Pre The Tempest
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Author:  Hyperjack123 [ Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Pre The Tempest

Do any of you know of Shakespeare's last story The Tempest? I had to write a prequel to it and I got a high level so I though I should share it with you. Please post what you think and any comments. Also be honest in the pole I can take critism.

Pre The Tempest
Milan, a radiant city, with the noble duke's Castle shining in the moonlight. In the highest tower Prospero sits there buried in his magic, like always, his baby daughter Miranda lays there silently as Prospero walks over to here. "Oh Miranda your skin is so soft, your eyes so very beautiful and your long red hair so lush. I will always protect you. Forever and ever I will prize you above all. I will love you forever my baby you will be." Prospero lives only for Miranda and magic. He would sit there alone in his study filled with books as far as the eye could see. Tall bookcases as high as the tallest tree with a golden ladder to reach the highest books. The only ones he cared about, however, were those with magical content.

In the darkness of the kitchens, all that could be heard was the dripping of the irritating taps and the two men's ominous plot.

"We must do it tonight," Antonio said with a most evil grin. Alonso looked bewildered.

"I say off with his head!" he continued

"Never, I would never do something so wicked, I just want rid of him."

"But we have to do this someway. We have to kill Prospero!" Antonio shouted angrily.

As they sat there and argued someone overheard them. His head lurking around the corner; he had heard everything. Without disturbing the argument, the servant new he had to get out of there quickly. He ran up some stairs, round corners and through gloomy passage ways. He finally reached the staircase to Prospero.

"Prospero, Prospero, they are trying to kill you!" the servant said as fast as the speed of light.

"Slow down, my son." Prospero said with an anxious look on his face as he patted the servant on his back.

"Oh Gonzalo! You have woken Miranda!" Prospero moaned as he walked over to Miranda's silk cot.

"Sleep my child, sleep well. Now Gonzalo what were you on about?"

"Your brother and the King Of Naples are plotting to kill you!" Gonzalo said as he caught his breath.

"Come again?"

"I just heard them talking in the kitchens, there was something about your head and that it must happen tonight, and then as I dashed of to tell you I heard Antonio say that we must kill Prospero!" Gonzalo said nervously

"Are you sure you heard correctly?"

"Yeah! Now come on lets go!"

"Go where?"

"I am not sure, but just wait here for a while and get some stuff together. Food, Magic books, what ever you need. Just get it and meet me down at the docks in ten minuets." As Gonzalo went to the door there was a knock.

"Oh Prospero will you come and join Alonso and I out here please." Antonio said ****** behind the door.

"Just a minuet," Prospero said thinking of what to do. He had to make the decision of trust; his brother or loyal servant.

"I know... um... out the window?" Gonzalo said shrugging his shoulders.

"Are you mad? We can't go out the window." Prospero answered.

"Have we really got a better option? Out the window or face those two?"

"Come on out or were going to smash the door down!" Alonso and Antonio shouted evilly.

Antonio and Alonso eventually bashed the door down. There was no one there. Not a sole in the room. There was an open window with the curtain blowing in the breeze.

Down at the docks, a ship was laying in the water ready to leave. Gonzalo was finishing packaging a few items for his master. The ship was old and torn but would have to do.

"Thank you ever so much Gonzalo, I owe my life to you. You are truly noble, Thank you." Prospero said when he had stopped loading things on to the ship.

"Prospero!" a distant shout came as Prospero and Gonzalo saw Antonio and Alonso coming for Prospero.

"Quickly, you must go." Gonzalo said as he hurried Prospero on to the boat.

"Good Bye Milan." Prospero said as he waved good bye to his prized city.

The ship left the docks into the roaring ocean. It was nearly midnight. The sky as dark as coal. A Howling Gail in the darkness. They had been at sea for hours but there in the distance ...there was an island. There was fog surrounding the island. The ship was heading straight for a giant rock but no, as if by magic there were great winds that lead the ship in the direction of the island. Crash! Bang! Boom! The big ship had landed on the Isle.

"Miranda... Miranda!" Prospero screamed to find his daughter. It the mits of the ship wreck there was an innocent baby girl crying her tiny eyes out. An essence of joy and wonder filled Prospero's face as his picked up his daughter with great relief. Where are we? What is this place? What is going on? Were all thoughts rushing through Prospero's mind. Suddenly, there was noise in coming from somewhere. It sounded like some sort of animal prowling in the bush.

"Who goes there?" Prospero questioned "Show yourself."

A little green animal came out of the bush. His eyes green with black pupils stared at Prospero. A pungent smell filled the air when the animal came close. With his deformed body at a slump. The animal made no sound. He just stood there glaring into Prospero's eyes.

"I am Prospero. I am not going to hurt you." Prospero spoke as clearly as possible to make sure this creature understood what he was trying to say. The animal paused for a moment and he then waved his hand to call over Prospero. Prospero, carrying Miranda followed this creature through a very large bush and he then came out to the other side.

It was no longer midnight, the sun was shining brightly there was birds flying above. The little monster guided them around this magical island. There were many amazing sights. Thundering waterfalls to a nest of birds high in a tree. Beautiful flowers all multicoloured. A marvellous place one only fit for a Duke.

By Hyperjack123

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