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Author:  Youkou no Mugon [ Fri Oct 05, 2007 3:28 pm ]
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New chapter! Awesomeness!

I'm still working on my fourth chappie, bit by agonizing bit, but it's getting there

*psst* You should really give Stalkid-kun more air time

Author:  AABM [ Sat Oct 06, 2007 1:09 pm ]
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Writer´s Corner: Normal People, Zelda fans, Canalave Librarians, and whatnot, I have brought to you next chapter of this weird story.

Should I warn you that this installment also lacks a bit of action, and there is also many mysteries clouding Deku-san´s past. But this is just the first book, wait some more to get it revealed at once.

<center>Chapter #5: 1 + 1 = 2



“Yes way, it has been quite some time now, so I think I won’t stay here any longer, y’kno’?” Deku-san told his female friend.

“But, why? Just because you ‘feel like having the thrills of adventures’ you’re gonna leave us?” she grunted softly.

“…Just like that…?” she finished her idea.

Both of these wooden fellows kept on staring at each other’s face in the sheer silence of the darkened room. They were about to set off to the world of dreams in the Princess’ room at the shower of the full moonlight through the window on the left wall, when this light debate first began.

This room was definitely one comfortable bedroom for anyone, the spongy leafy bed was large enough to have a bunch of little Deku in it, even more with just two. The room was too dark at this time of the night, so all the decorated walls, the paintings, the cushions and everything else was nowhere to be seen, shrouded in a world of shadows once the candle is blew off.

“I know you’ve been here for seven days now, but… can’t you just stay here… with me…? With your sister…?” the girl sobbed with her saddened glowing red eyes framed in tears.

“Now that you are a knight of the Deku kingdom, you mustn’t leave this town ever, don’t you know that?!” she whispered.

The kid answered in a soft volume “I, my friend, am still not a knight. I will be one tomorrow morning through that ‘ceremony’ your father told me”.

“Well, then--“ she was abruptly interrupted by her brother.

“Then nothing! I’ll run…” he ended whispering his plan, causing a sheer of worry in his sister in front of him.

“What do you say? You’ll run just because you don’t want to be chained to this town, whose people love you?! Or it’s rather because you can’t forgive my father about what he did to our mother?”.

The kid frowned and slowly crawled his way out the bed, he walked some steps away from it and got his brown leather boots the king gave him, as well as his new fine chest armour made of thick wood and concealed it by wearing it under his poncho of green leaves.

He also wore his trusty blue Baba Bag with the grip rope he contrapted and this nice wooden trumpet his sister gave him and had taught him how to play perfectly.

Deku-san stepped in front of the big elliptic window and claw’d the grip rope on the outer edge. Through this window, the moonlight enlightened the kid’s body in a shade of pale whitish blue.

Deku-san turned back with a saddened face to the bed and made eye contact with the clutched-in-sheets girl and bit inside his check before saying “Although you’re a woman, you’ve gotten very cold-hearted, just like your father. I know you know what I mean, for what he did to our mother is an atrocity”.

“By the by, thanks for everything, Ette. I’ll never forget you…” he smiled.

With this gotten off his chest, the kid jumped out of the window with a three-story fall to come and rappelled down the messy wall of the tower quickly in the damp, shadow penumbra.

I know that, and I know he knows why do I let him go, because I love him as my brother, for that reason, I didn’t tell my father who he was when I found it out… otherwise, The King would have gotten mad… and do to him the same he did with our mother once…” the girl thought with her warm feelings about his brother and understood why the strong-willed fellow had escaped from his faith of being a knight loyal to the king and being ‘chained to Meadow Town’ too.

The morning sun was now rising slowly from the far eastern land of Ikana, and Deku-san found himself in front of the painted old gnarled tree he found the first day of his journey.

The look of the dried out tree with this cute drawing on it felt very worrying, as if he could see the kid who helped him in Meadow Town the other day and his two fairies too, up to his head came the realisation of the resemblance, but he somehow wasn’t surprised at all.

Suddenly, a distant cluster of bushes began shaking slowly, Deku-san turned quickly to it with a pair of stiffened clawed hands. Suddenly, a small silver light ball with wings came out of it, it was just a fairy.

The little sprite hovered its way flaking its silver light, absolutely ignoring the kid, and softly landed on one of the gnarled branches of this painted old tree and let out a high-pitched sad sigh.

The small sprite wore a very simple, dark grey one-piece dress and her skin was snow-pale, she had a small bag with her, perched on her shoulder and wore her long greyish hair all loose behind her shoulders.

“Excuse me, Lady Fairy!” the kid voiced up the tree to call the girl’s attention.

As the sprite bent downwards to look at the kid, he smiled a kind “Is there any problem to be solved?”

“Oh, good day to you, young one. Thanks for caring, but I don’t feel like talking about it now” she spoke with a high girly voice.

This comment triggered something in Deku-san’s consciousness causing him to climb the tree quickly to the silver, winged sprite and once he got her before his face on the next branch, he told her “Once my father told me that problems are the size we want them to be. It turns out to be one good philosophy, yet the only problem that may not be solved is death, whether it comes to you or a loved one, you’ve got to let it go and get over it sooner or later. I learned it the hard way, but it IS certainly one valuable reason to keep living, aye?”

The kid sure spoke from his heart, which triggered a warm smile in the little fairy, who overcame the worries of her own problems temporarily…

Certainly, this chap is not to get too wrapped up with, since you just can guess half the things that have happened up until now. Yet, I swear nothing of these is completely random, the whys and becauses will be told... some day...

Author:  Youkou no Mugon [ Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:42 pm ]
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Ooo, wonder what's gonna happen next.

Author:  AABM [ Mon Oct 15, 2007 10:17 am ]
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Writer´s Corner: We always wonder, "What the hell is gonna happen next in this story?" and lucky me this chapter does NAWT answer that question, but just next one by the minute.

<center>Chapter #6: The Hovering Aide, Yllus.</center>

“Thanks for the advice, kid” the silver sprite smiled tenderly from the next branch.

“You, my friend, may call me ‘Deku-san’” he introduced himself.

“’Deku-san’? That’s no name at all!” she squealed.

Then, she fumed “What do you say? I won’t call you that ever! I know you Deku’s code of not revealing their names ever, but let’s get serious! A name is the most precious thing living things have!”

“I shall call you ‘Bud’…” she said, causing… Bud to raise an eyebrow.

“‘Tis actually very much appropriate for you, whether you look at the core meaning or at the side concept of it, it is one good, logic thing” she smirked.

“I get it not, why ‘Bud’?” the kid frowned in a mixture of puzzlement and annoyance.

“It resembles, either the newborn of flowers, or the fact that you, sir, are a mighty good friend” she affirmed certainly.

“Oh, truly it turns out to be appropriate in any way” he smiled with a sweat drop on his forehead.

Bud then jumped out of the branch and landed softly on the wild lawn with his leather boots, he then walked some steps and briskly had a seat on a mossy stone near there.

“Then, girl, what is your name?” he voiced up to call the fairy’s attention.

The fairy jumped from the tip of the branch and hovered quickly towards the kid smiling “My name is Yllus!”

“And don’t you treat me as a girl, I’m surely older than you!” she growled.

“Show some respect for next time, young one!” the silver sprite sneered.

The boy turned and rolled his eyes “Yes, sorry” .

The two of them then began walking east. With a calm rhythm in the tread and a complete absence of goal, they began ranting towards the land of Ikana, but it was then when Bud sparked up a conversation saying “So, where do you come from, Yllus? Tell me about yourself” with a flare of curiosity in his voice.

The hovering wise fairy sighed and replied “From the picturesque, vibrant land of Ikana!” with a wry smile at the sheer sarcasm.

Yllus continued with her high pitched voice “The Great Fairy of Kindness is my mother”

“Really?! I guessed all the Great Fairies are the mothers of all the smaller fairies, like you… now such thought really make sense” the boy smiled with some reason to be happy.

“Righty right” the sprite smirked.

The kid’s smile was replaced by a puzzled face and asked “But, I say then, what have you been doing in the southern swamp?” in clear curiosity.

The fairy slowed still at the question as she got an eye twitch, replying “I’ll just say that I had a meeting with a wolf” with a serious voice.

“Wow, you are one quick tempered fairy, aren’t you?” Bud raised an eyebrow at this flying silver sprite.

“And you are one annoyingly curious fella, no?” she replied in a same intonation at the kid.

The two kept on staring at each other, neither of sides wanted an argument so they turned to the main sandy path framed by wild lawn as far as the eye could see and began resuming their rant again until it started to get dark.

“Ah! Look, ‘tis the Canyon entrance!” the fairy squealed at the mere sight of the two joined reddish mountains and the gap between them, this was surely the way in the Land of Ikana, the east terrain where life is rare and , dust and regrets are the way.

“I know it should be exciting to get home after quite long, no matter what matter of home it is” the boy smirked at the fairy.

“Are you kidding? I’m not going to the shrine again!” the fairy frowned.

“Seiwut? Why not?”

“Why do you have such amount of questions about the hell of anything?!” she roared in mortal annoyance.

The kid lowered his head as a sign of sorrow, “Sorry…” he whispered.

Then, he got his head up again, looking at the sprite, and quickly asked her “One last yes/no question, would you like to accompany me all this way up to my father’s house?”

Nothing to be worried about, the answer of the fairy is quite unexpected.

Author:  AABM [ Fri Oct 19, 2007 11:44 am ]
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Writer´s Corner: What? What?! What is this!?!? Am I actually updating this thread after a lonely period of time!? YAY!!

This Chapter is equipped with a flare of action and excitement never before seen, lol. Actually, this kind of sickening action will be more and more common.

<center>Chapter #7: Ranting in the Ranks.</center>

Enclosed by tall rocky walls and the sporadic columns of lacky carved rock that projected from the sandy path, this depression of the mountain range was. It was dark already, and the road to Ikana is no easy track, for hiking in this place is like playing with your own life.

The lonely land that extended before the deku kid was one spooky place, even more if the road is a sole rachitic and dried road between two suppressing walls of rock and if you are all alone with no lighting at all, but surely getting to his father’s house was the goal for Bud.

The kid had been hiking this land for about two hours, and he’s gotten really weary from this, so he wore off his heavy vegetal withering bag, with plenty of weird and nonetheless useful equipment, on the ground to rest here and resume his trip in the morning.

Suddenly, a high-pitched shriek cut through the silence, Bud got on his feet and turned with wide opened eyes to the source of it, it was from the way he had tread, and the voice was somewhat familiar.

A distant, small dot of silver light was produced from the canyon entrance, followed by several flaking light blue flashes.

“Help me!” the voice came again as the hovering sprite came closer at full speed. The sprite in despair was Yllus, and she was being chased down by a huge swarm of flying monstrous skulls enveloped in blue fire.

Astounded, the wooden kid looked at the fairy struggling to make it inside his bag, saying “Hide me, please!”

What in the world are those!?” Bud shouted.

The small ball of light peeked from inside the folds of the bag and replied nervously “Those are called Bubbles, also known as ‘Anti-fairies’, they found me out and chased me down here”

The boy turned to the incoming swarm of winged skulls and asked bluntly “How to kill them?”

“They seem to be enveloped in a flare of blue, but that’s an illusion, it wont burn your wood, kid” she replied and continued “They are known as Anti-fairies because they cancel magic on touch and we fairies are made out of magic, do you catch it?” with a flare of fear in her voice.

“Yeah! And here they come!” the boy shouted before the swarm got on them, he protected the bag with the fairy with a flurry of swiped and kicks, shattering the skulls with one blow.

There were so many of these undead opponents that Bud could not hold them without getting himself bitten and tackled by these, but luckily the dispelling effect didn’t work on him, so he just finished them off with ceaseless strikes until he broke all of them.

“Oh, dear! Are you alright?” the fairy called with an anxious note as she was pulled out of the bag.

The kid gnarled his face at the sheer pain from the bites but replied stoutly “Yes, I’m fine, but you didn’t tell me how hard they were on touch” while rubbing his hands and feet.

“And… What’s happening to me!? I’m shining in blue!” he shouted with his hands on his head out of amazement.

“You have been jinxed, your abilities have been cancelled” the fairy stated, “but fear not, I’ll do something about this” she called again before she hovered around the kid, flapping her wings and scattering a powdery healing effect on the kid, causing the blue shine to wear off.

“Hey, I’m not glowing anymore!” he smiled at the fairy, “Thank you, Yllus!” he exclaimed as she slowed and landed on his streaky hair.

“Those monsters are immune to magic and can even dispel it, but their curse is easily lifted away” she smirked.

The boy turned to the shattered bones shards on the ground and said “You say they are immune to magic and can even dispel it, huh?” while getting on his feet.

“Yeah, why?” she asked. “Because” he started “I think I can get something out of this, too” the kid smirked as his smart brain lit up an idea.

Immediately, the kid got the most shards of bones he could and stocked them up in one place, then, he took a heavy rock and began smashing the small pile of calcium.

“What do you do, Bud?” the fairy asked in massive puzzlement. “If what you say is true” he said “A powder of this calcium can make a good dipel powder”

“You mean a Dispel Powder, no?” she smirked. “Yeah, that” he answered bluntly.

“That’s actually one good idea, but don’t get it anywhere near me, please” she stated, ending with a sort of nervous tone.

He got a shadow grin in his face and his voice called “And how do you think I’ll test it?” he smirked evilly as he turned slowly to the hovering one.

“No no! Please! Don’t toy with that thing, get away from me!” she cried out loud as the kid was playfully attempting to scatter some of this dust on her.

“Oh C’mon, it’s just a bit of it!” he smiled while chasing the hovering aide as the moment was filled with laugh and excitement, ignoring that something was happening below their feet.

Suddenly, a number of brown, rotten arms were projected out of the sand, followed by these hideous zombie-like creatures.

“Oh, Bud! Over there!” she cried pointing at the place where these things were being produced out of the ground.

Soonly enough, these undead bodies were completely standing on the ground, there was a dozen or more of them appearing one after another from the ranked ground and they started to walk steadily and slowly towards them.

“What in the face of earth are those!?” Bud shouted in nervousness. “Those are ReDeads!” she exclaimed in fear, “Don’t let them get closer, it is said these creatures are made of black magic and their shriek are able to provoke paralysing fear in those who hear it!” she stated in nervousness.

Bud starting spitting a flurry of Deku Nuts from his mouth to stun them, but it was useless, “Why doesn’t it work!?” he exclaimed as the zombies were getting disarmingly closer. She replied abruptly in utter fear “No, Kid! They are blind and now they know where we are! Run!” she shrieked before flying away.

“Hold on! I know!” Bud exclaimed as he got a handful of this just done dust from the pile of it at his side. “Made of Black Magic?” he whispered as he blew the handful of dust as strong as his lungs could allow, calling a cloud of dust that engulfed the entire place.

Right on contact, the ReDeads shrieked in pain as the dust pierced the zombies’ flesh and their bodies began to shred apart. The twosome was for a moment immobilised in complete fear from these creature’s shouts, but once their muscles loosened as the fear was wore off, they could see the rotten remains that ranked the place.

“Hey, you did it well, kid!” Yllus called happily. “Now let’s get the hell out of here before something else happens” she rushed with a flare of nervousness.

“Hey, you’re coming with me to my father’s house?” the kid asked as he got his bag on again, “Okay, okay, you’ll need help if anything happens, anyway” she rolled her eyes.

Now you know why the tittle has the word "Ranks" in it, for this last part of it is surely disgusting, but hey, it was good...wasn´t it?.

Author:  AABM [ Wed Oct 24, 2007 8:33 pm ]
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Writer´s Corner: *Thy Gasp* YATTA! I wrote another chapter! This one, tho, is pretty... dunno, cruel, I guess.

<center>Chapter #8: The long wing of Justice.</center>

The sun slowly rose from the horizon; it looked pretty healthy with the blue sky yonder over the dried up land of Ikana at the early time of 5:30 am.

The wooden fellow was sleeping the way Deku people did, with arms extended towards both sides, lowered head with his eyes shut and with feet firmly anchored upon the brown, sandy earth. He looked pretty much like a scarecrow in this position.

As the morning dew was being swept away with the increasing level of the sun, the kid slept pleasantly without bothering anyone, when suddenly, a small pebble was thrown skilfully at him from the high sides of the canyon and it hit Bud straight on his head, waking the kid.

Ooh! Who in the name of Skull Keeta is responsible for this!?” his angry thoughts hit echo inside his head as he felt his grogginess disappearing into nothingness.

The boy shook the pain out of his head and fully woke up, he put his hand on his streaky haired head on the side the pebble hit him and, to his surprise, he discovered a little folded paper in his hand.

The boy didn’t see this coming, what a weird way of beginning the day, really. The wooden one who wore a poncho of leaves, unfolded curiously the piece of paper, revealing a nicely redacted text with very little font size, he narrowed his eyes and sharpened his sight to read it.

It was a letter.

Dear Deku Kid.

If you’re reading this, I’ve already left, I’m sorry I have to tell you the truth this rude way, but I had no other choice.

One of the reasons why I secretly didn’t want to come to Ikana, was because I wanted to avoid my siblings, they probably are acting as complete concerned jerks about this ‘Look for the shiny one’ thing and I, being the Target, don’t want to be found because I know it is for no funny business at all.

As for you, you’d better not know where I am going, I just tell you I disguised myself as a bee and flew away from ‘law’ for bearing this accursed trait in my face. I only ask you not to tell anybody about me. To the other lesser fairies, you don’t even know me and have never heard of me.

P.S. Tear away this letter as soon as you are done reading.

The kid held the paper in front of his face, completely dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe the fact that his new friend had left him just like that, “How could she do this to me!” the boy whispered in frustration as he shred the letter with furious wooden claws, the rage from being awoken up so abruptly included.

He started breathing heavily out of awe, he was actually undergoing a mixture of feelings he’s never been through before. The rage from being awoken so abruptly, the sour surprise from the fact that his friend left him and the already existing heavy pressure this boring cursed canyon bestowed upon him.

He sat heavily on the dusty earth with crossed legs and began scrapping his hairy head wildly out of frustration and rage, “Why is this happening to me!?” he cried.

Suddenly, he swapped his mood into a calmer one, stopped scratching his head and thought “Well, haven’t I got a reason to go wild, I have to understand Yllus’ drastic measures to avoid a foul fate”.

He crossed his arms and lowered his head with shut eyes in deep thought, “Yes” he nodded.

By accepting her deeds, I will help her... rather than opposing to her plans and arresting her fleeing” he gathered.

Suddenly, a chiming sound reached his hearing sense and he cracked his eyes open. The boy turned his attention to his right and saw these two little fairies flying slowly towards him.

He got on his feet and wore his veggie back pack again as the two hovering balls of light of complementary colours stood near him, “Good day to you, wooden kid” greeted the pale cream-coloured one with a high-pitched voice.

“Excuse our intromission” spoke kindly the other, dark purple one with a rather lower-pitched voice, still high anyway, “Good morning, you two” smiled Bud.

“Sir” opened the lighter one, “My name is Catch, and my partner is called Trail” she continued, “We are looking for a silver-coloured fairy named ‘Yllus’, we’ve been looking for her since the past moons, when we found her scarce track once again around these parts” the fairy sounded pretty educated and nice.

“Have you, by any chance, seen her or have heard of her from any source?” the darker fairy enquired. Bud, remembering what Yllus wanted him to do, bluntly replied “I’m sorry” whilst shaking his wooden head, “I haven’t seen her or even heard of her” he finished.

“Oh my” exclaimed softly the lighter one, “We’re sorry, please, excuse us!” she finished as the both of them continued their track deeper into the canyon until they disappeared in the distance.

“I’ve got to find her before they do” he muttered as he started trotting his path into the valley. According to the letter, Yllus said she disguised herself as a bee, so the kid would logically look around for a comb.

He directed his gaze to every rachitic tree there was in his way until he found a slightly bigger tree which held this basket ball-sized honey comb full of bees. The boy, seeing as how busy the insects looked and how loud their buzz was, figured that calling her name would do no good, so what was he to do now?

“That’s it! It’s a little harsh, but it’ll do well” the Deku boy exclaimed as he searched in his bag, he opened it and sought for his little pouch of leather with Dragonfly Stingers in it, he picked one from there and tied it back.

He took aim carefully on the greyish beige comb and tossed skilfully the dart into it, the dart soared the air and hit dead on the comb, tumbling it down. The ball of paper crashed onto the solid earth and a big swarm of countless furious insects was produced from the shattered remains of it, “Yllus?!” the kid hopelessly called his friend’s name as he started running away from there with a buzzing swarm of bees pursuing him.

“Waaaaaaah!” he screamed as he ran for his health through the canyon in circles. Not knowing a hovering silver ball of light appeared behind a stone near there.

“Yllus!” the boy cried the fairy’s name, “What are you doing there!?”

“Why, I was looking for something to eat and I look how I find you!” she replied with an amused tone in her voice, “I really can’t leave you alone for a few hours or you perch in a bad situation, huh?” she smiled.

“What are you talking about?! I was looking for you because I didn’t want them to find you!” he screamed with a swarm gaining on him, “Who are ‘They’!?” she voiced up with a puzzled face. “Aren’t you sought after by your siblings?!” he replied.

“What?! That’s no news at all! They are not looking for me now, boy!” she shouted the appalling truth. Suddenly, three crazy laughers could be heard, the twosome looked up to the high sides of the rocky walls of the canyon; it was this slim wooden kid wearing red tattered clothes and his two fairies who just played a trick to Bud.

HOW did you like it? You didn´t expect anything like it, did you? HA! I think I WILL now get replies.

Author:  Youkou no Mugon [ Thu Oct 25, 2007 11:59 am ]
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Oh my gosh!! That was perfect! I thought those fairies looked familiar! Hooray for Stalkid!!

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting lately, I haven't been able to get on the computer much :oops:

But I love the addition of a fairy to little De-- I mean Bud. Heheh, Bud.

Author:  Ghost Writer [ Thu Oct 25, 2007 4:33 pm ]
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This is a good story, but there are a few problems.

In some places, there are two people talking in the same paragraph. One of the biggest rules of dialogue is that every time another person starts speaking, a new paragraph begins.

And sometimes the sentences didn't really work. Like, there would be a spot where it was worded wierdly. And sometimes you'd use the wrong tense of word, like present tense instead of past tense.

Other than that, I really like it. Keep writing.

Author:  AABM [ Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:17 pm ]
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Aha! Constructive tips for a better writing, my favourite! They say one can always get better, and this story, thanks to advises and feedback, is bound to do it.

What I see here? I broke the golden law of dialogues on purpose! Well, I just wanted to test how it looked having several, yet few, dialogues in the same paragraph and even from different people, although it turned out to be one bad idea.

But yeah, some of my dialogues lack the flavour, but this is because English is not my mother language and I´m doing my best to keep up with the taste of the scene. Grammar! Thy name is AABM! Prepare to meet your destiny!

On a side note, I´d like to announce that Yllus´ Profile is available on the first post if you haven´t noticed it already. Also, if you enjoyed this last chapter, you will surely love the rest of the book, stay tuned.

Author:  AABM [ Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:15 pm ]
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Writer´s Corner: Yeah, I am double-posting... I care not...

I do not really know what possesed me to write again and continue my story, but I surely liked it happened after all, I must let you know that this chapter is a bit lacky of any major thing *lies*, but is really useful nonetheless.

<center>Chapter #9: Gossip Astonishments.</center>

Lying chest on the sandy earth with his body all stung by bees, we find Bud, defeated by a plain twisted trick from this kid wearing tattered red clothes and his two fairies, who are off to somewhere in the woods on the south.

“Ouch!” cried he, with a hovering silver little sprite on his back trying to pick the small stingers and throw them away.

“I know this should hurl a lot, but it’s all I can do, kid” she replied kindly as she plucked the last stinger.

“Can’t you just use some of your ‘Fairy Magic’ or something, onee-san?” He grunted with an angry face at the stinging pain all over his wooden back.

As she threw the stinger away she turned back to him and said bluntly “No. I cannot heal you everyday, my boy”.

“Now, remember not to scrap” she emphasised with a wagging ‘no’ finger as the boy forcefully got on his knees, and began shaking the dust off his poncho of greenish leaves with his hands.

With the feeling of the rough earth under his wooden limbs, Bud took his heavy withering pale blue vegetal bag and opened it to search something as he heard his fairy partner ask “Oh, are we hitting the road already?”.

He sat on the dusty earth and replied “Almost” as he produced a piece of rolled up yellow old paper -- his map.

“May be this map is old, but I can still trust it” he smiled to his partner at his side as he rolled it open and looked down in the hand-painted old map, he browsed about the eastern region and put his finger on the small red ‘X’ displayed on it.

“That’s where we’re heading to, isn’t it?” the high-pitched voiced silver sprite asked whilst hovering near the X.

The kid replied a solid “Quite”.

She observed the noting on the map and began hovering away slowly stating “So, according to this map, we should be in this first depression, and your father’s house is in the upper part past the river”.

The fairy flew higher and told the boy “My former house is up there as well… pretty near your father’s house, I may say”.

Suddenly, an artificial, high voice stroke their ears “They say that the main road to the river is blocked”.

The twosome turned quickly to a group of big rocks near there, where the mechanical voice was thought to come from. In response, Bud bravely got on his leather boots and asked “Who’s there?!” with stiffened claws as the hovering little one flew quickly behind him.

The anonymous voice did not come again from the group of rocks, and Yllus peeked from behind Bud’s shoulder, whispering “Huh?” with a grinning expression.

Yllus narrowed her eyes endearingly and began flying towards the group of rocks quickly, “Onee-san, what are you doing?” asked a puzzled Bud behind her.

The small ball of silver light rounded past the group of rocks and called the kid “Hey Bud, come here, look!”. The boy reacted quickly by running towards the fairy rounding the rocks similarly and, to his surprise, Yllus was standing in front of this small white stone with a peculiar one-eyed design of face.

“Oh, this Gossip Stone does look weird with that big, black witch hat, or what?” Yllus smiled out loud at this unique stone wearing an even more mysterious witch hat.

“I totally agree, how would this Gossip Stone had gotten the hat?” asked the kid with his crossed arms.

The stone replied as instantly as it could “I is believed that hats give you more personality”.

The twosome rolled eyes to each other as a sweat drop appeared on their foreheads before the white stone continued saying “Some think that ‘The Troop’ has roadblocked the inner sectors of the region for security purposes”.

Bud and Yllus stared at the Gossip Stone in interest as it came again “It is thought that recently in Ikana, somebody has been misusing a peculiar mask”.

“Oh, did you know that, Yllus?” he asked his partner at his side with wide opened eyes out of disbelief.

“I did not have an idea, but you don’t worry it could NOT be the You-know-who’s Mask” she answered before the stone spoke again.

Obviously, it’s know that the mask is not the infamous we-all-know-who’s Mask” the stone stated.

The wooden boy grabbed the stone tightly and shook it furiously as he growled “Who cares! We need to cross this canyon at once! Tell us where a short-cut is!”

“Easy, Bud! It doesn’t work that way” the fairy shouted at the desperate Deku Kid.

The boy got his hands off the stone with no patience, almost unwillingly as he eyed the small hovering woman behind him with haste in his glowing red eyes, “I’ve heard that Gossip Stones react to music, may be if we play something to it, it will tell us about a short-cut” she said exactly what she thought whilst emphasising with her pointer finger again.

Just when the fairy ended her statement, Bud’s grin was replaced with a wide-eyed smile, “Oh, why didn’t you say that before?” he exclaimed as he searched once again in his bag, ignoring that Yllus herself was also looking for something in her small bag.

Both of them produced their instruments out of their bags at the very same time and the fairy got her small golden flute whilst the kid got his wooden trumpet. “You, too, have an instrument?” both of them asked almost speechless at each other.

Their surprised expressions were replaced by a wry smile at the mere causality, “What shall we play?” asked a happy silver ball of light.

Bud gave a stare at his trumpet in his hands and turned to the fairy, “You know this famous classic of the Dal Blues, the Ballad of the Windfish?” enquired he with interested narrow eyes.

“Are you kidding? I love that song! Let’s play it” the fairy smiled loud before holding her small 8-holed flute.

1…2…3…4… And they played perfectly each note of this classic stand.

Through the Graveyard, the most viable short-cut is believed to be”.

But yeah, this installment lacked that spicy action we find here sometimes, but I promise the next chapter will be just tasty and juicy.

Author:  AABM [ Tue Nov 27, 2007 1:02 am ]
Post subject: 

World-changing announcement here, I want to let you guys know that I posted a little something in the first post.

The First Post is now part in four parts, the first one is the "Meaning behind the Title" which allows you to know what this "The Shards of the Gathering" thing means.

"Core Prologue" was moved to the second part of the post and tells the main prologue by itself.

"Help"... it helps...

"Profile Archive" is where you may find our protagonists´ summed up information.

This was actually the reason behind my lack of posting here, I wanted to post the very thing about the title, but I found no space in the plotline until it got to the end, so I posted apart from it so you can learn about it.

With this said and done, I hope to post next installments normally as if the story would have never been frozen, but feedbacks would help warm things up...

Author:  AABM [ Thu Nov 29, 2007 10:36 pm ]
Post subject: 

Writer´s Corner: What in the name of Psypoke is happening!? I... am... updating this story with an actual chapter? AND A TWO-PART CHAPTER?! WHO LET THIS HORROR HAPPEN?!.

<center>Chapter #10: Death-weight Impostor -- Part I.</center>

The sole plains that extended before the twosome was but calm, accompanied with a cloudy, late afternoon sad sky, the cemetery was. Countless gravestones lined in succession as far as the terrain unfolded before meeting the red mountains on the bottom.

The sound of Bud’s leather boots that treaded on the sandy earth was the only thing that they could hear besides the soft wind waving the dried branches of the small trees around the area.

“So this is the Graveyard, huh? Big thing…” buffed a not-surprised Bud with a silver hovering ball of light at his side.

Yllus, feeling an intense inner peace the loneliness the graveyard bestowed upon her, said in a calm high-pitched voice “Listen, kid. There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you, but I do not know how you are going to take it…” ending with her hands joined behind her.

The two stopped their walk with a curious Bud eyeing the fairy at his side with a narrowed grin as he said “There’s only one way of knowing how will I take it, whatever it is, y-you know you can t-tell me, right?” with a soft switch of nervousness on the last part.

“Remember the Ballad of the Windfish we played on the morning?” she asked with her gaze towards the ground.

His nervous expression was replaced with a puzzled face before he said “Why yes, Onee-san, is something wrong?”.

She kept her gaze at the floor with timid eyes while whispering “I didn’t want to tell you anything, but…” with her glowing sprite becoming vivid joy-golden as she ended the phrase.

She turned to face the kid with a sweet smile in her face and her hands joined on her chest, “I felt something” her voice sounded as glad as she could be.

“Something?!” the kid stepped backwards in surprise with wide-opened eyes.

The smile that reigned on Yllus’ face was gradually replaced with one flare of blush on an angry face and yelled “WAIT! It’s not what you think!” at a blushed Bud before ramming her again-silver shiny sprite against the kid’s check, slapping him towards the ground.

Bud landed sat on the ground, rubbing his cheek. He did not know what to say, he did think that way. The boy just kept his cool the more he could and got up on his feet again with a soft blush in his calm face.

He quitted rubbing his face and got his hands in his tattered pockets as he said bluntly “Then, what was it?” with a serious voice.

Yllus began fluttering erratically around because of the question while thinking of a coherent description of what she felt that moment; she slowed and said an uncertain “I… I don’t know, I… it was like… a mixture of… I don’t know… bliss and… fear, I guess”.

He closed his eyes with a smirk and crossed his arms saying “Well, that’s not the description of Love, is it?” with an agree nod.

He opened his right eye when he heard the fairy say “Surely not! I mean, how come?!” her voice stroke the kid like an even stronger slap, replacing Bud’s smirk into a frown -- the fairy was going over crude.

The fairy did not lose eye contact with the boy and as the silver sprite noted the Deku boy’s face change she came again “Hey, c’mon, you misunderstood me again” with her arms in her waist.

Then, she crossed her arms and looked away rolling her eyes when she sounded a little wry saying “I meant that, to me, there is no way of describing love or hatred”.

The boy saw something behind the fairy’s light at the distance, it was a quick movement, something small and black perched quietly on a distant rachitic tree, it was a Guay, a crow-like black bird.

“Yllus, watch out it’s a Guay!” he shouted while pointing at the distant bird, which darted at blinding speed towards the fairy.

The silver hovering ball of light only had time to turn her head at the massive opened beak that snapped closed with the little bug inside it.

“Oh no! Onee-san!” Bud shouted as he saw the pitch black bird flying upwards.

The crow-like creature began flying towards the same direction it came from with a shocked Bud following it yelling “Get over here, you scum! Give the girl back!” with all his might and heart.

He pursued the bird throughout the entire graveyard in circles but he could not gain on it, it’s speed was surprising, it didn’t even seem to be a normal Guay at all, the boy saw the bird bending it’s tracks and appeared to fly straight into the rocky wall of the mountain.

“Watch it, you’ll crash!” the boy shouted in dismay as the bird did something that left him perplex, the crow-like creature flew past the rocky wall like nothing!

The boy slowed down with incredulousness at what he just saw, his voice sounded like if he had lost his mother while muttering “What the… how in the…!” with a flare of confusion and frustration in his voice.

Suddenly, the ground began shaking as he turned his shocked attention behind him and saw the horror, all the graveyard’s tombs began crumbling away as their deceased zombie occupiers began crawling their way out.

“What’s going on!?” was all the boy could phrase as he felt a powerful struck straight on his nape and felt his head lighter by the second, collapsing on the ground in unconsciousness .

Meanwhile, Yllus was starting to waking, she felt her grogginess fading away as she saw a cork suspended motionless over her, she tried to fly away, but she crashed against an invisible wall, her eyes widened as she whispered “A bottle?!” in desperation.

I had time to save you” a soft, aged voice echoed from the shadows as the figure of the pitch black vile bird appeared with sparkling red eyes.

Three cheers for cliffhangers! I hope to resume the story soonly enough so the taste of cliffhanger won´t fade in the time.

Author:  Lucario Fan [ Fri Nov 30, 2007 3:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

This story is pretty good.

Author:  Youkou no Mugon [ Fri Nov 30, 2007 4:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

This story isn't pretty good, it's AWESOME!!!

Poor Yllus, I hope she'll be able to escape the dreaded bottle.

Oh Yeah, I've finally submitted the fourth chapter to Ocarina of Weirdness, so check it out and comment whenever!

Author:  AABM [ Sat Dec 08, 2007 9:06 am ]
Post subject: 

Youkou no Mugon wrote:
This story isn't pretty good, it's AWESOME!!!

Aww thank you, girl, but the awesomeness hasn´t finished yet :P

Writer´s Corner: Well, here I am. Diligently as always, bringing you the latest news... I mean, chapter.

From now onwards, the story becomes more pointy, juicy and spicy, since things are gonna get really awful... rather weird adjectives to characterise a story @3@;

<center>Chapter #10: Death-weight Impostor -- Part II.</center>

She realised the bottle she was in was on the rocky floor, the fairy did not look away from the crow in front of her crystalline prison as a frown was produced in her face from the reducing oxygen in the chamber when she began gasping for air.

Oh! Of course, silly me, you’re not dead” the voice came again, apparently from the crow, but it’s beak did not move as it spoke, whose voice was it then?

The fairy placed her hands on her throat as she gasped heavier whilst the black bird with red eyes jumped onto the bottle and dug it’s claws on the cork, it began tugging outwards with the help of its wings, trying not to push the entire thing up as it beat and flapped its wings to uncork the glass bottle.

The cork popped out of the bottle mouth and the silver sprite rushed out there, she expected to breathe fresh air once again, but to her dismay, there wasn’t more oxygen out the bottle than inside it.

The silver ball of light began shining crazily as she fluttered around erratically as her fuming voice came “Where is this?! What do you want from me?! Who are you?! Where is Bud?!” ending with a rushed and desperate gaze at the Guay, looking at her with sparkling red eyes.

She slowed and gasped at a glimpse of the unusual glittering in the bird’s eyes and said with a frown of puzzlement “You’re… You’re not a normal Guay, w-what are y-you!?” with the twitch of nervousness.

You’re right, fairy. It is not a normal bird at all” the old, high-pitched voice came again, this time closer.

She shifted her head as the voice spoke and figured that there was another entity aside from the bird, which was apparently controlled by this one who spoke with a really aged voice. Suddenly a soft, wispy gleam of pale blue appeared at the side of them, it was a towering figure in relation to the bird and the fairy herself, the blurry figure was gradually gathering bright clear and it turned to be this old, arched woman with a lamp in her right hand.

This bony entity had tattered clothes and pitch black holes for eyes in her face. The fairy, with massive bewilderment and pointed hair, faltered “Wh-wha-t-the-h-h…” with all the disbelief and nervousness of the world.

The ghostly person caught the fairy short saying “Oh, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, allow me to answer your questions you screeched a while ago…” with an actually warm smile.

Then, it continued “We are in The Ancient Castle of Ikana, more precisely, in a hideout near the underground dungeon. I don’t want anything from you, my dear; I just had time to save you from being caught by ‘The Troop’ up there in the graveyard a while ago. I was once the grandma of my beloved girl who married happily the day after the moon crisis… And um… what is this bud you say?”.

Yllus’ gaze full of fear was replaced gradually with a calm stare at the ghost, noting it was a friendly one. She fluttered up to face the corpse face of it and said timidly “Well, good to meet you, I guess. The name is Yllustra Megami, the Fairy… Yllus, for short” she ended with her palm on her chest while her introduction.

Then, she put her hands in her waist and with a frown, she said “And… Bud is my Deku friend you separated me from” with all the bravery that was left in her small frame.

Suddenly, a victorious and loud fanfare filled the air in the dark room, both of the women looked up and shifted as it started, the ghost produced a smile and said “Seems that the Coliseum is about to begin!” ending with a gaze down at the fairy’s puzzled face.

“Coliseum?” she asked arching an eyebrow. Her voice came again, this time with an air of intense doubt in it as she crossed her arms “Never heard of a Coliseum here in Ikana” ending with a head tilt to it.

The ghost disintegrated itself into possessing the crow again, and with a rushed voice, she said “Let’s go see it; I’ll explain things as we get there” while beating its wings into flight.

Both of them darted through the darkness, the crow leading the track, the room was but pitch black, absolutely nothing could’ve been seen despite the fairy’s glow, suddenly, the two of them flew past a dark wall of dust, and the main damp dim-lighted corridor of the dungeon extended before them.

As they darted their small frames through the corridor with the iron bars and numerous corpses inside them streaming backwards, the old lady’s voice came from the crow saying “You are right, there wasn’t any coliseum here in Ikana, but recently, a mysterious man got a peculiar mask under his possession” as she ended, they turned to the left, following some stairs, still dim-lighted.

The bird sparked memories in Yllus, recalling this weird Gossip Stone saying something about a troop and a weird mask, too. She sounded interested and asked the bird to continue.

The gloomy corridor lightened with dying torches extended before them as they got past the stairs and the ghost’s voice came again “The mask is known as the ‘Captain’s Hat’ it allows the wearer to talk to and control dead individuals. This man overused this power to his own purposes and eventually became corrupted by it”.

It is believed that this guy plucked his own heart as a sign of his power over the dead who still linger in this land, and so, he became something like the Cesar of this castle as the undead individuals follow his commands blindly”.

I wish there was some way of lifting this curse” The ghost ended with a heavy sigh. Both of the hovering creatures left the dark corridor behind through its stony threshold or arch into yet another dark hall, which damp air, wet smell of earth and decoration are yet the same.

“Miss ghost! I know the way of lifting this curse! Just take me where all the dead can hear us” the fairy exclaimed as the crow headed directly to the shortest route to get out of the stronghold right away.

<center>- - -</center>

Meanwhile, some steps of leather boots and chain clinking echoed through the shadowy passage over the ever present dim noise of a crowd, the wooden boy grimaced at the handcuffs hurting his wrists, he didn’t want to be there being pushed outside by two massive stalfos behind him with their sturdy and chipped shields and their razor-sharp, giant swords.

I don’t want to die…

The corridor grew short slowly and painfully before ending beyond the threshold, behind which there this brown battle arena with the shadow, cloudy night sky upon the arena, framed with the numerous high bleachers with countless excited living dead squirming, growling and grunting in excitement – The coliseum was about to begin.

I don’t want to die…

The grunting roar of the dead crowd became louder as this pale man wearing simple jeans, a dirty white sweater and this horrendous, skullface-like mask with glowing small eyeballs appeared and sat on this throne of bone with a perfect view at the arena, right in front of Bud at the distance below.

I don’t want to die…

He extended his thin arms to address the crowd and said victoriously “Good evening and be welcome to the Coliseum my people, today’s show is a special one, we shalt turn this living Deku into one of us, Ikanan style!” with a hollow undead growling voice before craking a mad cackling as the crowd’s voltage rose to a fever pitch.

I don’t want to die…

Getting over the italising code, this is done at last.

Yeah, yeah, I know the chapter hasn´t finished yet, could I be so cold-hearted to keep this cliff hanger any longer?! Well, may be... not.

Not bad at all, aye? What do you think?

Author:  Youkou no Mugon [ Sat Dec 08, 2007 2:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

NNNNUUUUUUU!!!!!!! Bud!!!!

Don't kill him!!! *Wants to kill guy with captain's hat but remembers she can't do anything*

Author:  AABM [ Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:55 am ]
Post subject: 

Okay, since next update will come in a few more days, I'd like to ask the readers something, something about The Meaning Behind the Title.

I could see that the world-changing announcement I made here a few weeks ago was completetly overlooked, I didn't get any questions or even opinions about it. The first post has now the main thing about this fan fic and no-one gives a dam for it?

I'd like questions or opinions about the explanation of the title you found in the first post, do not; I repeat, DO NOT OVERLOOK IT, without that knowledge about this saga you guys will have no idea of what is happening next part (Part III) of chap 10, so read it and ask/comment about it. If you already read it ask or comment as well, I need opinions of it.

Author:  Youkou no Mugon [ Thu Dec 13, 2007 1:37 pm ]
Post subject: 

I didn't overlook the Meaning of the Title. As soon as you mentioned it, I ran to the first page and read it over a couple of times. And luckily for you, I do have a question or two.

Does Bud have a Gather? Does Yllus have a gather? What exactly is the importance of the Gather in the story? And will Stalkid ever get a bigger role in the fic besides being a mischevious runt?

That is all.

Oh yeah, watch this

Author:  AABM [ Thu Dec 13, 2007 2:52 pm ]
Post subject: 

Youkou no Mugon wrote:
I didn't overlook the Meaning of the Title. As soon as you mentioned it, I ran to the first page and read it over a couple of times. And luckily for you, I do have a question or two.

ORLY? Well, thank you, it's nice to know that you can count on somebody to learn about your work every time a new issue is posted :P Okay, to your questions:

Youkou no Mugon wrote:
Does Bud have a Gather?

Aha, he does. And let me tell you that next, and hopefully last, part of chap 10 (part III) you'll see what happens when the power of a Gather Mark is used and how it happens.

Youkou no Mugon wrote:
Does Yllus have a gather?

We could say she does, but hers is rather different, <spoiler>She awakens and uses hers in the last chapter</spoiler>

Youkou no Mugon wrote:
What exactly is the importance of the Gather in the story?

It bestows unwordly powers on the holder of each Mark, these need first to be awakened to then be used. E.g. Bud playing The Ballad of the Windfish was the trigger to awaken his, so he can now use it. Yet, it's not an easy thing, y'kno'?

Youkou no Mugon wrote:
And will Stalkid ever get a bigger role in the fic besides being a mischevious runt?

Dunno, haven't thought of him, may be he does. Thing is, I haven't come up with anything to put him into the story.

Youkou no Mugon wrote:
That is all.

It was my pleasure to clarify your doubts, see you until next reply.

Youkou no Mugon wrote:

Yeah, I've seen it a couple of times. Its savage or what?!

Author:  Youkou no Mugon [ Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:57 pm ]
Post subject: 

That's some really neat stuff, AABM.

Oh yeah. I'm probably gonna make another crack parody fic when I get done with Ocarina of Weirdness...

Legend of Sakura: Tobi's Mask

I probably won't do it for a while though.

Another fic I've been thinking of working on is


It would be a oneshot fic where my Naruto OC Kit will attempt to hug (almost) everyone she can. Hilarity will ensue.

Author:  AABM [ Wed Jan 23, 2008 1:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Shards of the Gathering

Yeah, it has been ages since my last post, but even my lack of updating my threads has a reason for it.

It is one pretty long story, so I'll spare the details, the thing is that now that I've moved to another city, I lack interenet connection AND that means I will not update everyday as I used to, Story updates will become scarce, and so will regular posts.

I hope I can get internet connection as soon as possible, for paying 3.50Bs F. per hour hurts enough for not going online all the time.

But you guys worry not, my stories are still on. I promise I will resume them sooner or later.

But for now, this fanfic stays as [Frozen] yet again.

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