping me train Joey!
Joey: No problem.
Red: I'm gonna go battle Brock now bye!
Joey: Bye!

Part 7 tomorrow!

Mon Apr 25, 2005 5:43 pm
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That was a really non active episode lol, the good bit was Charmander learning Metal claw.

{staryu}{staryu} only 2 stars! For that episode though. The other are about 4.

Coca Cola, 2 Litres a day, keep ma batteries onnnn.

Mon Apr 25, 2005 10:52 pm
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Pokemon Master
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^ I am aware of the unaction packedness so this episode is action packed :twisted:

And yes if I rated this I would give it 2 {staryu}s too. One just for the fact that it's my story :P

NOW... *drumroll*

~~~~~PART 7!~~~~~
Back to Battle Brock!

~~~Pewter City-in front of the Gym~~~

Red: Okay I'm ready, I'm ready...
Red enters the Gym.
Brock: so you've returned.
Red: yeah I'm ready to take you on!
Brock: hahaha! Fine I accept your challenge!

[Gym Leader Brock sent out Geodude!]
Red: Go! Charmander!
Brock: heh, Geodude Rock Tomb!
[It missed!]
Brock: dang.
Red: Use Metal Claw!!
Brock: What?!?
[Charmander used Metal Claw!]
[It's Super Effective!]
[Critical Hit!]
[Geodude fainted!]
Brock: No!! Geodude! Hmph, I see you got better... But not good enough... Go! ONIX!!!
Onix: ONIX!!!
Brock: Heh heh, Get ready to lose.

~~~To be continued...~~~

I know it was short but I felt it needed a cliff hanger. :P

Tue Apr 26, 2005 5:21 pm
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Pokemon Master
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All right part 8!

~~~Part 8~~~
Back to Battle Brock Part II

Onix: ONIX!!!!
Red: fine we'll beat that thing!
Brock: you can try! Onix! Use Tackle!
[Onix used tackle!]
[It missed! (though it did smash a huge hole in the ground)]
Red: Charmander! Metal Claw!
Charmander: Chhhhaaarrr!!!!
[Charmander used Metal Claw!]
[Super effective!]
Brock: Onix! Rock Tomb!
[Onix used Rock Tomb]
[Super effective!]
Red: Chamander use Metal Claw again!
[Charmander used Metal Claw!]
[Super Effective!]
Brock: heh, onix Harden!!!
[Onix used Harden!]
Red: Wha? It knows harden!?! Use Metal Claw Charmander!
[Chamander used Metal Claw!]
[Super effective!]
Brock: Onix now use Tackle!
[Onix used tackle!]
[Critical Hit!]
Charmander: Chhhhaaaaarrrrr!!!!! *smashed into wall*
Red: No! Errr... Use the most powerful Metal Claw you can chamander!
[Charmander used metal claw!]
[It missed!]
Brock: Onix, finish it, use Rock Tomb!
Red: !!!
[Onix used Rock Tomb!]
Charmander: !!! *jumps out of the way!*
Red: Alright! Now use Metal Claw!
[Charmander used Metal Claw!]
[Super effective! Critical Hit!]
Onix: NIIIXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Onix fainted!]
Brock: No! Onix!
Red: I won! :D *does the chansey dance!*
Charmander: Char! :D *starts glowing*
red: WTF!?!?!
Brock: It's evolving!
Charmander: *evolves into Charmeleon!!*
Charmeleon: Char?
Red: You evolved Charmander!
Charmeleon: Char!
Red: Yay! :D *chansey dances again!*
Brock: Well, you won this...
[Red won the Boulder Badge!]
Red: good battle!
Brock: yes it was, well I want you to have this to
[Red got TM39!]
Red: uh.... thanks... what is it?
Brock: It's a Technical Machine, it teaches a pokemon an attack it couldn't normally learn.
Red: Oh, well I guess thats good :D
Brock: but som pokemon can't learn certain TMs, and you can only use them once.
Red: Oh, ok well then I'll still keep it... :?

Thu Apr 28, 2005 7:01 pm
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Good job. 8.7/10




Fri Apr 29, 2005 7:05 am
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Okay, guys I'm moving Pokemon Kanto Journeys to my forums, so don't bother looking for it here.

Fri Apr 29, 2005 4:27 pm
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