The Chaos War
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Author:  Ghost Writer [ Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  The Chaos War

First off, this is a Kingdom Hearts fan fiction, and while writing it, I realized a lot of people probably haven't even heard of Kingdom Hearts. So...

Here are links to short summaries of all three games. Actually, I almost scrapped it when I saw the advertisement for the newest game, but, oh well. Isn't the point of Fan Fics creating what you think should happen in the games? So, I kept with it. Sorry 'bout the length, but I didn't want it to be about Roxas...

The links are in order

The first game
Chain of Memories
The Second Game

Sora glanced around him, unsure what to make of this new world. It was different; that was obvious. After all, no world was the same. But this one... This one had no sun, giving it an ever lasting darkness. The small moon overhead gave off an orangish red glow, just barely giving Sora enough illumination to see his hands in front of his face.

Moving cautiously forward, Sora conjured up his trusty keyblade, and used it to shine a magical beam of light to cut through the darkness. He continued onward, his boots making a soft padding sound on the dirt path. All around him, he could see the eerily lit buildings that made up the abandoned city. He had received a letter from King Mickey a week ago, telling him that something fishy was going on here. He was asked to investigate, and that Mickey was also sending Sora's old companions, Donald Duck and Goofy, to meet him here.

Sora shifted the Keyblade in his hands, shining the light on the map that had been included with the letter. According to it, he was pretty close to the city center, where a castle had been built. The letter had mentioned that this was the sight of heavy Heatless activity, which could mean nothing, or actually be something. Either way, it was a job that was left to the Keyblade Master, which was Sora. After that faitful night back at his own world, Destiny Islands, he had never led a normal life since.

Continuing down the dirt path, Sora kept a watchful eye out for Heartless, or worse, Nobodies, the empty shells left behind when a strong hearted person was turned into a Heartless. Nothing stirred within the dark, broken windows. But Sora knew better; the Heartless could appear out of nowhere, with no warning.

Sora followed the path down the spooky street, till it approached a corner. Double checking the map, he comfirmed that the castle was on the other side of this corner. He cautiously walked around it, and let out a gasp. Sora had seen many extroardinary sights, but this one trumped them all. This castle was made of a black, shiny metal that seemed to draw light in. It was huge; bigger than the Nobody castle on the World That Never Was. And smack dab in the middle of the middle tower was the Heartless, sure evidence of Heartless activity.

Brandishing his Keyblade, Sora charged the castle, expecting waves of Heartless to oppose him. But... nothing happened. The castle and the surrounding buildings were silent.

Not slowing, Sora quickly approached the castle gates, which he was surprised to see were wide open. He slowed, and walked through the castle gate. As soon as he was about ten feet inside. the gate slammed shut behind him. Sora looked back, growling in anger and frustration. He should have expected such a vile trick.

The torches that lit the hallway were extinguished, leaving only the Keyblade and the moon as the only source of light. Sora turned around, ready to cut his way through the infernal gate, when he heard a soft chuckle behind him.

Whirling around, Sora swept the the Keyblade’s light through the darkness, illuminating a tall man. He couldn’t see his face, for this man shrouded himself with a silver coat, the hood pulled low over his face. Still chuckling, the man walked slowly toward Sora, hands behind his back. Sora backed up, Keyblade at the ready.

This seemed to offend the man. "But, Sora", he spoke," Don't you remember me? Well, maybe not, but we met once before. The one time you became the very essence of darkness itself. Of course, your memory was effected by Namine, that brat of a Nobody."

Sora scowled, and replied," I may not have a clue what you're talking about, but don't you dare talk about Namine that way! She may be a Nobody, but she still saved me from the realm of darkness!"

The mysterious man chuckled, and said,"Well, I see Namine did as she was instructed by Ansem the Wise. Of course, Ansem wasn't acting so wise at that moment."

Sora felt hatred seer through him. He stepped forward, pointing his Keyblade menacingly at the coated man, and said,"Don't disrespect Ansem! He saved Riku from a life of darkness! He even assisted in the destruction of Organization XIII! Who are you, anyways?"

The man turned his back to Sora, laughing hysterically. He turned back around, and threw back his hood. Sora gasped. The man infront of him looked exactly like Ansem the Wise. He had the same pale white hair, the same neatly trimmed beard, and his face looked like it. The only difference was... Sora shook his head, and said,"You look a lot like Ansem the Wise, accept for your eyes. They're different..."

The Ansem laughed again, and said," I may look different simply because I'm Ansem the Wise's Heartless."

Sora stumbled back, unable to come to terms with what he just heard. "But Ansem the Wise was destroyed when he tried to encode Kingdom Hearts and failed miserably. We couldn't find even a tiny piece of him!"

The Ansem look alike shook his head, and said," Once again, you assume too much, young Keyblade master. When the encoder exploded, Ansem's body was obliterated, but his heart was not. It was sent deep into the realm of darkness, where it became darkness itself. Thus, I was created. I am Ansem the Wise's Heartless, whether you believe it or not, and I am the head of a new organization; the Dark Hearts Committee. We have total control over the Heartless, yet we cannot be consumed by them, for we are Heartless ourselves. And you, young Sora, are the last member of our little group."

Sora blinked, and burst out laughing. He stumbled back, and managed to say," Do you really think I can join your little knock off of Organization XIII? I'm not even a HEARTLESS! Guess you kind of overlooked that one, Ansem the WISE. Guess you can't be called THAT anymore, seeing as your plan has already failed!" Sora's laughs ended in spurts of giggles, then became serious again. "So, ANSEM, assuming you ARE his Heartless, you must resent that name, like most Heartless. What do you call yourself?"

Ansem's Heartless chuckled, and said,"Well, you can call me Dez, since it was the name Ansem the Wise once went under. And, for the Heartless thing, I have a solution." Dez reached his right hand out infront of him, and a cloud of darkness surrounded it. The fog faded away, revealing a black lance. Dez lowered his arm, and said,"This is called the Lance of Darkness. It is part of a set of weapons that have been dubbed the chaos weapons. Do you remember the Keyblade that unlocks people's hearts? The one that Xehanort's Heartless found, and gave to your friend, Riku? That was one of the Chaos weapons. Like it, this lance has very special powers. It's capable of injecting a darkness so pure into people's hearts, that only a powerful source of light can destroy it. A light as strong as... Kingdom Hearts? This is why we need you, Sora. The Keyblade would make our efforts so much EASIER. What are we planning? We plan on destroying the door to Kingdom Hearts forever! Then, with the lance of darkness, we would turn everybody in this universe into a Heartless, and destroy the petty protectors of the light!"

Sora brandished his Keyblade at him, and yelled," You're crazy! You can't do that! Destroying the door to Kingdom Hearts would bring about a time like no one has seen! You don't even know what you're messing with! You don't know how a heart works, nobody does! You'll end up just like Ansem, the REAL one; destroyed."

Dez sighed, and said,"Well, I guess you'll learn the hard way what happens when you don't submit!" Dez waved his lance about, and Heartless in the form of shadows, the weakest form of Heartless, appeared around Sora.

Chuckling, Sora raised the Keyblade, and jumped forward, deftly cutting through the group of Shadows. They were no match against the power of the Keyblade, and soon enough, Sora was once again alone with Dez.

Dez snorted. and said,"Well, I guess you won't go as quietly as I though. In that case, I'll have to resort to hostage bargaining." Dez snapped his fingers, and two portals of darkness appeared. Out of their swirling depths, two figures stumbled forward, falling to the ground. When they got up, Sora gasped in fear; it was the people the King had sent to meet Sora, his friends, Donald and Goofy! They were each wrapped in chains composed of darkness, and each looked like they had been kept in captivity for some time.

Dez laughed at Sora's expression, and cruely said,"Well, now. Looks like you've hit a brick wall, my nasty little friend! Here's the plan; either you fight Heartless till you grow tired, and then I turn both you and your friends into Heartless, or you come quietly, and I turn only you into a Heartless. So, what'll it be, hero?"

Sora looked up at his friends, who were shaking their heads at him. Sora could keep fighting, but Dez was right; it was only a matter of time he was overrun. Then, not only would he become a Heartless, but also Donald and Goofy. If he submitted to Dez, then they would be spared.... But either way, Dez gained control of the Keyblade, which was what he truely wanted. Sora thought hard, trying to find a loop hole, that would keep Dez from poisoning Sora's friends with darkness from the lance. Suddenly, a light buld went off in Sora's head.

When Sora had been studying under Master Yen Sid, the powerful Sorcerer who once instructed King Mickey, he had flipped through several old books on the Keyblade and its origins. Apparently, one of the original Keyblade Master's had been faced with a decision much like this, just not as serious. In order to protect the World Order, he had destroyed the bonds that tied the Keyblade to his, preventing the off chance that the powers of darkness would get it by turning him to their side. But, it had taken an immense amount of concentration, and killed the Keybearer in the process.

Sora looked at the Keyblade, and nodded, and threw it down, feeling the connection that would eventually return the Keyblade to his hands activate. He focused on those imaginary bands of power, and began to break them, which turned out to be a very painful process

At the point Sora had thrown the Keyblade to the ground, Dez took this as a sign of surrender, and laughed, hopping off of his raised platform. "Well, wasn't that easy?",he asked snobbingly,"Now you will know the true power of darkness!"

Sora was concentrating so much, that he didn't notice Dez infront of him. Sora concentrated harder, though he didn't feel any different, the pain he felt was the only sign that he was getting closer to achieving his goal. It was intense, and Sora felt darkness eating away at his peripheral vision.

Just as Dez lunged with the Lance of Darkness, Sora finally broke the final bond, and the Keyblade was free. Sora would have liked to have passed out, but the lance entered his chest, jolting him awake. But, instead of cutting his skin, it burrowed into his very soul. Sora felt like ice water had entered his veins, chilling him to the bone. Sora fell back, his heart infested with darkness. In his mnd's eye, he began to see things split, then remembered what happens to a strong hearted being when they're turned into a Heartless. Sora braced himself for the painful separation.

Dez was laughing to himself. The weak fool had fell for the bargain. Anybody that had control over their heart would have easily fought their way out, which was actually easier than it looked; those bars covering the exit had been wasted by hundreds of years of rust. A small child with a twig could have easily broken out.

Turning to face Sora, who was on the ground, Dez met an unexpected surprise; a blonde headed boy, about the same age as Sora, was laying next to him. Dez blinked twice, then scowled, lunging forward.

"NO!",Sora cried, throwing his hands up as Dez stabbed at Roxas with his lance. A blast of dark energy exited his hands, and slammed into Dez, sending him flying backwards into the wall.

Groaning, Roxas got up, blinking his dark blue eyes. He looked down at Sora, he looked different somehow. He was still the same fifteen year old boy, except for his eyes, the pupils were an evil red, lined with a ghoulish yellow. And he looked very pale, too pale for someone who lived on a tropical island.

Sora looked up at Roxas, and laughed quietly, and said,"Well, look at me now. No longer the Key Bearer. Guess nobody can nag me to save the world now. And look, it's already chosen a new bearer." Sora pointed at the spot where the Keyblade once laid; it had vanished.

Roxas looked down at Sora, and opened his mouth to talk. But Sora shook his head, and said,"No, there's no saving me. It's all up to you now. Listen, you have to tell King Mickey what's happened. Don't worry; soon, my memories will come to you, and you'll know exactly what happened. Here...." Sora lifted his hand, and created a portal of darkness. He pointed at it, and said,"This'll take you to Disney Castle. The Corner Stone of Light won't destroy you, not if you go with good intentions. You're light, Roxas. You'll be fine. Oh, and one last thing; tell Kairi I'm sorry."

With that, Sora jumped to his feet, and pushed Roxas through the portal, just as Dez was rising to his feet. Roxas cried, falling through the dimension of darkness. Roxas watched the portal close. The last thing he saw was Dez stabbing Sora with the lance again. Roxas shook his head; how did he know that was the second time Sora was stabbed with the Lance of Darkness? And how did he know its name?

Suddenly, Roxas was tumbling on a green grass lawn. He slowed, and looked up at a small figure with a long nose, a whispy tail, and two big, round ears. Roxas got to his feet, and bowed, saying,"King Mickey, it's an honor to meet you. I bring some disturbing news; Sora no longer has the Keyblade, and has been turned into a Heartless. That is how I speak to you now, as a represenative of the Nobodies, I'm Sora's, Roxas. I am a Nobody. I must find the new Keyblade Master!"

Dez held Sora by his neck, then tossed him aside. The Keyblade's affects were wearing off. They had kept him from losing his conscience, but his heart was now full of darkness, the light small and helpless. Soon, he would come too, and join the Committee as the thirteenth dark heart; code named the unlucky one.

Dez snapped his finger, and a man appeared out of a portal of darkness, bowing respectfully. "You called, master?", he asked politely.

Dez scowled in anger, and scornfully said,"The fool Sora destroyed his ties to the Keyblade. It has chosen a new master! Take a battalion of Heartless, and follow the Keyblade right to him! Find him at all costs, and bring him to me! Do anything you need; I'm giving you permission even to throw his world into darkness! And throw his pitiful friends in the dungeon. They shall aid us as bargaining chips once more."

The Man disappeared, leaving Dez alone with the new borne Heartless. He glanced at him, watching the double dose of Darkness transform even Sora's outer appearance. Unlucky indeed. Sora would make the perfect last addition to the Committee; at least until the Keyblade Master joined. Then, Sora would be disposed of, trapped forever in the realm of darkness. The Chaos war had begun.

Author:  AABM [ Tue Jul 24, 2007 10:53 am ]
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ZOMGEE! now Sora belongs to the Heartless :o

I say E-Trainer, not that I turn out to be a complete illiterate when it comez to Kingdom Hearts, but, the question is: Is that tale about the Keyblade being one of the array of Chaos Weapons your bit of Fiction here? For if there is something I hardly remember, no matter how hard I try to save it in my mind, is the origin/specialties of the Keyblade.

Anyway, this was one good prologue, but promise me something (if you are able to promise me this) Promise me that later chapters of this story wont be so long, the text flashed my eyes a couple of times while I was reading...

Imma watching over this fiction, now I got to work on mine right now... anyway, expect more installments l8r on this week.

Author:  Ghost Writer [ Tue Jul 24, 2007 4:35 pm ]
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Yeah, I knew it was long, but I couldn't shorten it :( It was like that for a reason. Anyways, next chapter. I've decided not to name each one.

Oh, and I found another useful link, to Organization XIII

This next one isn't as long; I don't consider four pages that long REALLY, but... oh well.

Chapter One
The sun was beginning to fall in the sky of Traverse Town, marking the time as three O’clock in the afternoon. The streets were peaceful in First District, no sign of the Heartless that had once occupied this world.

A door opened, and out walked a young man with short, chestnut colored hair. Stuffing his rough hands into his coat pocket, he turned around, calling into the shop that he worked in, saying,”See yeh later, Tedd. The parents want me home early tonight for some reason.”

From inside the shop, Tedd’s voice called back to him from the storage, replying,”Yeah, okay. Tell yer mom I said thanks for the cake she sent over. Oh, and happy birthday, Bane.”

Bane waved goodbye, and hurried down the street, stopping at a large door with a sign that read ‘Second District’ across it. Pushing it open, he slipped between the opening, and shut it behind him, hurrying down the stone steps, down into the court yard. At the end of the court yard was a large fountain, with three gold bells painted on three stones rising from it.

Bane stopped, his hand resting on the middle bell, remembering what he had seen two years ago. He remembered how three rings came from the bell atop the Gizmo Shop, and how with each ring, the picture that was painted onto the wall behind the fountain had rotated, showing a different one. On the third ring, a light had blinded him, and a giant Key Hole had appeared, which Bane had later learned from his history teacher led to Traverse Town’s heart.

Lost in distant memory, Bane remembered how three figures had come running from the Gizmo Shop doors, one of them holding what looked like a giant, silver key, with a golden handle. Once again, Bane’s history teacher had called it a ‘Keyblade’, which the weilder, who was at the time Sora of Destiny Islands, was using to lock the world’s Keyholes, to protect them from the Heartless.

Shaking his head, Bane moved on, still remembering how Sora and his friends, Donald and Goofy, had been ambushed, yet destroyed the giant Heartless that threatened to plunge Traverse Town into darkness. After they locked the Keyhole, they had been instantly added to Traverse Town history, becoming heroes. And Bane had witnessed it all....

Walking toward a series of alleys, Bane noticed a scuffle in one of the dark corners of one. Passing by, he saw an elderly woman fighting a shady group of thugs, who were trying to take her purse. Hesitating, Bane ran over, yelling out,”Leave her alone, you group of low life Heartless wanna bees!” This, was a big mistake. Bade had just used the worst insult in the book; and its effect was instantaneous.

Dropping the purse, all of them, which was five, walked over, and the leader sneered in his face, and said,” Yeh gonna do somethin’ ‘bout it?”

Bane had to keep himself from recoiling; this guy was a muck of a mess. His breath smelled like a bucket of rotting possums, and what was left of his teeth were green and black from years of no cleaning. He was unshaven, and Bane could easily guess this guy probably had flees infesting his mop of graying hair. His clothes were torn and filthy. He also smelled like he had been living in a dumpster that hadn’t been emptied for some time.

Keeping his nerve, Bane calmly stared into his black eyes, and said,” Only one without a heart would stoop to stealing from someone who can’t fight back.”

This seemed to amuse the junkey. He roared in spiteful laughter, his group of cronies chuckling along. Walking over to the old woman, he gripped her arm, and threw her to the ground, placing his tattered shoe on her head. He stopped laughing, and growled, pressing her head onto the cobble stone, sneering out,” Wanna say that again, Mr. Hero?”

He pressed even harder down, smashing her face even more into the stone. She writhed in pain, but the junkey didn’t let up. Bane clenched his fist, trying to keep his temper in check. The junkey chuckled, and spat on the woman. Bane roared, and launched himself at the man, punching him in the face.

The junkey stumbled back, mouth bleeding. Looking down, he roared, pointing at his tooth, which, after years of rotting, had been easily dislodged by Bane’s punch. One of his jockeys advanced at Bane, saying,” How should we kill this one, Smogge?”

Smogge, who was apparently the leader, advanced on Bane, saying,” I don’t care, Flasge, I just want this kids head on a silver platter!”

The old woman on the ground screamed, and jumped to her feet, surprising Smogge. He roared, whipping out a rusty knife. Bane, whithout thinking, sprinted at Smogge, pushing him into a few of his friends. He turned to the old woman, and yelled for her to run. She nodded, and hobbled out of the alley.

Now alone with the gang, Bane launched himself at Smogge, thinking that, if he took out the leader, the others would back down. But, Smogge was surprisingly stronger that he looked. Catching his fist in one dirtied hand, the other one jumped to Bane’s throat, and Smogge backed Bane into the wall.

Bane tried to scream for help, but Smogge’s hand constricted his wind pipe, keeping him from making a sound. Releasing Bane’s fist, Smogge drew his hand back, and someone put a knife in it. Smogge stared into Bane’s eyes, and whispered for only him to hear,” Time to die, Mister Hero.”, and lunged.

It all happened so fast. The knife plunging toward Bane’s throat, Bane’s free hand moved to stop him, and then a light, a brilliant, blinding white light, and Smogge was on the ground, screaming and writhing in pain, blood coloring the grey stone red.

Fascinated, and a little terrified, Bane noticed Smogge’s hand, still clutching the knife, was on the ground, separated from his arm. All of his cronies stared at Bane in fear, and picked Smogge up, running from Bane like he was a ghost. He leaned against the wall, worn out, still not sure what had happened. He lifted his left hand, the hand that had tried to stop the knife, to scratch his face, and met a surprise.

In his hand, he held what looked like a giant silver key, with a golden handle... Bane stumbled back, dropping what he knew was the Keyblade. No way! Bane couldn’t believe it! Was he the next Keyblade Master him? Bane picked the Keyblade up, so fascinated and excited that he failed to notice a man in a silver coat watching from the roof top.

The man chuckled to himself, and snapped his fingers. A couple of heartless, clad in armor and bearing swords on their arms, appeared. “Go find the boys family. He has a weakness for playing hero.” The Heartless ran off, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. The man chuckled, but stopped, noticing a figure clad in black running through the alleys. He scowled, and hurtled infront of the hooded, make them stop in their tracks. It was a boy, that much was clear, about the same age as the new Keyblade Master. Chuckling, the silver coated man threw back his hood, revealing flaming read, spiky hair, a thin face, and emerald eyes.

The boy stumbled back, seemingly awed, then composed himself, throwing his hood back as well, revealing spiky blond hair, and dark blue eyes. He pointed at him, and said,”You can’t fool me. You’re not Axel!”

The black coated man shrugged, and said in a sarcastic voice ,”Whoever said I was passing myself off as him, kid? I don’t want anything to do with my Nobody. You may call me Pyroge.” Laughing, Pyroge swept his flaming red hair back, and raised his hands. A black fire surrounded them, and two black and purple Chakram’s appeared. He laughed, twirling them around his head, and a black fire erupted around them, trapping them both in a ring of fire. Chuckling, Pyroge stepped back, taunting the boy, saying,”Come on, Roxas. Make a move!”

Roxas stepped back, drawing a pure white sword from its sheath. He stared at Pyroge, the spitting image of Axel. But he knew better; Axel used real flames, not this dark stuff. Axel was the few that only used dark powers to travel. His ability to control fire was natural, something that he could do as a child, when he still had a heart. Roxas was one of the few people who knew.

Roxas lunged forward, stabbing at Pyroge. But the Heartless danced away, twirling his Chakrams like a pair of betons. Sprinting after him, Roxas stabbed forward.

Finally, Pyroge responded. Twirling his deadly weapons, he threw one at Roxas with precision. But Roxas had already jumping, expecting this. Flying over Pyroge’s head, he took this chance of surprise, stabbing at Pyroge with his sword.

Roxas landed, and Pyroge fell, hitting the ground with a dull thud. Looking into Roxas’s eyes, a portal of darkness enveloped him. Anger seathed from his eyes, and he whispered, just barely audible,”It’s not over, Nobody!” With that, he disappeared, leaving Roxas alone in the alley.

“WHY’D DID YOU CONFRONT THAT BLASTED NOBODY!” Dez was furious with Pyroge. He had given him specific orders; find the Keyblade Master! Not go and hurl himself at a Nobody that was known to be powerful. It was borderline recless! Puffing in anger, he paced infront of Pyroge, he was on his hands and knees, begging for him not to be angry.

“But, Dez, he was going to interfere! I had no choice but to confront him!” Pyroge was frightened. He looked over at Sora, who was blank faced, his eyes unreadable. Sora was leaning against the wall, amused by this.

Scowling, Dez flung his hand out, drawing his lance out of darkness. He paced, then lunged at Pyroge, stabbing him in the chest with the lance. Pyroge moaned, darkness coarsing through him, changing his appearance. Dez chuckled with delight; Pyroge was no longer the handsome double of Axel. Pyroge dropped to the floor, writhing. Turning to Sora, Dez flung out his other hand, calling forth yet another weapon.

Wonderment crossed Sora’s face. “But it was lost! I was there when it happened!”,Sora said, slightly amused. Dez chunked the new weapon at him, and said,” Dear boy. Even as a Heartless, you still underestimate my power.” Next to him, Dez stirred pitifully on the ground. Ignoring this, Dez continued,”Use this, and plunge that Traverse Town into darkness! You should be unstoppable; not even your Nobody can stop you.”

Nodding, Sora bowed, his new weapon in hand, and disappeared through a portal of darkness. Dez laughed; soon, very soon, he would have what he desired.

Walking away, he kicked Pyroge for sheer amusement.

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