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 May These Policies Be Met With Warm Reception! 
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Genre: Political Parody
Rating: E
Description: Champion Lance announces his new political policies that are met with a mixed reception.

The sky above Johto was painted with a deep hue of orange and crimson, casting its reflection upon the top of the Indigo Plateau. Within the Hall of Fame two long, narrow curved tables stood symmetrical to one another, sitting at the foot of a raised rectangular bench, at which the Elite Four, sub-league members and their Champion sat. A murmur of chatter spread across the room in varying tones of agreement or disagreement to the new political policies Lance, the champion, was announcing. To the left of the League bench, the Professors of United Regions sat with anticipation pouring over their faces in beads of sweat as Lance came close to his closing policies. On the table to the right of the League members stood the 8th Gym Leaders of each region, who all seemed drastically less anxious than the Professors.
“In regard to the education of minors throughout the United Regions,” Lance continued in a deep voice, “The legal age of minors leaving home will be elevated to fifteen.” The murmur raised to loud gasps and bursts of disagreement from the right side the room. “Which...which will allow for children to receive better education in hopes to increase the number of researchers as opposed to battling trainers.”
“Trainers uphold civility throughout cities and towns!” Claire, trainer of Dragons, retorted loudly with disdain quickly spreading across her face. “Are you aware of the difficulty in recruiting apprentices who show the necessary interest in Dragon Pokemon? Trainers of such an age cannot be swayed as easily as the younger ones. It will be nearly impossible for them to be persuaded into the gym's councilorship of Blackthorn city!”
“Are you aware of the effect this will have on our Gyms?” Volkner yelled loudly, raising himself from his seat.
“There will be less forces to upkeep civility!” Juan cried out with a hint of distress in his voice.
“Order!” Lance bellowed, to which cooperation did not reply. “Order!” Lance raised a Pokeball from his belt, releasing his Dragonite between the two tables before him. The loud thumping of its feet silenced the rabbling bunch of Gym leaders in a matter of moments. He recalled it back to its Pokeball.
“As an added incentive for developing an occupation in Pokemon research,” he continued calmly, “there will be a twenty percent wage increase in research, and all laboratory-grade Pokedexes will now be tax deductible. We, the Elite Four, along with the sub-league members, understand the concerns of the head Gym Leaders, however, there has been a growing demand for apprentice researchers that has not been met. The Minister for Education, Sinnoh League-member Lucian, as well as the Elite Four and myself believe firmly that introducing these age policies will allow for the younger generation to have more time to make more suitable decisions as to their career choice. With the increasing number of female trainers, the number of students going on to become Pokemon Nurses is diminishing also.”
Chatter now spread throughout the hall. The original expressions of the Professors and Gym Leaders switched as the policy announcements grew nearer to the end.
“The final policy,” Lance said with relief at the finishing of the meeting in his face, “was one of much request by both Professor Oak and Professor Elm; by law, all trainers with an income of over thirty Pokemon per half-year will be required to carry a trainer-grade Pokedex. Random inspections will take place to ensure this is being carried out.” Each person in the room nodded in a silent agreement to the policy. “In closing, I'd also like to add that in each region campaigns will be required to take place as a notification of some of these new policies. You are dismissed.”
Chairs screeched for a moment along the ground as each individual headed for the double doors of the Hall of Fame. Professor Rowan and Elm quickly delved deep in conversation together as they departed behind the crowd. Departing too, were the league members, save Lance who headed for another door, and Drake, who followed.
“Do you wish to inquire further on these policies, grandfather?” Asked Lance as he pushed open a single door leading outside. Drake stopped for a moment, admiring the tranquility of the gardens that were hidden to all but a few. The sun now stood high above the canopies of a small, green forest.
“When you stepped out here,” Drake began, “Did you not notice the absence of Aipom that should regularly swing in these trees?”
“I see you are trying to make a point,” replied Lance, “but what is it?”
“I recall in your years as member of the Kanto Elite Four, and even your early years as Champion, you would strive to ensure proper use of Pokemon.”
“Are you implying I do not wish for the wellbeing of our friends?”
“Not at all. But I am sure you have briefed over the report I sent you.”
“Yes, it was rather interesting.”
“Is that all you think of it?”
“Well, no... But do you really believe something of such an enormity could happen?”
“Hopefully your policies will hinder it, but it will not be prevented. The amount of Pokemon trainers are catching is nearing the breeding rate of Pokemon.”
“But trainers do not stop their Pokemon from indulging in nature's course.”
“But under a trainer's care, the opportunities for them are less. The breeding rates of trained Pokemon are considerably less than those in wild.”
Lance paused for a moment to think. “Do you think there is the possibility of extinction?”
“No, not yet.” Drake removed his sailor's hat and wiped the top of it with his sleeve. “but it is better to act quickly before a more powerful trainer threatens your seat as Champion.”
“Yes, this tradition quite sickens me...”
“Oh? How so?”
“Political power does not mean Pokemon power. Times are changing, grandfather, and these old traditions are becoming quite a bother. To think that one's Championship could be taken away just because an opponent may be stronger...”
“Just keep your Pokemon trained, Lance.” Drake touched his shoulder lightly, and turned around and headed for the single door.
Lance stood for a moment with his hands in his pockets, surveying the gardens and its beauties.
“Train I shall, for I await the moment when I meet the trainer from Mahogany Town once more...”


By Pirate King


Thu May 15, 2008 5:24 am
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pokemon and politics. kind of a cool concept!

Tue May 20, 2008 8:28 pm
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I rather enjoy this, and wish that it wasn't a short story.

Wed May 21, 2008 10:02 am
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