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 Pokémon: The Road to the Indigo League - RATED T FOR TEEN 
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This is my story of Pokémon. It follows my character, Sean, through the main games. The first game I'm doing is Red, then I'll move onto the others. There are nine parts to each story, and each part has a different amount of chapters. Depends on what I want to write about. Just a note, I may be adding bits that aren't from the game or show, or removing bits that are from the game or show. Just depends on my whimsical nature. I'd like to know what y'all think about this. Go ahead and post comments and tell me what you think!

Also note that this is rated T for Teen (as if it's a game or something). I was debating whether or not to have cursing, and I decided to go ahead and use it where I deem it fitting. There will be no vulgar cursing, just the occasional four-lettered, none-starting-with-f curse. Purely for a comical effect. Hope you enjoy!


Part 1: The Road to the Boulder Badge


"Sean! Honey, it's time to get up!"

Sean rubbed the sleep from his eyes and rolled over to face the clock. It was almost seven in the morning. Why did his mother think it was time for him to get up?

"Sean! Come get your breakfast! You've got a big day ahead of you!"

What is she talking about, he thought. He was still groggy from his sleep, and not quite aware of what was going on. He had been having a dream, a great dream. In the dream, he had been standing in a stadium, a huge crowd of hundreds, maybe thousands of people roaring, cheering him on. He had just defeated the Pokémon champion, and was to be named champion himself.

And that stupid Jacob was crying, defeated in the first round. The memory of it from his dream brought a smile to Sean's face.

"Sean! Do you hear me?"

"Yes, Mom! I'm up!"

"Hurry! Professor Oak wants to see you!"

Sean pulled himself out of bed and got dressed, then headed downstairs to eat. It was bacon and eggs for breakfast, telling Sean that today was going to be a good day. Bacon always foretold a good day.

"So what does Professor Oak want?" Sean asked his mother between mouthfuls of food.

"I don't know, he just wanted to see you this morning. That's all he said. He'll be in his lab."

"Okay, Mom. Thanks. I'd better go..."

"Wait right there, young man. Is your room clean?"


"Go upstairs and clean your room first, then you can go visit Professor Oak."

"Fine!" he sighed.

With exasperation, Sean trudged back upstairs to his room to clean. His room wasn't particularly messy, at least not to him. He only tripped on a piece of discarded clothing or some such object once, maybe twice a day. Not too bad, he didn't think. But he did as his mother had told him, cleaning his room, shoving all the stuff that would fit under his bed, the rest going in the closet. He found a video game for his SNES that he'd been looking for for the last three weeks, and put it on the TV stand so he'd remember it. He then checked his email, and went back downstairs.

"Room's all clean, Mom," Sean said.

"Okay, sweety, go on and see Professor Oak now. Love you."

Sean opened the door and stepped out into Pallet Town. The sun was just coming up, peeking over the horizon to the east, washing the trees and houses in a pinkish red. Sean's home was several yards from the river that lead to Cinnabar Island, and Professor Oak's lab was right on the banks. Sean liked to breathe in the steam off the river when he had to get up early to speak with the professor, something he'd do every now and then. After watching the water for a time, he turned and entered the lab. Three of Oak's aides were already fast at work, or perhaps still up from the previous night. They nodded wordlessly at Sean as he passed, and Sean made his way to the inner lab.

"Yo, Sean!" he heard from behind him. He didn't need to turn to know who it was.

"Jacob, how are you?" Sean said through gritted teeth.

"Gramps isn't around," Jacob said, ignoring Sean's forced pleasantry. "But he said you should go see him. He's out in the field, working in the path to Viridian."

"Okay, thanks."

Sean left the lab hurriedly, hoping Jacob wouldn't follow him. Jacob was one of his least favorite people, even though he was the grandson of Sean's idol. Sean couldn't quite figure out why he detested Jacob so, but he was sure it had something to do with Jacob's disrespect to others.

The tall grass to the north of town led the way to Viridian City. Sean never went out into the grass without his father, as wild Pokémon could attack without proper protection. His father was a Pokémon trainer, and Sean wanted to be one someday, too. But, Professor Oak was waiting for him somewhere out there, and Sean didn't want to let the professor down, so he made his way through the tall grass.

"Hey! Wait!"

Sean stopped short at the sound. It was Professor Oak, coming from behind him.

"Don't you know it's unsafe to go out into tall grass? Wild Pokémon live there!" The professor was out of breath when he finally reached Sean, having sprinted from his house.

"I know that, Professor, but Jacob said you were out here and you wanted to see me."

"That little... well, you should have used your brain, Sean. Do you really think I would ask a ten-year-old to come out into the wild without his own Pokémon? Come on, boy, use your sense!"

"I'm sorry, Professor Oak." Sean looked down at his feet, ashamed. He should have realized Jacob was fooling him.

"Hm... I know, why don't you come with me."

Without waiting for a response, Professor Oak started back into town, and Sean hurried to follow him. He followed the professor back to the lab, and to a table where Jacob sat waiting.

"Gramps, I'm fed up with waiting!" Jacob complained upon seeing his grandfather. Then, when he noticed Sean, a smile crept onto his face. "Dang, I was hoping you'd miss first pick."

"What are you talking about?" asked Sean.

"That's enough, you two. Come, Sean. On this table, there are three Pokémon."

Sean looked, but didn't see anything.

"They're inside the Pokéballs, Sean," the professor explained, as if to a simpleton.

"What Pokéballs?" Sean asked.

"What Pokéballs? The ones... Where the hell did they go? I was sure... Ah, here they are!" After fidgeting around in his desk, he removed three Pokéballs, and placed them gently on the table.

"When I was younger, which was ages ago, I was a serious Pokémon trainer. I started off with these three Pokémon, and since then it has been tradition for each new Pokémon trainer to choose one of these three. Since you have turned ten, it is time for you to become a trainer, too. That is, of course, if you want to."

"Of course, I want to! Do you really mean it?"

"Yes. I know how much you've wanted this, and now the time's finally arrived. Come on out, guys!"

The red and white Pokéballs opened, and a red energy escaped from all three. The first ball released a small, four-legged green Pokémon with a mysterious bulb on its back. The second ball released a large orange Pokémon, standing upright, with a tail lit with a flame at the end. The third ball released a blue turtle-like creature, with a bald head and a red shell, standing on two legs.

"This is Bulbasaur," said Professor Oak, pointing to the first Pokémon, "Charmander, and Squirtle," pointing to the second, then the third. "Each has its own strengths, and each has its own weakness. Choose one."

"Hey, gramps! What about me?"

"Be patient, Jacob, you can have one, too! Do you think I'd just give one to Sean while you stood and watched?"

Sean inspected each one carefully. Bulbasaur's red eyes looked at Sean suspiciously, as if it didn't like him. Charmander smiled at him, its bluish-green eyes bright as they looked at him, its tail swaying from left to right. Squirtle didn't pay Sean any attention, simply stroking its tail, like a cat would, before retreating into its shell.

"I think I'll go with Charmander," Sean said, moving to kneel close to the Pokémon. It said its name happily.

"So, you'll be going with the fire Pokémon. This one is rather difficult to train, but just like a real fire, the more you tend to it, the stronger it becomes. He seems to like you."

Charmander licked Sean's neck, causing the boy to laugh.

"Alright, just let me work this blasted machine..." Professor Oak returned Charmander to its ball and put it through a large, tubed machine. A red book-like device was also attached, and the Pokéball went up through one tube, then down out of the other.

"And here you are, your very first Pokémon. Congratulations!"

"Thank you, Professor Oak. I promise to take really good care of him!"

"Good. They're fiercely loyal, and I'm sure he'll be a great friend to you."

"Alright, I've waited long enough!" said Jacob. "It's my turn to pick."

"Of course, son. Pick whichever you like."

Jacob examined the remaining Pokémon. Bulbasaur didn't seemed to like him, reacting in the same way it had reacted to Sean. Jacob picked up Squirtle, who stuck its head out of its shell and peered at him with inquisitive eyes. "I'll take this one," Jacob said.

"Are you sure? Once you've made your decision, there's no going back."

"I'm sure. It's a water type, which has the advantage over fire types."

"I see you've been studying. Yes, it's true that Squirtle would have an advantage over Charmander. If they had their special abilities, that is. But these Pokémon are too young; they only know basic attack moves."

"I've decided. Squirtle is my Pokémon."

"Very good! Just let me..."

Professor Oak did the same thing he had done with Charmander, replacing the red book thing with a different one. When the Pokéball had gone through the machine, he handed it to Jacob. "You now have your very first Pokémon. Congratulations, son!"

"Thanks, gramps!"

Sean had released his Charmander while Jacob was deciding, and hadn't been paying attention to his rival as he rubbed the lizard's head affectionately. The fire from its tail grew slightly brighter.

"Now, now, off with the two of you. Oh, I almost forgot. You'll need your Trainer's Licenses. These will allow you to participate in League-sanctioned matches, and battle Gym Leaders for badges."

He handed them both ID cards, with their basic info on them.

"Now off you get. Go on, shoo!"

With a final thank-you, Sean left the lab, Charmander following at his side. Jacob came running out behind him.

"Sean, wait! Let's see which of our Pokémon is stronger!"

"Alright, I'll take you on!"

They cleared away from the lab, into a wide open field near the southern border of town. Jacob reached onto his belt and pulled off his Pokéball. "Squirtle, I choose you!" He threw the ball, which opened and emitted the tiny turtle, before the ball flew back into his open hand.

"Go ahead, Char, I choose you!"

Charmander walked onto the field, squaring off against Squirtle.

"Char, use your Scratch attack!"

Charmander charged at Squirtle, claws raised and ready.

"Tail Whip!" Jacob ordered.

Squirtle's tail whipped about, but Charmander was too close for it to do anything. His claws dug into Squirtles chest, and Char backed off to prepare for another attack.

"Tackle attack!"

Squirtle got down on both legs and charged at Charmander, but Char was too quick, and dodged the attack, swiping its claws across Squirtle's back. Squirtle's tail whipped up as it flew past, hitting Charmander in his face, causing him to twirl around, opening up its defenses to allow an attack.

"Tackle again!"

"Watch out, Charmander!" Sean warned.

Charmander was struck from behind by the hard-headed Squirtle, and he tried to get off another attack, but failed. Charmander struggled to his feet, and growled at Squirtle as it charged again. Squirtle's eyes flickered with fear, and Charmander scratched it across its face, sending it tumbling away, landing on its back where it hopelessly tried to right itself.

"Finish it off, Char!"

Charmander closed the distance, swiping his claws across the soft underbelly of the flailing turtle.

"Alright, that's enough!" yelled Jacob. "Squirtle, return!"

A red beam shot from Jacob's Pokéball, and Squirtle returned as it was ordered.

"I don't believe this... I picked the wrong Pokémon!"

"It's not the Pokémon," said Professor Oak, who had been watching the battle from the waterfront, unseen by the two trainers, "but the trainer. Although Charmander attacked of its own volition, it was spurred on by its trainer. It wanted to win for Sean, so it did. You have not yet formed the same bond with your Squirtle as Sean has with his Charmander."

"I just got it five minutes ago!" said Jacob.

"Yes, and look at how close they've grown in that short time! Now, as this was an officially sanctioned Pokémon duel, as the loser you are to give half of the money you are carrying to Sean."

"But... but I have all my money on me now! I have 350 Pokédollars!"

"Then you owe Sean 175 Pokédollars."

"Grr... Fine! Here!" Jacob reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and removed the bills, thrusting them into Sean's eagerly outstretched hand.

"Is there a place where we can heal up our Pokémon?" Sean asked as he added the bills to his own wallet.

"Yes, why don't you follow me back to the lab, I'll heal them up for you both."

After waiting around for a minute, Professor Oak handed Jacob his Pokéball, while Charmander returned to Sean's open arms. Sean squeezed his new Pokémon tightly, congratulating it on its victory.

"You just wait, Sean," Jacob sneered. "I'm going to train my Pokémon up, make it stronger so it can take you. I'm off. Smell you later, loser!"

And with that, Jacob was out the door.

"You'd better follow suit, Sean. Just because you won today, it doesn't mean you'll win tomorrow. You should train your Pokémon, have it fight wild Pokémon to gain experience. Here, why don't you have this potion. Just in case you need it between here and Viridian City."

"Thanks, Professor. I'll see you later."

"Alright, Sean. See you later. And don't forget to say goodbye to your mother!"

If you were offended by my post, just know that I was probably kidding. Probably...


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It's always hard to judge a story after only the first chapter, but I think an early critique can motivate an encourage a writer to finish their story so I'll give you a few points.

I love the way you command the English language, you use a wide vocabulary and aren't afraid of using metaphors to make the action jump off the page.

The statement about Bacon foretelling of a good day was brilliant, it showed a whimsical writing style and set up the casual storytelling very well very early on. This was probably the sentence that kept me reading.

Your tense is good, there was only one literal error I found and that was when he found the SNES game he had been looking for for weeks. I think your spellcheck deleted the double word so it just read "looking for weeks" or something to that effect. I try to minimize using double words though understandably sometimes it can't be avoided. I don't think there would have been any issue with using a double word here, but you could try writing "that he had been looking for over the past weeks," instead, but again, I think the double word was fine.

Personally I don't like when writers change the canon of the genre, for example we know Oak's grandson is Gary, but you did say it was based loosely off the games and anime with omissions and additions and as I said it's only my personal dislike so I don't chastise you for this.

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a first chapter in a fan fiction archive and I really hope you keep writing. I don't think it appropriate for other writers to offer story suggestions, but I will say I am looking forward to reading your version of the characters like Old Man in Viridian City and the Gym Leaders.

Keep it up, good work. 8.5/10 only because it's a little slow but first chapters always are.


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Why thank you! Yes, when I reread the chapter, my mind just added the extra 'for', so I didn't catch it. It has been fixed.

About the canon bit, yes, we know Oak's grandson is named Gary from the anime, but in the game he's named Blue canonically, so I was just a little confused as to how to tackle that problem. So I just decided to use the name of one of my oldest friends to be the rival. I will try not to change a whole lot, but will do so only if it will help the story, or when not changing hinders the story's progress. For example, in Ruby the character's father is the fifth gym leader, so I'm trying to decide whether to keep him as the father, or just change him to fit a different role. And I'm also trying to figure out how to introduce the next generation of Pokémon, so any suggestions would be helpful there. So far, I've just decided that, during this time in Red, there are scientists in Johto exploring, and won't publish the results of their findings until Gold is ready to be written. I don't know.

Thanks, again, I'm glad you liked it so far! Another chapter is on the way!

If you were offended by my post, just know that I was probably kidding. Probably...


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After a lengthy goodbye, involving a lot of hugs and kisses, Sean left his mother and traveled north to Viridian City, his first stop on his way to becoming a Pokémon Master. He entered the tall grass that signaled the start of Route 1, home of wild Pokémon just waiting for him to battle. He wanted to catch some more, too, but he didn't have any Pokéballs, so he'd have to wait until he got to the PokéMart in Viridian to buy some. That would be his first stop in the city.

There were many Pidgey along the Route, but only one was within Charmander's reach. Eager to get some experience, Sean sent Char to attack it, and the Pidgey responded by kicking up strong gusts of wind in defense. Char was able to handle it, though, and closed the distance quickly, scratching the Pidgey into submission. Sean tried not to let the victory go to his head, but as they pushed on and encountered a Rattata, Sean sent Char after it, too, and was delighted when Char pulled away with another victory. Another Rattata fell to Char's claws before they reached Viridian. Sean's memories of visiting this city with his parents returned to him, and he made his way to the PokéMart with a large smile on his face.

"Hello, and welcome to the Viridian City PokéMart!" said the man behind the counter as Sean pushed the door open. Sean had met the man a few times when he had visited the city with his parents, but he didn't remember his name. The store was small, and there were only two other people perusing the items for sale.

"Say, aren't you the youngster who comes with his parents from Pallet Town?" the man asked.

"Yes, sir, I am," Sean replied.

"Well, where are they? I have a favor to ask of your father."

"They're not here. My dad's off on business in some of the mountain towns, and my mother's at home."

"What are you doing all the way out here by yourself, then?"

"I've got my first Pokémon," said Sean, pointing at Charmander, "and I'm training to become a Pokémon Master!"

"Oh, I see! Well, then, would you mind doing me a favor?"

"Not at all." Sean was rather excited to get his first mission.

"If you have your first Pokémon, then you must know Professor Oak." Sean nodded his head that he knew the professor. "Right. His order came in today. Would you mind taking it over to him for me?"

"Sure. You can count on me."

"I know I can. Bye now, Sean!"

Sean left the PokéMart and headed to the Pokémon Center to give Charmander some rest. Then they were headed back to Pallet Town, fighting more Rattata and Pidgey along the way.

Back in Pallet, Sean made his way to Professor Oak's lab, a somewhat tired Charmander right on his heels. Inside, he found the professor and Jacob talking together.

"Oh, Sean!" Oak said when he noticed Sean's approach. "How is my old Pokémon?"

"We're great. He's a bit tired, though."

Professor Oak came over and examined Charmander. "He certainly seems to like you quite a lot," he muttered.

"How can you tell?"

"A trained professor such as myself can always tell. Let's have him rest here a bit." Oak led Char to a table similar to the ones at the PokéCenter, then returned to the two young boys.

"Here you go, Professor. A package arrived for you today in Viridian." Sean removed the round parcel from his backpack and handed it to Oak.

"Ah, yes, the custom Pokéball I ordered! Splendid! Yes, thank you, Sean."

"Gramps, what did you call me for?" Jacob interrupted impatiently. "I've been waiting for a long time!"

"Oh, yes. Now that Sean is here, I can tell you. Over there, on my desk, is an invention of mine, which I call the Pokédex. There's one for each of you. Let me see which one is yours..." Oak opened each Dex, the same device he had attached to the tubed machine earlier that day, and examined it, before handing the first one to Jacob, and the second to Sean.

"What is it?" asked Sean.

"It's a device that automatically records data on Pokémon you've seen or captured. If you capture them, then you get more information. It's basically a high-tech encyclopedia. Sean, yours already has information of Charmander, and Jacob, yours has information on Squirtle. It tells you what attacks it knows, and how long it will be before it levels up and evolves."

"Levels up?"

"Yes. Pokémon have what we call 'levels'. Depending on how much it knows, its level could be high or low. The more battles you get in with your Pokémon, but more importantly the more you win those battles, the more experience your Pokémon will get, and the higher level they will be. The higher the level, the more attacks it knows, and the sooner it will evolve."

"Oh, I see now. Thanks, Professor!"

"No problem. I want the both of you to take those with you on your adventures. Capture some new Pokémon and complete the Dex. It contains all the information on all known Pokémon."

"How many Pokémon are there?"

"We don't know for sure. We know of at least 150, but there are probably hundreds, if not thousands more. In fact, there is currently a young professor in Johto who has discovered--Well, never mind. I'm sure he'd like to keep that information secret. Anyway, moving on, the Pokédex! Ah, to make a complete guide to all Pokémon was my dream. But, alas, I've grown too old. Now it's up to you to carry on, to fulfill my dream. Now get on with it!"

"Alright, Gramps," said Jacob with a cocky demeanor, "leave it all to me. Sean, I hate to say it, but I don't need you. You'd better just stay out of my way!" He started for the door, muttering something about his sister's map.

"Bye, Professor. Thanks again!"

Sean went up to Jacob's house, which was right next door to his own home. Jacob's sister, Samantha, was an up-and-coming cartographer, a map-maker. She had been all over Kanto, outlying the paths to each of the cities. As Sean didn't know his way past Viridian, he felt that a map would be invaluable. Plus, Samantha always liked Sean, mostly because they both hated Jacob.

Samantha opened the door after Sean knocked, and Jacob pushed his way past him angrily. "Smell you later, losers!" he sneered on his way.

"What's with him and smelling people?" asked Sean.

"It's a birth defect," Samantha replied. "Come on in!"

Sean entered the clean house. A large table was in the middle of the room, and there were pieces of paper littered across it, with compasses and protractors acting as paperweights to protect them from the early summer winds.

"Jacob's told me about what Grandfather has asked of you," Samantha said, returning to her seat at the table. She ruffled through the leaves of paper and pulled out a small sheet. "This is a map of Kanto. I gave one to Jacob, only because he's my brother, so I should give one to you, too." She folded the map and handed it to Sean.

"Thanks, Sammy," he said, putting the map inside his jacket pocket.

"Don't thank me. Just beat him."

"Will do!"

He waved goodbye and left the house, heading over to his own to see his mother again. He immediately regretted this decision. After a half an hour trying to convince his mother he didn't need to rest, he managed to find his way back onto Route 1 and back to the city. Curiosity overcame him, and he pulled out his Pokédex and read the entry on Charmander.

"Charmander, a lizard Pokémon," the computerized voice said. "Obviously prefers hot places. When it rains, steam is said to spout from the tip of its tail. Known attacks: Scratch, Growl, and Ember."

"Ember?" Sean looked at Char. "When did you learn Ember?"

"Char?" came the reply.

"We have to test this out! Let's try to find a wild Pokémon..."

Sean's excitement over Charmander's advancement was elevated when they found a poor Rattata.

"Ember attack!" Sean yelled triumphantly.

Charmander began spinning his tail in circular motions, seemingly hypnotizing the Rattata. Then, with a whish, burning bits of fire sputtered from Charmander's tail, impacting hard on his foe. The Rattata was done for, out cold with one blow. Sean felt a mixture of euphoria and sadness over the victory. The poor little thing did not deserve such a cruel fate. Reaching into his pack, he brought forth one of his potions, and used it on the Rattata. After a minute, it jumped up and scurried off into the forest, going as quickly as it could.

Once again in Viridian, Sean let Char get some rest at the PokéCenter while he went back to the PokéMart. He told the man he had delivered the package successfully, then browsed the items and found what he was looking for: Pokéballs. The pricetag said 200 Pokédollars per ball, so with his winnings from the battle with Jacob, and his own money his mother had given him, he bought five.

After retrieving Charmander, Sean studied the map to try and decide where to go first. Samantha had outlined the gyms on the map, and the closest was... right here in Viridian! But Sean wasn't stupid. He knew he'd have to get some more Pokémon before he challenged the Viridian Gym Leader, so he went north into Viridian Forest to try his luck. Before he stepped onto Route 2, however, a man leaning against a tree came up to him.

"Ahh, I've had my coffee now, and I feel great!" The old man looked at him, not saying anything more.

"That's, er, nice," said Sean. "I'm glad to hear it!"

"Are you in a hurry, young man?"

"Well, no, but--"

"I couldn't help but notice the Pokéballs attached to your belt. A trainer, no doubt! Would you like me to teach you how to catch Pokémon?"

"I think I could probably--"

"What you do is... well, I'd better just show you." The man grabbed Sean's wrist and began dragging him onto Route 2. He stopped in the tall grass and reached into his pack. Sean noticed several dozen Pokéballs in there. "This is what you do," he said, then went about and found a Pokémon, a small, worm-like creature Sean recognized to be a Weedle. The old man threw his Pokéball, which hit Weedle in its head. It turned into a red energy, and entered the Pokéball. The ball shook for a minute, as if the Weedle was struggling to get out, before finally resting.

The old man went over and picked up the ball. "With most Pokémon, you'll need to weaken them first with your own, or maybe put it to sleep or paralyze it. Then you can throw your Pokéball. But with some of the weaker ones, like this Weedle, you won't need to do much, other than throw."

"Thank you for the invaluable lesson," said Sean sarcastically. "I will cherish it for the rest of my life."

The man swelled with pride. "Excellent. Now off you get, young man. Don't let me keep you. Time is money, after all!"

Sean waved farewell to the old man, who made his way back to town, and went north into the forest. A boy was standing by a large tree just within the forest, and Sean waved as he went past. Attached to the trees were various Kakuna and Metapod, a few of which Sean had Charmander attack, but after realizing they wouldn't fight back, Sean left them in peace. Then, a small Caterpie crossed his path and came up to him. Sean remembered his Pokédex, and took it out and examined the Caterpie.

"Caterpie, a worm Pokémon. Its short feet are tipped with suction pads that enable it to tirelessly climb slopes and walls. Known attacks: Tackle and String Shot."

Sean took one of his Pokéballs and threw it at the Caterpie. It struggled for a bit, much like the Weedle the old man had caught, but finally rested. Elated, Sean continued into the forest, searching for more Pokémon to capture. He had Caterpie fight a Kakuna, but after ten tackles, it was looking hopeless, so he had Charmander finish it off. He saw and captured his own Weedle, adding it to his ever-growing collection.

"Weedle, a hairy bug Pokémon," said Dex when Sean regarded it for info on his new teammate. "Often found in forests, eating leaves. It has a sharp venomous stinger attached to its head. Known attacks: Poison Sting and String Shot."

"Awesome," said Sean, attaching the ball to his belt.

Sean continued battling bug Pokémon with Caterpie and Weedle. He searched throughout the forest for more victims, and found another Weedle.

"Alright. Weedle, I choose you!" He threw his Pokéball and Weedle moved to intercept its cousin. "Poison Sting!" yelled Sean, and it lowered its head and charged. The wild Weedle used its String Shot, but it barely stopped Sean's Weedle. The two connected, and the wild Weedle was sent sprawling into a tree. Sean jumped and cheered his Weedle, congratulating it on another victory, when he noticed it was glowing. When it stopped glowing, Sean realized it had evolved into Kakuna. He took out his Pokédex to study it.

"Kakuna, a cocoon Pokémon. Almost incapable of moving, this Pokémon can only harden its shell to protect itself from predators. Known attacks: Harden."

Sean didn't know what to think about this. He was happy, of course, that his Weedle had evolved so soon, but he was also disappointed that it would be unable to attack. He began to use Caterpie, but it, too, evolved, this time into a Metapod.

"Metapod, a cocoon Pokémon. This Pokémon is vulnerable to attack while its shell is soft, exposing its weak and tender body. Known attacks: Harden."

"Well, this is hardly what I'd call a fortunate turn of events!" Sean sighed, throwing his arms up in defeat. He then laughed at his little joke, and returned to Viridian to rest. With only one Pokémon capable of attacking, he was no closer to challenging the Viridian City Gym Leader than he was earlier that day. The sun was setting and he was tired, so he went back home to Pallet and fashioned a sleeping pad for Charmander, then drifted off into a world filled with dreams of Pokémon.

If you were offended by my post, just know that I was probably kidding. Probably...


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"Professor Oak, I need some advice."

It was the next morning, and Sean had woken up early again to see the professor. He returned to his favorite spot by the river to breathe in the smells, then went inside.

"Certainly, Sean. What can I do for you?"

"Well, yesterday I caught a Caterpie and a Weedle."

"That's excellent news! I'm glad to hear it!"

"Thank you. I had them battle a bit, to train them up, and they both evolved."

"Oh, splendid! You're coming along nicely. Three new Pokémon in one day, plus two evolutions, and a win under your belt. Not too bad, Sean."

"Yes, I know. But, the thing is... Kakuna and Metapod can't attack. They move too slowly, if they even move at all. How can I get them to evolve into their final forms?"

Professor Oak drummed his forefinger against his chin, pondering the dilemma. "You know, I don't really think there is much you can do. I'll tell you what, why don't you leave them here with me, and I'll look after them until they evolve? Then I can send them to you. Does that sound like a fair plan?"

"That sounds fantastic. Thank you, Professor!" Sean removed the Pokéballs containing his cocooned Pokémon, then waved goodbye and left, heading back to Viridian Forest. Just inside the forest, a streak of yellow caught his eye, and Charmander seemed like he wanted to pursue the mysterious color, so they both entered the grass to find the source. They cornered a small, yellow mouse-like Pokémon that Sean didn't recognize. Before he could pull out his Pokédex, the mouse attacked, sending a jolt of electricity into Sean.

"Ow," he said. "Charmander, use your Ember!"

Charmander began twirling his tail, powering up the attack. In the blink of an eye, the Pokémon sent a bolt of electricity hurtling toward Charmander, knocking him back and messing up the attack.

"Growl at it!" commanded Sean.

Char let out a menacing growl, and the yellow Pokémon returned it, growling right back. The two Pokémon just sat there, growling at each other. Finally, Sean had had enough, and threw his Pokéball. The mouse was caught off guard, and briefly struggled against becoming Sean's newest teammate before resigning to the fact. Sean took out his Pokédex and examined the latest entry.

"Pikachu, a mouse Pokémon. When several of these Pokémon gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms. Known attacks: Thundershock and Growl."

"Finally, a Pokémon that isn't a bug!"

Sean stayed in the forest for a while longer, training up both Charmander and Pikachu. Eventually, his Pokédex buzzed in his pocket, and Dex told him that Pikachu had learned a new attack, Thunder Wave. He stayed in the forest training, until finally he felt he was ready to take on the Viridian City Gym Leader!

"Sorry, this Gym is always closed." The man standing outside the Viridian City Gym was seemingly genuine in his apology.

"Why is it closed?" Sean asked, who was let down to say the least.

"Because the leader is gone. No one even knows who the leader is."

Sean turned back and went to the PokéCenter, both to rest his Charmander and Pikachu, and also to plot his next course of action. Pewter City was the closest Gym town, but there was also the legendary Victory Road. He was close to it now, so why not take a detour to see it? It was settled, he would--

"Sean?" a voice called from his pocket. "Sean, are you there?"

Sean reached in his pocket and pulled out the Pokédex. He opened it and saw Professor Oak, a smile on his face.

"Sean, how have you been?"

"I've been great. I caught a Pikachu, and I've been spending the day training both of my Pokémon. What about Kakuna and Metapod?"

"That's actually what I am calling you about. They've both evolved! I'm sending them to you right now."

"Why don't I just come down there? It's getting late, and I might as well return home."

"It would be much faster to just send them to you. Hold on."

Sean was confused. At the very least, he would intercept the messenger on the way. A bright white light suddenly emitted from Sean's belt, and two Pokéballs appeared.

"Did you get them?" Oak asked.

"Yes... How...?"

"It's a new invention by a young man up near Cerulean City. If you're ever there, you should pay him a visit. I've got to get going, Sean. Take care!"

"Alright, bye, Professor."

He returned his Pokédex and withdrew the two Pokéballs. He pressed the buttons and out came two large, flying, insectoid Pokémon. The first was a very pretty Pokémon that resembled a butterfly. It had four pale blue legs and a similarly colored nose. The other was also four-legged, but far less pretty. It looked like a wasp, and it buzzed as if hovered next to the first. Sean consulted the Pokédex on the first, then the second Pokémon.

"Butterfree, the butterfly Pokémon. In battle, it flaps its wings at high speed to release highly toxic dust into the air. Known attacks: Tackle, String Shot, and Confusion.

"Beedrill, the poison bee Pokémon. Flies at high speed and attacks using its large venomous stingers on its forelegs and tail. Known attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot, and Fury Attack."

"Two excellent additions to the team," Sean said, putting the Dex back in his pocket and addressing the Pokémon. Beedrill simply buzzed, while Butterfree flew around the table. Sean asked the nurse if there were rooms available, and checked into one to retire for the night. He returned all his Pokémon to their balls except for Charmander, who snuggled up next to him. Sean hoped his tail wouldn't catch the bed on fire.

He slept in the next day, and was pleased to find he hadn't been burned alive by Char's tail. They got up and had breakfast, the Pokémon eating food prepared by the Center while Sean ate some food he had prepared himself and read a book on Pokémon, and then got underway, heading west toward Victory Road. It was a warm day, and Sean and Char walked together, searching for any battles. They found none, until they saw a figure approaching from the distance, near a large body of water. As the figure got closer, Sean realized who it was.

"Hey! Sean!"

"Hello, Jacob. What are you--"

"You're going to the Indigo League?" Jacob could barely contain his childish giggling. "Forget it! You probably don't have any badges!"

"No, I don't. I just wanted to see--"

"The guard won't let you through if you don't have any badges. By the way, did your Pokémon get any stronger? Let's battle, and find out. Two versus two?"


Jacob retreated back a few steps, and threw a Pokéball. "Go, Pidgey!" The little bird flew about, waiting for Sean to choose his own Pokémon.

Luckily, Sean had been reading up on Pokémon, and knew that electric attacks worked well against flying types. "I choose you, Pikachu!"

The little mouse shot forth, and yelled, "Pika!"



The two Pokémon attacked simultaneously. The bolt of electricity hit Pidgey, freezing it in place while the gusts of wind caused Pikachu to fly backwards. Pidgey regained control of itself, but not soon enough to dodge another attack from Pikachu. With another Thundershock, Jacob's Pidgey was out.

"Okay. Squirtle, go!"

"Thundershock again, Pikachu!" Sean yelled. He had read that water types were weak to electric attacks, too.

Squirtle seemed dazed after the attack, but Jacob told it to use its Tackle attack, and it was able to, knocking Pikachu into a rock. Pikachu got up slowly, hurt still from Pidgey's previous attack. "You're doing great, Pikachu, just hang in there. Give it one more Thundershock!"

"Pika... CHU!" Electricity rained down on Squirtle, and the small Pokémon was finished.

"Squirtle, return." Squirtle moaned before it was returned to its ball. "You just lucked out, Sean. Here's your cut." Jacob handed over a larger stack of money, and moved past Sean grudgingly. Before he got too far, he turned and said, "I heard the Indigo League has many tough trainers. I have to figure out how to get past them. You should quit dawdling and get a move on! You'll need much more experience if you hope to beat them."

And he left, not waiting for a reply. "If I need more experience, then you definitely do, too," said Sean, although only Char and Pikachu could hear him.

They headed back to Viridian to heal up, then north to the Viridian Forest. If what Jacob said was true, he wouldn't be able to see Victory Road until he had some badges, and the closest badge was north of Viridian Forest in Pewter City, so that was their next destination.

Within the forest, Sean and Char headed east past a boy who had no more Pokéballs. The forest buzzed with sounds of bug Pokémon, and young people his age catching them with nets and balls. As he rounded a corner, a bug catcher challenged him to a match, to which Sean agreed.

"First up: Weedle!"

"Char, go ahead! Use Ember!"

Charmander began spinning his tail, and unleashed his Ember attack on the small Weedle. It didn't stand a chance.

"Weedle, return! Alright, up next is Caterpie! Go! Use String Shot!"

"Ember again"

Caterpie's String Shot disintegrated as Char's firey attack crashed into it, sending it reeling, unconscious.

"No! Caterpie couldn't cut it?!"

"Sorry, kid. I just had the type advantage."

The boy, who was not much younger than Sean, paid his due, and Sean continued up the path. Rounding another corner, Sean almost ran into a second bug catcher, who also wanted to fight. Sean obliged the boy, who first sent out a Weedle. Sean sent out Butterfree, who used its Confusion attack against the Weedle, then the Kakuna, and the final Weedle. This victory boosted Sean's confidence greatly, having defeated three foes with one Pokémon, and he continued through the forest, richer in both self-esteem and money.

With the end of the forest in sight, Sean and Charmander quickened their pace, only to be halted by a call.

"Hey! Wait up!" Another boy came running up to them. "What's the hurry, huh?"

"I'm going to Pewter City to challenge the gym leader for a badge."

"Oh, cool! Do you have time for a quick fight? One on one?"

"Sure." I wonder what kind of Pokémon he'll pick, Sean thought sarcastically.

"Weedle, go!" How did I know?

"Butterfree, Confusion!"

Butterfree shot forth from the ball and began to beat its wings rhythmically. The Weedle didn't stand a chance, and fell over, eyes crossed and ready to return.

"Weedle, return! Wow, you're good at this."


They parted ways, after the boy parted with some money, and Sean exited the Viridian Forest at last. The sun was just setting to the west, and the moon was already visible in the sky. Sean's eyes suddenly grew heavy, and he glanced at Char, who was rubbing his eyes with balled fists. "Tired, buddy?" Char nodded, and the two of them walked the remainder of the way to Pewter City and found the PokéCenter. Sean gave his Pokémon over to the nurse, who took them for the night, and he found a nice, comfortable bed upstairs and went to sleep. He needed his rest, for tomorrow he would battle the Pewter City Gym Leader for his first badge.

He was up early the next day. He ate breakfast with his Pokémon, then got directions to the gym. Outside, a crisp breeze was blowing off the mountains to the north. Mt. Moon was just visible over the trees. Remnants of stars were still in the sky as the sun rose and the moon set. Sean and Char made their way to the gym, and found its doors open. Anxiety and suspense filled Sean's mind as he entered the gym. A stone path led straight down the hallway. The area was well-lit, and he could see nothing but rocks and boulders all inside. Sean did some quick thinking, trying to decide if he had any Pokémon that were effective against rock types. He did not. In fact, the only Pokémon he had that were not weak against rock types was Pikachu, but electric attacks would be useless here.

Besides the greeter, there were two people in the gym. When the closest person saw him, he came up to him. "Stop right there, kid!" he yelled. Sean stopped, frozen in place. "You're still lightyears from facing Brock! If you can beat me, then you can face him."

"Okay... Aren't--"

"Diglett, go!"

Sean thought for a minute. Charmander was a no, as was Pikachu. Beedrill and Butterfree were both flying, but Butterfree had Confusion. Perhaps, if he attacked quickly...

"Butterfree, go! Confusion, quickly!"

"Scratch, Diglett!"

Diglett jumped out of its hole and scratched Butterfree across the face with its teeth. Butterfree began to flap its wings rhythmically, and Diglett's eyes began to cross.

"Snap out of it, Diglett! Use Scratch again!"

"Dodge, Butterfree!"

Diglett jumped up again, and Butterfree attempted to dodge, but failed. Diglett landed back in its hole, and Butterfree repeated its attack. Diglett rolled around, eyes crossing, and it slumped over, unconscious.

"Grr... Diglett, return! Go Sandshrew! Use Sand-Attack!"

Sandshrew began kicking sand up in Butterfree's face, but Butterfree didn't need to see to use its Confusion.

"Sandshrew, Scratch!"

Sandshrew rolled into a ball and flew up toward Butterfree, one tiny little arm outstretched and scratched Butterfree's side.

"Tackle attack!" Sean yelled.

Butterfree flew backward, then charged forward at full speed, slamming into the Sandshrew. It fell, and did not move again.

"Damn it!" yelled the trainer, and he recalled his Sandshrew.

"You know that lightyears is a measurement of distance, not time, right?" Sean asked. He then moved past the boy, and met a shirtless man with brown pants and no shoes, with spikey black hair. Sean assumed this was Brock.

"I'm Brock!" the man yelled. Correct assumption, Sean. "I'm Pewter's Gym Leader! I believe in rock-hard defense and determination! That's why my Pokémon are all rock-type. Do you still want to challenge me?"

"Yes I do!" Sean yelled in response.

"Fine then! Show me your best!"

Sean backed up, and Brock went out to meet him. "This will be a two-versus-two match! Do you have any objections?"

"No, that'll be fine."

"Okay, then! Let the match begin! GO GEODUDE!" He hurled his ball and out came a rock with arms.

"Butterfree, I choose you!"

Butterfree soared into the air, wings spread wide. "Confusion!"

"Tackle it!" shouted Brock. Geodude rose off the ground and flew up to slam into Butterfree. It returned to the ground, but levitated just above it. Butterfree's wings flapped, causing Geodude to sway back and forth.

"Geodude, Defense Curl!"

Geodude rolled into a ball, trying to hide its face from Butterfree. But the sound of the wings flapping was still rhythmic, and Geodude fell to the ground. Brock returned Geodude to its ball, then reached for his second. "I choose... ONIX!"

A large, rocky serpent sprung from the ball. Both Sean and Butterfree moved back away from it. Butterfree's wings kept flapping, its scales shining in a myriad of colors. Onix screeched, causing Butterfree to flinch, but still its wings flapped.

"Tackle!" yelled Brock, and Onix reered back and brought the front part of its body crashing down. Butterfree moved back as quickly as it could, but its lower abdomen was struck by the horn protruding from Onix' head. Yet still its wings flapped, until Onix' eyes crossed. However, it did not faint. It began thrashing about wildly, tail crashing into boulders and lights, knocking them off the beams on the roof. They came down, shattering on the stone floor as Onix continued thrashing. "Onix, control yourself!" Brock yelled, but it was no use. Onix was confused, did not understand where it was, and was reacting accordingly.

"If you don't want to cause any further damage to your gym, I suggest you call it back and forfeit!" yelled Sean over the chaos.

Brock gritted his teeth, deciding which was worth more to him, and decided it was his gym. "Onix, return!" With a final roar, Onix dissipated back into its ball.

Sean leapt into the air, yelling and cheering. "Come here, Butterfree!" Butterfree flew over to him, and he hugged it. "You did it! We won! We've got our first badge!" Butterfree seemed just as happy as he was, but it was injured, so Sean recalled it. Charmander licked his hand as he put the ball back on his belt, and he patted his head affectionately.

"It seems I've taken you for granted," said Brock, a small smile creeping onto his face. "As proof of your victory, here's the Boulder Badge." He gestured to something behind Sean, and Sean turned to see the trainer he had beaten earlier with his hand outstretched. In his palm was a little grey badge in the shape of a boulder. Sean took it and pinned it to his jacket, then shook the young man's hand and turned back to Brock.

"Thank you" was all he could say.

"Don't thank me, you earned it. Now, that's an Official Indigo League Badge, so don't lose it. You only get one."

Sean thanked him again, then turned to leave.

Once outside, he jumped up into the air again. He did it! He had gotten his first badge! Sean marched triumphantly back to the PokéCenter with two things on his mind: His second badge, and how in the world Brock could see with both eyes closed.


And there it is, the end of Part 1. Part 2 is up next, with Part 3 on deck. You know how numbers work. In my personal opinion, these last two chapters were... not as good as the first, but you're always your worst critic, right? Well, anyway, time to get me some food!

If you were offended by my post, just know that I was probably kidding. Probably...


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I sort of deviated a bit from the game with this chapter, in that I added something that was in neither the game nor the anime. Well, at least I don't think it was in the anime. I was getting tired of just writing the game by itself, so, heh heh SUBPLOT!!! Sean, Char, and friends will be revisiting this SUBPLOT!!! over the course of the story.

EDIT: I originally had four members of Team Rocket come out of the ship, but I changed it to five. For continuity reasons.


Part 2: The Road to the Cascade Badge


There was a loud crash. Charmander was already up, teeth grinding, tail swishing, flame burning. Sean was up in a flash, donning his clothes faster than he ever had before. After attaching his belt, he left his room and ran downstairs to see what had happened. It could have just been someone dropping something heavy. It could have been a door slamming. It could have been anything, altered in Sean's dream state to sound like something worse. But instinctively, Sean knew it was serious.

The main lobby of the PokéCenter was frantic with people scurrying about to see what had happened. Sean started for the nearest person to ask if they knew what was going on when there was an explosion that shook the Center, causing him to strengthen his grip on the rail to keep from falling. It had come from outside, that much he was certain. He looked at Char, steeled himself for what may lie ahead, and they headed out the door into the early dawn light.

A large, black, bullet-shaped machine with a red R painted on its hull was flying about, firing missiles at a small flying pink Pokémon that Sean could have sworn was laughing. The Pokémon was moving faster than anything Sean had seen before, stopping frequently to wait for the machine to catch up. If he didn't know any better, he'd say the two were playing catch or something, but when each missile impacted upon the hard earth or mountainside or forest floor, he knew that if one struck the Pokémon, it would be done for.

Sean could think of nothing to do. His own Pokémon were no match for such a machine, and he wasn't foolish enough to risk their safety in a vain attempt at heroism. In the very least, he could scan the Pokémon, and try to determine its chances for survival.

"No known data exists."

That was odd. Sean thought Professor Oak had added the data for every Pokémon.

The machine continued firing missiles, until one hit its target. But the missile did not detonate. Sean watched in amazement as the little Pokémon grabbed the missile, which was at least ten times its size, and threw it back at the machine, dancing in the sky, happy as could be. The missile exploded on contact, and the machine sputtered and nose-dived into the forest. People who had been gathered around watching cringed at the screeching sound of grinding metal, and Sean started running toward the crash site to help anyone who might need it, Charmander on his heels. A few people ran with him, while others moved out of their way.

When they got to the downed aircraft, five people in sleek black outfits, all with a red R emblazoned on their chests, were pulling themselves out of the wreckage. When the five men saw the rushing villagers, one pulled out a Pokéball and yelled, "Koffing, go!" A purplish round Pokémon responded to the call, one that Sean had never seen before. "Koffing, Smokescreen!" The Koffing vomited a black gas that hazed over the area, and by the time one of the villagers had his Pidgeotto clear the smoke, the five men were gone.

"Sean! What's going on?"

Sean turned to see Brock running up to him, Geodude and Onix following suit. Brock was still half-naked, save for his brown pants. He squinted intently at the fallen vessel, then at Sean.

"I have no idea," Sean replied. He pointed at the ship. "These guys were firing on a small pink Pokémon, and it... well, it destroyed them."

"Is the Pokémon okay?" Brock asked, the concern in his voice palpable.

"It seemed to be having the time of its life, to be honest. It was laughing and dancing, then it caught one of their missiles and destroyed the ship with it, and continued dancing." Sean scanned the sky, searching for the mysterious Pokémon. "I think it's gone."

"Hm... Do you know what kind of Pokémon it was? You said it was pink..."

"I checked for it in my Pokédex, but it said no known data exists."

"That is interesting." Brock rubbed his chin and started for town, Sean and everyone else following his lead. The town was unscathed but for a few large holes and demolished trees. The mountains, Sean could see, were pockmarked with where the missiles had struck. "Well at least they didn't do any serious damage."

"Do you know who they were?" Sean asked.

"Team Rocket. The sons of... these bastards use Pokémon for their own gain. They don't care about them, don't respect them. They're scum, and deserve to be wiped from the face of the earth."

"Why doesn't someone do something about them?"

"They're the most powerful criminal organization in the world. They're funded by rich businessmen, and have some of the most sophisticated laboratories in the world. Even if someone were to take them on, I doubt it would do much good."

Sean stood silently with Brock and their Pokémon as people returned to their homes. Char seemed eager for a battle, but Sean patted his head in an effort to calm him.

"You did good out there, kid," said Brock, still gazing upon Pewter City. "I saw you. You were the first to investigate the crash. Even though the vessel was clearly attacking an innocent Pokémon, you were going to help the people if they needed it."

"Of course," said Sean. Brock smiled.

"There are all kinds of trainers in the world. Some, like those with Team Rocket, don't care about anyone but themselves. You appear to be a very gifted trainer, capable of forming bonds with any Pokémon. I see the way your Charmander behaves around you, reacts to your movements. He is very happy with you."

"Char!" said Charmander happily.

Brock lauged. "Where are you heading next?"

"I haven't decided yet. Whichever town has the next badge, I guess."

"That would be Cerulean City. You'll have to head through Mt. Moon to get there. It's a long journey. Come with me, I'll make you some food for both you and your Pokémon for the trip."

"Oh, thanks, but you don't have to."

"I know, but I want to. As a 'thank-you' for what you've done."

Sean didn't really feel like he'd done anything, certainly nothing to be thanked for, but he wasn't going to argue with a free meal. He followed Brock to a small house filled with children just north of the gym, and after a while Sean was all packed up and ready to go. He waved goodbye to Brock and his family, stopped at the PokéMart to buy some more Pokéballs, then headed east for Mt. Moon.

There were many people on the trail to the mountain that wanted to fight. The first Sean met was a pretty girl with a couple of Pidgey, which Charmander took care of. She called him mean, but paid him and he continued onward. He met up with a bug catcher he'd battled in Viridian Forest, and Char quickly dispatched all three of his bug Pokémon. The crestfallen boy paid him before returning to Pewter City.

The rest of the way was more of the same, more bug Pokémon trainers. Sean had Beedrill, Pikachu, and Butterfree gain some experience, too, not wanting Charmander to hog it all. In the grassy area along Route 3, Sean saw a Pidgey perched on a boulder, and had Butterfree hit it with Confusion, then threw a Pokéball and captured it. He repeated the technique with a Spearow just outside the entrance to the tunnel under Mt. Moon.

It was getting dark, and Sean was very tired, and luckily there was a PokéCenter just outside the tunnel entrance, so they called it a night. There were no nasty surprises the next morning, and Sean and Char made their way to the tunnel. Just before they entered the cave, a small pink Pokémon appeared before them. For a second, Sean thought it was the same Pokémon he had seen the previous morning, but this one was round, whereas the other was lithe with a long tail.

"Jigglypuff, a balloon Pokémon. When its huge eyes light up, it sings a mysteriously soothing melody that lulls its enemies to sleep."

Sean returned Dex to his jacket, and looked in its eyes. They were getting brighter and brighter. It began to sway back and forth.

"Jigglypuff! Jigglypuff!" it sang.

Sean's eyelids grew heavy. He pulled out a Pokéball and threw it, releasing Pikachu. "Thundershock," he said tiredly. Pikachu yawned and charged its attack, releasing the electric blast, knocking Jigglypuff backward and jerking everyone awake. Sean took an empty Pokéball and threw it, capturing the little pink balloon. The ball returned to his hand, then disappeared in a brilliant flash of white light.

"What the hell?!" he yelled, looking around for his ball or the thing that had taken it. "Where did it go?!" He looked on his Pokédex for the entry, and saw that he had indeed captured it. But where had it gone?

"Charmander Char!" Charmander pointed at Sean's belt. He looked down and saw six Pokéballs, and realized what had happened. He had forgotten that a trainer could only have six Pokémon with him at once. The other ball must have been taken to Professor Oak's lab by the same device Oak had used to transport Beedrill and Butterfree. He remembered that his father had to actually walk back to the professor's lab to turn in his extra Pokémon.

"My, how times have changed," Sean sighed, then, with Charmander lighting the way, they entered the tunnel.

If you were offended by my post, just know that I was probably kidding. Probably...


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