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 [One-shot]Creation of world 
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I would like to introduce my first fic, which is short one-shot. I would like to tell you, that I'm not native English speaker, I have only studied it about 3 years. This is also my first story in English, I've only wrote in Finish so far. So, hope you like it (Or atleast that you don't hate it)

In the start there were nothing. The emptiness wasn't there, darkness was absent, even Silence wasn't exicting. In all that emptiness even the time wasn't born, because the nothingess was the only thing. In that deep non-exicting Silence, absent darkness, a thought came to a mind. You couldn't see or fell or hearit. It just was there. And it grew, making the emptinessto empty anymore, and Darkness to become real, Silence to be broken, even though it still was just a thought. And the thought was still only in mind, filling it. But at one second, or century, because time wasn't exicting, the thought become overflowing, and it fused. In that great darkness, time was now excisting. And in that space, there was only a tiny glowing point, the Origin of all. And it just was there, in deep silence, when it happened. The origin started to glow harder, it shined like the sun, and it started to burst, and in the moment, it bursted to six pieces. And in place of that egg, there were bigger thought than ever will be imagined. And that thought took a form. It went to a form, visible to all to see, but no-one could ever describe it. It was so small, but yet so great. And it had in his invicible hands, six pieces. Those six pieces it formed to a gate of origin, as known in these days, but in those times, it was just in minds.

The Origin began to thought, it is called Arceus nowadays, but in those times it was Algin, start and end of everything. The thought began to burst from the Gate of Origin, and the six pieces of the Origin landed around Algin, and take a formed form. And thenhe turned his head to the great beast on right side of him. And the deep voice, great like the storms of seas, but yet so small as butterfly, began to talk:
"You are Giratina. The controller of life and death. You shall control all the forces of life and death. All life starts from you, and it returns to you in the last moment", and those were the words to the god who nowadays resides in the other dimensions of the world. And then Algin moved his allseeing look to the monster just right from Giratina.
"You are Dialga. You shall control the time, set the boundaries and be the lord of it. The time will be always part of you, and you will be always part of time". And then Algin moved his heads from Dialga to the beast right from he. And in that moment, the first seed of hate was born.
"You are Palkia. You're task is to make this world from emptines to the glorious world, that is in you're minds. The space in your handle, and the foce of creation and destroying is in your mind". And those were the three great gods to keep the Earth in control. But then Algin turned his heads to three little spirits, who from his look took a form. And the voice started to speak again:
"You are the controllers of Emotions", and he watched now to the creature in left:
"You are Azelf. You shall put Willpower into peoples mind, and control that". And he then turned to the creature in middle:
"You are Mesprit. You will control the Emotions of people. Whether it's sad or happy, it's from you". And finally he take the look for the creature in right:
"You are Uxie. You shall control the knowledge of people. You pass these words to the people. And all knowledge will be from you". And those were the three controllers of emotions, but there were still the two left. He turned his look to the second from left:
"You are Mew. You shall populate the world, make it grow from people. You have the power to create new, you have power to create so that even Giratina can't control you". And those were the five great gods of world, everything began from them, and everything ends to them. Finally he turned his look to the Colorful bird in left:
"You are Ho-Oh. You help people by understanding them, and solving their problems. You control the relationships between people and gods". And so the world started, and this is the story from the Origin of the world.

Not the longest one. I could maybe, if you don't hate this even continue this (Battle of the gods, and the shaping of the earth).

By St. Jimmy.

If you have any problems with breeding, Egg moves, IV:s or EV:s, you can ask me. Feel free to ask other things related to competive battling.

Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:47 am
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