Johto Journeys (Chapter 6.1)
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Author:  Birdknight [ Thu Aug 09, 2007 6:01 am ]
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Johto Journeys!
Rating: PG 13
Thirty years since Ash and friends left Johto for Hoenn, and things have been great for Johto. Businesses are prospering, and everyone is content with their lives. But, when a sinister corporation comes back after twenty years of hiding, they have plans for this region, and are looking for revenge of their great loss. And if their plan goes as it should, the world as we know it will be changed forever.

And how in the world, is a girly-girl, ugg wearing trainer supposed to save us?

*Note: From now on, I will edit profiles of characters before I post the chapter after the changes have occurred. This will be so there will be no spoilers until the next chapter, so readers have had a chance to read the chapter concerning the change.


*Trixie Slalon*
Appearance: Image
Age: 14
Occupation: Coordinator
Hometown: Saffron City
Family: Trixie is the daughter of Suzie and Zane Slalon. They have recently moved to Cherrygrove city to set up a new salon, and hope business will be just as great here as it was in Kanto.
Personality: Trixie is a true blue happy-go-lucky girly girl, who, unlike her mother, is focused much more on outer appearance than inner. She is not very brave, and is very clumsy. Other than that, Trixie is very lazy, and thinks that everyone loves her. She spends her days reading magazines like Pokemon Vogue and Coordinator’s Digest, and other things that the typical girl does. She is never caught without her designer handbag, and loves it more than life itself, along with the rest of her clothes.
{chikorita} {vulpix}

~Jay Bird~
Age: 15
Occupation: Trainer
Hometown: Violet City
Family: Jay is the son of Falkner and his wife.
Personality: Jay is a very courageous, kindhearted person. He will stand up for others, and defend them. He has a very large humor, and will laugh sometimes even if the joke is not funny, and even if it wasn’t supposed to be a joke at all. He is also tough, mentally and physically. He is very helpful, and will offer to aid others for even the simplest things. He spends his time working with his dad by taking care of the birds by cleaning, feeding, and playing with them.

<>Maxwell Dietz<>
Appearance: Image
Age: 15
Occupation: Trainer
Hometown: Violet City
Family: A very, very wealthy entrepreneurial father and mother, who have no time for a son.
Personality: Maxwell is very ignorant. He always whines and complains, and never considers what anyone says. He is the laziest person in Johto, he makes his butlers do everything for him. He misses every social queue there possibly is. Basically, a social outcast. He is very logical and smart, and most people know that by appearance, for he is a very nerdy person. He spends his time playing computer games, and is addicted to every one there is known to man. He also spends lots of time studying his books, which make him a superb battler.


/Sabrina ???
Appearance: Image
Age: 15
Occupation: Coordinator
Hometown: ???
Family: ???.
Personality: She is very moody, and despises happy-go-lucky people. She can be very harsh. Don’t catch her when she’s in a bad mood. She spends her time performing dark rituals that are supposed to make her a ‘witch`.
{spinarak} (Shiny)

Chapter 1: A Not-So Glamorous Beginning

Trixie woke up from her pink and fluffy Jigglypuff bed and lifted her Chansey eye mask off of her face. She immediately smacked her hand on her Chatot alarm clock, so as to shut off its ringing. She then placed her eye mask back on, and drifted off into a deep slumber, dreaming of Happinies and Chansies, of Cleffas and Clefairies. As she was sleeping, her younger brother sneaked into her room with an Arbok mask on. He stealthily climbed onto her bed. He then lifted her eye mask; the elastic string still attached to her head, and snapped it back down, immediately. Trixie awoke quickly to the pain and opened her eyes. As she did, she saw what appeared to be an Arbok staring her in the eyes. Trixie screamed her head off and started running around the room like a crazy woman.

“Hahahaha!” laughed her little brother. He sure was getting a kick out of this, for he was rolling around on her bed, laughing so hard his sides hurt.

Suzie Slalon, Trixie’s mom, was already climbing up the stairs, but from hearing the entire ruckus upstairs, she started climbing the stairs faster, already mumbling to herself. She threw open the door to Trixie’s room, and immediately, everything stopped. “Harry Thomas Slalon! What did I tell you about being mean to your sister?”

“But mom-“whined Harry.

“No buts now go to your room.” She said, quickly cutting him off and pointing to his bedroom across the foyer. He hung his head in shame and was mumbling under his breath, and once he was out of the room, Suzie shut the door, and sat on the bed with Suzie. All was peaceful again. “Trixie, I need to talk to you privately.” She said in a quiet voice.

“What is it mom?”
“Well…your father and I have been talking…and we think…it is time for you to start your adventure.” Trixie’s mouth was now gaping, wide open.

“But mom, I just wanna be a like, totally normal kid! I don’t wanna go on some stupid stinky adventure! I have enough of an adventure living with Harry the whole day! And besides, I just want to work in the Salon when I grow up.”

“That’s not the point honey. Everyone, at some point or another, has to have an adventure, and you are no exception. You have already put off your adventure three years. And, I sorry, but you really can’t say no, now that you have a Pokémon.”

“Remember when my Ninetales, and you father’s Ninetales got together?”

“Well…this morning we found some pokeggs under my Ninetales. And pretty soon that Pokémon is going to hatch, and I want to make sure it has a great life with you. Today, surprisingly enough is the day Prof. Elm gives out Pokémon for beginning trainers-“

“But I never am gonna be a trainer mom, if anything, I want to be a coordinator!”
“It’s okay honey, you can do that to. Now, I want you to pack up right now, I have reserved a Pokémon with Prof. Elm, so he is expecting you in about an hour, ok?”
“Okay” she said, mumbling under her breath.
“Good, now, go get ready!” She said with a smile and left the room.

Trixie was left all alone. What would her friends at school say? Would they call her a loser? It doesn’t matter what they think, my mom says it’s okay, so it is. Trixie thought. And besides, maybe I’ll have some fun! Trixie got to packing all of her stuff. By the time she was done, she had filled two suitcases full of clothes, and a packed to the brim handbag. As she attempted to go down the stairs, both luggage case fell down and made a loud bang at the bottom.

“What‘s going on-“Suzie was saying as she turned the corner to see all the luggage. “I don’t think so, come over here Trixie”. Trixie dropped her stuff and followed Suzie into the master bedroom. Suzie opened the closet and pulled out a beautiful, very large handbag.

“OHMIGAWD! IS THAT FOR ME?!” Trixie screamed in excitement.

“Yes, bu-.” Before she could finish her sentence, Trixie was sprinting down the stairs, as giddy as a bird. “Make sure everything fits in there!” Suzie screamed
“Okay!” yelled back Trixie.

About ten minutes later, Trixie was all packed. She was holding her designer bag, and had six poke balls on her designer belt. “I’m ready everyone.” Trixie announced to her dad, brother and mom. “So when I come back after getting my Pokémon, I’ll get the egg, right?”

“Yes.” replied Suzie.

Trixie bid everyone farewell and hopped on her electric scooter outside. She started the long drive off towards Prof. Elm’s lab to receive her starter Pokémon.

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You spelled highly wrong 8-)

A) Bold text is annoying, but underlining it made it...refreshing.

B) NEVER USE CHATSPEAK IN A FANFIIIIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111!!!!!!

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Thank you for your comments. To anyone who reads this, I really do encourage your comments. :)

Chapter 2: New Trainers Arrive!

Trixie knew she was late. After all, she started from home ten minutes after she was supposed to be at Prof. Elm’s laboratory. The drive from Cherrygrove City to New Bark Town was surprisingly uneventful. She hopped off of a ledge, heading straight toward the sign that read, “Welcome to New Bark Town”. “Finally ”, she thought, “I’m here” . As she landed the ledge though, she hit a bump and was blasted off her scooter. She landed in a pile of dirt and a cloud of dust scattered all over the scene. She could not see anything. Frantically, she gathered herself, thankfully finding her handbag was on her. After the dust had cleared, she found her pink scooter was all dusty, darker than before. As she walked up to her scooter, she found little paw prints trailing off into a nearby wood. ”Probably just a stupid Pokémon, lying out in the road like that…” she thought. She hopped back on her motor scooter, and continued to drive into town.

Upon arriving at Prof. Elm’s laboratory, she parked her scooter in the bike rack and walked in through the door.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” she asked, too lazy to look for anyone herself.
“We’re in the back room” a voice answered back.

Trixie followed the sound of the voice and found a man in a white lab coat and a boy, about her age, wearing navy jeans, a white tee-shirt, and a cyan colored vest. He was a muscular boy, who had very cool looking, blue hair. “Welcome Trixie!” said the man in the lab coat. “My name is Professor Elm I am the Professor of the Johto region, in case you didn’t know.” The professor continued,” “And this is another starting trainer, his name is Jay Bird.

“Hey,” Jay said

“Nice to meet both of you,” she replied. As the professor was about to explain to them what happens next, they heard the door open. “Ah, here comes our last trainer today.” The professor pointed out. He was a very short, homely person. He had disgusting braces, and flat black hair.

“Hello, my name is Maxwell Dietz. My father is the entrepreneurial genius that manufactures Pokerama, the new Pokémon video game, h-.”

“Yeah, I guess your dad’s the loser who decided that kids should stay in their houses all their lives, pretending to be trainers on some stupid video game, and not experience the real thing. “ Jay had cut Maxwell off. Jay hated people who were too lazy to go out and catch Pokémon themselves.

“Well I think th-“

“That’s enough!” shouted Prof. Elm. “Sorry, didn’t mean to yell, but I have a schedule I need to uphold, and you were already late Maxwell.” Prof. Elm scolded sternly. “Now, all three of you will pick your starting Pokémon now. Jay, since you were first, I think it would be appropriate if you chose first. Aide! Please bring in the Pokémon!”

Prof. Elm’s aide brought in a cart with three Pokémon on it, with their respective poke balls next to them. “Let me explain. The first Pokémon here is Chikorita, the Leaf Pokémon. It is a grass type. This particular Chikorita seems to be in a jolly mood, but can be very shy for some reason.” Prof. Elm moved on to the next Pokémon. “The second Pokémon is a Totodile, the big jaw Pokémon. Totodile is a water type, and this Totodile is known to be very annoying to the other Pokémon.” Prof. Elm moved along to the last Pokémon. “This Pokémon is Cyndaquil, the fire mouse Pokémon. It is a fire type. This Cyndaquil is noble, and has been very generous to the other Pokémon.”

“I think I’ll take Cyndaquil,” Jay said.
“Very well then, pick up the poke ball and return Cyndaquil to its poke ball.”

“Okay, return Cyndaquil!” Jay lifted the poke ball up and returned it to its poke ball. He stepped back in order to let Trixie properly pick her Pokémon.

“Alright, Trixie, you’re next, which one will you choose?”

Trixie looked at the remaining Pokémon. The Chikorita had a nice smile on her face, and brought a smile to Trixie’s face when she looked at her. The Totodile had a strange, scary looking smile on its face that almost scared Trixie. “I’ll think I’ll tak-“

“To make it easier for you” Maxwell snapped. “I’ll take Totodile. It seems like it’s much tougher than that loser Chikorita”. Maxwell picked up Totodile’s poke ball. As he did, Totodile spit in Chikorita’s face, obviously in recognition that it got picked first. Chikorita started to tear.

“Hey!” Jay yelled. “Knock it off!”

“Good job Totodile, return!” Maxwell returned Totodile into its poke ball
“Prof. Elm! That’s not right Trixie was here first!” said Jay.
“It’s okay,” said Trixie, “I was going to pick Chikorita anyway.” Trixie said softly with a smile to Chikorita. It made Chikorita stop crying and jump into Trixie’s arms. Trixie hugged it. “Don’t worry. I won’t let that mean Totodile be mean to you anymore.” She whispered to it.

“Okay...” said Prof. Elm. “Here are five poke balls for all of you, so you can start catching Pokémon.” He handed them out and then signaled for the aide to take back the poke balls. “Since that’s over with, I guess we are done here. To get your trainer packages, you all are going to have to go to the Cherrygrove City Pokémon center. Okay?”

“No problem professor,” stated Jay.
“Very well then, Goodbye young trainers!” said Prof. Elm, and he walked away in thought.

“Gee, that professor guy looks like a total loser.” said Maxwell.
“Look who’s talking,” stated Jay confidently.
“What is your problem?” said Trixie, obviously getting annoyed at Maxwell.
“I don’t have a problem, but you can call me Max, baby.”
“EXCUSE ME?” Trixie screamed.
“That is not cool short stuff,” said Jay.
“With my baby it is,” Max said flirtatiously, and then putting his arms around Trixie.
“OH NO YOU DI’NT!” Trixie gathered her strength and slapped Max right across the face, knocking his small body to the ground, and leaving a noticeable red mark. The impact of the slap made such a loud noise, the people working in the laboratory were starting to watch the scene.

“What was that for, honey?”
“You know what Max, why don’t you go back to playing your videogames, you’re obviously not cut out for handling a real Pokémon. And I don’t care how that Pokémon’s personality is; no Pokémon deserves a trainer like you. You don’t even deserve that Pokémon. I feel sorry for it. Let’s get out of here Trixie.” exclaimed Jay.
“I’m coming,” Trixie said. They walked together, and as they passed Max on the floor, Trixie kicked him, and continued walking out the door.


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Author:  Treeckomaster [ Fri Aug 10, 2007 3:47 pm ]
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I'm back.

Humour, I love it. I really like how your shaping out Trixie, and her two new...friends. (Well... That's kinda stretching it.) I'd suggest some surprises, because I'm starting to think I know what's going on next, though chapter 2 had a few anyway.

Author:  dunsparce [ Fri Aug 10, 2007 3:59 pm ]
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Well, now Trixie scares me.

Good story, nothing practiculery exseptional (sorry about my spelling malfunctions :? ) but that might be because the story is still young. I can defenetly see potential in this but you might want to make a twist in the story line, that would defenetly make this a winner. Over all an 8/10 for these chapters, keep on going I can see a good story in the making :) .

Author:  Cherrygrove [ Fri Aug 10, 2007 6:05 pm ]
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Seeing as I read through it all, and was always waiting for what was next, its good... Also got a little ticked when I realised the chapter was coming to a close.. Good Stuff

Author:  Birdknight [ Fri Aug 10, 2007 7:24 pm ]
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Thanks for your comments everyone, I really appreciate them all.


Chapter 3: A Hatching

As Trixie and Jay walked out the door they spotted a very long limousine outside the laboratory. “I wonder if that lazy bum’ll be taking that with him on his adventure,” Jay said. They turned a corner to where the bike rack was and started to mount their vehicles. “So..uh…where are you going?” Jay asked sincerely.

“I’m going back home for a bit. You know, to show my folks my Pokémon and stuff. Where are you headed to?” Trixie said.

“I was going to go to my house in Violet City,” Jay answered.
“Hey! Do you want to come back to my house and hang out for a bit? It is right on the way to Violet City, you know.”
“Sure, it sounds good to me!” Jay answered excitedly.
“Cool, let’s go.”

Trixie climbed on her motor scooter and Jay mounted his old-looking mountain bike that was a bit too small for him. They rode up to the sign that read, “Welcome to New Bark Town” when they stopped. “Follow me!” Trixie exclaimed. They picked up speed as they rode through the trail. It was getting darker, and harder to see the road. After a while of riding, and not getting anywhere, they stopped. “I could have sworn...maybe we should’ve taken a….Oh, I don’t know! How am I supposed to explain this to my parents?” she asked.

“Trixie, l-“
“Oh, I don’t need your pity! Look at me, little Trixie Slalon, getting lost on her first day of being a coordinator!” Trixie started to bawl her eyes out, not knowing what else to do.”
“Trixie, just l-
“Okay, if you have such a good idea, why don’t you just shove te-“
“TRIXIE, WE’RE HERE!” Jay yelled, hoping to get her attention.
“That is the stupi-OH MY GOD WE’RE HERE!!!!” Trixie yelled as she saw the nearby light of civilization. Trixie scrambled to her feet and onto her bike and started driving her scooter as fast as it would go down the hill. She was so excited, but it was too dark for her to realize how fast she was going. It was also a combination of those two which is why she didn’t see the bump that she hit. At the velocity of speed that Trixie was going, that bump was enormous! The scooter flipped and did a somersault in the air, and as it did, Trixie heard a loud shriek come from below her that wasn’t her own. In a second or so, Trixie found herself rolling down the hill over and over.

Jay immediately jumped on his bike and started speeding down the hill, watching out to not hit any bumps. When he caught up to her, he leapt off of his bike to stop her from rolling down the hill. Miraculously, the daredevil stunt worked, and they were both still on the side of the hill, both of them catching their breath. “Oh—my—God—what—just –happened? “ Trixie managed to get out, still gasping for air.

“Well,” Jay started, he being in much better shape than her, collected himself. “You were spazzing, and hit a Pokémon while going down the hill, you and your scooter flipped up and landed…that’s about it…are you okay?”

“Yea, I’ll be o-.” Trixie checked herself. Something was wrong. Something was missing. “MY HANDBAG!! WHERE IS IT? I CAN’T FIND IT!!”

“Calm down Trixie, its okay, it’s just a handbag, I’m sure you have others.”
“No Jay, it’s not okay. My mom gave me that handbag! It was made of Fiore leather! That was soo expensive!”
“Trixie, now that you’re a trainer, you have to be less materialistic, and care about what’s really important. At least you are still okay. Do you have Chikorita?”

Trixie checked her belt. There were six poke balls there. “Yea, I have to get home, let’s go.” Trixie got up and walked down the hill. Jay followed her, at the bottom of the hill lay Trixie’s pink motor scooter, dented badly, and covered in dirt. “Let’s try to use it,” Jay said.

“If you think I am gonna get on something that dirty, you have another thing coming.”
“Listen, Trixie, I don’t think either of us are in the shape to walk to your house, and just look at my bike!” Jay pointed over to a bike, or what used to be a bike. It was smashed into who knows how many pieces. One wheel was spinning, the other was nowhere to be seen, and mechanical bits where everywhere. “Come on.” Trixie agreed, and they both got on the scooter and drove off toward Trixie’s house.

When they arrived, they parked the scooter next to the porch and walked up the stairs to the front door landing. Trixie opened it with a spare key she got from under a false board of wood on the landing. When Trixie opened the door to the Salon Parlor, she saw her mom with a set of rosary beads in her hands. When Suzie saw her and she screamed, “Everyone, Trixie’s home!”

That second, Harry came running into the parlor. “Mommy, mommy! The egg is about to hatch!

“Oh dear, you two, follow us.” Suzie Harry, Trixie, and Jay ran into Trixie’s bedroom, which was being used as a nursery now for the egg. The second they got in there, the egg started cracking. Trixie immediately moved to the front of the crowd next to the mother and father Ninetales. As egg shards were flying everywhere around the egg a brown nose popped out of the egg, followed by a red face, covered in egg goo. Trixie picked it up and wiped the goo off of its face. She then sat back on her legs, previously leaning forward, and accidentally hit her pokeball, which sent out Chikorita from her pokeball. Chikorita was immediately on Trixie’s shoulder, looking at the newborn Vulpix. Trixie then rocked the little baby as it stared with cute, innocent eyes back at Trixie.

“Alright then,” started Zane, ”I think it’s time for Vulpix to be with its mother. Tomorrow, you can spend time with it.” With this being said, Trixie placed down Vulpix onto her mother’s lap, just as it drifted off into a deep, innocent, childlike slumber.

Sorry this one wasn't as good as the others, but I needed to do this chapter to catch up on some things and make room for further story development. Also, I don't think I will be able to post tomorrow, which is why I made 2 today. :)

Comments, reviews, critiques, and suggestions are highly encouraged.

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Hmmm, nice long chapter. This one kinda lacked something that the other chapters had though, I'm not sure what. Still, this has the same good grammer, flow and all that other stuff. Also It's starting to get interesting as it starts to really diverge from a stroyline you would find in the video games. Good stuff, keep it coming.

Author:  Cherrygrove [ Sat Aug 11, 2007 11:26 am ]
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Chapter 3... To be honest.... Lame
Although I guess you had to get this part out of the way

and uh, who's this Alex in the middle of the Chapter?

Author:  DNA [ Sat Aug 11, 2007 4:39 pm ]
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*looks up* Alex? Where?

Seriously Birdknight, great job on all three chapters. I already like Jay as my favorite character now, and so far my favorite bit is when Trixie socked it to whats-his-face Maxwell. He seems like a ... that's beside the point.

Anyway, great job overall; and keep it coming.

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Mon Aug 13, 2007 2:02 pm ]
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BIRDKNIGHT I LOVE TJIS CHAPTER! But honestly, I would have overlooked grammar and spelling mistakes. Use word, it always works.

Author:  Birdknight [ Tue Aug 14, 2007 8:33 pm ]
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To Treeckomaster: Please inform me of any spelling or grammatical errors you find. For I doubt there are any. I have the Professor of Journalism at Long Island University critique all of the grammar for every fanfic post I make. And yes, I do use Word.

To DNA/Cherrygrove:Originally, Jay was going to be named Alex, and that portion of that chapter had already been written up, and I forgot to edit it in Word. I edited it out as soon as I read Cherrygrove's post.

To all readers: This is where the sotyline really begins. The chapters are now phenomonally longer, and therefore take a much longer time to write. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes you, but I am against posting little bits of chapters, rather than posting the whole thing together. I hope you understand.


Chapter 4: New Rivals
Part 1

After everything was packed and everyone had eaten breakfast, Trixie and Jay went to check on Vulpix. She was resting on her mom’s tail, and gazing up at Trixie and Jay. “Hey Vulpix,” Trixie whispered, “How are you feeling today?”

“Vulpix!” yelled Vulpix, jumping with energy. As Vulpix ran around the room, bursting with energy, Suzie, Zane and Harry walked into the room.

“Honey?” asked Suzie.
“Yea mom?” replied Trixie
“Your father and I were talking…and…well…we decided that you should take Vulpix on your journey.”
“Oh my gawd! Are you serious?”
“We are very serious dear, bu-“
“OH MY GAWD!!” Trixie picked up Vulpix and started dancing around with her. “We are gonna be partners, buddy!”
“Vul, Vulpix!” Vulpix yelled in excitement. Trixie hugged Vulpix tight and then let her down for it to say goodbye to her mom and dad.
“But first honey, you have to catch it.”
“What do you mean, ‘catch it`?”
“She means you have to capture it in a pokeball.” Jay added. He was still getting used to all the pink in the room, and was a bit paralyzed until now.
“Now, I have prepared a very special pokeball for your Vulpix.”
Suzie reached into her pocket and pulled out a black ball with lines on it.
“It’s called a luxury ball, and I got it to ensure that Vulpix always has a good time with you,” said Suzie.
“Thanks, mom. All right Vulpix,” Trixie bent down and touched the baby Vulpix on the head with the luxury ball and watched as Vulpix became a red light and disappeared inside the ball. The ball then shook three times and all was quiet. Trixie put the pokeball on her belt, right next to Chikorita’s ball. “There,” she said.
“Now that ball will also add a special effect whenever you send Vulpix out of its pokeball, and it is vital for contests. Have a safe trip Hun.”
“Thanks mom.”
Trixie went over to her mom and hugged her.
“Sorry to break up this scene, but my dad is gonna start getting worried if I don’t show up by tonight so we gotta get a move on,” Jay butted in. He felt bad, but he really did have to get home.

Trixie and Jay got on the fixed-up motor scooter that Zane fixed and waved goodbye as they rode off. The scooter now had two seats for Trixie and Jay’s comfort. They quickly came to the Pokémon Center, where they parked the scooter and went inside. Trixie and Jay walked up to the counter, but saw no one there. Jay rang the bell for assistance, and a voice called from a back room that said, “Be right there!” A few moments later, a tall, slender woman came up to the counter with a Blissey by her side. She had seemingly perfect posture, and was outfitted with a white dress and a cloth tiara with a large red-plus sign on it. “What can I do for you” she said, pronouncing every consonant and vowel with great precision.

“Hey. We came here to pick up a trainer’s license, and a coordinator’s permit.”
“Ah, you two are beginning trainers?”
“Coordinator,” Trixie butted in.
“Oh, I see. Well, hold on one moment; let me go get some from the back room,” The lady said.
As she went through the doorway, Trixie nudged Jay.
“Who is that lady?” Trixie asked.
“That’s Nurse Joy, duh.” Jay answered sarcastically
“Who’s that?” Trixie asked genuinely.
“You really don’t get out much, do ya? Anyway, at every Pokémon Center, there is a Nurse Joy. They all come from the same family, and yea, they all are named Joy. They’re really nice.” Jay answered, still caught off balance about how little this girl really knew. Nurse Joy came through the doors with something in both hands.

“Now, I’m gonna need some information from you two. Just fill out the digital forms on the screen, please.” Jay went first. He answered all the questions about his age, date of birth, hometown, etc. and then gave the portable screen to Trixie. She did the same.
“Good,” Joy then printed out two cards. “Here’s the trainer’s license and badge case” she said. Joy handed a blue card and a slim case over to Jay.

“And a coordinator’s permit and ribbon receptacle for the little lady.” Joy handed a pink card and a slim case over to Trixie.

“Oh my gawd! How did you know pink was my favorite color?” Trixie asked, wearing a pink skirt, beret, shoes, socks, and nail polish.

“A lucky guess,” said Nurse Joy. “Now I have an electro-cheek surgery to commence on a Pachirisu that I have to start, so goodbye!” Nurse Joy said happily as she walked back through the doorway, with Blissey trailing behind her. “Let’s get going” Jay said. They headed back outside, onto the scooter, and drove away.

Part 2

Jay and Trixie drove their way down Rt. 30, occasionally seeing Pokémon, only to watch as they ran off deep into the woods. They made good time, and are about halfway down Rt. 30 when they decided to take a break and have the lunch that Mrs. Slalon packed for them. They set up a little picnic on the side of the road with all of the food layed out. Trixie let Chikorita and Vulpix out, and Jay let Cyndaquil out so they could all play together and get to know each other. They all turned out to be great friends, and started playing around, passing a pokeball between them.

“So…what’s your family like?” Trixie asked. As she said this, Vulpix accidentally rolled the pokeball into the woods, and all three Pokémon ran after it.
“Well…my dad’s a hard-working man. I don’t like to talk about my family much,” Jay answered.

Trixie looked away, eating her sandwich. ”There must be something he’s keeping from me…” She thought to herself, taking the last bite of her sandwich. As she was turning away Trixie realized the Pokémon were missing. “Jay! The Pokémon are missing!” Trixie yelled in fear.

“Oh ****!” Jay exclaimed. They both dropped everything and followed the little indents in the dirt that they made out to be Chikorita, Vulpix, and Cyndaquil’s footprints. They followed them deep into the woods, Jay leading the way, taking the branches around him down so they could properly move about. It was getting harder and harder to see, for it was getting darker as they moved deeper and deeper into the woods.

Eventually, they arrived at small clearing. They looked in horror as all three of the Pokémon were bound and captured in a very sticky string substance. Trixie was about to rush over and free them, when a strange girl wearing all black came into the clearing. She was very tall and skinny. Her face was as pale as a ghost, and her hair was as black as the night. She was wearing black, vampire earrings and black designer boots to top it off. Trixie and Jay duck down behind a bush, so they could not be seen. “Those are some nice boots, but just not my color…” Trixie thought to herself.

“You’ve done well, Tarantula” the girl said as she patted a blue-and-purple-looking, spider-like Pokémon. “Now, we must sacrifice all four of them to Lucifer! The almighty god of darkness!” Upon further inspection, there seemed to be Trixie’s spare pokeball and another Pokémon in the web. It was a brown Pokémon with a white stomach and a brown dot on its chest. The intriguing about the Pokémon was that it appeared to have burn marks around its back, made from what looked like tires. And it was carrying what looked like a cream-colored handbag.

Trixie stood up and screamed. “OH MY GAWD! THAT’S MY PURSE!!!”

The girl in black and her Pokémon whipped around, and the girl pointed right at Trixie. “STRING SHOT THE INTRUDER!” the girl screamed. The spider shot out an amazing web straight toward Trixie.

“Ahh!” Trixie screamed in terror. She closed her eyes and sat there; waiting for the attack, but it never came. She opened her eyes to see Jay’s arm engulfed by string, and now Jay was playing a game of tug-of-war with the spider.

“Trixie! Get the Pokémon!” Jay screamed. If the pain he was enduring wasn’t enough, this pulling and tugging made it worse.

“Right.” Trixie ran past the girl and Pokémon and started pulling at the web.
“What are you doing Tarantula? Get that girl!” yelled the girl in black. But it was no use, as the Pokémon was preoccupied with Jay holding it back.

Alas, no matter how hard Trixie tried, she couldn’t break the string. “Ugh! It’s no use!” Trixie tried everything she could, from, kicking, to biting. She even tried her fingernails, but horrifically, she broke one in the process.

“OH MY GAWD! I BROKE A NAIL!” Trixie began running around screaming, fanning herself with her hands. She then caught eyes with the girl. “YOU MOTHER F****NG B***H!” She ran up to the girl in black and used doubleslap on her soo much, she ran out of pp. “That’ll teach you to mess with my manicures!” Trixie shouted triumphantly. She walked away from the girl, who was in a state of shock. Her “pale” face was now swollen, and completely red.

“No one touches Sabrina, Queen of Darkness, like that!” said Sabrina, lying on the ground.
“Well you just got you’re a*s handed to you by the Princess of Pink!” yelled Trixie, snapping her fingers in a Z-formation. At this point, the Spinarak and Jay were standing with their mouths wide open in awe of what just happened. Trixie then put her hand in front of Sabrina’s face. “Talk to the hand, ‘cause the face ain’t listenin’.” She then walked away and turned her attention to Vulpix and the other Pokémon.

“The dark forces of evil will take their revenge on you, you princess of pin-“
“I don’t know if you know, but you’re talking to the hand.”
“They will consume you in thei-“
“Zippit.” said Trixie, cutting her off.
“They will smite you in the-“
“Zippit.” Pronounced Trixie, this time sharper than before.
“We-…Farewell!” Sabrina returned Tarantula and ran off into the shadows of the woods. When she was gone, Jay ripped off the webbing with his free hand, revealing deep red marks in his tanned, muscular arms.

“Are you okay?” asked Trixie.
“I’ll be fine. How are the Pokémon?” Jay said with concern.
“I can’t get them off of the web.” Trixie said sadly.
“I’ll get it,” said Jay. He walked up to the web and ripped it apart with his hands, revealing much more muscle than before. All of the Pokémon fell to the ground, but quickly got up. Immediately when the brown Pokémon holding Trixie’s handbag fell, it sprinted off into the woods.

“It doesn’t matter, at least that gothic freak is gone and the Pokémon are safe.” Trixie thought. Trixie and Jay then checked the Pokémon. They had the same, scared expression Jay had when he was watching the scene unfold. “Don’t worry guys, I’m okay. But now it’s time to go back in your pokeballs guys.” Trixie and Jay returned all of the Pokémon to their respective pokeballs, and put the pokeballs back onto their belts. Trixie and Jay then made their way back through the way they came, and found their campsite.

They packed up and rode off toward Violet City, Trixie constantly asking Jay if he was okay, and every response was the same as before.”I’m fine Trixie,” he would say.

Part 3

They rode for awhile in silence. Jay was beginning to question if it was safe to be travelling with Trixie, her being soo short fused and all.

After a bit, it started to rain. They could have stopped, but they realized it was too late in the day, and if they stopped now, they wouldn’t reach Jay’s house in time. Pretty soon, it began to poor, very hard. Trixie kept on driving diligently, her hair now dripping down her face. Then, miraculously, a car drove up next to them, staying with them. But on further inspection, they realized that it wasn’t just any car.

“How’s the weather out there, losers? Hahahahahaha! “Maxwell laughed in his freakishly high pitched laughing voice, while drinking a cup of hot chocolate. “Want a ride? Oh wait, sorry.” Maxwell stretched out on his limousine’s chair. “No room! Hahahahahaha!” Maxwell laughed as the car drove away. With the incline from which he was drinking, and his maniacal laughter, Maxwell started choking and spit his cocoa out the window.

“Psh. He’s such a loser.” Jay joked.
“I know, pathetic to,” Trixie said, half laughing.

Pretty soon, they arrived in Violet City. ”Finally,” Trixie thought, We’re here!. They rode down the now empty, flooded streets of Violet City, while Jay was giving directions on where to drive.

“Take a left. Then keep going straight until you…Aha! We’re here!” Jay exclaimed. They parked the motor scooter and locked it in the bike rack. Now, Trixie was expecting to go into a normal house, but this was no such thing.

“How come you didn’t want to tell me your dad was the gym leader of Violet City?” Trixie asked.
“Cause you never asked.” Jay said with a smile. They walked into a huge building, and Trixie followed Jay down many corridors and hallways until he came to a door. “You can stay here for the night, and I’ll go tell my dad we’re here, and then go to my room, okay? Make sure you go right to bed; we have a long day tomorrow. And don’t touch anything. Catcha later!” Jay said with a smile and walked off. Trixie opened to door to find a small, calming robin’s egg blue room with a bed, a desk, a closet and many picture frames. Trixie took a moment to look at all of them. They were all of Jay when he was younger. One had a very spectacular frame, and that one was a family portrait of him, his dad, and his mom when Jay was a young boy. Then it hit her. ”This is Jay’s room…” Trixie thought to herself. ”If he said he was going to his room…where might that be?” Trixie was tired, and decided she would find out in the morning. She got into her pajamas and got into the bed. But after five minutes of rustling and turning, her pokeball vibrated. She picked it up to find out it was the Luxury Ball her mom had given her. She let Vulpix out, who looked frightened. Then, thunder crashed from outside and Vulpix ran under the covers right beside Trixie. As the thunder crashed, Chikorita flew out of her ball and did the same thing as Vulpix, except Chikorita was crying. Trixie held them both tight, and drifted off to a nice, relaxing slumber.


Comments, reviews, critiques, and suggestions are highly encouraged.

Author:  DNA [ Tue Aug 14, 2007 8:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Excellently done once again. Now Trixie is beginning to scare me. In a good way.
Nice grammar, spelling, everything. And:
*looks at Birdknight's post count*
Oh dude, you have 1337 posts right now.

Author:  dunsparce [ Wed Aug 15, 2007 3:39 pm ]
Post subject: 

Vulpix + Cyndaquil will :frustrated: Tarantula!!

Good job on the fourth chapter, I like the way you eased the begening into the middle part and added a twist to it. An Emo cherectar in a pokemon story, that's some good originallity.

(Trixie is beating on every one who annoys her, be careful Jay! :P )

Author:  Cherrygrove [ Sun Aug 19, 2007 3:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

It was pretty good. Although Sabrina seemed a little intense with the gothicness for a pokemon story, and Jay is starting to look to be some sort of superhero, I hope there will be some sort of downfall for the two in the near future (unlike ash winning all the time)

Oh and maybe you should update trixie's pokemon list in the profiles (I think there was a typo somewhere too)

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:19 am ]
Post subject: 

I think Sabrina is overdone, sacrificing pokemon?

Author:  Birdknight [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:27 am ]
Post subject: 

Chapter 5: Jay’s House

Trixie awoke the next morning to the sun shining in her eyes. The colors of the sun were a wonderful mastery of colors, as the rays of the sun flooded the room she saw that both Chikorita and Vulpix were still sleeping on the bed. They looked so cute together, holding each other’s arms, that Trixie didn’t want to wake them up. She got out of bed, put on her Jigglypuff slippers, and exited the room. As she went down the corridor Jay had led her down, she heard voices coming from the opposite end of the hallway. She turned around and started following the voices down the hall. When the voices started getting louder and fiercer, Trixie stopped at the door from which the sounds were emanating from! She couldn’t recognize any of the voices, as they were all muffled behind the door. Putting her ear to the door, she carefully listened to the conversation.

“No! It is not going to happen! You ARE going to stay right here and help me!”
“I have to go out sometime! Even you went out into the world!”
“But if you leave, everything here is going to die, including me!”
“You’ll be fine dad, you were fine for ten years without me.”
“That was when I had Gym Trainers, Jay! Now, there are no Gym Trainers! No one likes bird Pokémon anymore. The only reason those trainers stayed were because they secretly shocked their birds with electricity to give them ‘more power’ and th-”
“No s**t dad! I was the on who told you about them, remember!?”
“Well...then who is going to take care of the coop? The gym itself? Food?”
“Get some trainers dad, ‘cause I’m not gonna waste my life and rot here in this stinky old chicken coop.”
“I-...Y-...Ugh!” The man pushed open the door with all his might, and walked away in pure anger and frustration. The door smacked Trixie on the toe, but she bit her lip until the man was clearly out of sight. Her Jigglypuff slippers helped, but there is a limit to how poofy slippers can be, so the door still hurt her big toe. When he was gone, Trixie crept out from behind the door and went into the room with Jay. The room was made completely out of old-looking wood with an iron bar across the ceiling. There were also little pens.

Jay was wearing overalls and work boots, and had a sour expression on his face. “You heard that, didn’t you...?” asked Jay softly. His expression changed when he saw Trixie, to a very dull, almost sad look.
“Uh...heard what?” answered Trixie. He was already hurt enough, why make it hurt more.
“I know you did. I can see it, you’re lying straight through your teeth...” There was a strange, awkward silence before anyone opened their mouths again.

“Did you ever wonder why I began my adventure when I was fifteen years old?” There was another awkward silence. “For all my life, my dad has needed me. Like you heard, my dad kicked out all of the Gym Trainers. So, instead of going to school, I stayed home every day and helped my dad with the birds.

“What birds?” Trixie asked innocently.
“They’re out on their morning flight. You know, they need their exercise. Anyway, it wasn’t that bad, the birds are all nice and cheerful, and are really fun to play with.” Jay was happier now, talking about the birds. “Then, we...” Jay ‘s face drooped again.

“What’s wrong?”
“Never mind. Anyway, when I turned ten, I asked my dad if I could begin my adventure just as all kids do. I was so excited, to break away from this bird coop and explore the world with Pokémon by my side. It all sounded so great!” Trixie knew where this was going. “My dad said “no”. I don’t know why, he just said “no”. So, I waited. I waited five years, asking him every year! And he just said “no”! It burned me up. So this year, I ran away. And that’s why I came to Prof. Elm’s laboratory. Anyway, forget that. It doesn’t matter.” But it really did. Trixie was almost brought to tears, but she kept her composure. As they both ‘shrugged it off’, a flock of birds came through the barn’s large window. Some of them perched on the bar across the top of the room, but the larger ones sat in the pen.”

“These are the birds,” Jay said with a smile. They both seemed happy now. “Well, I gotta go clean up the birds, they gotten pretty dirty while I’ve been gone. You should go practice with your Pokémon.” said Jay. He headed over to the Pokémon. Pidgeys, Pidgeottos, Spearows, Hoothoots, Natus and Murkrows all huddled around him, cooing with joy.

“Wow...they all really like him. I have an idea!” Trixie ran back to her room, and hatched a plan.

In ten minutes or less, Trixie arrived with Chikorita and Vulpix. Trixie was wearing an apron and had latex gloves on. Chikorita and Vulpix were wearing little bibs, acting as aprons. They were all armed with some of the many of Trixie’s brushes. “We’ll help you” she said. And they all got to work. Pretty soon, Jay let Cyndaquil out of his pokéball to help Chikorita and Vulpix. Jay was amazed how Trixie could get past her girly senses and get down and dirty. Chikorita, Vulpix. and Cyndaquil tried cleaning the birds, but they ended up just playing with them. They had a great time with the birds, and after all of the baths they were fed pokéchow. Trixie stopped, after a bit of pondering in thought. “Wait a did this everyday by yourself?”

“Yup” replied Jay.
“Wow...” Trixie said in astonishment. “How’d you get through all of that all by yourself?”
“I didn’t. Not by myself at least. I had all the birds.” he answered with a smile. When they were done, they put all of the birds in their pens and returned their Pokémon to their pokéballs, they went back to Jay’s room.

“Want something to eat?” asked Jay.
“Sure!” replied Trixie. All of this work was working up an appetite. The moved down into the kitchen. Like the rest of the Gym, it was run down, but Trixie didn’t say anything. Jay’s dad was there, making eggs, on an old gas stove. There was a old wooden table with a dish and half of a glass of orange juice. Faulkner, Jay’s dad, and Jay passed each other without making eye contact.

“Who’s this?” asked Faulkner. His eyes still focused on the eggs he was cooking.
“Hi! I’m Trixie!” blurted out Trixie very happily. “It’s a pleasure to meet you!”
“Hmph,” grunted Faulkner.
“Want some cereal Trixie?” asked Jay, taking the conversation away from his dad.
“Sure!” cheered Trixie, trying to boost the confidence in the room. But it was in vain.

“Hey! Our Pokémon didn’t get to eat today, only the birds ate in the barn. Do you have any pokéchow?”
“I hope.” Jay checked the closet and found an old dusty pokéchow box. “It’s good these things don’t expire.” He poured the pokéchow into a bowl and then they sent out all the pokémon. The Pokémon ate it happily, slightly lifting the veil of grouchiness in the room. Faulkner turned around, having finished the eggs.

“So, you picked Cyndaquil? Let me see.” Faulkner picked up Cyndaquil, who immediately started squirming. But after a second or two Cyndaquil calmed down. Faulkner inspected Cyndaquil, to see if it was a good Pokémon. “He’s a strong Pokémon, but his flame is pretty small. Too bad you picked a dud for a Pokémon.” Faulkner let Cyndaquil down and began to eat.

“What do you mean, ‘a dud’? It doesn’t matter how a Pokémon is in the beginning, but how it is raised. And I predict that Cyndaquil will be a very strong Pokémon, no matter what you say.” From then on, there was a silence throughout the rest of the meal. Until Faulkner spoke again.

“What happened to your bike?” asked Faulkner, “I didn’t see it on the rack.”
“It broke.” said Jay.
“What do you mean!? That bike cost two thousand pokébucks!”
“Sorry...” Jay, putting his head down in shame.

“OH MY GOD YOU-” began Trixie
“Stop.” Jay cut her off. He got up, returned Cyndaquil to his pokéball and walked off, blood dripping from his cheek and nose. Now, there was only Trixie and Faulkner left.
“How could you do that to your son?” Trixie said, almost speechless
“He deserved it.” answered Faulkner proudly. “He knows when things need to be justified, I taught him that.”
“That was totally not ‘justified’. Do you know why it broke? No. I didn’t think so.” she was entering her b*tchy mode now, “It broke because he, like, saved my life. That’s why. And I can’t believe that you would keep your son cooped up in that coop his entire childhood and adolescence. That’s like child abuse! You should be thankful that you have such a great son, he does anything you ask! But you should be ashamed of yourself! I would have revolted against you awhile ago if I were him! But man, are you lucky!” and with that, she slapped him across the face, and walked off in a rage, and mumbled loud enough for Faulkner to hear, “What would your wife think?”

Comments, reviews, critiques, and suggestions are highly encouraged.

Author:  DNA [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:50 am ]
Post subject: 

Nice going once again. I really can't say if I have a favorite character in the story (due to Trixie's huge, huge mood swings), but it's nice all the same.
Yeah, I have to say Trixie is my favorite, for her mega-slapping. *thumbs-up Birdknight*


Author:  dunsparce [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:54 am ]
Post subject: 

YAY! Next chapter :D !

Trixie is slapping people a lot.......I saw a few mistakes like "mastery" instead of "majesty" but over all it was good. I think you wrote this chapter better than the other ones but I was a bit disappointed that you strayed away from the plot again. Over all 9/10, good writing :D .

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:11 pm ]
Post subject: 

*Stars at Dunsparces post* 3, 2, 1

WHAT THE FREAK IS THE RATING SYSTEM GOOD FOR? Anyhow let's continue4, the story's too good too be dropped.

Author:  Cherrygrove [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

Wow that was really good.. If edited from forium style writing (like when you said bitchy, stuff like that, it could be publishable)

I thought the punch in the face was a little overboard.. Mayeb a hard slap in the head?

Oh and I think Its Falkner not Faulkner, but I could be wrong (But its your story and it could be a completely different person just a big coincidence)

Author:  Crimson [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:39 pm ]
Post subject: 

Treecko, may I remind you that until recently you also used the rating system. So, there's no reason for you to be 'yelling' about it.

Cherry, even with the cursing, it can't be published because it's a fan fiction and would be a copyright infringment.

Author:  dunsparce [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 6:56 pm ]
Post subject: 

I used the rating system to give my over all view. I'm often critical in my posts and I use that to show that I liked it.

Random fact: You are the first person to capitalize my name when you used it.

Author:  Crimson [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 7:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

There are better ways to express that to the author.

Author:  Birdknight [ Sat Aug 25, 2007 2:45 pm ]
Post subject: 

To Cherrygrove: On, some places, I saw it spelled “Falkner”, and at other places, I saw it spelled “Faulkner”, so I chose “Faulkner”. And yes, it is meant to be the same person.

Please do not argue in my fanfiction thread. It is very annoying. I only want comments critiques, reviews, and suggestions.

I have decided to go against my previous decision to post LONG chapters all together. I will post them as sections. (6.1, 6.2, 6.3, etc.)


Chapter 6.1: Violet City

Trixie walked back to Jay’s room with an angry look on her face. When she entered the room she found Jay on the bed, staring at a picture. Upon further inspection, Trixie noticed it was an old family portrait of Faulkner, Jay’s mom, and Jay as a younger child. They all had smiles on their faces and looked content. Jay was just staring at it, dreamy eyed with a look of desperation on his face. Trixie sat down on the bed next to him and wiped the remaining blood off his cheek. She put her arm around his shoulder, and leaned into him. “Do you miss her?” she asked.

“Yea.” he replied, “Every day.”
“ should be...strong for her. For your dad. You need her, like your dad needs you. But, you can cope without her, just as your dad can without you.”
“Thanks.” he said. He looked away from the picture and up at Trixie. “Now let’s go.”

Trixie packed up her stuff from Jay’s room and followed Jay down the hall. She was led to the barn, and Jay stood in front of a pile of hay. He moved it around and lifted his backpack from the pile.

“Wow,” Trixie thought, “He let me sleep in his bed while he slept in hay....” As she pondered about why he would do that, they left the gym without seeing Faulkner. They walked the streets of Violet City, Trixie took in all of the cites of the city. It was the second largest city in the Johto region.They were having a great time watching little kids with their Pokémon and watching other’s battles. While they were making their way around town, they saw an attractive flyer that Trixie insisted they look at. They went over to it, and read the flyer.

Violet City Pokémon Contest!
Welcome Coordinator, one and all to the Violet City Pokémon contest.
On Wednesday, April 4th at 12:00 PM, the Violet City Pokémon Contest will be held atop Sprout Tower.

Coordinator Information:

Check in is at 11:00 AM
Only one Pokémon may be used for the Contest.
You must make an appeal.
If you make it to the second round you will be entered into the battling tournament.
The winner will receive the Violet City Pokémon Contest Ribbon. Hope to See you there

Trixie immediately ripped down the poster and stuffed it in her bag. “I am soo totally going to enter this. How about you?”

“Uh, contests aren’t really my thing..” Jay pointed out, “I’m more of a trainer than a coordinator.”
“Suit yourself.” Trixie replied. And with that, as it was getting to about midday, they stopped at a fast food place to have lunch.

“Wow, this PokéKing really does make good burgers” Trixie said with her mouth open as she chewed on her Pokéburger.
“Yea, they do.” Jay said with a smile, watching food fly out of Trixie’s mouth while she was trying to talk. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to chew with your mouth full?” Jay asked.

“What?” Trixie said, spewing burger bits on the ground.
“Never mind.” Jay answered. And then they stopped. They looked up at an extremely long iron gate around an enormous mansion. The gate had a little box that was supposed to be an intercom for incoming visitors. “Geeze, who needs all that room? It’s bigger than the Gym AND Trainers School.”

“I know” said Trixie, finishing her burger. But as she did, she noticed a limousine pull up to the iron gates, and with the push of a button, they both heard:

“Who is it?” they intercom asked.
“It is I! Maxwell Dietz! Open up that gate you stupid fool.”
“Yes Master Maxwell” the intercom said, sounding annoyed. And with that, the iron gates opened up automatically and the limousine started its way through the gates. As it went through, one of the tires started to deflate ,causing the car to stop immediately. Already, Trixie and Jay could hear Maxwell throwing a temper tantrum. He jumped out of the car and kicked the tire. But while attempting to kick the tire he also kicked the rim, which caused an immediate pain to his foot. “My dad will sue you!” he said jumping up and down, grabbing his leather shoe in agony. Trixie and Jay started laughing hysterically, and not even meaning to, Jay’s soda flipped out of his hands, and landed Maxwell on the head. Max turned his head with a freakish look of a lunatic on his face. “YOU! YOU DID THIS!”

“Sorry!” Jay managed to get out, still not being able to control his laughter.
“I challenge you to a Pokémon battle!” Max yelled, “Winner takes the losers Pokémon.
The laughter stopped. “Are you serious?” Trixie said with astonishment, “That’s not gonna happen”.

“No Trixie, it’s fine. I’ll put the little loser in his little place,” Jay responded. At this, not only did Jay and Trixie start laughing, but Maxwell’s driver and the person on the intercom did to.

“Let’s go!” Max yelled. They all followed him as the walked up the long hill to his mansion. They arrived at a magnificent Outdoor Pokémon Battling Arena. It was situated in the middle of two fountains and was brimmed with beautiful flowers on it’s border. The field itself was made up of cobblestones, all arranged with perfect precision. “Wow”is all Jay and Trixie could say. Maxwell and Jay walked into their separate boxes, while Trixie sat on a stone bench, letting Vulpix and Chikorita out of their pokéballs so they could see a real battle.

“This will be a 1-on-1 Pokémon battle. Winner takes the losers Pokémon. Agreed?” Max’s butler announced. They both nodded their heads in agreement.

“Go Cyndaquil!” said Jay as he threw Cyndaquil’s pokéball. As the ball landed on the ground, it opened in an explosion of red and white. And out of the explosion, Cyndaquil appeared.
“Go Totodile!” yelled Max. As Totodile appeared out of the pokéball, it appeared with a menacing, malicious grin as it did before at the laboratory. Only this time, it looked meaner and more menacing.

“Let the battle begin!” yelled the butler,

“Alright Cyndaquil, use leer!” And with that, Cyndaquil’s eyes lighted up with the color yellow. After a second or two, the eyes let out a yellow laser, heading straight for Totodile.

“Use leer to counter that Totodile!” Totodile yelled out a strange, evil glow from his eyes. Immediately, the leer attacks collided, and there was a small explosion in the middle of the field.. “Good, now use Rage!” Max said slightly maniacally. Totodile charged at Cyndaquil and charged itself at Cyndaquil.

“Quick! Use Smokescreen!” Cyndaquil immediately lets out a cloud of smoke, leaving everyone wondering what happened. “Now, use Tackle attack!” Cyndaquil threw itself at Totodile, throwing Totodile out of the smoke, and onto the clear area. By now, the smoke had disappeared, dissolving into the air.

“Use Rage again Totodile!” Max yelled. Totodile charged for Cyndaquil again, this time, with more force and speed.

“Dodge and use Tackle!” Jay commanded. Cyndaquil easily dodged the attack and hit Totodile, knocking him back again.

“Rage!” yelled Max, more maddened than before. Again, Totodile charged, but with more speed and force.

“Dodge and use Tackle!” Jay commanded again. Cyndaquil dodged the attack, but it wasn’t that easy to dodge Totodile this time. He sent Totodile flying back again. “How much longer should we keep going for?” Jay said sarcastically.

“RAGE!” Max yelled like a maniac. Totodile put on its menacing, bone chilling face and rushed towards Cyndaquil. It was much faster than previously. And before Jay could even command for Cyndaquil to dodge and use tackle, Totodile sent Cyndaquil flying, right into the fountain. Jay immediately rushed towards the the fountain and jumped in. He got Cyndaquil and pulled him up to the surface. He was hurt badly, for Cyndaquils should never be exposed to that much water. Jay was rocking Cyndaquil back and forth, comforting it so it would feel better. Jay knew that Cyndaquil definitely needed medical attention.

“Return Cyndaquil!” Max yelled, taking Cyndaquil into a pokéball of his own. Cyndaquil was literally ripped out of Jay’s hands, and disappeared into Max’s pokéball. “I’ll let you rot there for awhile, then I MIGHT let you out. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Max sneered and yelled maniacally.

“That’s not right!” Trixie yelled. “Give Cyndaquil back!”
“The rules say winner takes all!” yelled Max. He reached into his pocket and hit a button and yelled, “SECURITY!”. Immediately four large men in black suits came out of the mansion, picked up Trixie, Jay, Chikorita and Vulpix. Jay allowed himself to be carried out, for he was in a state of shock, and couldn’t do anything else. “OHMIGOD LET ME GO!” Trixie yelled, screaming her head off. Trixie struggled and struggled to get out of the man’s grip, but it was no use. They carried them all to the iron gate and threw them onto the street. The iron gates closed, and they were left there on the street, all of them, sulking for the loss of their comrade.


Comments, reviews, critiques, and suggestions are highly encouraged.

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