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 Sabotage *PG-13 
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Alright fellas, here's my new fanfic...but as the rules imply, allow me to give you a brief "summary" if you will...The main character, Axl leads a courageous crew, Seymour, Wyatt, Hawk, and Slash. The five are are of a special military rank in the Kanto army. When a technology deal between Kanto's own Professor Oak and Johto Gym Leader Falkner goes bad, a massive war between Kanto and Johto errupts. However, there is a middle man that takes advantage of the situation....but I can't tell ya that!

Night. Night was their friend. Time ticked by, second by second. Waiting. Just waiting. Clouds started to form around the moon, casting an errie glow amoung the forested landscape. Caterpies and Weedles paid little to no attention to the group of five, passing for a quick glance and continuing on their way.

"Positions ready!" Axel whispered hoarsly to the treeline, as the other four concealed themselves underneath brush, rifles and pistols pointing out of their hiding places.

A group of ten began walking upon the dirt road, one individual with a silver suitcase. The group stopped.

"M16's. Desert Eagle pistols on some of em too. Watch carefully fellas." Seymour muttered on the radio.

A group of five came out of the brush, walking towards the others, stopping ten feet away. The leader of the first group tossed the white, silver suitcase across the dirt path. The leader of the group carefully picked up the case.

"That looks like Professor Oak!" Slash exclaimes, over the radio.

Sure enough, Slash was right. Oak's white hair could be seen under the darkness, Professor Oak opened the case, frowning.

"This isn't-"

"Put your hands up, old man." The leader of the first group said, putting Oak at gunpoint.

"Now!" Axel breathed into the radio.

A Rattata hopped out of the brush towards the group. The ten turned towards the rat, pulling their guns on it.


A small distraction was all that Oak needed. An M60 was thrown to Oak, as Oak diven into the brush as the others fired at the ten.

"Ahh! Falkner!"

Falkner. A Johtoer.

"Return Fire!" Falkner exclaimed, as he put his hand in his mouth and whistled. A dozen Hoot-Hoot dove out of the trees towards Professor Oak's party. Hawk popped out behind a tree and pounded rifle shells into the Hoot-Hoot's skulls.

"Pikachu, Thunder!" Wyatt, another member of Axel's group exclaimed as Wyatt's Pokemon blasted lightning bolts at the Hoot-Hoot flock.

"Hoot!" The flock of birds exclaimed as they hit the ground.

Axel crossed the trail of gunfire and dived to Oak.

"How are you doin, Professor?"

"Ok, I suppoes," Oak mutterd as his M60's bullets rattled into one of Falkner's men. Falkner's group was thinning, as men hit the dirt path. Four men remained.

"Now, boys!"

Pokemon errupted from their pokeballs, a barrage of bird Pokemon.

"Gust!" The foursome said unanimously.

Pikachu was quicker. The yellow mouse launched a enormous bolt of lightning at the Pidgeys, knocking them down instantly.

"Give it up, Falkner!" Axel exclaimed.

"Never!" He cackled.

The group had made a complete circle around Falkner, inescapeable. Men dropped around Falkner.

"Put your hands in the air!"

Falkner licked his lips, stareing at the circle.

Axel took a step towards him, cautiously.

"Just put it down."


"Put the damn thing down!"

Falkner's eyes searched the forest's edge. He slowly twirled his Desert Eagle pistol, like a cowboy, in his right hand, laying limp at his side.


Falkner spun, catching Axel off guard, knocking him in the mouth with the barrel of the gun. Blood from broked teeth splattered as Axel dropped.

"Fire!" Oak exclaimed.

Bullets whizzed by Falkner. Gutsilly, he slowly walked towards Professor Oak. One of Oak's men snuck behind Falkner. Falkner turned and shot the man in the center of the forhead. Two ore men ran out, stopping cold in their tracks by bullets.


Falkner raised his pistol to Oak's head, two feet away.

"It's war, old man." Falkner slowly squeezed the trigger.

Out of the corner of Oak's eye, Axel sent three rounds into Falkner's back.

"I-" Falkner quivvered, sinking to his knees. He pulled the pistol to his head.

"This is just the beginning!"


Falkner lay dead.

"Are you ok, Professor?"

"Yes," Oak said, shakily, "I'm alright.

Chapter 2 is on its way!


Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:14 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher

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Chapter 2

Pallet Town, Kanto
11:15 PM

"You don't know how thankful I am boys." Oak smiled.

The crew had found themselves in Pallet Town after a grusome hike.

"What's in the suitcase?" Axel pushed. Oak frowned.

"Boys, what's in this case is," Oak turned and unlatched it. The crew gathered around Oak. Empty.
"I was supposed to be given research technology from Professor Elm, I guess I was wrong."

"What can we do?" Seymour asked.

Professor Oak paced the white lab.

"Go. Go to Surge. I'll call him right now." Oak picked up the phone.


Falkner opened his eyes. Black skies, bright stars. A bloody pistol lay in his hand. What was he doing? Falkner tried to stand.

"Ahh!" He fell back in pain.

Do I dare look down?

Blood soaked his shirt.

"Help!" Falkner moaned. Noone replied. He grabbed a Pokeball out of his coat pocket.


He slowly lost conciousness.




"C'mon guys, move out!" Axel commanded.

"Thank you, boys!" Oak called, ushering them out of the lab.

"Bye!" The door slammed shut behind them.

"Boy, I'm tired." Oak yawned, taking his lab jacket off and retiring for bed, leaving the suitcase on the table.
"What a night!" Oak sighed, stepping into the shower. Heat rose from the steaming water.

"Shampoo..." the professor muttered to himself.


Oak stopped dead in his tracks, shutting off the water in the shower.

"Eh, hello?" No reply. Oak fished a towel from a basket, drying off quickly. Oak pressed his ear against the door. Voices.

"Out! Out! Out!" a stranger exclaimed. Footsteps.

How can I get out?

Oak opened his shaving cabinet.

"Violence is the only answer.." Oak muttered, picking up a pistol hidden behind a tube of shaving cream.

Seven rounds in the magazine. It'll have to do.

Oak cocked the pistol back.

"Freeze!" Oak exclaimed, pivoting around the corner. Everything was fine, except for an ajar door.

"Hehe, my brain's playin tricks on me again..."

Oak pulled the pistol to his side and took a glance outside. The night was marvelous. He took a large breath of fresh air and closed the door.



Surley it wasn't the clock! The ticks on the clock could never be heard, and besides, he owned a digital.

Then what is it Oak?

On top of the silver suitcase lay a small box, ticking away. Oak approached it.

The ticking stopped, and Oak did too.

A bomb, perhaps?

Oak bolted as fast his legs allowed, diving through a glass window.


Flames licket at Oak's coat as he whipped it off in one quick motion and tossed it in the lake.

"Professor!" an unknown voice.

Dare I turn?

He dare.

Bullets ripped through his gray undershirt.

"Oak...silly Oak," the shady character cackled.

More bullets shot into Oak.

"Who are you?" Oak gasped. The stranger bent down, his bloodthristy breath could be felt on his shoulders.

"Your worst nightmare."

A finishing blow to the head.

"Leave him. Let's go, people are coming!"

They were gone.

End of Chapter 2


Sun Feb 10, 2008 11:15 am
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