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 No Safer Haven (PG13, T for violence/blood.) 
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Author's Note- This is actually a complete redux of a piece I wrote about three or four years ago. I rewrote it completely from scratch, using the basic themes, plot and characters from before, just rewriting it completely without referring back to the old version.

I rated it with T for violence and blood, just to be on the safe side. You'll see when you read it why. PG13 for the rest, again, to be on the safe side. I don't want to get in to trouble for not rating high enough.

No Safer Haven

Clover stood, looking out between the bars at his window to the deluge outside. A merciless, bitter downpour was drenching the world, driven almost horizontal by a freezing wind. Deep, booming thunder roared overhead and every so often, a brilliant flash of lightning illuminated the sky like the flash from some divine camera.

Just this once, Clover felt glad to be inside the institute.

A great bolt of lightning flickered down quite close by. Clover counted the seconds between this flash and the next roll of thunder. One, two, three, four. Didn’t that mean the storm was about four miles away?
After some time, he moved away from his window and sat on his bed. Pulling a jacket with very long sleeves around himself, he shivered slightly. The simple, white cotton uniform he was required to wear wasn’t quite warm enough on a day like this and the draught from the window didn’t help.

Clover lay on his bed and stared up at the ceiling, wondering again what that ominous red-brown stain up there was. Sometimes it felt like that was all he ever did- stare at the ceiling and mentally debated the origin of that stain.

At least today, he could choose to do that. When they’d first brought him here, that was all he could do, being strapped securely to the bed and all.
He felt himself lucky that they didn’t bother doing that to him any more. The doctor had decided that even given the reason he was here, he simply didn’t need it and that doing so was being far to forceful on someone so placid. So now he was free- well, reasonably so. Within the confines of his cell, at least.

Behind him, a panel on the heavy iron door squeaked open and the familiar face of his doctor appeared- an attractive, 30-something year old woman, with glasses and short brown hair.

“Clover.” She said simply, though not unkindly. “You have a visitor.”
Clover didn’t look up.
“I know.”

The door was opened and two burly security officers came in, followed by the doctor. One of them made to grab Clover roughly, but seeing as the boy made no move to object or escape, he didn’t bother. Instead, he quietly left his room and waited for them to follow him.
From there, Clover was escorted downstairs to the visitor’s room. Along the way, the only one who spoke was the doctor, who talked of tranquillisers and cell changes whilst Clover politely listened in silence.

Just before she let him into the room, she turned to him.
“I suspect you already know who your visitor is.” she said, half genuinely curious, half testing him.
Clover shook his head.
“Actually, no.” he replied, “I didn’t even know there was someone here until you told me.”

The doctor seemed slightly surprised and let Clover into the room. It was sparsely furnished, with just a few uncomfortable plastic chairs and a table with some ancient magazines resting on it. In one corner of the room was a security camera that didn’t look like it was even on. On one wall was a large window with some hideous floral curtains framing it.
Stood by the window, looking out to the storm and badly flooded garden outside was Clover’s visitor.

He recognised the other person instantly- a long, black jacket; shoulder length, dark brown hair and an arrogant stance.
“It…it’s you.” Clover eventually stuttered, staring at his visitor, who hadn’t even turned to look at him.
“It’s been a while, hasn’t it, dearest brother?” The other boy said, watching the rain, “has it really already been four months? Four months since they brought you here for your crime.”
Clover looked quite uncomfortable and he scowled.
“You mean, your crime,” he retorted.
“I cannot be held responsible for the actions partaken by your form. You know that. No court in the world would believe you.” He turned to look at Clover finally, smirking unkindly.
“And that’s why it’s so unfair!” Clover cried, visibly upset at his brother’s harsh words.
“It wasn’t me who killed all those people! Or who started the fire! But because you took my body to do it, I have to suffer here! All because you were too cowardly to do it yourself in your own form! Are you happy, Lucerne? I’m not!”

Clover whimpered quietly, his eyes full of tears. He looked at his brother in dismay. How could someone so like him be so cruel?
They shared the same dark brown eyes and hair, the same pallid complexion. Yet they were so different. Clover wore his hair much shorter but lately it had started to get a little longer than he like. Conversely, Lucerne had always had longer, more luxurious hair. And although their eyes were the same colour, Clover’s were large and round, whereas Lucerne’s were almond shaped and narrow.

Today, especially, they looked very different- Clover was dressed all in white thanks to the white uniform and the straitjacket he’d pulled on for warmth. Lucerne had ended up all in black, mostly because of the long rain coat he was wearing.

'How different we are and how we look' Clover thought. 'I always thought twins were two halves of the same soul and now I feel like its true. It’s like we balance each other out. Or maybe Fate is just screwing with my head today.'

Finally, Lucerne approached his brother and he stood before him. Despite them being twins, Lucerne was a good four inches taller than Clover and he tended to loom over him.
“Do you know why?” He asked, “why I stole your body by will and sent you here?”
“No.” Clover replied, “Tell me. I need to know. If I’m going to suffer here for my crime, at least tell me your motivation. I have no way of knowing what you’re thinking. The mind is so incredibly complex.”
“Then it will please you to know my answer is simple. I’ll be frank. I simply hate you. I always have done and I always will.”

Clover looked shocked and like any moment he would start crying. The fact that his own brother hated him so much was bad enough, but he was so cold, so emotionless about it.

“I had no idea! You never made it seem like you hated me. In fact, I thought quite the opposite.” Clover whimpered.
“It was an act. One huge charade because I knew our parents would hate me more if I showed how much I disliked you. I’m a good actor, aren’t I?” Lucerne said frostily.
“But why?”
“Jealousy. Because you were always liked more. I won’t let you overshadow me! And more importantly, I won’t let your psychic potential outclass my own!”

Clover looked up at Lucerne, tears flowing freely down his face.
“I had no idea you felt like that and that the reason was so shallow. And I had no idea you had me locked away to further your own needs. I didn’t know you were so cruel,” he said in an only just audible voice.
“Now you do.”

The two of them stood in a silence permeated by Clover’s sobs and the raindrops outside that almost mirrored them.

'He doesn't mean that.' Clover thought. 'How can he say he hates me considering everything? It can't be true... no, I KNOW it's not true. It's a lie he wove for my own good.'
Composing himself, Clover wiped his eyes on the back of his hand and sniffed, before looking up at Lucerne.

“I think I know why you're really here and what you really meant when you said that. Hand it over,” Clover said, trying to take charge of the situation.
“What do you mean?” Lucerne asked, badly feigning innocence.
“Don't play any more games with me. You did this for my own good, I know that much. And you brought me something to help me do it, I know that for sure. It's in your pocket. Are you going to give me it?”
Lucerne smiled sincerely .
“I knew you'd see right through me. I'm not as good an actor as I'd like to make out,” he said.

Out of a hidden pocket, Lucerne took a small, black box- narrow and light. He handed it carefully to his brother, glancing up a the security camera briefly before realising that it wouldn't change anything.
Clover opened the the box to reveal a delicate dagger. The blade was sharp and steel; the handle was made of ivory, perhaps imitation, with a four leaf clover engraved onto it. He looked a the clover for some time. His own namesake, a symbol of good luck. How ironic.

Lucerne looked down at his twin with what seemed like pity.
“I'm sorry it has to be this way. And I'm sorry about before. I wanted to protect you and I couldn't, so I got rid of every close threat to you in the only way I knew how. Of course I lied before. I wanted you to be prepared to do this,” Lucerne said quietly, “this is for your own protection. There is no safer haven than the grave.”
Clover smiled solemnly, looking at the knife. He went to his brother and kissed him gently, then embraced him closely.
“Thank you.” he replied softly.

He took the knife in one hand and drew a deep breath that he knew would probably be his last. With one swift motion, he brought the knife up and drove it deep into his own neck.
Clover gasped audibly with pain as the steel met his flesh and the blood cascaded ceaselessly from the fatal wound he had made there.

“Lucerne...” Clover choked, blood dribbling from between his lips, “I love you... and... I'm sorry too.”

Lucerne watched as Clover collapsed lifelessly. Blood started to stain the floor a brilliant crimson. Clover's dark eyes slid shut and Lucerne counted to four quietly before bending down and pulling the knife from his wound. He stared for a long time at the cruel knife before discarding it onto the floor. Then he touched his brother's coarse hair gently.

“I love you too,” he said to himself, “but don't be sorry. You have nothing to apologise for. I thought I was this for the best. I hope I was right. Looks like your fate was death, just like-”

Just then, several of the burly security guards burst into the room, just a little too late. Evidently the camera did work, after all but no one was watching it closely enough.

“My God!” one of the guards exclaimed, “what did you do?!”
Lucerne calmly stood then smiled gently.

“Nothing. He's in a safer place now. Just like me. Nothing can harm him. It's all I ever wished for. There is no safer haven than the grave.

And with that, Lucerne turned, walked away and disappeared.


Sat Jun 30, 2007 12:25 pm
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WHATA?!?!?!? I'm so confused.....

Why did Lucern put on a cherade, making Clover believe that he hated him, then told him he loved him, gave him a dagger, and told Clover to kill himself. And why DID Clover kill himself? Weird....


Sat Jun 30, 2007 12:47 pm
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Because I'm screwing with your mind :D

Okay, let me explain if it's not clear. Lucerne told Clover he hated him to try and get him into the right mind set for killing himself. His apologies were his true feelings.
Clover killed himself because he understood that Lucerne needed him to. Lucerne is trying to protect Clover because Clover has psychic powers and people are trying to get to him. Maybe read it again with that in mind and it will make more sense. I did try and make it clear... :(


Sat Jun 30, 2007 1:27 pm
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dude, your story was crazy, but good. Why did the guards just let Lucerne walk away though, that seems a little odd.

Sun Jul 01, 2007 10:33 pm
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He didn't walk away, he literally disappeared, like into thin air. And thank you :)


Mon Jul 02, 2007 3:46 am
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