Pokemon; The New War
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Author:  Psyches [ Fri Jun 08, 2007 5:10 am ]
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Rose smiled as the Staravia collapsed to the ground. It gave her one last pleading look before its eyes closed and it breathed a deep breath. Rose swelled with pride, she looked at the smiling faces around her, and then, suddenly, she saw soemthign else in front of her. A giant, winged Pokemon, with blue markings. It was Lugia.

But what was a Lugia? Rose could not know. She knew it's name, knew it existed, but also knew it didn't exist and it never did. Rose's head started to throb. She felt weakened form her battle. Her trainer recalled her and soon she was lost in a deep sleep...

Yes, that's right, the War is about to begin anew. I wanted to wait until I was sure most of the psypokians had learnt a bit about the Diamond and Pearl Legendary Pokemon. I still haven't caught Dialga in my actual game, but I've torn apart a few versions I downloaded on my pc and I'm raring to show you what happens when Legendary Pokemon are pitted in war.

For those of you who didn't read the original story, I advise you to do so, as the characters are all the same and I'll be skimming over a lot of the descriptions. If you're too lazy, here's the quick version. Warning- spoiler.

All the Legendary Pokemon started fighting because Mewtwo pitted them against each other. Eventually almost all of the Pokemon were killed except for the non-legendary Pokemon who were fighting with the resistance, led by Lugia and Entei. A cataclysmic battle ensued on the beachfront at Tohjo where Mewtwo and the Regitrio slayed all the legendaries, but not before Mewtwo himself was defeated and the legendaries were destoryed. Rose, a pink Gengar, and Umbreon, a runaway, abused Pokemon, were the last remaining members of the resistance, and the Celebi Council, who destroyed Mewtwo, wiped their memories along with that of all the other Pokemon and humans and the legendary Pokemon were lost forever, replaced with a new generation of Pokemon...

So now, Rose and Umbron are the only living members of the original war. Or are they?


Rose exploded from her pokeball. Scott looked at her, a startled expression on his face. She threw her arms up in front of her face and a glowing gold ring shot out around Scott. He collapsed to the ground, asleep. Rose crouched low, closed her eyes hard to block out the sudden pang of guilt surging through her body, and then took off into the sky. She flew as far away as she could, until she was perched on a large cliff. She didn’t know why she’d come to the cliff, but it seemed to draw her near. The ocean stretched out before her. Underneath the cliff was the Tohjo falls which linked Kanto and Johto. Across the sea she could see Hoenn. But she wasn’t interested in these places. Something was calling her, beckoning her to find it. Rose turned suddenly and saw further back from the cliff as the ground arched upwards in a steep road, the Pokemon League. She had found it. Or found him. Or found something.
Sitting silently on the massive stadium’s half-roof and gazing down into the open air battlefield, Rose could not see what it was that had led her to this place. She was starting to feel as though she should return to Scott and try and ignore the sudden change inside of her when a trainer sent out a Pokemon that caught her eye. An Eevee shook its head and flashed its eyes leeringly. Rose’s body seemed to jump, though she hadn’t so much as flexed a muscle. Eevee turned its head and look a hundred feet into the air, its gaze somehow locking directly with Rose’s. Rose knew what she had to do. She turned and fled. The trees whipped past her, she smashed through tree trunks and collapsed with scratches and bruises all over her body atop the cliff she’d sat on earlier. Everything seemed to be turning into such a mess. A noise met her ears. Rose turned around as something chased out of the bushes. It was Eevee.
“Rose…” Eevee whispered. She was timid, and her voice was shaky, but Eevee was somehow triumphantly bold, as though a hidden power shone from within that made Rose afraid.
“My name is Rose,” She whispered back.
“I know. I don’t know how, but I know,” Eevee said, a little louder than before.
“Something weird is going on. Something not good,” Rose told her.
“We have to go to Ekruteak,” Eevee told Rose. Rose didn’t question her. The two began to walk toward Johto.
“I was given to Scott as a Gastly by Professor Sinistra of Fiore, I traveled with him all over, he traded me to his sister while he went to the Battle Frontier for work. When he came back, he gave his sister a Sudowoodo so he could have me back. I’d evolved by then. But I didn’t evolve into a Gengar. I evolved into Rose. My name is Rose,” Rose told Eevee.
“My trainer’s sister is one of the Ekruteak Dancers, she gave her egg to her brother, and I hatched from that egg,” Eevee replied.
“My memory doesn’t feel right, I know for certain that my Pokeball opened and I came to looking at Scott, and from then I remember perfectly, but my growing up seems so hazy. And these last few days it feels as if I’m remembering things that I’d forgotten,” Rose shuddered, her crazy ideas embarrassing her.
“I remember perfectly,” Eevee confessed, “But somehow I knew you,”
They passed a sleeping Sudowoodo on their way into Ekruteak and Eevee led Rose into the Dance Hall.
“My Dad will know what to do,” Eevee whispered, trying hard not to wake anybody. There were five Pokeballs resting on the stage. Eevee held her paw over the group of Pokeballs and sensed her father in the one nearest the edge. She tapped it and jumped back as a flash of light sprang forth. Umbreon shook its large ears and flashed its markings. He looked at Rose and his eyes bulged. Rose gasped. The room spun. The lights flashed. Suddenly, with extreme speed, the trio was off.
“Where are we going?” Eevee panted.
“Ilex Forest!” Rose shouted.
“We have to stop the Celebi!” Umbreon yelled.

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Rose, Umbreon and Eevee ran as fast as they could through Goldenrod City, the huge Radio Tower casting shadows in all directions. The Ilex Forest loomed ahead.
“Stop!” Screamed a voice. They turned, just outside the dark entrance to the home of the Celebi.
“You will not succeed,” A voice cooed. It was high pitched and squeaky and did little to scare the trio.
“Show yourself,” Umbreon ordered, his eyes and markings suddenly turning blue. Manaphy appeared, with a small Phione bobbing up and down behind her.
“There is more at play here than the Celebi,” Manaphy boasted. Rose could not help but feel hatred toward the blue blob of Pokemon before her. It was annoying her. Annoying her so much that she jumped forward and slammed it with a shadow ball. Manaphy’s face was frozen in terror and shock, and suddenly, it faded away. Phione went zipping off, hiding somewhere near the day care center.
“Let’s go,” Rose snarled. The group slowly crept through the dark forest. It was night outside, but it was even darker in the forest. A Spinarak went scuttling past.
“Eevee, stay close,” Umbreon warned. Eevee moved close to her father.
“I know why you’re here…” A tiny voice trembled. Rose and Umbreon darted back and looked into the canopy for the voice. They spun quickly, their eyes darting all over the forest for the source of the sound.
“It’s out of our hands,” The voice whimpered again.
“Show yourself!” Umbreon yelled again, his eyes and markings flashing blue.
“Dad,” Eevee whispered. Rose and Umbreon looked down to the small Eevee, walking slowly forward, its tail wagging softly behind it. Eevee gently licked the Celebi’s large wound on its head. Its eyes were barely open and the Celebi was breathing heavily. It turned to look at Rose and Umbreon.
“Memories are too hard to replace,” She whimpered, a tear dropping.
“Celebi, what happened?” Rose asked gently.
“The Council only changed things temporarily. We were going to figure out how to restore the legendary Pokemon to a peaceful existence and then release them from their prisons,”
“But they were all killed,” Umbreon pointed out.
“Legends never end,” Celebi smiled, “But now… Like the others… the Celebi legend… is ended…” Celebi cracked. The small green Celebi gave a grimace and a moan and its body turned from lime green to a murky brown.
“Eevee, let’s go,” Umbreon said quietly. Eevee backed away from Celebi, finding it hard to take its eyes off the deceased being. The trio left the forest and began to make their way back to the rock.
“Dad, Rose, what’s going on?” Eevee asked.
“The legendary Pokemon were pitted at war. They were all killed or taken by the Celebi Council. Rose and I had our memories wiped, along with everyone else. Nobody even knows they existed. Except us now,” Umbreon explained.
“Our memories must have come back because we had more memory of the legendary Pokemon than anyone else, we fought alongside them before the end,” Rose figured. Umbreon nodded.
“Celebi said the legendary Pokemon were still alive,” Rose continued.
“We need to find them,” Umbreon decided.
“Sinnoh,” Eevee said.
“Sinnoh?” Rose queried.
“My trainer was talking about it. It’s the land where all the legendary Pokemon roam,” Eevee replied.
“They must be the ones they replaced them with,” Umbreon realized.
“And they must all be in Sinnoh to guard the prison,” Rose agreed.
“It’s over the ocean. Past Hoenn and even further along the sea. It’d take months to swim.
“We need to teleport,” Umbreon said to Rose.
“Where’s Mew when you need her…?” Rose joked.
“Dead…” Umbreon replied. Rose looked away awkwardly.
“Celebi said they’re still alive,” Eevee pointed out. The group were back on top of the large cliff.
“Wait…” Rose said.
“This cliff,” Umbreon said slowly, “is called Legend Rock,”
There was a rustling in the grass up ahead, at the very edge of the cliff. Eevee bounded toward it.
“Eevee, wait!” Umbreon called. It was too late, for Eevee was already rolling backward and yelping as the bright green light shot into the sky. A small Pokemon lifted into the air, stretching out its ball-like head and shaking its tiny body. She cooed, much differently to how the group had heard her coo jus moments ago.
“Legends never end,” Celebi smiled.
“Celebi?” Umbreon stammered.
“We have to find the other Legendary Pokemon,” Celebi told them, “And I know where one of them is located. Follow me to Sinnoh…”

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Nice, Nice, Nice, Really nice stories, I hadn't read the first fiction, But i'm so going now! Keep it up! :D

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Hmmmm... Did anyone see what happened to Mewtwo in the original?

Author:  Hreffie [ Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:26 am ]
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Deoxys killed him... o.o

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You don't know that. We never saw the battle, remember? Stupid Celebi council did some sort of time thing, and then you see Deoxys carrying around a dead Mewtwo. And then Rose forgot. EVERYTHING.

Author:  Psyches [ Sun Jun 10, 2007 11:01 pm ]
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He he he... I LOVE the suspense.

I'll post the next chapter tonight when I get home from my concert.

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Damn celebi's... e__e But you have fun on that concert, Eh?

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Alright, gimme an hour to edit some of the next chapter, then post it. The real fun's about to start.

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Chapter II

“What’s your name anyway?” Mewtwo asked. Deoxys did not reply. Mewtwo slunk to the ground. The floor was green and the walls were red. The roof, however, was grey, and the Deoxys floating a few meters above Mewtwo was tinged with purple.
“By order of the Celebi Council I am to escort you to Deoxyro,” The purple Deoxys droned.
“For a moment I didn’t think you had evolved enough to know speech,” Mewtwo teased. Deoxys said nothing.
“What’s Deoxyro?”
“It is the homeworld of the Deoxys,” Deoxys answered, “And my name is Lotor,” He added.
“Lotor,” Mewtwo repeated, “Interesting… Why can’t I use my powers?”
“They have been stripped from you. The Celebi Council has them held within what they call a Psy Stone,” Lotor explained.
“A Psy Stone… Tell me, have the Council ever required you to escort other Pokemon to Deoxyro?”
“It is not business of yours,” Lotor replied with his monotone-voice.
“They stole my powers and placed them in a Psy Stone? I kill every legendary Pokemon and the worst they can do is strip me of my powers and send me to a prison?” Mewtwo scoffed.
“You did not succeed in killing the other legendaries. They were taken by the Celebi Council just as you weakened them within an inch of life. They were sent to prisons to be guarded by the new legendary Pokemon. And so the cycle continues,” Lotor told Mewtwo. Lotor actually moved his head to look down at Mewtwo for the first time since the feline clone had awakened.
“So the Council used my attack to capture the other legendaries…” Mewtwo figured, looking at his feet.
“I must strike back,” Mewtwo decided. Lotor looked back up, fixing his relaxed posture.
“You will not escape this vessel, and you will not escape Deoxyro,” He told Mewtwo.
“What right does the Celebi Council have to make you do their bidding?” Mewtwo suddenly asked. Lotor was startled.
“What do you mean?” He pointed back, trying to collect himself.
“Are you slaves to the Council? Do you always do their bidding?” Mewtwo smiled.
“We are our own people,” Lotor answered simply.
“Yet you take orders from the Celebi Council, like slaves. You are slaves,”
“We have our own customs!” Lotor snapped.
“What are they?” Mewtwo pried.
“It is no business of yours,”
“If we fight, and I win, then we turn around and head back to Earth,” Mewtwo shot suddenly, adopting a fighting stance. It had come from years of psychic ability, that Mewtwo seemed to remember the questions and directions his conversations would go as he led the victim to unwillingly agree to whatever he asked. Normally he would nudge them with his abilities, or know the way to the point of the conversation he desired because of his powers, but somehow his memory had led him along the same path his powers had, and so Lotor was now floating down from his hovering stance above Mewtwo and was eyeing him suspiciously.
“You have no powers. You will lose,” Lotor said simply.
“I can punch,” Mewtwo pointed out.
“You will lose…” Lotor repeated. Mewtwo jumped forward, his fist bursting alight with a bright light. He slammed Lotor with a Mega Punch. Lotor fell backward, adopting his defensive position. Mewtwo spun low on the ground, knocking Lotor back to the floor with a tail whip. Lotor’s armor protection failed and the Deoxys was back in its normal form. Mewtwo used a Take Down attack, then picked up Lotor and hurled him into the air. As Lotor landed from the Seismic Toss Attack, he spun, adopting his defensive position once more.
“What do you hope to gain from this?” Lotor snapped. His breathing was heavy and his eyes seemed to jump as Mewtwo walked toward him.
“I want to go home… And I want to set the legendary Pokemon free… And then I want to finish my fight with that wretched dog!” Mewtwo scathed, belting Lotor in the stomach with another Mega Punch. Lotor grimaced.
“The Celebi Council-”
TO HELL WITH THE CELEBI COUNCIL!!!” Mewtwo screamed, punching Lotor again. Lotor punched Mewtwo back, the clone flying across the room and slamming hard into the wall. Mewtwo looked back at Lotor, stunned.
“We will not return,” Lotor said, turning his back on Mewtwo and floating into the air. Lotor stopped, frozen within a blue light.
“How are you doing that?” Lotor shot, his voice pained. Mewtwo’s glowing eyes flashed with anger. He wanted to crush Lotor; he wanted to crush his body inside that stupid suit of armor. He wanted to be the one to end Lotor’s life with the power of his mind. He wanted so badly to bring as much pain and suffering to Lotor, Mewtwo was pleading with himself to be the Pokemon to end the life of Lotor. Such hatred burned within Mewtwo, such incessant desire to kill.
“How are you using your psychic powers?!” Lotor snapped; a green flash of light searing over his body and setting him free from Mewtwo’s grip. Mewtwo stumbled backward, somehow freed from the odd vicious spell that had come over him. Although it was not normally odd for Mewtwo to be vicious, he suddenly found the feeling of rage an unwelcome one.
“I do not know how I was able to use my psychic powers,” He confessed to Lotor. There was a logn pause where both of them looked at each other. Mewtwo stumbled to find the right words to say what he was feelign inside. It was not a feelign he had felt before.
“I am sorry,” He added. Mewtwo turned away, looking at the wall. He had not often used that word. He felt angry again, this time at himself. He didn’t know what was happening, he felt so different, so strange. His powers had been taken, or so they were supposed to have been, yet he found that in his rage, he could summon them back. Mewtwo was not sure he wanted to succumb to the rage though. Before he’d been put to sleep by the Council he would have gladly slipped into the rage for his life’s duration, but now he felt different. Before he was fighting for power. Now he was fighting with a purpose. Now he was fighting to regain his powers, and to right the wrongs that the Celebi Council had committed.
“Come with me to Earth and help me defeat the Celebi Council,” Mewtwo begged Lotor. Lotor laughed for the first time since Mewtwo had awoken.
“I’m taking you to Deoxyro,” He said, rising back into the air. Mewtwo whispered a soft plea to himself more than Lotor.
The room surged once more, blue lights flashing all around. Lightning bolts crackled, the walls shuddered. Mewtwo roared, the rage overtaking him. Lotor screamed, collapsing to the floor. Mewtwo opened his eyes, a bead of sweat trickling down into his eye. Lotor was hovering just above the ground, though shaking slightly.
“Come with me to Earth and help me stop the Council,” Mewtwo asked again.
“No! I have been given orders!” Lotor snarled. Mewtwo closed his eyes once again, but his rage did not return. A noise met his ears. The walls shook, the ground trembled, the roof started to crumble. Lotor looked around, stunned, and then everything was gone. There was debris all around them, a flash of silver and pearl streaked by. Mewtwo was floating in space. Lotor was unconscious. Earth was not far away, Mewtwo could be back atop Legend Rock within an hour. But Lotor would not make it back on his own, even had he been awake, he was definitely suffering damage from Mewtwo’s psychic rage. Mewtwo moved toward the limp, alien Pokemon and took its arm. The two shot away from the pieces of wreckage and toward the Earth. Lotor stirred, still unable to fly himself, but suddenly aware of what was happening. He was also aware of what this meant. Mewtwo was saving his life, and so, Lotor would have to pay out his debt to Mewtwo. It was a Deoxyro custom. Lotor fell back to sleep, his wounds sending sharp jabs into his mind. Soon they would be on Earth, and then the War would certainly begin anew. This time the Celebi Council couldn’t call Lotor in to remove anyone who was too strong for them to defeat. This time the war would either end, or start afresh, the entire Pokemon World. More than the legendary were at stake this time.

Author:  Hreffie [ Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:02 pm ]
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Thats an awesome chapter, So much confusion in Mewtwo's mind, So much emotions, So strong, I'm dazzled, You have a gift, My friend, Why won't you write a story? :D You could make millions of dollars, just find what to write about. ;)

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Actually, writing is part of my job. I write musical theatre, I have a lyricist who writes the lyrics and dialogue, together we come up with the stories and then I write the music and she writes the lyrics and script.

I do make a lot of money. Pokemon is one my little eccentric traits, all the rich folk have 'em. ;)

Author:  Hreffie [ Tue Jun 12, 2007 7:46 am ]
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Psyches wrote:
Actually, writing is part of my job. I write musical theatre, I have a lyricist who writes the lyrics and dialogue, together we come up with the stories and then I write the music and she writes the lyrics and script.

I do make a lot of money. Pokemon is one my little eccentric traits, all the rich folk have 'em. ;)

Kewly :D I want your job!

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If you'd like to try your hand at composing music, go to and download the free software. Once you get the hang of the program, and assuming you already have a basic understanding of music, then you can really delve into any kind of music with finale, and if you buy one of finale's full versions you can export your filed into midi format which will play on windows media players and the like, making them easy to email or post online.

As for the War, I only have one more chapter to put up before the war bursts into life. Or rather, bursts inot death.


*evil laugh*

Stay tuned...

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Chapter III

Rose, Umbreon and Eevee listened as Celebi told them all she knew. The Celebi Council had sealed Legend Rock from recreating the legendaries when they were slain, and instead they were reborn in what could only be described as some sort of underworld. Far beneath the region of Sinnoh were deep caverns and tunnels, and within this underground maze were several prisons, each one holding a legendary Pokemon of the Kanto, Johto or Hoenn region. The Sinnoh Legends were supposed to guard them while the Celebi Council modified the legendary Pokemon’s abilities so that should another war start, the legends would all be equally matched and none could stand victorious over another.
“That’s what we meant when we said legends would be reborn,” Celebi explained. Umbreon and Rose nodded slowly.
“But the new legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh knew that we would eventually release the old legends. Some of them weren’t too keen on the idea,” Celebi continued.
“What happened?” Rose gasped. Celebi shook her head.
“It was horrible…”

The Celebi were flying in all directions through the tunnels underground. Fire was bursting out from rocks and stones everywhere. There was shouting and screaming, explosions of all types. A Celebi skidded along the cavern’s floor and stopped just short of a tall, towering Pokemon. It looked at her with glowing red eyes, its wispy, dark form flickering in the changing lights. A voice, like that of an Ekans, rang over the underground.
“Do not let them move the stones!”
The Celebi leapt up from the dark creature and flew shakily away, darting around corners this way and that. There was a massive chamber ahead, but it was too late. A mammoth-like creature fell from the ceiling that had caved in and opened its craggy mouth, sending molten rock all over the Celebi. A loud shriek pierced the ears of all nearby, and the fire ceased to burn. The mammoth-creature slowly rose back into the ceiling, which repaired itself, and Celebi was flying past again. This time it darted to the side and missed the rocky beast by inches. Flames billowed after it.
“Stop, minion!” The serpent voice cried. The Celebi turned, still flying at dangerous speed, and shot a beam of light at the shadow that was chasing after it.
“I’m no minion of yours. I am Emperor Sanctum, leader of the Celebi Council,” The Celebi shot back.
“And I am Darkrai, your successor,” The shadow seethed. Sanctum twirled through the air to miss a shadow ball, and then swooped down low to regain its precious speed. Sanctum made a sharp corner and rose to the roof before shooting upward through a narrow tunnel. Darkrai was not fooled, his body molded to the narrow passageway easily and soon he was reaching out with a clawed shadow to grab Sanctum’s tiny foot. Sanctum screamed, time slowing down. In the confusion, Darkrai was struck by a rock that he’d miscalculated the position of. His hand grabbed at thin air and Sanctum got away. He swiveled his body to and fro through a very difficult tunnel and was suddenly floating before a set of small stones in a perfect circle. Sanctum sent a beam of green light to send one of the stones out of formation.
“Legends are reborn at Legend Rock, you can kill me but I’ll only reappear many miles away,” Sanctum gasped as Darkrai’s claws enclosed around his neck.
“Ah, but you used this little collection of stones to force the other legendaries to be reborn here in the prisons you made for them. If I put that stone back,” Darkrai began, moving the missing stone back into the circle with the others with his free hand, “then when I kill you, you’ll be reborn in the prisons with the others,”
“Time!” Sanctum screamed as his breath became tight. Darkrai’s eyes bulged as his grip around Sanctum’s throat closed with deadly vengeance. The stones, pivoting slowly, seemed to slow, Darkrai’s heavy, excited breathing seemed to slow, Sanctum’s crackling last breaths became even more pointed. A streak of green shot past, there was smoke everywhere, another Celebi was in the room, time returned to normal, then, as Sanctum was dropped to the floor, his body changing to a sick brown, time slowed again, his eyes still open and closing very slowly. The other Celebi looked from Darkrai to the monstrous beast of rock and magma that was slowing creeping through the smoky room. The stones were still spinning in the room, though very slowly. Time flickered back to full speed, a blast of fire streaking over the room from the monster, and Darkrai swooping over to the other Celebi; Time froze again, and then started to move as slowly as Sanctum’s dying plea could muster. The stones shook violently, and with a piercing, shattering noise, they flew in all directions. Sanctum’s life was done, and the tiny Pokemon faded into nothing. The stones were still glowing, their power sending Sanctum to the prison with the others.
“Heatran, wait!” Darkrai hissed. It was too late, for the last Celebi was buried beneath the fiery beast’s flamethrower.
“The stones were deactivated, that Celebi won’t be reborn in the prisons!” Darkrai roared. Heatran turned and trudged out of the larger cavern, smashing the side of the entrance as he did so. Darkrai looked around the cavern. He picked up a Dusk Stone. The stone glowed in his hand for a moment.
“Let the Ilex forest, like fire to a tree, be painful as ever, for the one Celebi,” He cursed. The Dusk Stone seemed to glow at its brightest for a few seconds, and then it looked like a normal rock again. Celebi reappeared on Legend Rock and quickly darted to its home within the Ilex Forest. She hid in the bushes, catching her breath, and then a great pain came over her. It was as though her body was burning. Celebi writhed and screamed, and then noise seemed to escape her. She rolled across the forest floor, panting for breath, her body still exploding with pain. She closed her eyes, and as they opened again they were filled with an ethereal light. She could sense the newcomers to the forest. She knew why they had come.
“I know why you’re here,” Celebi’s tiny voice trembled. They looked around, not expecting to see her on the ground. Only the smallest one of the group, an Eevee, seemed to have noticed Celebi. The Gengar and Umbreon were looking skywards.
“Show yourself!” Umbreon yelled. The Eevee silenced him and drew the Gengar and Umbreon over. Celebi looked at them, explaining quickly what had happened. It felt s painful to be alive; as though this was the last time she would die. Celebi winced, knowing that her body was changing to a foul color. There was so much more pain this time, it was worse than being burnt to death, Darkrai must have done something, he must have figured out a way to stop them from being reborn, for Celebi was certain this, the most painful time of all, would be the last time. The last time she died. Her eyes bulged once more as the worst pain imaginable seared across her body.

Her vision faded. Celebi felt her body falling. There was no light, it was complete darkness. She turned this way and that, but couldn’t see or feel anything. Something appeared from nothing. A tiny, white, piercing light was high above her. Celebi mustered energy, more than she thought she would find. She flew higher, barely feeling the force that had been pulling her downward moments before. She swirled through the air, shooting toward the growing white star. It dazzled her eyes, strained her vision, Celebi shot into the light, letting out a whoop for joy as she burst from the grassy outcrop of Legend Rock. She was alive! Celebi looked at the Gengar, Umbreon and Eevee on the cliff. Together, they would stop the Celebi Council from being killed, and free the other legendary Pokemon.
“We have to find the other Legendary Pokemon,” Celebi told them, “And I know where one of them is located. Follow me to Sinnoh…”

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Chapter IV

There was a large mine over the next hill. Celebi was leading Rose, Umbreon and Eevee to that mine which would lead them to the underground. They ducked down and hid in a small growth of bushes. A Bellsprout waddled past.
“So if we go down that mine we’ll be in the underground tunnels… And the prisons are hidden down there, right?” Rose whispered to Celebi.
“Right,” Celebi whispered back. Rose nodded.
“Are you sure there are Bellsprout in Sinnoh?” Umbreon asked blandly. Celebi and Rose both looked up to see the Bellsprout that was waddling along in the distance stop in its tracks. It looked back tentatively and pulled a face. With a bright light the Bellsprout transformed back into Manaphy.
“Did you get sent to follow us around?” Rose scathed. Manaphy gave her a glare and then turned to Celebi.
“Darkrai sent a legion of Staraptor to the Ilex Forest to find you and kill you,” Manaphy explained.
“Did they follow us to Sinnoh?” Celebi worried.
“No, they couldn’t find you. The Staraptor were too slow. Darkrai went ballistic when he realized you’d escaped. He thinks you’re going to stop him from taking power,” Manaphy continued, “Which is why he’s on his way to Mount Coronet to claim power over Dialga and send him to stop you,”
“You’ve got to be joking,” Celebi shrieked.

“Dialga… the King of Time…” Darkrai cooed, floating loftily through the air with a welcoming expression adorning his wispy face.
“That’s queen of time,” Dialga retorted in a harsh voice. Darkrai froze for a moment.
“Uh… of course! What did I say?” He fumbled.
“You have more gall than I thought to approach me at my throne,” Dialga warned. She turned her head to look back at the white Noctowl surrounding her throne atop Mount Coronet.
“Your Noctowl are in fine from,” Darkrai complimented.
“They are… Now what do you want?” Dialga pressed. Darkrai smiled cruelly.
“I want you to go back in time to when the Celebi that eluded me was regenerated in the Ilex Forest and then I want you to kill it,” Darkrai answered simply. Dialga looked sternly at the sniveling creature.
“And what do I gain from this?” Dialga scoffed.
“My dear, when we, who rule Sinnoh, also rule Kanto, Johto and Hoenn, I shall give you a world of your own to control,” Darkrai offered.
“I already have a world of my own. Most would call it time,” Dialga laughed, “Why would I want one of the regions?”
“Forget it then,” Darkrai said, swiveling away.
“Darkrai…” Dialga pressed.
“If you don’t want the job, I’ll offer it to Palkia,” Darkrai informed the beast.
“I’ll do it,” Dialga replied instantly.
“I knew you’d agree,” Darkrai smiled. Dialga’s eyes flashed with a purest white and the white Noctowl took to the skies as one.

“So you’re friends with Manaphy?” Rose snapped.
“Manaphy is on our side,” Celebi retorted.
“I don’t trust Manaphy,”
“Well I do,”
“Girls!” Umbreon interrupted, “We have to go underground, the prisons, remember?”
“Wow!” Eevee cried, “What are they?”
In the sky were at least a hundred of the whitest Noctowl any of the group had seen. They were flying toward them with great speed and each one seemed to exude a danger that none of the group wanted to test.
“To the mine!” Celebi shouted. Rose leapt skyward and then turned, flying straight for the mine. Umbreon and Eevee ran gallantly, their quick attacks carrying them faster than the Noctowl. Celebi darted to and fro, hoping the Noctowl would chase her and leave the others alone. The leader was slightly bigger than the rest and had a red patch over one eye. Those of the Sinnoh region knew him at a glance. Many called him Genesis.

Genesis was ruthless, more than one rumor told of his red patch being blood from his latest victim, smeared over his eye to warn others to keep clear. Other said that the red patch was his own blood, constantly surrounding his eye because of a wound he had sustained that would never heal. Others just thought he was spawned from the darkest of evils and the red patch was a birthmark holding such proof. He had once fought with the Rogun Army, the same Rogun Army that Rose had fought with. But one day he had been in battle when there was a blinding light. Dialga appeared to him and she offered him the chance to serve her. Genesis obliged and he and his flock of white Noctowl left for Sinnoh where they sat atop Mount Coronet. While on the mountain he had trained hard and grown at an exponential rate. His abilities seemed uninhibited on Mount Coronet, and Genesis had picked up quite a few interesting abilities. As he closed in on Celebi he opened his beak and let out a whistling cry. Icy Breath sprayed in all directions and soon Celebi was shrieking in agony as her body started to tremble in the blistering cold. Genesis flapped his wings harder- he was only a few meters away now. His eyes turned an icy blue and a great Ice Beam shot from his forehead. Celebi dropped into the ground. Genesis landed beside her quivering body. He raised a wing and at its tip conjured a Shadow Ball.
“Not while I’m around!” Rose yelled, tackling Genesis to the ground. The Shadow Ball shot over their heads and exploded against the mountain that the mine was built into. The entrance began to crumble. Rose looked up to see Umbreon and Eevee peering out at her with fearful expressions. Genesis towered up over her, a fierce look in his eye.
“You will pay DEARLY for this!” He cursed. Celebi leapt onto Rose’s side and clung with all her might. The pair disappeared in a flash. Genesis roared, falling forward onto the ground where they had been but moments ago. The entrance to the mine was completely sealed over by the cave in. Genesis looked to his flock as it landed around him.
“They saw us coming,” He told them, “So you are all to return to Dialga. I will take care of the Gengar and the Celebi. Alone.”

Author:  daveshan [ Thu Jun 14, 2007 12:43 pm ]
Post subject: 

Awesome as always, Psyches. I can't wait to see Mewtwo have to come in and start kicking butts and taking names.

Author:  Houndour [ Thu Jun 14, 2007 4:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

Wow. I am stunned. You are by far the most impressive writer on Psypokes. *ahem,* YOU ROCK, GO PSYCHES!

Author:  Psyches [ Fri Jun 15, 2007 12:47 am ]
Post subject: 

Aw shucks, you guys...

If there's nything you don't like, please, constructive criticism is gold.

Author:  Houndour [ Fri Jun 15, 2007 5:07 am ]
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Hahaha. That's funny. "If there's anything we don't like". That right there is a contradiction of words :P

Author:  Psyches [ Fri Jun 15, 2007 8:24 am ]
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Chapter V

Rose and Celebi opened their eyes slowly. Darkness surrounded them. They appeared to be in the underground.
“We made it!” Rose cried. Celebi fluttered into the air and looked down a long passageway. She turned and looked back the other way down the passage.
“This… this isn’t right,” She whispered.
“What do you mean?” Rose asked. Celebi’s lip trembled.
“This tunnel… I’ve never seen it before,” Celebi confessed.
“Celebi, there have got to be loads of tunnels down here,” Rose laughed.
“Rose, I know every tunnel down here, I know the underground like the back of my wing,” Celebi said pointedly. Rose looked at her skeptically.
“If you say so,” She settled. Celebi pointed in one direction. Then stopped, and pointed in the other.
“This way,” She offered timidly. Rose shrugged and started to walk, Celebi fluttering at her shoulder.
“Where do you think Umbreon and Eevee are?” Rose said, trying to calm the suddenly startled Celebi. Celebi thought for a moment.
“Well, they were at the entrance when it started to crumble. We must have overshot them in the hasty teleport,” Celebi guessed. Rose nodded.
“We should probably head toward the entrance then,” Rose figured.
“That should be this way,” Celebi said, pointing ahead of them.
“Celebi!” Rose gasped. The tunnel started to open out into a large room. There was a large stone pillar in the centre of the room that appeared to be of an odd color.
“This isn’t the entrance, but it’s just as good,” Celebi squealed, flying into the room with all her speed. Rose hurried behind her.
“What is that thing?” She awed. Celebi flew in a loop and then clapped her hands excitedly.
“This is one of the prisons. Inside that rock is a legendary Pokemon. We have to set them free,” She whooped.
“Alright then, Metal Claw!” Rose cried, slashing the rock with her glowing hand. The rock shattered as one and the pieces faded away quickly. Latias was suspended in the air with three stones spinning around her. The stones made an odd mechanic sound. Rose gave Celebi a quick glance before smashing one of the stones with another Metal Claw attack. Celebi sent a glowing orb at the second stone which followed through to destroy the third stone a moment later. Latias dropped to the floor with a thud.
“Latias?” Rose prodded quietly. Latias did not move. Celebi and Rose cast nervous and fearful faces to each other.
“You don’t think?” Rose shuddered. Celebi quivered and floated back a few feet.
“Latias, can you hear me?” Rose quietly asked once more. Latias’s eyes suddenly shot open. The red and white Pokemon leapt into the air. She glared at Rose and then pointed a deathly look to Celebi.
“You traitorous scum!” She hissed. Latias rocketed forward, slamming Celebi into the cavern’s wall. The room started to tremble, rocks and dust sifting from the roof.
“Wait! Latias!” Rose cried. Latias slammed her shoulder into Celebi again, smashing the tiny Pokemon harder into the cave wall. Celebi flinched and tumbled to the ground as Latias backed away. With a flash of red eye, Celebi was lifted into the sky and Latias was throwing her across the room. There was a great crashing sound and Celebi was sent through the wall into another room with another prison in its centre. Celebi skidded over the rocky floor. Her nose nudged the bottom of the prison. Rose ran into the room, Latias coming up fast behind her. Rose was thrown to the side and Latias dived onto Celebi. Celebi gave a squeal and was thrown into the air, not for the first time in this battle. She hovered for a moment, suspended within a red light. Latias powered up a glowing sphere of crackling red energy. Rose looked up just in time to see the energy ball slam into Celebi’s body. The explosion sent rocks flying everywhere. Latias went screeching away down the tunnel. The prison shattered and another Pokemon fell to the floor beside Rose as the crumbling roof destroyed the three stones surrounding the prisoner. The cavern crumbled away completely. Celebi, who was thrown upward, took one last fleeting look at Rose before her sight was lost.

Celebi awoke gently. Her head was not sore. Her bruises were gone. And all around her were more Celebi. She flew to the large iron bars holding them in their pen with a long train of stones circling their circular prison. The rock had not yet encased them.
“I’ve been waiting for you to join us. Now I can finally seal the Celebi away for an eternity, the same way I was sealed away an eternity ago,” Darkrai droned. He was not his usual malevolent self. Instead, he seemed genuinely grieved.
“You will know the same pain and torture I have endured,” He promised. Celebi protested, but another Celebi put their hand on her arm.
“Accept it,” Sanctum told her.
“But Sanctum!” Celebi cried. Sanctum shook his head
“There is naught we can do,” Sanctum gasped as the rock sprang up around them. It forced its way around the bars and closed them in tightly so they were pressed against each other. Sanctum watched in horror as it continued to grow, pressing against his body, pressing him harder against the other Celebi. It grew in between his tiny fingers and flattened his wings like paper, and then pressed its way into his mouth. It shot down his throat, into his body; his whole being was connected to the rock. Sanctum could not move. He could not breathe. He couldn’t think or feel. He was rock.

Author:  daveshan [ Fri Jun 15, 2007 4:49 pm ]
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Ouch. Poor Celebis. Rose should have shadow balled Latias and knocked some sense into her.

Author:  xchaos [ Fri Jun 15, 2007 4:55 pm ]
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pretty good btw what pokemon is rose
i cant find an evo of haunter that isnt gengar in the psydex

Author:  Psyches [ Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:38 am ]
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xchaos wrote:
pretty good btw what pokemon is rose
i cant find an evo of haunter that isnt gengar in the psydex

Rose is a rose coloured Gengar. She was a member of the Rogun army, a rebellion of wild Pokemon, mostly made up of Ghost types and led by general Dusclops who felt it was their duty to police Pokemon in the wild, including forcing their migrations and culling overpopulative herds, particularly for Pokemon like Ratatta or Sentret.

After Rose left the Rogun army, believing that they were becoming too forceful and trying to run the Pokemon world through a dictatorship (much like in Star Wars with the Empire), the Rogun army slowly and quietly crumbled away to being no more than a small force of Ghost Pokemon living deep within Mount Moon.

Rose then met an injured and old Absol and nursed him back to health. The two helped each other to survive in the wild, but they were eventually captured by a Circus and used in the Circus' bizarre shows. Mew and Jirachi were sold to this same Circus by the trainer who captured them in Orre. Entei destroyed the Circus, killed all the people there and freed Mew and Jirachi, along with Minun, Plusle, Umbreon, Rose and Absol.

Since then, The group of Circus Pokemon have been caught up in the war, Rose and Umbroen being the only survivors.

If you don't undertsand anything about the characters, try reading the First story, Pokemon; The Last War, and then come back and read the sequel, Pokemon; The New War.

J L Psyches

Author:  daveshan [ Sat Jun 16, 2007 8:33 am ]
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I forget, how did the absol die?

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