The Tale of Kijiro
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Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Sat Apr 16, 2005 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  The Tale of Kijiro

Yay! All the petitioning worked out! Now that this section is here i think i'll put in a little story of my own. I'll be putting it out in chapters.

Chapter 1:

A young man, about 16 years old, was running up the road to a small town on a hill.

You could tell by the Pokeballs on his belt that he was a Pokemon trainer. He was wearing long baggy jeans, possibly a little too long because the ends were covered in dirt, a baggy white T-Shirt with a small logo printed along the chest that said "Lugia" with a lugia flying behind it, and a cap, worn backwards, with the same logo. What could be seen of his blond, spiky hair bounced as he ran.

He was obviously happy because there was a spring in his step and a smile across his face. He arrived at the town, tired and out of breath but still with a happy grin on his face, and walked up onto the front porch of a small, two-story house.

He knocked on the door quickly and called out "MUM!" From the inside of the house came the reply "Kijiro... is that you?" Quickly the door opened and a smiling, kind looking woman opened the door. "Kijiro!" She said and embraced the boy warmly. He pushed her off, firmly but kindly and stepped inside the house.

He went to the center of the room and sat down at the dining table. "Mum, I'm hungry. Could you make me some food?" said Kijiro happily. "You seem rather excited today Kijiro," said his Mum as she went to the kitchen to make sandwiches, "what's happened?"

"I'll tell you over lunch" Kijiro replied. Five minutes later Kijiro's mother came out with a plate of sandwiches and as soon as she put them on the table Kijiro gobbled them down hungrily.

After he'd swallowed the last bite he sat up and told his mother what had happened. "OK Mum," he said slowly, with his mother anxiously awaiting every word, "you're not going to believe this... but I've just been made Gym Leader of Wolfbane Town! Gym Leader Therese said that I had the best team she'd ever seen and that I deserved more than just a badge. I'm going to be the best Gym Leader in the whole of Arbrett. Someday I'm even going to join the Elite Four and maybe go to Kanto!" Kijiro's mother was amazed at the news. She got up and hugged her son. But on the inside she was sad. Wolfbane town was a long way away. She wouldn't be able to visit her son more than once a year, but she put on a brave face. "Well you better get back to your Gym son, I'm sure they need you."

EDIT: If you like my story could you tell me so that I know I should keep writing and there i fixed it into paragraphs, thanks for telling me rubypoke.

Author:  rubypoke [ Sun Apr 17, 2005 12:45 am ]
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I do like it, please use paragraphs so it's easier to read. Writing a story about a boy being a gym leader can be hard to make entertaining because it might just be about the battles he faces with trainers that want to fight and get a badge.

Good job keep going, you need to do about 3 episodes before I can really say if its good or not.

At the moment 7/10! :D

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Sun Apr 17, 2005 4:23 am ]
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Don't worry rubypoke i'm not planning to keep Kijiro in his gym the whole time... the gym leader thing was just to give him a sort of status as a strong figure.

The anxiously awaited (or not) Chapter 2:

Kijiro had left his home town now and was well on his way back to Wolfbane Town. He hadn't encountered any other trainers on the road but he was still aware and prepared. He was currently walking through Fog Forest, named after the thick fog that filled the air.

"Hey wait up!" a sudden call came from behind. Kijiro, surprised, turned around to face the newcomer. It was a young trainer, maybe only twelve, holding a pokeball aggresively in his hand.

Kijiro was startled for a second, he hadn't heard or seen any trainers come past him. "I want to challenge you!" The boy said,"I want the... uhh... what were you planning to call your badge?" "Umm... I hadn't really thought about it... you see I only just became Gym Leader a couple of days ago." was Kijiro's reply.

"I know that," the boy said, exasperated, "I was just about to challenge the Wolfbane Gym when you came out with a smile on your face. I went inside and asked Therese to battle but she said that you had already become the Wolfbane Gym Leader, so now i want to battle you!"

Quickly Kijiro sorted through possible names for his badge. It needed to suit his Pokemon type, Ghost, so he finally settled on:

"The Spiritbadge! You wish to challenge me for it?" A grin spread across the boys face as his grip tightened around the pokeball in his hand. Casually Kijiro grabbed a ball off his belt and threw it "go Haunter!"

The ball burst open as it hit the ground and in a red flash a Haunter appeared with a malicious glint in its eyes. The haunter was terrifying and though it wasn't really very large it seemed to take up the whole space.

The boy gulped and threw his own pokeball. "Go Croconaw..." he said meekly. Croconaw emerged with jaws snapping.

'Haunter... use Shadow Ball!" Slowly a dark ball of energy materialised in Haunter's hand. Haunter threw it as hard as he could at the poor Croconaw. The Shadow Ball collided with Croconaws jaw and Croconaw was sent spinning backwards into a tree. But Croconaw didn't give up. Slowly it got to its feet and released a jet of water from its mouth. Haunter dodged nimbly and then suddenly disappeared. The forest darkened like the coming of night. Croconaw and trainer alike looked around worriedly at the gathering dark. All of a sudden Haunter appeared as if from nowhere and connected it's fist with Croconaw's stomach. "Shadow Punch never misses," laughed Kijiro. Croconaw keeled over and was quickly returned to its pokeball.

"You may have defeated my Croconam but you won't beat... Espeon!" The graceful cat-like pokemon Espeon burst out of its poke ball and attacked immediately. A faint glow was emanating from the jewel on Espeon's head. Haunter waited, watching. Suddenly a purple bolt flew out of the jewel and smashed into haunter. "Hehe..." laughed the boy, "psychic attack is super effective against Haunter's poison half!" Kijiro grunted and returned the fainted Haunter. He pondered what Pokemon to use... he couldn't use his Gastly, it was part poison too... but he could use his Sableye. It was part ghost and part dark. The corner of Kijiros lip curled and he sent out what was to be the deciding pokemon of this battle. Sableye appeared in a red flash and was ready for any attacks sent its way by Espeon. But Espeon used psychic to ward off Sableye and it seemed to work. Sableye fell over backwards and lay still. Surprised, Espeon came over to check the fainted Sableye. As soon as Espeon stood over him, Sableye leapt up and delivered a terrible blow to Espeon.

Espeon fainted immediately and all the defeated trainer could do was stand there and cry. "You cheated!" shouted the boy, "that Sableye was pretending to be fainted!" "It's called Faint Attack kid," said Kijiro, "it's useful to fool gullible pokemon like that Espeon. The kid returned his Espeon and then slouched off unhappily.

Kijiro turned around and walked off again in the direction of Wolfbane Town. After about five minutes of walking he heard a strange crunching noise under his foot and felt the ground sag in a little where he had stood. He lifted his foot to inspect the ground but saw nothing strange. He brought down his foot again and once again heard the crunch. He lifted his foot again and brought it down harder this time. Suddenly the groung collapsed below him and he fell into a gaping pit.

Author:  rubypoke [ Sun Apr 17, 2005 7:25 am ]
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Nice :D Keep rolling

Author:  dragonfan149 [ Sun Apr 17, 2005 1:33 pm ]
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Fantastic job. I love the attack descriptions.

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Mon Apr 18, 2005 6:07 am ]
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Now for Chapter 3:

It seemed an age before Kijiro hit the ground. Luckily the earth inside the pit was soft, but he was still unfortunate enough to hear a crack and feel a sharp pain up his leg. There was no doubt that it was broken. He immediately sat down in agony.

"Help!" He shouted desperately up the hole, hoping that a passing trainer would hear. But no one replied or came to help. Eventually Kijiro gave up shouting and decided to sit and think.

First he went over to the walls and felt along them. They were completely smooth, no handholds at all, but he probably wouldn't be able to climb anyway with his leg. He kept on feeling around the walls any though, like a blind man, in the dark.

Suddenly the wall seemed to disappear before him and he fell flat on his face. He hadn't noticed the opening before because of the pitch black surrounding him. Quickly he got up, feeling too relieved to rememeber the pain in his leg.

He walked forwards through the gloom in the tunnel, slowly and with his arms sticking out in front of him. It seemed a long time before he finally saw the light ahead of him. It was a faint golden glow, but still a relief against the penetrating gloom around him.

He sped up, hoping that he would soon be out of this mess. He heard a faint noise ahead of him. It sounded like the call of a pokemon, but no pokemon he'd ever heard before. It was making the noise "Skel.. Skell.. er" There was also a faint music playing. A calm music that soothed Kijiro's heart, mind, and soul.

The noises got louder and louder until he could eventually see the source. A small human skeleton was sitting on a red stool with a similarly coloured flute in its hand. It had its right foot resting on its left knee and it appeared to be deeply into the music it was playing. Kijiro had only one thought in his mind: "I must catch this pokemon!"

But first he took out his pokedex, which he had bought recently in Hub City, and aimed it at the strange pokemon. The image came up of the pokemon and a voice came from the pokedex saying: "Skeller, the skeleton pokemon. Its faint glow is given off by the spirits that follow it's music, and it works at graveyards to calm the dead. It is said to carry it's flute and stool everywhere."

"Well its a ghost pokemon," muttered Kijiro to himself, "I'd better catch it!" He immediately sent out his Haunter and told it to use Shadow Ball. The dark matter whirled towards Skeller at frightening speeds. As soon as the Ball hit Skeller he was flung backwards.

But Skeller just got up again and seemed to play his music even louder and more beautifully. "Skeller has the ability 'Calm Spirit' which means that it is not badly effected by ghost attacks" said the Pokedex of its own accord. "Well okay," said Kijiro, "maybe Marowak can take down this guy!"

Kijiro sent out his marowak quickly and told it to use Bonemarang. The bone whirled around in a long arc and then suddenly hurtled toward Skeller. The bone whacked Skeller directly in the skull and struck him to the ground. Skeller got up once again, but now seemed frighteningly angry.

The glow of spirits whirled around its body faster and turned a dark, malicious purple. A jet of spirits shot at Marowak and lifted it into the air. Marowaks eyes were the epitome of fear and it struggled to get itself free from the terrible grip.

Skeller's eye sockets narrowed and suddenly Marowak was flung around the chamber like a ragdoll, being smashed into walls, ceiling, and floor repeatedly. The effort knocked out poor Marowak but it apparently tired Skeller out too.

Once all the spirits had returned they suddenly fled inside the skull of Skeller and he fell to the ground, exhausted. Kijiro reached into his pockets and threw a pokeball gently at Skeller. The ball sucked Skeller in and after a few shakes the pokeball fell dead. Skeller was caught!

During the battle Kijiro had noticed a rope ladder hanging from the ceiling so he felt his way over to it and, once he found it, he grabbed onto and pulled himself up, his lifeless leg hanging limply behind him.

When he finally reached the top he found a trapdoor and felt around it until he touched a brass handle. He gripped it tight and wrenched it hard. It swung open with surprisingly little sound. He looked up over the rim of the hole and was surprised to find himself in the Wolfbane Gym. He was directly behind Therese who was standing there in her usual Arbrettan schoolgirl clothes: scarf, blouse, and miniskirt, with her bouncy black hair reflecting the light from above. She was also young for a Gym Leader, only 17, and she had started 3 years earlier!

Kijiro stepped out into the gym, closed the trapdoor, and tapped Therese on the shoulder. She turned around, surprised, and then, when she realised it was him, relaxed and began to speak. "Wow Kijiro you really gave me a fright! Well i'm glad to see that you're back, I was beginning to get worried!"

"Thanks Therese. Anyway..." he was about to tell her about the secret passageway and the Skeller but he decided to surprise her later, "I was wondering... what you're going to do after you leave me the gym?" He finished hastily. Therese looked surprised for a second, then answered, "just the other day a man came and told me that I had been asked to join the Elite Four since Serene retired. I decided to take it since when you're part of the Elite Four you get a lot more freedom.. you know not many trainers make it through Victory Road!" "Wow that's great Therese," said Kijiro, "you're so-"

But Kijiro didn't manage to finish what he was saying because at that moment ther came a knock at the door and a man called out. "Uh I have a package for... um... Kijiro and Therese... dude..." Therese ran over to the door and pulled it open. A young man with headphones and vacant look in his eyes passed over a brown shirt box. Therese took it and signed a paper on a clipboard.

The man walked away and Kijiro began limping towards the door too. Therese noticed his pain. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Ah well I broke my leg while jumping down those short cliffs, you know they're more dangerous than they look." Kijiro replied. "Well thats just terrible," said Therese while opening the box, "we have to get you to hospital!" Suddenly there was the sound of a telephone ringing inside the box.

Kijiro reached down and pulled of the lid. Inside was a green and white striped shirt with a paper sign on it saying "FOR KIJIRO" in bold letters. Kijiro pulled it on and realised that the ringing was coming from the right shirt pocket. He pulled out a small cellphone and answered the call. Automatically the speaker switched on and a deep, mysterious voice came out for both of them to hear.

"Therese and Kijiro. I hope you are well," came the voice darkly, "you have been invited to a Leader Forum at Pinnacle Rock. Of couse all the Elite Fours will be invited too. I will be your host but you needn't know who I am right now. You will be taken in a Leader-only aeroplane from Hub City to Pinnacle Rock. Your plane tickets are in the left pocket of your shirt, and I suggest that you hurry, your plane is leaving in five hours." "But we can't come yet," complained Therese, "Kijiro has a broken leg!" "That is of no consequence," replied the voice, "I will give him the proper treatment once he arrives." With a sharp click and a beep the conversation ended. Kijiro reached into his pocket and pulled out the tickets. "Well we'd better get going Therese!" Said Kijiro excitedly. "But aren't you at all suspicious Kijiro? It's rather strange that the instant you get back a package comes addressed to you." was Therese's reply. "That's exactly why we're going," said Kijiro, "To get to the bottom of this mystery!"

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:50 am ]
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Sorry for the double posting but i prefer doing seperate chapters in seperate posts.

And now... the one... the only... Chapter 4:

5 minutes later Kijiro and Therese had packed some clothes and were riding Therese's Dragonite to Hub City. Kijiro had his arms clenched tightly around Therese's waist and his eyes were sealed shut.

"You know I've never flown a pokemon, and its scarier than I thought!" Shouted Kijiro over the howling wind and the beating of Dragonite's powerful wings. "Don't worry," said Therese, "it's a lot of fun when you get used to it!" Therese whispered something to Dragonite. "Hold on tight!" she shouted to Kijiro as they suddenly went into a sharp dive followed by a loop-the-loop. Therese screamed with delight but Kijiro just held tighter and gulped down his fear.

Kijiro didn't feel truly safe until they were back on the ground. As they touched down in Hub City he leaped off Dragonites back and lay flat on the ground, giving the earth his appreciation for it not being nearly so frightening. "I didn't know you had a fear of flying!" Teased Therese as she started giggling.

"Well if you must know," said Kijiro, "my fear all comes from when my best friend was showing off by flying his Pidgeotto and he slipped off, fell to the ground, and died... I've been afraid of flying since that day..." Kijiro wiped a tear from his eye and looked at the ground. "Really?" Asked Therese, who had immediately stopped giggling, "I'm so sorry I never knew..." Kijiro looked up at her with a smile on his face "Its not true. I was lying to make you shut up!" It was Kijiro's turn to laugh this time and Therese looked angry but just punched him playfully, but still very hard, on the shoulder.

"Ow!" Said Kijiro, "that hurt!" "Well you shouldn't lie to me then," replied Therese, "anyway we have to get to the aeroport or the plane will leave without us!" They walked to the edge of the road and hailed a cab because they couldn't fly into aeroports without a special permit. Kijiro put their bags into the trunk and then climbed into the back with Therese. The taxi driver in front was wearing a low cap so that they couldn't see his face. "The aeroport please" The driver shifted into gear and drove off.

Kijiro and Therese were both too amazed by the tall scyscrapers, immense shopping malls, and bustling markets that populated this city that they didn't realise when the driver turned off the road into a small back alley. They faintly heard the slamming of doors and then quite clearly heard the sound of a garage door closing. But before they could react it became pitckdark and they were dragged into a small room kicking and screaming.

They were forced to sit in the dark for quite sometime until a light suddenly came on in their face, blinding them temporarily. Kijiro and Therese found themselves sitting back to back on a short bench with their hands tied together. Suddenly a man came into view. They recognised him as the taxi driver because of his cap pulled down low, but there was one thing new about him. He was wearing a black tunic with a large red "R" printed on the front. A woman wearing the same uniform came into view as well.

The two R people spoke at the same time "Hello you two. You may not have met us before. We are new to Arbrett, in fact we started our enterprise in Kanto. We are called Team Rocket! We are undoubtably the most intelligent criminal organisation in all the world..." they continued boasting on and on. Meanwhile Kijiro and Therese were whispering to each other quietly "Team Rocket," Whispered Therese, "I've heard about them before!" "Well thats all well and good but that doesn't help us much with escaping from this place" replied Kijiro. "Don't worry Kijiro I have a plan. Haven't you noticed how i've been shifting by belt back this whole time?" "Yeah I have, I was wondering what you were doing!" "OK it should be far enough now. Grab the last pokeball on my belt." "OK" Kijiro felt around behind him until he found her pokeballs. He felt for the last one of six and then pulled it off. "OK got it!" Said Kijiro. "Now throw it silently behind the bench so those two thugs don't see it" Kijiro obeyed and tossed the ball quietly. A Scyther appeared in the place of the pokeball. "Scyther, use cut!" whispered Therese and quickly and silently Scyther used it's sharp, slicing, sword-like claws to slice the ropes that bound Kijiro and Therese.

But before they could stand and escape the two Rockets turned to face them. "And now we're going to steal all your pokemon and leave you here to be blamed for the burglary of the house across the street, which of course we did!" The two laughed and came over to them. But before the Rockets could reach them Kijiro and Therese stood up and sent out their pokemon.

"Go Scyther!' Shouted Therese as Scyther jumped forward at the criminals. "Go Skeller!" Yelled Kijiro as he threw the pokeball containing Skeller into the fray. "Well if its a battle you went then its a battle you'll get!" Shouted The Rockets as they threw out their own pokeballs. Two ferocious pokemon appeared with glaws glinting and fangs dripping. Scyther and Skeller were faced by Zangoose and Seviper. "Skeller use Psychic!" A bolt of purple energy shot out and struck Seviper straight in the face. Seviper shot backwards and crashed into the garage door. "Scyther use Fury Cutters!" Scyther jumped forward at Zangoose with claws swinging. Zangoose tried to dodge the blow but was too slow. The repeated blows knocked Zangoose aound until he was struck to the ground in a faint.

"Uh oh we've been beaten," Said the Rockets, "better run!" The Rockets returned their pokemon and ran out a side door. Therese chased after them but the Rockets were too fast, they had disappeared by the time Therese had got out the door. "We were too late..." sighed Therese. "Well we better get going if we want to get to the aeroport! I have a feeling Team Rocket is behind all of this!" Replied Kijiro. The two walked out the door to the street. Since they could vaguely see the aeroport and Kijiro's leg wasn't hurting too much they decided to walk the rest of the way.

Author:  RukarioManiac [ Fri Jul 08, 2005 5:27 pm ]
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this is gettin good, keep itgoin please

Author:  dragonfan149 [ Fri Jul 08, 2005 5:45 pm ]
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This was last posted in on April 19th. For those of you have a sense of time, you know that is a long time ago


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