Blake and Alex: The beginning-Now on chapter 15, please read
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Author:  Ghost Writer [ Sat Apr 14, 2007 3:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Blake and Alex: The beginning-Now on chapter 15, please read

Okay, so maybe the title doesn't work like it used to. I was writing this fic as a prelude to another one I was planning on posting to give some background information, but saw that the other one sucked and I was too lazy to make it better. So here's my fic, and I hope you like it. It's kind of long, but that's because there was no real good stop point for a while, but the other ones will be shorter and more bearable.

Chapter 1
Blake stood outside the lab’s old, oak door, his nervousness causing butterfrees to flutter around in his stomach. He had heard that the professor’s pokemon eggs had hatched, and he was giving them away to inspiring trainers. Blake had dreamed about being a pokemon trainer ever since he had seen his first battle on the T.V. Blake had just turned twelve, making him eligible to become an official pokemon trainer. Blake took a deep breath, then opened the door and stepped inside.

The lab was nothing like he had expected. This was the first time inside, and he had always imagined it to have an clean, sterile smell to it, and have bland, white walls. It was the exact opposite. Instead of white walls, they were a rich, jungle green. And the lab was filled with tropical flowers and trees, giving it a pleasant, exotic smell. Blake grinned. This isn’t going to be so bad, thought Blake. He had been so nervous that night, he barely got three hours of sleep. He shuffled through the lab, wondering where everybody was. It was empty. He reached the back of the room, and his jaw almost dropped to the floor. There was a makeshift play pin set up, and inside were four pokemon playing joyfully together. Judging by the shells that littered the floor, they had recently hatched. There was a Torchic, Treecko, Mudkip, and a misplaced squirtle. They all looked up at him with curious faces as he approached, then gathered excitedly at the edge of the play pin, asking to be picked up and played with.

Blake wasn’t sure if he should with the professor absent, and was about to give in to the baby pokemon when he heard the door open, then shut. He turned around abruptly, and there was Professor Aspen, the head professor of the lab. He grinned, and said in a deep, booming voice,” How do you like the baby pokemon? Cute, huh? Go ahead, pick one up!” Blake turned back towards the play pin, and picked up the mudkip. He had had his eye on this one since he had walked in. The Mudkip seemed completely comfortable with him, and nibbled at his arm in affection. Professor Aspen walked toward the play pin, and picked up the squirtle. “ You know the girl in town who comes from the Kanto region, the one named Alex? Well, she came over with a pokemon egg from her fathers Blastoise as a going away gift, so she could one day become a pokemon trainer like he was. This is what hatched from it. I was just about to go get her, but why don’t you go do it instead? She needs a friend right now. She’s staying with my wife and I at our house, which is to the house next to yours. But you knew that.”

Blake nodded, and set the mudkip back down. He hurried out of the lab, and ran to Aspen’s house. He rang the door bell, and girl of the same age answered the door. She had big, blue eyes and blonde hair that fell to her neck. “Yes?”, she asked him shyly.

“Professor Aspen wanted me to tell you that your pokemon egg hatched!”, Blake said excitedly,” And that he wanted you to meet him at his lab.” She nodded, and they set off together at a quick pace. They entered the lab, and made their way towards the back. Alex immediately ran over to the play pin. The Squirtle looked happy to see her, as if it knew her. But that’s impossible, thought Blake, Squirtle has never seen her before. Alex immediately picked it up, and held it tightly in her caring arms. The Squirtle had a look of pure joy on it’s face.

“That Squirtle already loves you!”, said Professor Aspen from his desk in the corner. He was waying the Treecko. “ She’ll make a perfect partner for you, Alex.” Alex nodded, and set the squirtle back on the floor. She walked over to him, and her squirtle followed her like a little puppy. Porfessor Aspen turned t o Blake, who was picking the Mudkip back up, and said,” The same goes for that Mudkip. He seems to already trust you. Any normal baby pokemon would be cautious, but this little guy seems to have an amazing ability, and is able to pick up on human intentions. He senses that you’re a caring person and that you mean no harm.” He motioned for him to join Alex, and Blake walked accross the room. “ So I heard today is your birthday. That means you’re finally meet the age requirement to become an official pokemon trainer. That means you’ll need this, and these!” Aspen handed him a small, red, encyclopedia like object, and a bunch of balls with red on top and white on bottom. Blake recognized them as poke balls from the trainer shows he had watched, and the books he had studied.

“What does this do?,” Blake asked, holding up the electronic encyclopedia. It was a strange object. It could flip open, and the front had a small camera on the front. When he activated it, an electronic voice came out of a hidden speaker. “Welcome. Please enter your name and your home town with the key pad on the inside.” Blake punched in the required information, and the electronic voice said,” Registering Blake Rider from Sprout Town into the official pokemon league data base ... ... ... ... Registration complete. Please point the camera directly at your face and wait for the beep. Blake held the encyclopedia in front of his face, and there was a faint beep. “Thank you,” said the voice,” your in pokedex trainer card has been created.” The black screen suddenly showed a picture of him, with his information on one side, and the official pokemon seal in the background. “Initiating program explanation. Welcome. This device is a pokemon encyclopedia, also known as a pokedex. I give pokemon typage, pokemon evolution lines, and information on pokemon as well. Simply just point the camera at the pokemon you want to know more about. Thank you. Have a nice journey!” Professor Aspen chuckled, and gave Alex a pokedex as well. After registering, she went through the same explanation. Professor Aspen then handed her a few poke balls.

He turned to Blake, and said,” Now then. You should pick your starting pokemon, though I have a feeling which one it will be.” Blake nodded, and motioned to the mudkip that he had set on the ground. Professor Birch smiled, and said ,” Your mission as trainers is to catch wild pokemon with poke balls, train them, and then battle other trainers. You should also challenge gym leaders. The closest one is in Spring town. To get to it, take Route one. It should take you directly there. If you get lost, I programmed your pokedex’s with maps of the Yesto region. I think you should go together...”

BAM! Suddenly, the door to the lab burst open, and in walked Blake’s brother, Tyler! They had always been natural rivals at everything. Blake remembered the Tyler was getting his pokemon today as well. Tyler quickly strode toward the back of the lab, and headed over to the pokemon playpin. He turned to Professor Aspen, and said,” I’m here to get my pokemon and become a trainer.”

Professor Aspen nodded, and replied,” Go ahead and pick a pokemon.” Tyler stared down into the pin, then picked up the torchic.

“ I choose, this one, Torchic!,” he said triumphantly. The Torchic looked up at Blake, then grew bored and tried to worm out of his arms. Aspen nodded and handed him a pokedex and poke balls. After going through the same procedure as Alex and Blake, Tyler said thank you to Professor Aspen, and took out a poke ball.

“Torchic,” he said dramatically,” return!” A red light flashed out, and torchic warped into the poke ball. Tyler turned around and left as quickly as he arrived.

“ Now then,” said Professor Aspen,”where were we? Ah yes. You two should go together. The world of pokemon can be dangerous, and there are safety in numbers.”

Blake nodded, and asked,” What about Tyler? Should we travel with him as well?”

Professor Aspen shook his head, and replied,” Tyler already took this up with me. He said he would prefer to travel alone, and that there would be no changing his mind. Now, the world of pokemon awaits you!”

Alex and Tyler left the lab together. They both went home, and packed everything they needed into convenient hiking back packs. Before leaving, Blake’s mom hugged him tightly, and gave him a home made belt, which had slots for six poke balls. “Be safe.” She said tearfully.

Blake left his house, and found Alex already waiting for him. She had on a white bucket hat imprinted with the pokemon league symbol. She handed him a base ball cap that was red with the same symbol, and said,” My mom thought you should have this.” Blake nodded, and together, they started their journey, and headed for Spring town. They had barely left, when a sharp rock thumped onto Blake’s head. “ OUCH!!!,” he cried. He looked around for the culprit, and saw Tyler standing a ways off.

He chuckled, then called,” I thought that we should see who’s the better trainer. Come on, let’s go! Torchic, go!” He threw his poke ball, and out came Torchic. Blake scowled, and yelled,” Mudkip, I choose you!” He followed suit, and his Mudkip came flying out of his pokeball, yelling his cry. “Mudkip, use mud slap!” Mudkip smacked his tail on the ground, and sent mud flying towards Torchic.

“Torchic, dodge and use ember!” Torchic side stepped the attack, and retaliated by shooting a small ember from it’s open beak.

”Mudkip, use water gun!”, roared Blake. Mudkip opened his mouth, and shot a jet stream of water at the ember. It completely destroyed the ember, and the water smacked into Torchic, sending it flying. Torchic landed with a dull ‘Thump’.

“Torchic, return!,” Tyler said angrily. Torchic returned to it’s poke ball, and Tyler glared at Blake, saying,”You were just lucky! The next time we battle, I’m going to wipe the floor with you!” Tyler turned around, and ran off towards spring town.

Alex let out a whoop, and ran over to hug Blake. Blake returned the embrace, then picked up mudkip, yelling,” Good job, Mudkip! That’ll show him not to mess with us!” Mudkip cried triumphantly in return.

After returning Mudkip to his poke ball, Alex and Blake returned to their journey, making their way towards Spring town, and their first gym battle.

Author:  DNA [ Sun Apr 15, 2007 4:24 pm ]
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Hm, nice going here Elemental. The plot's good, the description is good ... it even incorporates the old "sibling rivalry" story. I did notice you didn't capitalize all of your proper nouns (squirtle, water gun), and I noticed some parts I (admittedly) assumed what you meant. Please tell me if I assumed correctly.

(They all looked up at him with curious faces as he approached, then gathered excitedly at the edge of the play pin, asking to be picked up and played with.) I believe you mean "play pen", not "play pin".

(“That Squirtle already loves you!”, said Professor Aspen from his desk in the corner. He was waying the Treecko.) Do you mean "weighing the Treecko" ?

(“ I choose --no comma-- this one, Torchic!,” he said triumphantly. The Torchic looked up at Blake, then grew bored and tried to worm out of his arms.) Well no wonder Tyler lost, the Torchic didn't like him.

Also, I may have missed something, but I don't remember Blake saying that he recalled his Mudkip. Did I miss it? (I'm not trying to vent anger on you; I'm trying to be a critic.)

I say I give this fanfic a rating of 8.5/10.


Author:  Ghost Writer [ Sun Apr 15, 2007 5:11 pm ]
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Thanks for pointing out my mistakes, sorcerer, but the weird thing is that when I checked my story in word, all those words that you pointed out were spelled correctly. I must changed it AFTER I posted it :( Anyways, I didn't recall mudkip on purpose. I'm trying to get Blake and Mudkip into this Ash and Pikachu relationship, but now I know that's not going to work, because when it evolves it's going to get bigger. Anyways, thanks for the comment, I'll post 2 and 3 tomorrow.

Author:  The Obsidian Wolf [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 10:19 am ]
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That's really good! Keep it going.

And also, though Microsoft word checks spelling mistakes, it will sometimes overlook words. For example:

Play pin.

Pin is a real word, so Microsoft won't detect it as an error. One could have a pin with which they play, and thus could have a play pin, so Microsoft wouldn't realise. I always read my chapters to my aunt before I post them (I got quite a lot of ideas from her, so thanks go to her for The Final Battle too :P )

I'm looking forward to travelling around this region and seeing what they will do. Good work!


Author:  Ghost Writer [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 3:03 pm ]
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Thanks for the reviews. Here's chapter two and three. I decided to post them together, because two is really short. Here we go, I hope you like them!

Chapter two
‘And then there were two’
After making it up the first rise, Blake paused to catch his breath. Alex came trotting up behind, equally gasping for breath. When they both caught their breath, Alex looked around, and said,” This looks like a great place to take a rest. According to the map in the pokedex, we should reach Spring town by the end of the day.” She went over to a rock, set her pack down on it, and started to rummage through it. She emerged with a pot, some packs of dried food, and a lighter. “Go gather some dry wood, and I’ll cook us something to eat,” Alex asked.

Blake sighed, and, as a random thought, took a couple of empty poke balls with him. He still had not caught another pokemon, and had no idea what pokemon he could find. It was better to be prepared. He walked through a grove of trees, till he came to a dead tree. It looked like it had been struck by lightning. ‘That’s odd,’ thought Blake,’ it looks like the lightning struck from the ground, not the sky...’

He heard the leaves rustle behind him. He whirled around, and out of a bush jumped a strange pokemon that looked like a sheep. He gasped in wonderment, then whipped out his pokedex. He pointed the pokedex at the pokemon, and it whirred to life. A picture of the pokemon appeared on the screen, and it began to give information on the pokemon.

“Mareep,” the pokedex started,” the electric wool pokemon. If static electricity builds in its body, its fleece doubles in volume. Touching it will shock you.”

‘An electric pokemon!,’ thought Blake,’ I could really use one for my team!’ Blake snatched the poke ball that was on his belt, and threw it into the air. “Mudkip, I choose you!” Mudkip came out of his poke ball with a cry. “Mudkip, use mud slap!” Mudkip slapped his tail at the ground, sending a cascade of mud toward the mareep. The mareep had been charging up for an electrical attack, but lost it’s focus when the mud smacked into his face. The electricity from it’s thunder shock pinged harmlessly into the sky. “Okay, now use tackle!” Mudkip charged mareep, and slammed into it. The mareep flew back into a tree, and fainted. Blake took out an empty poke ball, and threw it at the mareep. It hit the electric pokemon, and the mareep was warped inside. The ball sat on the ground, and shook back and forth.

Blake waited till it stopped, and picked it up triumphantly. He placed in on his belt, then went over to the dead tree and collected an armful of fire wood. He carried it back to camp, and set it down next to alex, who was busy opening food packs. She walked over to a tree, picked some berries, brought them over to the pot, and dropped them into the pot. She poured the open food packs into the pot, then picked up the wood and began to build a fire. All the time this was going on, Blake was hiding the lighter. When Alex was finished, she turned to pick up the lighter, only to find it gone. She looked up at Blake, and said,” Did you pick up the lighter? It was here just a second ago.”

Blake grinned, and said,” I have a solution to that.” He snatched a poke ball from his belt, and yelled,” Go, Mareep!” Mareep came out of it’s poke ball with it’s unique cry. “Mareep, use thundershock!” Mareep launched a shock of electricity at the pile of wood, and it lit on fire.

Alex looked at Mareep with wide eyes, then asked,” Did you get your Mareep when you were getting wood?” Blake nodded, then returned Mareep to his poke ball. Alex sent out her Squirtle, and asked,” Could you fill the pot for me, Squirtle?” Squirtle nodded, and sent out a small cascade of water into the pot, till it was filled half way. Alex set the pot on the fire, and began to stir. It took a half hour for the soup to cook, and when it was finished, Alex and Blake shared it with their pokemon. They cleaned up, packed up again, and headed toward Spring town.

Chapter three
New friends, new challenges
“Look, we’re almost to Spring town!,” Blake told Alex excitedly,” We should be there in under an hour.” Alex nodded, and they continued down the road, quickening their paces.

When they reached the edge of the town, movement to their right caught Alex’s attention. Blake didn’t notice her stopping, and didn’t stop for a few more meters. He turned around in time to see a pokemon with a green head and white body jump out onto the road. Alex stumbled back, pulling out her pokedex. She flipped it open, and a picture of the pokemon appeared on the screen. “Ralts,” began the pokedex,” the psychic pokemon. Ralts has the ability to sense the emotions of people. If its trainer is in a cheerful mood, this pokemon grows cheerful and joyous in the same way.”

Alex grinned, and pulled a poke ball off of her belt. “Go, Squirtle!”, she yelled. Squirtle flew out of her poke ball, landing gracefully to face her opponent. “Squirtle, use bubble!”, She commanded. Squirtle took a deep breath, and blew out a flurry of bubbles at Ralts. Ralts’s eyes began to glow purple, and the bubbles started to pop as the got closer to it. Alex scowled, then realized that while it was distracted, Squirtle could get in a tackle. “Squirtle, tackle it!” Squirtle launched itself at the Ralts, knocking it flat. She pulled out an empty poke ball, and through it at the downed Ralts. It struck it on the head. It warped into the poke ball, then began to rock back and forth. It stopped rocking, and Alex jumped for joy. She ran over, and held the poke ball high over her head.

Suddenly, a man came out of the bush that the ralts had been. He wore a white tunic, and had strange, light purple hair the fell wildly past his neck. His eyes were emerald green, and he was taller than Blake by at least a foot. He looked around, and turned to Alex, asking,” Have you seen a Ralts come by? I’ve been tracking it.”

Alex looked at him nervously, and replied,” Uh, I just caught a ralts. I might have been yours. Sorry.”

The mystery trainer waved a hand, and said,” It’s okay. I’ll find another one. Are you two trainers?”

They both nodded, and Blake said,” We’re trainers from sprout town!” Blake had on a look of pride on his face.

The trainer looked surprised, and said,” Well, I’m John, the gym leader here at Spring town. I was recently challenged by a trainer named Tyler, from the same town. Do you know him?”

Blake looked at him with surprise, and replied,”I know. He’s my brother!”

John grinned, and said,” Well, he defeated me. He was incredibly tough. Maybe you’ll be just as tough? Why don’t you both stop by tomorrow. I’ll challenge you each to a two on two battle.”
Blake and Alex both nodded, and followed him into Spring Town.

Author:  DNA [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 3:21 pm ]
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Still, very good, good as the last one. I give this a 9/10.
There were some errors (but not very many), but they should be brought to your attention nonetheless.

It's just another misspelling of words, and the mistake is very common. The five most commonly misspelt words are its/it's, and there/their/they're. For both groups most people incorrectly use the contraction without thinking too much about it (and, so did you). Let me tell you the differences between the words:

it's - contraction for "it is", commonly used as a combo subject/verb.
its - possessive adjective, meaning "belonging to it".

So instead of: "Blake nodded, then returned Mareep to it’s poke ball.",
it should rather be: "Blake nodded, then returned Mareep to its Poke Ball.",
because "returned to it is Poke Ball" makes no sense. If you're not sure, replace "it's" with "it is" and test it that way.

there - referring to a farther off place, like the visible horizon, usually something at least 15 feet away
their - possessive adjective, meaning "belonging to them". "Theirs" is a possessive noun.
they're - contraction for "they are", commonly used as a combo subject/verb.

So instead of: "When they both caught they’re breath, Alex looked around, and said,..."
it should rather be: "When they both caught their breath, Alex looked around, and said,...", because "both caught they are breath" doesn't make sense either. If you aren't sure, replace "they're" with "they are" and see if it's right. ("They're" usually isn't incorrectly substituted for "there", but more often "their".) Once again, I am just being your critic.
Since the grammatical check in Word mostly doesn't work, you have to do a bit of work yourself to catch your own errors.


Author:  Ghost Writer [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 4:51 pm ]
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sorry about that they're mistake. I was typing this really, REALLY, fast and didn't have time to check for mistakes. I'll edit it out. BTW I do know the difference between they're and their.d

Author:  Crimson [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 5:11 pm ]
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I was typing this really, REALLY, fast and didn't have time to check for mistakes.

They typically are mistakes, but how fast you were typing and how much time you had don't matter. Save it on a word processor and you could go and check it later.

Author:  Ghost Writer [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 6:30 pm ]
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Okay, here we go. The first gym battle with the mysterious leader John! Hope you enjoy(And the title. I changed it just to post on this site :) )

Chapter four
‘The psychic pokemon connection’
Alex awoke first, scanning the small room at the pokemon center. She groaned, and slowly got out of bed. She walked over to where her back pack lay. She quickly changed, put on her belt, picked up her hat, and walked out into the hall. She knocked on Blake’s room, and it was another minute till it slowly opened. He was still groggy, but he also wore his hat and belt. Today was the day they finally battled their first gym leader. They hadn’t asked John about the types of pokemon he used, since it would be an unfair advantage other trainers didn’t have. They picked up their pokemon at the pokemon center front desk, and put them on their belts. They walked out of the automatic sliding glass doors, and made their way towards the Spring Town gym. Blake pushed open the door, and motioned for Alex to enter first. She walked quickly in, with Blake at her heels, and looked around. They were in a small waiting room, with cushiony chairs on one side.

They were about to sit down in them, when a door on the side of the room opened, and out walked John. “Hello,” he said cheerfully,” since you both only have two pokemon, I’ll only use two pokemon against each of you. To make it fair, I’ll use different pokemon in each battle. If you’ll follow me, please.”

They nodded, and followed him into a huge battle arena. “Which one will go first?,” John asked.

I’ll battle you first,” Blake replied, heading over to one side of arena. John nodded, and headed off toward the other side, while Alex to a seat in the bleachers.

“I’ll choose first, John called from across the field,”’ so you have the advantage to counter. But I must warn you, I don’t lose so easily!” With that, he pulled a Poke Ball out from nowhere, and tossed it onto the field. Out of the ball sprouted a yellow pokemon with a long nose. Blake pulled out his pokedex, and flipped it open. As usual, a picture of the pokemon appeared on the screen. “Drowzee,”the pokedex recited,” the hypnosis pokemon. It puts it enemies to sleep so it can eat their dreams.”

Blake nodded, then chose one of the two poke balls from his belt, and threw it into the air, yelling,” Mareep, I choose you!” Mareep sprouted from his poke ball, issuing his cry.

“This is going to be fun,” John said to himself,” now, use pound, drowzee!” Drowzee began to run across the field, pulling it’s hand back.

“Mareep, counted with thunder wave!”, ordered Blake. Mareep drew in electricity, then fired a weak wave of it at Drowzee, stopping it in its tracks. “Now your Drowzee is paralyzed solid,”Blake confirmed triumphantly,” Mareep, show Drowzee your thundershock!” Mareep then shocked Drowzee with an electric attack.

Drowzee fell back, slowly rising to it’s feet. “Okay Drowzee, use hypnosis!” Drowzee conjured up a pulsating beam of purple light at Mareep.

“Mareep, dodge it and use charge!”, ordered Blake. Mareep jumped to the left, and began to take in static electricity, his wool nearly doubling in size. “Mareep, end this battle with thundershock!” Mareep realized the stored electrical power with a shock, sending Drowzee flying toward the other end of the field, fainting it. Blake yelled in triumph, running over to hug his Mareep. He received a good jolt from the excess stored power that was still radiating off of Mareep.

Blake looked up in time to catch John returning Drowzee to its Poke Ball, and throwing out another. A pokemon that had a single spoon in its hand appeared. Blake consulted his pokedex, learning that it’s name was Kadabra, the evolved form of Abra. He retreated to the other end of the field. “Mareep, use tackle!” Mareep charged Kadabra head on.

“Kadabra,”ordered John,”Stop it with Confusion!” Kadabra thrust it’s spoon forward, and stopped Mareep, and threw him across the field, slamming him into the wall.

“You did good, Mareep,”Blake said,” now return.” He then took out his last Poke Ball, and sent out his Mudkip. “Mudkip, use water gun!” Mudkip sent a jet of water toward Kadabra. But Kadabra was faster that Mudkip, and was able to teleport out of the way.

“Now, Kadabra,”John said smugly,” Use Psybeam!” Kadabra fired a multi colored beam at Mudkip.

“Mudkip,”Blake yelled desperately,”Use water gun again!” Mudkip shot another jet of water, breaking the Psybeam. “Water gun one more time!” Mudkip again fired away a jet of water. Kadabra was preparing another Psybeam, but didn’t fire it quick enough.

It smacked into it for a critical hit, fainting the psychic pokemon instantly. John returned it to its Poke Ball, then said,” You have battled well. Now, let’s see if your friend is just as good!”

Alex came down from the stands, where Blake took her place, and stood on the opposite side of the field, facing John. “Okay,” she said,” I’ll go first! Ralts, I choose you!” Ralts came out of his Poke Ball, letting out a cry.

“Time to get revenge”, yelled John,” Spoink, let’s see your psychic abilities!” A pokemon with a spring tail appeared out of a Poke Ball Blake had thrown into the air.

“Ralts, use double team!” Ralts created copies of himself, surrounding spoink in a circle. Spoink looked confused. “Now, confusion, Ralts!” Ralts sent a blast from one side, but it was so fast, that John knew not where it came from.

It confused the Spoink completely. John returned to it’s poke ball, forfeiting it. “Okay, let’s see if you can beat my starter! Chimecho, let’s show them what it means to be a psychic pokemon!” A pokemon shaped like a wind chime appeared, making a clinking sound. “ Now, psychic all of the copies!” Chimecho spun in a circle, making all but the real Ralts disappear, sending the real one flying. But amazingly, he was able to right himself, and land on top of Chimecho.

“Good, Ralts. Now, give it your most powerful confusion!” Ralts drew in all of his power, then let out a blast so powerful, it shook the stadium.

Chimecho hit the ground, but rose just as quickly. “Now, Chimecho, Psychic!” Alex’s tiny Ralts was picked up by a mysterious force, and was thrown high into the ceiling! Alex returned Ralts to his poke ball before he hit the ground.

“Chimecho shouldn’t have a lot of energy left,” Alex thought,” So Squirtle should be able to knock it out pretty quick.” She sent Squirtle out with complete confidence. “Squirtle!,” she yelled triumphantly,” Go into a rapid spin!” Squirtle retreated inside her shell, then began to spin. She launched herself at Chimecho, traveling quickly towards it.

But John was experienced in the kinds of situations. “Chimecho! Use Defense curl!” Chimecho curled into a ball, and received little damage from the Rapid spin. But it was still in danger of fainting from it’s battle with Ralts.

“Okay, Squirtle!”,Alex called,” Use water gun!” Squirtle come out of her shell, and fired a strong jet of water toward the hurt Chimecho. It was strong enough to knock it out of the air. John scowled, and returned Chimecho to it’s poke ball.

Alex jumped for joy, and ran over to pick up Squirtle, and gave her a fierce hug.

John came over, and said,” Those were two completely intense battles. I enjoyed them immensely. That Ralts is in very capable hands, young lady. Now, I present you both with the Kinesis badge!” He handed them both a silver badge, showing a picture of a purple wave flowing outward. “Now, the closest gym from here is in Hasten city. You’ll have to catch a boat across the presune river, but it shouldn’t be too hard.”

Alex and Blake put their newly acquired badges into their pockets, then left the gym, heading for the port town of Glosnen, and then, to Hasten city, and their second gym battle.

Author:  DNA [ Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:17 am ]
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Still very good. I like this story quite; it's getting better. I say 9.4/10. LOL "Psychic Pokemon Connection". But...

(They picked up they’re pokemon at the pokemon center front desk, and put them on their belts.)

(“This is going to be fun,” John said to himself,” now, use pound, drowzee!” Drowzee began to run across the field, pulling it’s hand back.)

You did it again.

(“I’ll choose first, John called from across the field,”’ so you have the advantage to counter. But I must warn you, I don’t lose so easily!”)

(Blake nodded, then chose one of the two poke balls from his belt, and threw it into the air, yelling,” Mudkip, I choose you!” Mareep sprouted from his poke ball, issuing his cry.)

He picks Mudkip and Mareep comes out? :?:
That's all for now really.


Author:  Ghost Writer [ Tue Apr 17, 2007 7:27 pm ]
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Thanks, once again DNA, for pointing out my mistakes. That was really bad on my part, and I edited it out. Here we go, Chapter five!

Chapter 5
‘’Trouble in Port Glosnen’
Alex and Blake set up camp about twenty minutes outside of Port Glosnen. It wouldn’t have taken long to get to the town, but they were tired from their two day walk from Spring Town, and so were their pokemon. They had earned this rest. If they continued, blisters the size of a Koffing would have formed on their feet. While Alex made use of her amazing skills as a cook, Blake began to set up their hiking tent. Then, he took the two poke balls off his belt, and released his pokemon so they could also relax and get some fresh air. Mareep and Mudkip popped out of thin air, and looked around with questioning eyes. Mudkip walked over to the newly built fire, and plopped down to take a snooze. Mareep was quick to follow suit. Alex looked up from her cooking, and did the same as Blake, releasing her Squirtle and Ralts.

Her two pokemon also laid down next to the fire, and were transfixed by the flickering light of the flames. It was a half hour before Alex finished cooking, and by then Blake had set up the tent and had already joined their pokemon next to the fire. He stroked his Mudkip’s head, while Mareep snuggled onto his lap. Alex passed him a bowl filled with steaming stew, and Blake tasted it carefully. He nearly spat it back out. “What IS this?,” he asked, trying not gag. “It tastes like...”

Alex glared at him, and said,”It’s called ‘healthy’ food. It’s something that’s actually good for you.” There was a pause, then Blake surrendered to her ‘look of death’, as he had come to call it.

When they had finished they’re dinner, they sat around the camp fire telling stories late into the night. They finally retreated into their tent. They lay down in their individual sleeping bags, their pokemon snuggling up against them. Blake would partially regret the day his pokemon evolved, for this moment would be lost to them.

It was a little past midnight when Blake awoke. He didn’t know what had woken him, but decided to take a look around the camp. He tried not to wake up Mudkip and Mareep, but it was no use. The blinked tired eyes up at him, and Blake explained to them that he was going to check outside. They nodded, and followed him out of the tent. Blake looked around the small camp site. The fire had long gone out, and the only source of illumination came from the stars over head.

Blake felt a strange tingling at the back of his neck. He turned toward Port Glosnen, just in time to see an explosion rip through the night! “Oh, no,”he thought,” better go check it out!” “Come on!,”He yelled to his pokemon,” Let’s see if we can help out!” They began to run toward the tendril of smoke that curled through the dark sky, blotting out some stars.

Running had gotten them to the sight of the explosion in under ten minutes. Blake looked around, and saw the remains of a house. There was nothing he could do. He was about to turn around, when he heard a faint cry for help. He sprinted through charred remains of the bombed out house, looking for the source of the cries for help. He finally found an old woman, with graying hair and several wounds trapped under a beam. Blood oozed from her wounds. They looked very serious. “Hold on!”, Blake told the lady,”Mudkip, Mareep, help me move this beam!” Together, they were able to roll the large beam of of her. Blake picked her up, and noticed that she had been protecting a kind of incubator with her own body. He decided that he would come back for it later, and that the old woman’s life was more important right then.

He ran toward a hospital he had seen on the way there, and hustled through the entrance marked ‘Emergency room’. He hurried up to the desk, and said,”I saw an explosion, and found this old woman under a beam of wood. She was calling for help, but had passed out by the time I had found her. Her wounds looked serious, so I brought her straight here. I didn’t know what else to do...”

The nurse nodded, then picked up a phone and began to call for an emergency medical team to report to the emergency room front desk. She turned back to Blake, and said,” Lay her down on the gurney, and then sit down in one of those chairs by the wall. The police will want to have a word with you when they arrive.”

Blake obeyed, sat down in one of the chairs by the wall. He wondered if Alex had woken up when the house exploded, and was wondering where he was. The police came a few minutes later, and asked him some questions. He answered them all truthfully, and they told him he was free to go. He got up, and began to head for the camp site, to make sure that Alex knew what had happened. He was passing the house he had found the old woman in, when he suddenly remembered the incubator she had almost died protecting. He went to where he had found her, and picked up the incubator. Inside was an egg, speckled with strange designs. “I wonder what pokemon is in here”, Blake wondered dully to himself. He was bone tired, and began to make his way back. He was in such a rush to leave, he didn’t notice a figure detach itself from the shadows, and begin to follow him.
Alex had been packing up and getting ready to leave and look for Blake when she saw him coming down t he road. She smiled and began to run toward him to ask him what had happened, when she saw a shady character creep up behind him and hit him in the back of the head with a bat. Blake was knocked unconscious, and the shady guy began to rummage through his stuff.

Alex ran forward, throwing out a poke ball. “Squirtle, I choose you!” Squirtle appeared, giving her unique cry. “Squirtle! Use Water gun!” Squirtle let loose a jet of water, which hit the shady guy squarely in the face. He stumbled back, startled, then threw a poke ball of his own into the air.

“Zubat!,” the Shady Guy said angrily,”Show this little girl what happens to those who choose to mess with Team Blasto!” Zubat appeared from inside the poke ball, giving a loud screech. Light was slowly creeping across the road, illuminating the Shady Guy. He was a stout man, with a black hat pulled low over his face. He wore a peculiar black uniform, with a large, golden B on the front. “Zubat!,”the Blasto grunt yelled,” use Wing Attack!” His Zubat dove at Alex’s Squirtle, quickly gaining momentum.

“Squirtle, dodge and use Water Gun!” Squirtle danced to one side, and let out her signature jet of water, shooting Zubat out of the sky.

The Grunt let Zubat hit the ground before returning it to its poke ball. He glared at Alex, and said,”Fine. You win. I’ll leave your friend alone. But this isn’t the last time you’ve seen me!” With that, the Team Blasto Grunt turned and fled into Port Glosnen. Alex returned Squirtle to her poke ball, and ran to where Blake laid. She took out a bottle of water, and splashed it on his face.

He awoke with a start, hand flying to his belt to make sure that his poke balls were still there. They were. He looked up into Alex’s wide, sky blue eyes, and asked,”What happened? I was coming back to check on you, when I was hit in the back of the head.”

Alex sighed, and told her story of not finding him when he woke up, watching him being hit in the back of the head, and her battle with the Team Blasto Grunt. When she was finished, Blake told her his adventure of seeing the explosion, saving the old woman, and finding the pokemon egg. He pulled it out to show her. Suddenly, Blake had a light bulb moment, and said,”This egg is the reason why I was attacked! Team Blasto probably bombed that old lady’s house, knowing that the incubator I found it in would completely protect it!” He stood up, a little woozie at first, then went back to their campsite. They quickly packed up, and headed back into Port Glosnen. Blake needed to see the old woman.

Arriving at the hospital, they immediately asked the front desk nurse what room number she was in. "Well let me see...”, she replied. She lazily flipped through her patient log book, and began to skim it with her finger. “Here we are. Room 1083.” Blake and Alex said thank you, and went straight to the room The Nurse had told them. Blake politely knocked on the mahogany door marked with the given numbers.

“Come in,” came a weak voice from inside the room. Blake and Alex quietly opened the door, and saw the frail, old woman lying in a hospital bed. Her various wounds had been patched up, and she wore a plain white hospital gown. She looked better this time than the last time Blake saw her, but she still looked pretty bad.

“Uh, I’m the guy who rescued you and brought you in. I wanted to ask you about a strange pokemon egg I found while rescuing you.” Blake sat down on the visitors couch, and, for the second time, recapped his story about what had happened. He finished with,”And I believe your house was bombed for the same reason I was attacked. We believe that they were after this egg. Can you tell me what pokemon laid it?”

The old lady shook her head, and said,”I’m a prehistoric pokemon researcher. I mysteriously received this egg from a lab on Cinnabar island. There’s a special program on that island that regenerates extinct pokemon from prehistoric DNA. I believe this egg was laid by one of their test subjects, though I know they have several. I was going to ask what it was, but decided to see for myself. Apparently, this egg is now dangerous. I shouldn’t be asking this of you, but if you could take it off my hands...”

Blake nodded, and said,”I’d be happy to raise your egg for you. Especially if it’s to help protect you.”

The old woman nodded, and said,”Thank you. Are you perhaps looking for a boat to take you across the Presune river?” Both Blake and Alex nodded at the same time. The Lady rolled over, and was rummaged through a plastic bag on desk next to her. She held up two tickets, saying,”My nephew and I were supposed to take a ferry tomorrow. It’s known as the battle ferry, because many trainers have battles on it. We were going to watch some, but now I don’t think we’re going. Why don’t you go instead? It should be a good experience for two up-and-coming trainers.”

Blake and Alex were speechless. “Thank you SO much!”, Alex said,”We’ll never forget you for this.” Blake only nodded in agreement.

‘Today, Port Glosnen, tomorrow, Hasten City and my second gym challenge!’, Blake thought with triumphant. With that, they walked through Port Glosnen till they found a pokemon center. They had had a rough night, and slept most of the day. They would need as much rest as they could get, for there next difficult leg of their journey was about to begin.

Author:  DNA [ Wed Apr 18, 2007 8:50 am ]
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Still nice; it's getting much better. These "Blasto" people, supposedly based off of Team Rocket, come to get some kind of fossil egg (reference to RBY) and ambush Blake and Alex(a). (Well, Alex has to be short for something.) I now say 9.7/10. But...

W: (When they had finished they’re dinner, they sat around the camp fire telling stories late into the night.)
R: (When they had finished their dinner, they sat around the camp fire telling stories late into the night.)
You did it again.

W: (The blinked tired eyes up at him, and Blake explained to them that he was going to check outside.)
R: (They blinked tired eyes up at him, and Blake explained to them that he was going to check outside.)
That one is just a typo really.

W: (Alex had been packing up and getting ready to leave and look for Blake when she saw him coming down t he road.)
R: (Alex had been packing up and getting ready to leave and look for Blake when she saw him coming down the road.)
As was that.

N: (Alex glared at him, and said,”It’s called ‘healthy’ food. It’s something that’s actually good for you.” There was a pause, then Blake surrendered to her ‘look of death’, as he had come to call it.)

LOL, "Look of Death" :evil: ...Funny.


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Okay, here's chapter six. I hated writing it, and I don't feel like it's as good as the last one. Oh well.

Chapter six
‘Double Trouble on the Battle Ferry’
Blake and Alex walked together through the deserted streets of Port Glosnen. They had been cooped up in their rooms at the local pokemon center, and were savoring their time outside. Their destination was a ferry located at dock four. It had been unofficially named the Battle Ferry, since a majority of it’s passengers were trainers who held intense battles aboard. It would take Blake and Alex across the Presune River, to the city of Hasten. Their awaited their second gym challenge. They were both psyched and anxious to battle. Their emotions were rubbing off on their pokemon, who were equally anxious to battle.

They were able to navigate the winding streets, and saw the ferry almost finishing loading passengers. Blake and Alex ran towards it, and were able to make it onboard. Once onboard, Alex and Blake set their back packs into lockers on board. Before closing the door, Blake checked to make sure that the egg entrusted to him by the Old Lady was safely padded. He closed and locked his locker, and joined Alex by the port rail. So far their pokemon journey had been anything but normal, but then again, all pokemon journeys usually turned out that way.

A stout boy came over to where they stood, and bluntly asked,”You two look like trainers. Are you going to challenge the leaders of the gym at Hosten city?”

The question startled Blake. “Leaders,”he asked incredulously,”You’re telling me there are two of them?”

The boy nodded, and said,”Yeah, they challenge trainers to double battles. I was going to ask you if you’ve ever had one.”

Blake and Alex shook their heads, and said,”I don’t think we’ve ever heard of double battles. We don’t even know the rules. Could you explain them to us?”

The boy grinned, and said,”Well, as I like to say, you can hear about things all you want, but experience is the real teacher. I’ll challenge both of you to a double battle right here and now! By the way, I’m Maxie.”

“I’’m Blake, and this is my friend Alex. We’re trainers from Sprout Town.”

They followed Maxie over to the inner deck, and gasped in surprise. Their was a small pool with two platforms in it. There was a battle finishing up in it, a Marill shooting water at a Pidgey. The Pidgey suddenly dove at the opposing Marill, and tackled it to the bottom of the shallow pool. The Maril surfaced, fainted. Their trainers returned their pokemon to their Poke Balls, and shook hands. “Scat,”Maxie told them grumpily. The other trainers saw who he was, and backed up cautiously. It was apparent they had seen him battle before.

“You command a lot of respect around here,”Alex pointed out unnecessarily.

Maxie nodded, and said,”They know my brothers own this ferry. They also know they are the gym leaders at Hasten city.”

Once again, Blake and Alex were speechless. “You’re related to the gym leaders there?”, they asked, sounding surprised.

“Yeah,”he replied,”They asked me to make sure that the trainers coming to them knew what a double battle is. So, why don’t we get started? I’ll choose two pokemon, and you each can work together and send out one pokemon.” With that, he artfully pulled out two Poke Balls with one hand, and threw them into the pool. Out of the Poke Balls came a crab like pokemon, and a gold fish like pokemon with a horn on it’s head. The crab pokemon landed on one of the two plat forms, and the gold fish pokemon in the water. Blake beat Alex to the pokedex, and flipped it open. “Goldeen,"the Pokedex recited,” the gold fish pokemon. The tail fin billows and flutters like an elegant dress, giving it the nickname of the water queen.”

“Krabby,"stated Alex’s pokedex,”the river crab pokemon. Its pincers are not only powerful weapons, they are used for balance when walking sideways.”

“Okay,”Blake said,”let’s make it water versus water, Alex! Mudkip, Go!” Mudkip appeared with a cry, landing with a plop in the water.

“Squirtle! Let’s get this battle started!”,Alex cried, tossing her poke ball high into the air. Out popped her Squirtle, landing won the platform opposite of Goldeen. Mudkip and Squirtle both turned to face their opponents. Alex wasn’t going to wait around for Blake. “Okay! Squirtle, use Bubble!” Squirtle took a deep breath, and fired a plethora of bubbles in the direction of Maxie’s pokemon.

Maxie frowned in disapproval. “You’ll never win like that,”Maxie pointed out,”You’ll have to work together with Blake. Krabby, fire your own Bubbles! Goldeen, knock Squirtle off with Horn Attack!” Krabby fired bubbles, stopping Squirtle's Bubbles from advancing. Goldeen swam ahead, and jumped into the air, ramming Squirtle with its horn. Squirtle lost her balance, and fell into the pool of water.

This was what Blake was waiting for. “Mudkip, Water Gun Krabby!” Mudkip shot a jet of water from where he swam, squarely hitting Krabby. It flew from the platform, and sank to the bottom of the pool. While this was happening, Squirtle had resurfaced.

“Okay, Squirtle! Dive down and hit Goldeen with your Rapid Spin!”,Alex ordered. Squirtle dove beneath the water again, and spun into Goldeen, sending it rapidly to the surface. Goldeen shook its head to clear it, then began to search for Squirtle.

‘That’s it!’, thought Blake,’ We need to take his pokemon out one at a time, so they can’t use any combination moves.’ He relaid his plan to Alex, then yelled,”Mudkip, use Water Gun on Goldeen!”

“Squirtle, Water Gun Goldeen as well!” Squirtle and Mudkip fired at the same time. SMACK! Goldeen sank slowly, only to resurface seconds later, fainted.

Maxie looked at the situations with grim eyes, and watched his Krabby surface behind Mudkip and Squirtle. “Krabby,”he yelled,”Quickly Vice Grip Squirtle.” Krabby thrust its claw forward, and grabbed Squirtle by the neck. Krabby then sent Squirtle flying into Mudkip.

Squirtle surfaced, fainted. Alex grimly returned Squirtle to her Poke Ball, then realized that Mudkip had yet to surface. Suddenly, a spot in the water began to glow, and instead of Mudkip, a pokemon that looked like him surfaced instead.

Blake watched in wonderment, then pulled out his pokedex again.

“Marshtomp,”the pokedex recited,” the mud fish pokemon. It is best when on muddy ground with poor footing. It quickly overwhelms foes struggling in mud.”

Blake grinned, and said,”Let’s finish this fast. Now, Marshtomp, use your Mud Shot!” Marshtomp opened his mouth wide, and fired balls of mud at Krabby. They hit it dead on, and threw it up and out of the pool. It lay fainted at Maxie’s side.

Maxie returned it to its Poke Ball, and walked over to Blake and said,”You two started out bad, but then started to learn how to work together. You should do well against my brothers.” He shook their hands, then walked over to the cabin and disappeared.

“We have arrived at Hasten City,”the speaker called,”We will be unloading shortly. We hope you enjoyed your voyage on the Battle Ferry!”

Blake and Alex headed for the exit, with the hope that the evolution of Mudkip into Marshtomp might just help them beat the Leaders of the Hasten City Gym, and receive their second badge.

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Hmmm.... I think it's been long enough without a reply(hint hint, cough cough) Here's the next chapter. I'll be waiting for people to tell me all my mistakes.

Chapter seven
‘Splash down with the Typhoon brothers’
Blake couldn’t believe his eyes. There was just no way that this was the Hasten City gym. Blake rubbed his eyes, and red the sign one more time. It clearly stated ‘Hasten City Gym’ in bright, gold letters. Next to him, Alex scratched her head in the same confusion. “This is a little... odd.”, she said, sounding unsure.

Blake walked forward, and stared out at the area behind the sign. There was a crystal clear lake with large, flat rocks randomly poking out of the surface. It looked deserted. It was in the center of a small depression, cutting off the sides of the lake. Blake continued forward, and to his surprise, slipped on a patch of mud and began to slide down the hill, straight toward one of the rocky platforms! But his descent was slowed by a course patch of dirt, and he was greeted with hoots and hollers coming from behind the platform he had almost been impaled on.

Two boys of about the same age as Alex and Blake came wading out from behind the rocky platform. They were laughing so hard Blake feared they might swallow their tongues. They slapped each other on the back, laughing harder than ever. Blake narrowed his eyes at the pranksters. “Why don’t you go take your tricks somewhere else!,”Blake roared in fury,” I could have been seriously hurt on that rock!”

The taller one(Blake assumed he was the older one) looked at him with shiny, blue eyes. “Don’t sweat it, ‘Grandpa’, it was just a joke. Ever heard of one?” This caused the other, shorter one, to go into another fit of giggles. “Any ways, I but you two are trainers looking for a match with the legendary leaders of Hosten city gym! I’m Samuel, and this is my little bro Larry. Around here, we’re known as the mighty Typhoon Brothers!”

This speech was so dramatic, Alex half expected for an explosion, right behind them, to add to the effect. Now that their opponents had stepped out from behind the rock they were hiding behind, they had a good look at them. Samuel had bright blue eyes, wore a white T shirt with the sleeves ripped off, and green swim trunks. His hair was obscured by a plain, blue hat that was turned backward. Larry was dressed in a similar shirt, and sported a deep, ocean blue, colored swim trunks. He had similarly colored eyes, and wore his fair brown hair in a close cut, military style. They didn’t look very tough, even though their swagger suggested it. “I’m Alex, and my friend here is Blake. We’re both trainers from a place called Sprout Town. Have you ever heard of it?”. Alex said this with a cheerful tone, unlike how Blake usually gave introductions. He always tried to act all macho, giving this ‘I’m a trainer, and I’m better than all of you!’ kind of tone. They needed to be more friendly with people they met.

At the mention of Sprout Town, The Typhoon Brothers exchanged secretive glances. Even though they hadn’t said anything, Blake could guess what they were thinking about. “Let me guess,”Blake asked grumpily,”You were recently challenged by Tyler, my brother, who also comes from Sprout town, and he was extremely tough.” The Typhoon Brothers nodded in agreement. Blake Scowled and kicked the ground. So Tyler was still ahead of them. ‘Well,’he thought,’Let’s hurry up and catch him!’ “I challenge you to a gym battle!,”Blake said forcefully.

The Typhoon Brothers looked at each other, and said,”Well, Maxie should have told you we only do double battles. So, since there are two of you, he should have battled you both at the same time. I don’t see why we shouldn’t do the same thing. We’ll each choose one pokemon, and the first team with their two pokemon fainted will lose. Now, let’s get this battle on. You’re all wash up now!” With that, they dove back in, and gracefully swam to the other end of the lake. They hauled themselves out, and yelled,”We’ll choose first, then you choose your pokemon. You’d better choose well, or you’ll find yourself sucked inside a whirlpool with no way out.!” Samuel chuckled at his attempt at humor, and picked a Poke Ball from his pocket. He tossed it onto the water, yelling,”Go! Wash our challengers out!”

‘Okay,’Blake moaned in his mind, watching a pokemon that had two antennae attached to its head appear,’He needs to shut his mouth. He’s not that funny.’ He consulted his pokedex to learn more about this strange, new opponent.

“Chinchou",the pokedex stated dutifully,” the angler pokemon. It shoots positive and negative electricity between the tips of its two antennae and zaps its enemies.”

“Now, my turn!,”Larry yelled in excitement. He also pulled a Poke Ball from his pocket, and threw it into the water. There was a flash of light, and a small pokemon with oddly yellow fins and a black zigzag design traveling down its body appeared. The pokemon was surrounded by on odd sparkle as it plopped down into the water, but it was gone when it resurfaced.

Alex was next to consult her pokedex. “Barboach",the pokedex stated,”the water ground pokemon. It probes muddy riverbeds with its two long whiskers. A slimy film protects its body.”

“Like my Barboach?”,Larry asked smugly,”It’s what we trainers call shiny pokemon. They are rare pokemon that are a different color that the rest. Pretty cool, huh?”

Alex and Blake began to consult on which pokemon to use. “In our last double battle, our only saving grace was your Mudkip evolving into Marshtomp,"Alex pointed out." I don’t think we’ll be able to do so well riding only on his power. He’ll be able to counter Chinchou well, since he’s paired with the ground type. Your Mareep is useless here, so Marshtomp's really the best choice. I’ll go with Ralts to give you some ranged assistance.” Blake nodded in agreement, and pulled out their Poke Balls, and tossed them into the Lake. Marshtomp landed in the water, and Ralts on the Platform farthest away from the battle. They both looked ready for action.

“Okay, Chinchou! Use Water Pulse!” Chinchou began to concentrate, then fired a vibrating wave through the water. Marshtomp’s quick thinking saved him from taking damage, as he jumped upon one of the platforms.

But the pulse kept going, and going, and going... and slammed into the platform Ralts stood upon! “Ralts!”,Alex cried out,”Use your psychic abilities to levitate back onto the platform, then use double team and spread yourself out onto all of the platforms!” Ralts concentrated, and his eyes glowed and eery purple. He slowly stopped, then began to rise. Suddenly, Ralts was no longer where he floated, and began appearing all over the battle field, till there was one Ralts to a plat form.

Blake grinned at Alex’s quick thinking, then yelled,”Okay, Marshtomp! Mud shot at Chinchou!” Marshtomp took a deep breath, then fired balls of mud at the angler pokemon.

But Samuel had ideas of his own,”Now, use Dive!” Chinchou dove under water, and the Mud Shot pinged harmlessly over head. Then, Chinchou swam toward the surface, smacking into Marshtomp and sending him flying into the air.

“Marshtomp!” Blake cried helplessly.” He watched Marshtomp’s flight slow, then plummet back down to earth.

“Ralts, slow Marshtomp’s decent!” A purple force surrounded Marshtomp, and he slowed enough to where he could touch down gently on a platform. He now stood almost in front of Chinchou.

“Go, Marshtomp! Use your Mud Shot!” Once again, Marshtomp fired balls of mud out of his mouth. He was too close for Chinchou to Dive again. The Mud Shot slammed into Chinchou, causing extra damage against Chinchou’s electric typage. It was enough to faint it.

“Larry, where were you! I could’ve used your help.” Samuel angrily returned Chinchou to its Poke Ball. Now it was up to Larry and his Barboach.

“ Barboach, Magnitude!” Barboach dove and slammed into the bottom of the lake. An small earthquake followed, shaking the platforms in the lake. Marshtomp was fine, but Ralts was in danger. He toppled over, and all but the real Ralts disappeared. Now he was open to attack. “Now, Water Gun!” Barboach surfaced, firing blast of water that would surely faint the damaged Ralts.

But suddenly, out of nowhere, Marshtomp hurled himself in front of Water Gun, summoning a rainbow colored shield. “He’s using protect,”Alex said under her breath. The water hit the shield, but didn’t break it. “Now, Ralts! Give Barboach that Psychic we’ve been working on!” Ralts drew in oxygen, then lifted Barboach out of the pool with his newly developed psychic powers. But Barboach began to slip back down.

‘It’s too heavy...’,Blake thought to himself, but his thought was interrupted when Ralts began to glow. He grew, changing shape, and when the light dimmed, Blake was greeted with a pokemon he knew. Ralts had evolved into the powerful pokemon, Kirlia! Kirlia then lifted Barboach with ease, and pounded him flat onto the platform in front of him, until it fainted. Kirlia tossed the pokemon back into the water, folding his arms in triumph.

When Barboach was returned to its Poke Ball, the Typhoon Brothers ran over to where Blake and Alex stood. “That was some show of team work,”samuel said happily,”We’re proud to present you both with the Tsunami badge!” He pulled out two silver badges, each showing a huge wall of water rising out of an ocean.

They received them happily, then shook the gym leader’s hands. They had defeated their second gym challenge, and learned a valuable lesson along the way. They learned team work could turn a bad situation into a positive one. They turned and walked off into the setting sun, ready to take on whatever the world threw at them. But they were interrupted by a shaking in Blake’s back pack. ‘The pokemon egg!’, Blake thought in surprise. He pulled it out, but found that it had stilled. ‘This is turning into a bigger mystery by the hour,’he thought gloomily. He returned the egg to its place in his bag, and they continued onward, toward the summit a tall mountain.

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awesome story.....i give it a 9/10 because you didnt include a cookie attacking

Author:  DNA [ Wed May 09, 2007 2:05 pm ]
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Cookie attacking someone? Lol.
I didn't get an opportunity to read the last two chapters for a while, but once again, here I am with the spelling corrections:

In Chapter 6 you used 'it's' instead of 'its' on multiple occasions. I'm not going to bother as there was something else catching my eye:

"...We’ll each choose one pokemon, and the first team with their two pokemon fainted will win. Now, let’s get this battle on. You’re all washed up now!"
Don't you mean "will lose"?

"Your Mareep is useless here, so it’s really the best choice."
First off, I can't tell who's saying this, and second of all, this statement doesn't even make sense! I also can't tell what you mean, so can you fix this?

I can tell you are a very good writer. The plot, grammar, and flow of your story are all great, and Crimson says she only comments on people's fanfics if they need a lot of help getting better. And she only commented on your spelling problems, which is what I'm doing right now.

The shiny Barboach and mid-battle evolution are nice touches. Do you have a shiny Barboach yourself, which made you want to put him here? Second off, you remarked that Alexa's Kirlia was male, and clearly Kirlia is a Pokemon with a definite female appearance. Do you plan on making the Kirlia a Gardevoir, or a Gallade? (You don't have to answer this one if you don't want to; I just think a male Kirlia is bizarre.)

See you soon :wink:

Author:  Ghost Writer [ Wed May 09, 2007 7:53 pm ]
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You're the second person to ask me that :? I only added the shiny in because I had encountered one at the battle frontier, and I just wanted something unusual. Now, I'm faced with a dillema. One person is saying that ace timed evolution is bad, and you're saying it's a nice touch. Ah well...

And those were bad mistakes on my part.

I am bgennnig to tinhk I'm bad at spllenig.

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I really love this story, keep going, it's getting very interesting!

Author:  DNA [ Thu May 10, 2007 11:26 am ]
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Elemental trainer wrote:
You're the second person to ask me that :? I only added the shiny in because I had encountered one at the battle frontier, and I just wanted something unusual. OK, that explains that then. I didn't know shinies existed in the BF.

Now, I'm faced with a <s>dillema</s> dilemma. One person is saying that ace timed evolution is bad, and you're saying it's a nice touch. Ah well... I think it's a nice touch, although I hate it in the show where they positively overdo it.

And those were bad mistakes on my part.

I am bgennnig to tinhk I'm bad at spllenig. [?] Except for the it's/its issue, no comment. [/?]


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Did I say BF? Oops. I meant something else...

Anyways, thanks for the reviews. When I typed eight, I tried to watch for it's/its mistakes, but, then again I neglected to proof read(I really should start doing that...). I guess I'm just lazy when it comes to re reading. But, here we go. eight.

Chapter eight
Traversing the mountain of darkness

Blake blew out a breath, watching it form into icy crystals, taking on a foggy look. Next to him, Alex let out an involuntary shudder. They had been walking all morning, making their way to the top of Mount Darkness. The mountain’s real name was Mount Glaceon, but it’s name had been changed for some unknown reason. Whatever it was, both Alex and Blake preferred not to know.

The air had gone from cold to frigid in another half an hour of walking. Blake looked at the air uncertainly. The sky was low hanging, threatening to release the stored up moisture. But, it still refused to snow. Blake preferred it not to.

They had been walking for another half hour, coming to a dark cave. The inside was pitch black, refusing to allow even a glimpse of the inside. Blake grumbled to himself. He had seen a cave on his map, but it was completely on the wrong path. He sighed, and pulled out his pokedex, activating the map function. He frowned. The map showed nothing, just a blank area. He couldn’t believe it. He showed it to Alex, and she frowned.

Pulling out her own pokedex, she also accessed the map feature. It showed the same thing, just a blank screen. “We need to head back,”she stated in a matter-of-fact kind of way,”If we push on, we’ll just get more lost...”.

Suddenly, she was interrupted by a low, mournful cry from inside the dark cave. She frowned, and said,”That sounded like a pokemon cry.” She opened her pokedex, then accessed an option she had never used before. She waited, and sure enough, another cry came from the cave.

“Processing pokemon cry,”the Pokedex stated,’”searching data base... Match found. Houndour, the dark fire pokemon. It uses different kinds of cries for communicating with others of its kind and for pursuing its prey.”

Blake looked over at Alex, trying to understand the look on her face. The cry came once more, and suddenly, Alex snapped her pokedex closed, and began to enter the cave.

“Alex!”,Blake called,”Don’t go in! We need to get a move on. It looks like a big snow storm is coming, and I want to make it to Shadow City before it hits.”

Blake seemed to have had an effect on her, but it was in the wrong effect. She shook her head,”But Houndour is a really rare pokemon. They are dying out, and I was going to catch one and see if I could do anything to preserve them. Not only that, but I could use a dark and a fire pokemon. Sorry Blake, but I’m going to catch it.” She turned back around, and disappeared into the shadows. Blake wondered how she could see at all, but then saw her flash light flicker on. He stood there, undecided on whether to wait for her, or follow her. He didn’t even want to consider leaving her behind. He had heard dark things about the caves on dark mountain.

Blake sighed, and called,”Hold on! I’m coming in after you. He trudged on into the cave, making his way to the beacon of light that was Alex’s flash light. He caught up, and they set off together, following the faint cries of the rare pokemon. They were quickly surrounded by the constant pressing darkness, the only source of illumination coming from Alex’s tiny light.

They continued through the cave in silence. The farther back they went, the colder it got. It wasn’t long until Alex was in an endless shiver. Blake frowned at her. She had only packed a thin sweater for cold conditions. Blake had been better prepared, bringing a heavy rain coat, lined with fleece on the inside. He sighed, and took it off, handing it to Alex. She took it gratefully, and draped it around her. Now Blake was at the mercy of the cold, but he ignored it, pushing on.

They quickly came to a part of the cave where it opened up into a huge cavern. Alex frowned, looking around. At the end of the cavern was three different tunnels, each disappearing into a dark oblivion. Blake sighed, and said,”This looks like a good place for a rest. Let’s get a fire going and get something to eat. We’ll need to keep out strength up if we are to continue through this cave.”

They headed over to a couple of rocks that would make good seat for them, then began to rummage through their packs. Blake had been thinking ahead, and brought some dry wood incase they couldn’t find it while climbing Mount Darkness. He pulled out a single log, with bark that was peeling off. He ripped some of it off, and began to situate it under the log that he had set on the ground. He then whipped out his lighter, and sent the hole pile ablaze.

Alex had also been rummaging around in her pack, but instead of coming up with wood, she pulled out her trusty pot and a can of soup. She pulled the top off the can of soup, and poured it into the pot, setting it on the fire.

They huddled closer to the flame, grateful for the warmth it brought to them. When the soup was finished, Alex pulled out to cups and filled them with steamy chicken soup. She handed one to Blake, who nodded in thanks. They took long sips from their cups, feeling the warmth spread across their chests.

They hadn’t uttered a word since Blake had suggested they stop in the cavern for a rest, and the silence was beginning to make Alex uncomfortable. Finally, she said,”Thanks for the jacket. I didn’t expect it to be so cold up here. How come you’re so resistant to the cold?”

Blake smiled sadly, lost in some past memory. He slowly replied,”When I was little, I used to live up here, when my Father was a trainer. He used to train in these caves, preparing for some tournament or another. He was aiming to become Champ, so he could take us somewhere else other than here. But, the day he finally one the Yesto Region tournament, he couldn’t take us to another region. He was offered opportunities to be transferred to a new region, but he couldn’t take us. He would only consent if he could move us down to Sprout Town. So here I am, traversing the the Mountain of Darkness once more, heading to my old home town. I had a friend there that I hung out with all the time. Her name is Selestia. We always would come up with wild stories, pretending to be off on our pokemon journey together, one day becoming the best trainers in the world. But, we knew that would never happen, because her father expected Selestia to take over his position as Gym Leader once he retired.” Blake gazed into the flames, lost in his child hood.

Alex smiled at him in sympathy. “I’m sorry,”she said sadly,” I guess I can sort of relate to you. I had to leave my whole family when I left Cerulean city. The only thing I have to remember them is the Squirtle that came from my father’s starting pokemon, Blastoise. He doesn’t live with my mom, though. He lives in his home town of Pallet town. He visits my mother every week, and as often as he can in between. But sometimes she’s busy at the gym she runs. She’s a master of the water type, and extremely tough. They met when my father was on his very own pokemon journey. He challenged her gym, and completely blew her away. They became best friends after that, and when my father became champion, he moved to Cerulean, saying that he wanted to explored the unknown dungeon, but my mom suspects it was because he liked her. Any ways, when I left, my father said that an old friend of his, Professor Oak, had gained him right of passage to a place called Mount Silver. I heard it was extremely dangerous, and now I worry about him almost constantly.”

They sat in silence, staring into the flames. Blake spoke next,”I think I recognize this place. My father once showed my a picture of the place he trained. It looked similar to this place.” With that, he jumped to his feet and began to search the cave. It didn’t take long for him to find the remains of an old camp fire, and some left over supplies. Sure enough, among the old items, there was a calendar with red marks through the the boxes that represented individual days. Blake flipped it over, looking at the cover. His father’s signature was on the front, along with a message to Blake.

‘Blake,’the message started,’If you are reading this, then you must be on your own journey. I want to give you some advice, since I won’t be there to give it to you. First, pokemon always come first. Second, pokemon are not animals, they are intelligent beings. Many of them are even smarter than you and I. Finally, always shoot for your dreams. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. I hope you take what I have here and put it to good use. I hope you become as strong as your old man. Sincerely, your father, Sean. P.S.-remember, gotta catch ‘em all!’

Blake read the last sentence, a grin flitting across his sad face. This day had been a roller coaster of emotions for him. He brought the calendar back to their make shift camp, shoving it into his bag before Alex could see it. He preferred to keep these kinds of things to himself.

Alex had finished her soup by the time Blake had returned. She watched him quickly shove something into his bag. She didn’t say anything about it. Whatever it was, Blake wanted it private, and Alex respected his privacy. She hugged her knees, looking around the ghastly cavern. She couldn’t even begin to imagine how his father had managed to LIVE here. She sighed, then got up and went over to a small pool of water she had noticed when they had entered the cavern. She began to clean the dishes, the cold water stinging her hands. She had began to put them back into her bag, when a mournful cry from behind her interrupted her. She instantly dropped the dishes, spinning around.

There was the pokemon she had been after! Sure enough, as the pokedex had stated, it was the fire/dark type, Houndour. She grinned, then pulled out a Poke Ball. “Kirlia! Come on out!” Her Kirlia sprouted from inside his ball, giving a cry. “Now, use Psychic!” A blue aura surrounded Houndour.

“Not a good idea”,Blake called from across the cavern,”Psychic attacks don’t effect a dark type like Houndour.” As if to prove his point, the blue aura surrounding Houndour suddenly disappeared.

Houndour suddenly disappeared in shadow. “Watch out”,Blake called,” it’s using Faint Attack!” The Houndour suddenly reappeared behind Kirlia, tackling him to the ground. It then opened its mouth and bit Kirlia on the neck. Kirlia shrieked in pain, then fainted form the dark attack.

Alex returned him to his Poke Ball. She then sent out Squirtle. She appeared with her unique cry. “Now, use Water Gun!” Squirtle shot a jet of water at the opposing Houndour, but again it used Faint Attack, disappearing into the shadows.

It appeared once again behind Squirtle, flying out of the shadows. But Alex had expected this. “Now, use Rapid Spin!” Squirtle retreated into her shell, and began to spin. Houndour hit the spinning Squirtle at full speed, but was thrown back ward, stunned by the attack. “Finish it with Bubble Beam!” Squirtle took in a huge breath, and forcefully fired dozens of shining bubbles at Houndour. They hit it with resounding ‘pops’, fainting it. This was when Alex tossed a Poke Ball at it.

The Houndour was warped inside, and the ball landed on the ground, shaking back and forth. But it quickly stopped, then release button turning from red to it’s original color. Alex picked up the Poke Ball, grinning like an idiot. She was about to return Squirtle to her poke ball, when she began to glow. She grew bigger, and her blue, squiggly tail turned into a big, lush feathery one. She also grew feathery ears to match her new tail. The light faded, and there stood Alex’s newly evolved Wartortle. She now had small fangs protruding from her mouth, and didn’t look as cute. But Alex didn’t cared. She returned Wortortle to her Poke Ball, adding it to her belt. She now had three pokemon, and couldn’t wait to catch her fourth.

She headed back over to where Blake sat. His head was bowed over something that was shaking on the ground. She could clearly hear the clicking sounds that came from the thing on the ground. She trotted over, then gasped with excitement. The shaking thing was Blake’s pokemon egg! It was hatching!

They watched the egg move back and forth for close to an hour, until finally a crack ran down the side of it. The egg suddenly burst apart, and a small, gray, bat like pokemon tumbled out. She unwrapped her wings, and opened her large, brown eyes to look up at Blake, who stared down at the pokemon in shock. He then fumbled for his pokedex, and flipped it open.

“Aerodactyl,” the pokedex said in its computerized voice,”the fossil pokemon. Aerodactyl is a pokemon from the age of dinosaurs. It was regenerated from DNA extracted from amber. It is imagined to have been the king of the skies.”

Blake looked down at the small, prehistoric pokemon, and said,”So it DID come from one of the specimens at the lab on Cinnabar Island. King of the Skies, huh. Must be a flying pokemon.” He extended his arm toward Aerodactyl. It sniffed it cautiously, then clambered up and onto Blake’s shoulder. He laughed, and said,”I guess she likes it up there. But you’re supposed to get pretty big, huh little one? You can stay up there until you get too big. Why, one day you’ll be able to carry me, even!”

Alex and Blake packed up their stuff, and headed toward the three tunnels. “This one should take us straight to Shadow City,”Blake said,”I remember it from my father’s old maps that he showed me. These caves are all connected, honey combing through the middle of the mountain.” Alex nodded, and they set off once again into the dark, until they were swallowed up by it.

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Once again, long enough without replies. I don't want this story to die, so here's the next chapter...

Chapter nine
‘Rivalries grow...’
Alex blinked, her eyes adjusting to the natural light that had become a stranger to them. They had been traveling through the tunnels of Mount Glaceon for at least a day now. They finally stood at the mouth of a cave, and could just see a row of roofs poking up from a valley. Blake pointed to them, and said,”That’s Shadow city. It’s placed in a small valley, and due to the position of the mountain, it’s in shadows most of the day. Hence the name, Shadow city.”

With that, he set off without consulting Alex. She didn’t mind. As they had drawn closer to Shadow city, the quieter he had become, until he had locked her out completely. After finding the message his father left, and the hatching of his Aerodactyl, he had also taken a new out look on the world of pokemon. She sighed, and set off after him at a trot.

A shadow blotted out the sun, and Blake’s Aerodactyl suddenly swooped out of the sky, landing clumsily on Alex’s back pack. The bad landing nearly knocked her over, but she was able to catch herself at the last moment. She glared back at Aerodactyl, and said,”Still need to work on your landings, I see. Next time you want to try and knock someone over, do it to Blake. He IS your trainer, after all.” Aerodactyl merely folded up her wings and settled down on her pack, taking a quick snooze. Alex grunted at the added weight. Even though Aerodactyl was a flying type, it turned out she was also a rock type, making her quite heavy. It also didn’t help that she had grown quite a bit while they were traveling through the tunnels.

Blake turned around, and motioned for Alex to catch up. She shifted her pack to better accommodate the added weight, and trotted forward, catching up with Blake. They continued on for about five minutes, till the reached a ridge. They could now clearly see Shadow city. It was bigger than Alex had imagined, and dimmer, too. But Blake HAD warned her that it was in the shadows most of the day. Even though it was dark, it was surprisingly warm. “Why isn’t it cold, like the rest of the mountain?”she asked.

Blake pointed to a column of steam that seemed to be floating above the city. “There’s a natural hot spring that runs beneath the town. The excess steam warms the air, giving it a spring like quality. The hot springs are another reason this city is so popular. Everyone wants to go to the hot springs. Oh, and the shadows makes it a great environment for ghost pokemon, so there are a lot of collectors living down here.”

With that, Blake and Alex set off down the hill, making their way to a large, red white building with a huge sign had the initials PC on it. It was a pokemon center, and both they and their pokemon needed a rest. They approached a set of glass doors, which slid open, letting them in. They instantly headed towards the front desk, where a young nurse with bright red hair was sitting. Next to her was a pokemon they had never seen before.

Blake blinked, and pulled out his trusty pokedex. “Chansey",came the robotic voice,” Few in numbers and difficult to catch, it is said to bring happiness to the trainer who catches it.”

“Hi,”spoke the nurse,”my name is Nurse Joy. Can I help you?”

“I like your Chansey,”Alex said, grinning. ”We’d like to get our pokemon healed.”

Nurse Joy nodded, and said,”Let me see them...” She took their pokemon and set them in a box like machine. She then walked over to a key board, and pushed some buttons. The machine glowed, and there was chime. Joy then retrieved their pokemon from the machine, and handed them back to them. “Here are your pokemon. I hope you will use our services again. If you’re staying the night, we do have some rooms available.”

Blake nodded, and said,”We were hoping to get some rest before we took on the gym leader here. Do you have two rooms open that are next to each other?”

Nurse Joy accessed the Pokemon Center networking from the computer at her desk. “It seems that room one-o-one and rooms one-o-two are available. They’re across from each other. Let me get the keys to them...” She rummaged around in a compartment at her desk, and came up with two card keys. One had the number one-o-one on it, and the other one-o-two. “We hope you have a nice stay!”

Alex and Blake walked over to the elevator, and punched a button on the wall. The metallic doors slid open, and they stepped inside. Blake stared at the panel of buttons next to the set of doors, and hit the one marked with the numbers one hundred too two hundred. The doors slid shut, and the elevator began the ascent.

They had barely been going up when the elevator suddenly stopped. The door slid open, and, too Blake’s surprise, Tyler stood outside! He glared at Blake, and said,”Well, well, well, what an unpleasant surprise.”

“Like wise,”Blake replied cooly,”So, I heard you’ve beaten the gym leaders at Spring Town and Hosten City.”

Tyler grinned slyly, and said,”That’s not all that’s happened. I beat the gym leader here not too long ago. I was just packing some stuff up, but now that I’ve run into you, why don’t we have a battle? After all, I did say I was going to wipe the floor with you!”

Blake scowled, and said,”Fine! How about a three on three? They have fields in the back.”

Tyler looked confused. “Three? I only see two Poke Balls on your belt.”

Blake gasped, and turned to Alex. “Where is she? Last time I looked, she was with you!”

“Calm down,”Alex said,”She took a snooze in my back pack after Nurse Joy healed her. You really should keep her in her Poke Ball.” With that, Blake’s Aerodactyl came climbing out of Alex’s pack, blinking her tired, brown eyes at Tyler.
“all right",Blake said grumpily, pulling out Aerodactyl’s Poke Ball,”Aerodactyl, return.”

A red beam shot from the ball, and enveloped Aerodactyl, transferring her inside. Blake looked uncertain, but added her to his belt any ways. He turned back to Tyler, and said,”Okay. Let’s do this!”

Tyler stepped in, and they headed back down to the first floor. There was a heavy tension in the elevator. Alex was beginning to realize that the rivalry between Blake and Tyler was more than just sibling rivalry. It went WAY deeper than that.

They finally stepped out, and headed for a glass door marked with the sign ‘BATTLE FIELDS’. The door slid open, and they stepped into the dank shadows. There was a row of grassy fields, all in neat rows.

Blake and Tyler both headed for the nearest one, and faced each other from different sides. “I’ll ref this one,”Alex called, taking her place on the sidelines.

Blake nodded, and said,”I’ll be nice, Tyler. You can go second.” He pulled the second Poke Ball off his belt, and tossed it into the air. “Mareep, let’s do this!” The small sheep pokemon sprouted from the ball, letting loose an excited jolt of electricity.

Tyler grunted, and said,” Good. Now it’s my turn! Machop, let’s go!” He also threw a Poke Ball into the air. A small, gray pokemon came forth, flexing its huge muscles.

Blake had never encountered this pokemon before. He pulled out his pokedex. “Machop,”it said dutifully,”The super power pokemon. Very powerful in spite of its small size. Its master of many types of martial arts makes it very tough.”

‘Fighting versus Electric,’Blake thought,’ its an even match up, but I’ll have to keep my distance.’ “Okay, Mareep! Show Machop that Thunderbolt we’ve been working on!” Mareep let loose a strong bolt of electricity. It traveled across the field, and smacked into Machop, sending it flying.

“Get up, Machop!” Machop was slow to its feet, but got up there nevertheless. “Okay, let’s go with Karate Chop!” Machop didn’t respond, standing a still as a rock. Sparks of electricity were radiating from its body.

“Paralyzed solid,”Blake said triumphantly,”Okay, Mareep, give Tyler’s Machop one last Thunderbolt!” Mareep let loose the final Bolt of electricity, sending it directly into the stock still Machop, fainting it on the spot.

“Machop is unable to battle!”Alex called triumphantly,” Mareep is the winner!”

Tyler growled, and returned his Machop it its Poke Ball. He looked up, and shock covered his face. Blake followed his eyes to Mareep, and gasped in wonderment. Mareep was glowing, and began to change. He grew bigger, and stood up right. His tail grew, and some of the wool on his body shrank back. To top it all off, Mareep’s color change to the color pink, completing the evolution

As the mysterious glow disappeared, Blake was greeted with a pokemon he didn’t know. He once again pulled out his Pokedex. “Flaafy",the Pokedex stated,” the wool pokemon. Its fluffy fleece easily stores electricity. Its rubbery head keeps it from being electrocuted.”

Tyler snuffed, and said,”Looks like somebody has gotten their Flaafy lesson for the day. Lets do this, Combusken!” Tyler released a pokemon that was similar to the tiny Torchic, but was taller and more muscular. It had also gained control of its arms.

Blake turned his Pokedex to Combusken. “Combusken”,it stated ,"the young fowl pokemon. Its kicking mastery allows it to loose ten kicks per second. It emits sharp cries to intimidate opponents.”

Tyler muffled an evil laugh, then ordered,”Okay, Combusken. Let’s show them TRUE power! Sky Uppercut!” Combusken came flying across the field, the claws on its hands glowing.

Blake was busy thinking. “Okay, use Thunder!” Flaafy looked up at the sky, and closed his eyes in deep concentration. Blake tapped his foot. The Thunder attack was taking a rather long time to complete. The sky turned dark, and a bolt of electricity flew from the storm clouds over head. But it was too late. By then, Combusken had reached Flaafy and sent him sky high with a strong uppercut, while at the same time dodging Flaafy’s Thunder attack. Flaafy thudded to the ground, fainted.

“Stop!”, Alex called,” Flaafy is unable to battle. Combusken wins.” She said the last part sourly. She wanted to see Tyler get whooped.

Blake sighed, and returned his Flaafy to his Poke Ball. He then detached the first Poke Ball from his belt and released his trusty Marshtomp. “Let’s get this battle underway! Go, use Mud Shot!” Marshtomp took in a large breath, then blew out a stream of mud, straight towards Combusken.

But Tyler had other plans. “Dodge with quick attack, then use Flamethrower!” Combusken dodged the Mud Shot like a lightning bolt, then let loose a stream of fire. It smacked into Marshtomp, engulfing him with super hot flames.

Blake was tense. Even though Fire wasn’t a good match up for a water type, it was only a matter of time before the flames over whelmed Marshtomp. “Now, use Water Gun!” A jet of water came forth from the fiery inferno, extinguishing it. It slammed into Combusken, knocking it back several feet. Combusken was slow to its feet.

Tyler scowled. He knew that Combusken wouldn’t last much longer. He needed to finish this up, quick. “Over Heat!” Combusken dug deep inside its fighting spirit, and let loose a strong blast of fire. It was so powerful and hot, grass shriveled on the side of the field.

Blake grinned triumphantly. “Marshtomp, use Protect!” Marshtomp surrounded himself with a shimmering force field. The Over Heat attack slammed into the force field, spinning off into all directions. “Now, finish this with Mud Shot!” Marshtomp let loose one last stream of mud, which slammed into the opposing Combusken, who was still recovering from letting loose such an intense attack. It was too much for it, and hit the ground completely fainted.

“Yes!”, Alex said triumphantly,”Combusken is unable to battle! Marshtomp is the winner!”

Tyler scowled, returned his fainted Combusken to its Poke Ball. He pulled the last Poke Ball from his belt and tossed it into the air. “I choose you, Snorunt!” With a flash, a pokemon with a black face and orange like skin. It had a small mouth lined with shiny, white teeth, and ghoulish eyes.

Blake was quick for the pokedex. “Snorunt,”the Pokedex said unnecessarily,” It is said that a home visited by a Snorunt will prosper. It can withstand cold of minus fifteen degrees Fahrenheit.”

Tyler grinned, and said,”Meet the pokemon I caught while climbing Mount Glaceon. It’s the reason why I just recently defeated the gym leader here. You’re about to understand why this is such a powerful pokemon at this gym. Now, use Ice Beam!” Snorunt opened its tiny mouth and let loose a shimmering, blue beam. The air around it was frozen, turning into icy tendrils of fog.

Blake had learned how to think on his feet. “Go, use Protect!” Marshtomp once again surrounded himself with a shimmering force field. The Ice Beam smashed into the shield, and rebounded. The beam struck the ground, transforming the field into an ice rink.

Tyler grinned. “Looks like I have the advantage now. Watch and learn, baby brother. Snorunt, finish this with Crunch!” Snorunt sprang forward, mouth opened wider that is should have been capable of. Glowing fangs appeared, growing from the protruding mouth to reach at least three feet long.

Blake gaped. “Now, use Mud Shot!” He waited for Marshtomp to respond, but found that he couldn’t keep his feet on the icy field. “Marshtomp, get up! Get out of the way!” Even though Blake’s calls reached his Marshtomp, he watched helplessly as Snorunt sank his fangs around Marshtomp’’s neck. He listened horridly as Marshtomp screamed in pain. Blake finally decided it was too much to bear. He returned him to his Poke Ball.

Tyler muffled a laugh from across the field. “How touching,”he mocked,”poor Blake can’t watch his precious pokemon get hurt. What’s wrong, afraid of a little pain!” He let out a horrid laugh, with Snorunt chuckling right along with him.

Blake scowled, and removed the last Poke Ball from his belt. “I know you haven’t been in this world for long, but I believe in you! Go, Aerodactyl!” The gray, prehistoric appeared, letting out a terrible screech. “Let’s get started’! Use Rock Slide!” Aerodactyl swooped down, grabbing a piece of the field and heaving up. Even though it was frozen, the ice wasn’t very thick, and Aerodactyl still came up with some rock.

Aerodactyl flew over Snorunt, and dropped the rocks. They came flashing down. Tyler was quicker, though. “Snorunt, Protect!!” Snorunt surrounded itself with a force field like Marshtomp did. The rocks shattered as they tumbled down.

Blake had half expected something like this. As the Protect faded, Blake launched a lightning fast attack. “Aerodactyl, use Wing Attack!” Aerodactyl sped downwards, picking up speed. Wings fully extended, they slammed into the small ice pokemon, throwing it backward into a shattered piece of rock. Snorunt kept going, and slammed into Tyler.

Tyler returned him to his Poke Ball, scowling, and said,”You’re just like our Step Dad! You think you’re SO good, and try to prove it by beating other people! I hate you, just as much as I hate him! Mom and Dad would still be alive if it wasn’t for you! With that, he turned around and stalked off towards the road.

Alex came walking towards Blake, her mouth wide with shock. “Blake? I think you have some explaining to do. What was he talking about, Step Dad?”

Blake had his hat pulled low. “I think I should tell you something important. My brother and I are related, but we’re not related to my Mom and Dad. We were adopted. I was adopted when I was just a baby, but Tyler was adopted when he was four. Since he knew about it, he resented it through my whole child hood. I didn’t know until I was adopted. I.... never knew my parents. I was told they died in a train wreck shortly after I was born.”

Alex looked at Blake, and was surprised to see tears falling from those large, brown eyes. She stepped forward and hugged him sympathetically. She walked him over to the Pokemon Center. Now she knew why he had been so silent these past few days. He had been thinking about the parents he had never known. She sighed, and said,”Well, we might as well get the rest we deserve. We’ll drop your pokemon off at the front desk and head for our rooms. We’ll need it if we’re going to challenge the gym leader here tomorrow.” Blake nodded uncertainly.

Alex frowned. She wasn’t sure about the battle they were going to wage the next day either. Not for Blake at least, not in his current situation. She sighed. The only thing they could do was lift up their heads and keep on truckin'’. She only hoped it would be enough for Blake to keep going.

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Oh boy, this story gets better by the minute, my friend. I'd love this story to finish (preferably with a bang). However I think you should really learn to proofread your stories, as I saw some more its/it's mistakes (in Chapter 8), and also some to/too mistakes also. (These were all around the Tyler battle in Chapter 9.) Not to mention, some weird ones:

You, at the end of Chapter 8, wrote:
Alex and Blake packed up their stuff, and headed toward the three tunnels. “This one should take us straight to Shadow City,”Blake said,”I remember it from my father’s old maps that he showed me. These caves are all connected, honey combing through the middle of the mountain.” Alex nodded, and they set off once again into the
dark, until they were swallowed up by it.

He scowled, and returned Snorunt to its Poke Ball. He stood up, brushed himself off, and said,”Fine. You win this one. But I’m warning you. I’ll be the very best one day. Even better than you and my Step Dad!” With that, he turned
Ok, that was totally, and utterly weird. I'm not even sure if you finished the chapter right. Snorunt, stepdad? Sounds like Tyler speaking out of nowhere...

And, the reason I didn't post earlier is that I didn't notice you posted Chapter 8, even though I frequent this forum. Speaking of which I should start my new story...


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Uh, funny story 'bout that. I'm way ahead on another site in this story, and when I posted this story THERE, I noticed that the ending to nine had mysteriously disappeared. So, I rewrote it to the best of my memory.

So, mystery solved. SOMEHOW(probably my big brother was pulling a prank)the ending of nine move to the end of eight. So, I deleted it. I blame my stupid computer

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So, sorry for double posting. Here's the next chap. People didn't really like the fact that it was so darn LONG. But, can't be helped now. Somebody commented on another site that because so much was going on, I failed to capture the mood of the citizens when a plan is launched... don't want to say too much.
Chapter ten
Operation Shadow Strike

Blake awoke, groaning at his aching joints. He glanced up at the clock. It was almost three in the afternoon. He grumbled. Even though he had slept all day yesterday and half of the current day, his joints still ached from traveling. The battle the other day hadn’t helped... Blake scowled and pulled the covers over his head. He didn’t want to think about it. Even though he had prevailed over his brother, Tyler had caused a sudden flash back to the time of his parent’s deaths. He remembered they were on a train, and there was a bright flash. He saw the door of the train ripped off, and his parents swept out, plummeting towards a dark lake.

From picture clippings he had collected as a kid, he had learned that they were never seen again, and pronounced dead. He was transported to the orphanage in Shadow City with Tyler when they current shelter filled up. It was there he and Tyler were adopted by his parents.

Blake sighed, and threw the covers off of him. He got up, quickly dressed, and pulled his Poke Ball belt tight across his waist. He had decided the night before that he was going to leave before Alex came to get him, and challenge the gym. There was a chance the Selestia was the leader, and he didn’t want Alex there. It would be too personal for her. Any ways, Blake was growing slowly weary of Alex.
He stealthy opened the door, barely making a sound. He lightly ran down the steps. He feared that the elevator door opening would wake Alex up. He reached the ground floor, stopping only long enough to pick up his pokemon.

He walked out the front door, marveling at the natural shadows created by the low placement of the town. There was a short time of sun shine during the day, when the sun passed directly overhead. It had been Blake’s favorite time...

He shook his head, clearing thoughts of his childhood. That wasn’t important right then. He set off toward a large building, with a sign that read Shadow City Pokemon Gym...


Alex grumpily opened her eyes, squinting in the shaded light. She rolled over, pulling the blanket tightly around her. She had been cold this whole trip, since she was used to sunny Cerulean City and Sprout Town. She grumbled to herself, then balled the blanket up and tossed it across the room. ‘Better get Blake up,’She thought, still tired from her long sleep,’We need to get moving soon. We should challenge the gym, then move on to the next one...”

She hopped to her feet, and headed over to her bag. She quickly dressed, and pulled on her belt. She was ready to face the gym leader. She opened the door, and stuck her head out. She gasped.

There stood a stranger dressed in a black uniform, bent over the lock of Blake’s door. “Hey! Get away from that door!”,Alex shouted in anger. Who did these people think they were...?

The stranger turned around, and there stood the Blasto Grunt who had attacked Blake outside of Port Glosnen! “You again!”, he snarled in anger,”This time, I’ll show you the true wrath of the Blasto soldiers!” With that, he removed a Poke Ball, pressing the button in the center, making it grow twice it’s normal size. “Now, take to the skies, Golbat!”

He held the Poke Ball in his hand, but still released his pokemon. Out came the evolved for of Zubat, the pokemon Alex had battled and beaten the last time they met up with them.

“Okay, let’s go Wartortle!” Alex released her trusty starter, the pokemon she had used to defeat him the last time. “Now, use Water Gun!” Wartortle shot a jet of water, which smacked into Golbat, sending it flying back and crashing through a window.

The Grunt giggled, then hoisted himself up and followed his Golbat out the window. Alex gasped, and ran toward the stairs, her Wartortle close behind. Whatever he was doing here, it wasn’t good and she had to stop him. She only hoped she could stop him before he could do anything...


Blake glanced around the battle field, taking in a sight he hadn’t seen for years. It was still the way he remembered, being a plain, earthen field. The only lighting came from the opening at the top of the stadium, and since the city was usually in constant shadow, the field was darker than usual, a good part of it hidden in shadow.

Two lights suddenly activated, showering Blake in unnatural light. He closed his eyes, which were not used to the sudden light. He slowly opened them, staring across the field where the other light shone. He had to blink several times to be able to focus on the figure that stood upon the lighted platform. He couldn’t believe that he was looking at his old friend, Selestia. She had shimmering brown hair, and brown eyes to go with it. She was taller than Blake by about a half foot, and had a no nonsense look in her eyes.

She looked at Blake, and recognition lit her eyes. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Blake of Sprout Town. Long time no see. What brings you to the legendary shadow gym?”

Blake grinned, and said,”Well, what do you know? Guess you really ARE the gym leader here. I had a feeling you would be here. I’m here to challenge you for the Twilight badge!”

Selestia grinned, and said,”I guess we’ll finally find out who the stronger trainer really is. Hit me with everything you’ve got! Go, Haunter!” Selestia tossed a Poke Ball onto the field, releasing a peculiarly transparent pokemon that was purple in color, had large, ghoulish eyes, and two disembodied hands that floated out in front of it.

Blake scowled, and pulled out his Pokedex. “Haunter”,the Pokedex began,” the gas Pokemon. Haunter is a very dangerous Pokemon. If one beckons you while floating in the darkness, never approach it. This Pokemon will try to lick you with its tongue and steal your life away.”

Blake was appalled. Haunter had to be a strong pokemon. He thought about his pokemon, then pulled a Poke Ball from his belt. “Go, Aerodactyl!” His newly hatched pokemon flashed out of her Poke Ball, giving a loud battle screech. Since the battle with Tyler, she had double in size, coming up to Blake’s shoulders. Aerodactyl landed in front of Blake, facing her ghoulish opponent.

Selestia grinned. “A rare pokemon, I’ll give you that. But can it stand up to Ghost’s mysterious power?”

Blake scowled. “Now, use Bite!” Aerodactyl sped forward, mouth open and fangs fully extended.

Selestia chuckled. “Dodge and then take to the shadows, Haunter.” Haunter summersaulted into the air, gliding over Aerodactyl. It then soared away into the shadows, where Blake lost track of it.

Blake looked around, tense with apprehension. If he couldn’t spot it soon, this battle would end quickly. He wildly searched the shadows. “Aerodactyl!”, Blake ordered,”Keep an eye out for Haunter. It could be anywhere!” Aerodactyl nodded, using her brown eyes to pierce the shadows. There was a disturbance to her left, and she let out a triumphant cry. “Now, use Bite!” Aerodactyl sped toward the spot she had seen Haunter, fangs extended.

Selestia didn’t even bat an eyelash. “Now, use Shadow Punch!” One of Haunters floating hands shot toward Aerodactyl, glowing purple.

Blake quickly launched an order to dodge. Aerodactyl seemed to stop mid air, and shot upward. But to Blake’s surprise, the Shadow Punch attack sped up, and followed Aerodactyl, smacking her out of the sky. She plummeted to the ground, crash landing. She slowly returned to her feet, and looked around. She had lost sight of Haunter again.

Blake growled. “What kind of an attack was that?”

Selestia chuckled again, replying,”That was Shadow Punch. It’s one of the few moves that can never miss. Even with Aerodactyl’s speed, you were useless to the attack. Now, observe as I finish this round up nice and quickly. Go, use Shadow Ball!”

Haunter appeared right behind Aerodactyl, forming a dark blob in its two hands. Blake panicked. “Aerodactyl, use agility to dodge!” Aerodactyl shot upward toward the opening like a rocket, dodging the shadow attack. “Now, use Wing Attack!” Aerodactyl summersaulted in the air, using the momentum from Agility to add extra damage when she collided with Haunter. Haunter flew back. disappearing into the shadows again.

Selestia grinned. “You really are good. The other gym leaders weren’t making up stories when they told me of a new trainer from Sprout Town. But they also said there were two...”

Blake scowled. “I’ll explain after the battle is finished. You’ll battle her later. Now, Aerodactyl, use Rock Slide!” Aerodactyl soared toward the ground, digging her claws into the field.

Selestia frowned. “That was a bad move on your part Blake. I’m sorry to say that’s check mate. Now, use Shadow Ball, Haunter!” Haunter appeared out of the shadows, launching a dark ball of shadow energy.

“Dodge it, Aerodactyl!”,Blake yelled desperately. But it was no use. Aerodactyl was still connected to the field with her claws, and was unable to move. Blake watched helplessly as the Shadow Ball connected, causing a small explosion. The smoke cleared, showing Aerodactyl fainted. Blake frowned. “Aerodactyl, return and rest.” A red beam shot from the Poke Ball in Blake’s hand, enveloping Aerodactyl.

He looked up at Selestia, unable to come to words. Selestia looked back, and sighed, saying,”I’m sorry Blake, but I’ve won. You should spend a little bit training in the mountains, then return. You should be able to win then.” With that, the light illuminating her platform was extinguished, leaving Blake alone in the dark Stadium.


Alex and Wartortle rushed out of the sliding glass doors of the Pokemon Center, searching for the Blasto Grunt. They saw him standing in a dark alley, holding a radio to his ear. As they drew closer, they could clearly hear the conversation.

“Yes, sir. Understood, sir. We’ll begin the operation shortly. I will not fail you again, sir!” With that, the Grunt shut the radio down and began to walk out of the alley.

Alex ran in front of him, shouting,”Stop where you are! What is this operation you were talking about?”

The Grunt looked up, and snarled. “Can’t I ever lose you? The operation is for me to know, and you to not! Let’s go!” He pulled out a Poke Ball, and released a strange looking flying pokemon. It was as black as midnight, and had a black hat perched on its head.

Alex had never encountered this pokemon before, so she pulled out her Pokedex. “Murkrow”,the Dex started,”the Darkness Pokemon. Feared and loathed by many, it is believed to bring misfortune to all who encounter it.”

Alex scowled, and said,”Looks like it’s you and me, Wartortle. Let’s show them who’s the stronger trainer. Go, use Bubble Beam!” Wartortle took a deep breath, and forcefully sprayed bubbles in Murkrow’s direction.

“Dodge and use Faint attack!”,ordered the Blasto Grunt. Murkrow flapped its dark wings, soaring above the bubbles. It then flew down and smacked into Wartortle, sending Wartortle flying backward. Wartortle shook her head, slowly getting up.

“Don’t give up, Wartortle!”, Alex encouraged,”I know you can do it. Now, use that Ice Beam we’ve been working on!” Wartortle took a deep breath, and fired a blue lightning bolt from her mouth, sending tendrils of fog in all directions. The beam hit Murkrow dead on, freezing it and making it drop to the ground.
The Grunt scowled, and said,”Stupid girl. I’ll show you!” With that, he returned the frozen Murkrow, and pulled the radio to his mouth. “Execute operation Shadow Attack!”

A low lying flying saucer type of air craft flew over head, till it stopped directly over the top of Shadow City. Alex could make out the sun, beginning the short time period when Shadow City was fully lighted. The saucer slowly ascended, till it matched the sun for size.

Alex gasped. The saucer was causing an eclipse! It covered the sun up completely, sending Shadow Town into complete and utter darkness.

Alex heard the Blasto Grunt giggle, and suddenly, she could see a pair of goggles that were glowing green. The pair of goggles suddenly headed for Alex, and she felt a gloved fist hit her in the face, sending her down for the count. She moaned. She could feel herself slipping out of consciousness. Whatever Team Blasto was planning, it wasn’t good. Her last thought before passing out was of Blake, hoping he would be able to save them all...


The Grunt stared down at the pesky kid, watching her slip out of consciousness. ‘That should take care of her’, he thought. He adjusted the night vision goggles, and ran toward the exit of the alley, stopping only long enough to kick Wartortle for causing so much trouble. Even though it couldn’t see a thing in the darkness, The Grunt didn’t want any more mishaps to occur. The boss had made it very clear that if he messed up again, it would be his last.

He had to get to the Pokemon Center, where he could raid the girl’s friend’s stuff, looking for the pokemon egg. It was of the rare pokemon Aerodactyl, and this particular one was needed for awakening a legendary pokemon. He only had an hour before the Blasto Saucer left, and he needed to be securely on board. The entire mission rested on his shoulders...

He began to move down the street, toward the Pokemon Center, and a successful steal.


Blake fumbled around in his pocket, till he came up with his tiny, yet powerful, pen light. He switched it on, the white light cutting through the darkness. He had no clue what was happening. He swung the flash light around in a slow, one eighty circle. On his second pass, he saw a figure running toward the pokemon center, a pair of green goggles attached to his face.

“Hey!”, Blake called,” What’s going on? I was hoping if you’d know.”

The figure turned around, and let out a bunch of curse words. Blake scowled back at him. He looked exactly like the guy Alex had described to him. The one who had tried to steal Aerodactyl’s egg! “You!”, Blake shouted angrily,”What the hell are you doing here? Probably up to no good.” He pulled a ball off his belt, and made it bigger by pressing the button in the center. “I know you’re still weak, but I believe in you! Go, Aerodactyl! Take to the skies!” He threw the ball into the air, releasing the ancient pokemon. She still looked a little tired, but Blake knew she was the only one of his pokemon that could see in these kinds of conditions.

The Grunt grinned, and mocked,”Well, looks like you just saved me the trouble of breaking into your room! Go, Golbat!” He threw a ball into the air, releasing the bat like pokemon. Blake had seen one of these before. He also knew that it was a pokemon that dwelled in caves, and could see in these pitch black conditions. “Now, use Air Cutter!” Golbat fired a bunch of green colored air missiles at Aerodactyl.

Blake scowled. “Dodge and use Wing Attack!” Aerodactyl jumped into the skies, dodging the Air Cutter perfectly. She then spread her wings out, and hit Golbat with them.

The Grunt grinned. “Thanks for getting your pokemon closer to me!” He then pulled some kind of launcher from behind him, and fired a net at Aerodactyl. It fell over Aerodactyl, who struggled with all her might. But try as she may, the net was made up light weight but strong titanium, and could not break free. The Grunt then pressed a button on the launcher, and a bolt of electricity flew up the wire connecting the net to the launcher. It enveloped Aerodactyl, who fainted, and was unable to try and break free.

“No!”,Blake shouted, pulling another Poke Ball from his belt.

“I don’t think so,” The Grunt cackled, pulling a metallic ball from his belt. He pulled the pin, and tossed it in Blake’s direction.

Instead of exploding as Blake thought it would, it instead released a pinkish gas. Blake unwittingly inhaled the knock out gas, and began to feel sleepy. He hit the ground on his knees, the last thing he saw was The Grunt reeling in Aerodactyl, and hauling her away. “Aerodactyl...”, Blake said weakly, passing out cold and hitting the ground.


The Grunt cackled again, reveling at how easy that heist had been. It had almost been like taking candy from a baby. He headed toward the city center, pulling out his radio, and contacting the pilot of the saucer. “I’ve got the pokemon”, he said,” Meet me at the extraction point.” He pulled the goggles off just in time, as light flooded the City as the Saucer moved away from the sun. He reached the city center, which consisted of a single fountain, with a statue of a Haunter in the middle, with water flowing out of its stone hands. A brass plate read,’This tribute is to the late gym leader of Shadow City, Yale, who is the father to the current gym leader, Selestia.’

The grunt looked over head, watching the flying saucer come in low. A metal hatch on the bottom opened up, and a rope ladder dropped down. The Grunt grabbed hold, and climbed up and into the ship’s interior. Another Blasto member shut the hatch, and led him toward the **** pit, where the pilot was flying the saucer away from Shadow City.

“Glad you got the pokemon this time,” The Pilot said in a droning voice,”The Boss wouldn’t have been happy if you had failed again. Our orders are now to meet him at the cave of Ice and unlock the legendary pokemon Dialga.” The Grunt nodded, and settled down in the co pilot’s chair. Soon, he would have his pay day, and even the chance to see an extremely rare pokemon.


Alex awoke, sitting up, her hand flying to where her belt should have been. She let out a cry as she realized it was gone. She tried to get up, but found that she wasn’t lying in an alley, but instead in a white hospital bed. She looked over, and saw that Blake was also lying there, though he didn’t look like he had been hit or anything.

The sudden thought of being hit made her remember how she had been knocked out, and very suddenly felt a sharp pain on her cheek. She groaned as she felt the spot where the Grunt had struck her, at least glad that it had been treated with a bandage. She looked around the hospital room, and was relieved to see her belt, all three Poke Balls still attached, lying on the table next to her.

Her sigh of relief must have reached Blake in his slumber, for he yawned and sat up, rubbing his eyes. He grumbled something, then bolted out of his slouching position, crying,”Oh no! They took Aerodactyl!” He looked frantically around the room, and his eyes fell upon Alex, and he noticed her bandaged face. “Oh, God! What the hell happened to you!”, he asked in worry.

Alex only turned her face away stubbornly, saying,”First off, I would appreciate it if you didn’t curse in front of me. Secondly, what the hell happened to YOU! I woke up to find a Blasto Grunt outside your door, though it was already unlocked. Apparently, you would have been gone before he even thought about breaking in! So, I ask you, where the hell did you go, and what the HELL were you thinking!”

Blake turned beat red, and said,”Well, I... uh... kind of challenged the gym without waking you up.”

Now Alex was boiling with fury. “HOW DARE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT CHALLENGING THE GYM WITHOUT AT LEAST TELLING ME! THERE’S A BLOODY REASON WHY WE DO THESE KINDS OF THINGS TOGETHER! IF YOU HAD BEEN THERE, THEN MAYBE THIS WHOLE THING WITH BLASTO WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED!” She finished her yelling rant, breathing heavily from the exertion. She was about to continue, but noticed that Blake had turned away, looking down at his pillow in shame. “Blake, what happened?”

Blake didn’t look at her, but said,”I challenged the gym because I wanted to meet with an old friend alone. I lost though. Then, when I was leaving, and the sun was blocked, the Blasto Grunt from Port Hosten attacked me, and stole Aerodactyl! Alex, I don’t care about gym’s anymore. The only thing that matters to me is getting my pokemon back before they can hurt her!”

Alex saw that Blake was close to tears. “I’m sorry about your Aerodactyl, Blake. Don’t worry, I’ll do everything I can to help you get her back.”

Blake grinned, and was opening his mouth to say something, when Selestia slammed the door open and walked. “Okay, you two. I heard what happened from outside the door. Fill me in.”

Blake and Alex told the whole story, first Alex and her battle with the Grunt, and Blake about how he stole Aerodactyl in the middle of the battle.

Selestia nodded, and said,”Well, I think I have an idea what the plan on doing with Aerodactyl. We intercepted a radio transmission. Apparently, the saucer has been ordered to take an Aerodactyl to a place known as Ice cave. It’s close to Shadow Town, but hard to reach. It’s a perilous journey, but knowing you, Blake, you’ll probably sacrifice your own life for your pokemon.”

Alex looked back and forth between Blake and Selestia. Those two apparently knew each other well. Selestia smiled at Blake, and continued. “Since the Cave is remotely hidden, I’ll be going with you to show you the way. Any ways, since it’s apparent the culprits are Team Blasto, then you’ll need all the back up you can get. Are you ready?”

Both Blake and Alex nodded, determined expressions on their faces. Selestia walked out, and convinced the nurse in charge that Blake and Alex could be released.

The changed out of their hospital gowns, separated by a curtain, and packed their back packs. They pulled on their belts, and joined Selestia outside the Pokemon Center. Blake turned toward the road, Alex and Selestia at his side. ‘Don’t worry, Aerodactyl’,Blake thought,’ We’re coming to get you. Just hold on.’

Once again, I'm sorry about the length. I've started watching it...

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Okay, next chap. I kinda rushed the opening to get to the more important stuff, but oh well.

Chapter Eleven
‘A frigid rescue’

Blake followed closely behind Selestia, holding his hand to his mouth to better stand the icy air. It had been heavily snowing for more than an hour now. Blake, Alex, and even Selestia couldn’t see. Luckily for them, Selestia’s Haunter could. He (Selestia had told them Haunter’s gender) would fly ahead, and keep them heading in the right direction. The right direction was a complete loss to Blake. All he could see was white, white, and, yes, you guessed it, more white. And snow. Lots and lots of snow. Blake was glad that Selestia had made sure he and Alex were both dressed in proper snow gear. Both Blake and Alex had on Heavy Coats, made out of a material that repelled snow and kept heat inside. They also had on spiked boots to help them keep their footing on the icy ground.

Selestia suddenly signaled for them to stop, pointing ahead toward a small opening. They headed toward it, and entered, instantly being sheltered from the constant wind and snow. Blake cautiously removed his hand from his mouth, then sighed in relief. “I would like to thank you for getting us out of the wind, but I have to say, how much farther is it away? I want to rescue Aerodactyl before they can do anything to her.”

Selestia pulled out an old fashioned map, taking out a flash light and pointing to a spot where a cave was shown. “This is where we are.” Her hand continued down a tunnel looking part. “This is where the cave leads. This area...”, her hand came to a blank spot on the map,”This is where Ice cave should be. But, since it’s home to many rare pokemon, we decided not to print it on any maps. I’m still not sure how they discovered the location of it...” She sighed in frustration, then folded the map up and stuck it in the pocket of her jacket.

Blake sighed, his hand drifting to where Aerodactyl’s Poke Ball was, even though it was empty. He sighed again. He wanted to get there as fast as possible, but he knew that they couldn’t tire themselves out. He took his back pack off, and pulled out a few packs of food.

Alex was also reaching into her back pack, pulling out a stove, since there was no wood for them to light a fire. To lighten their load, Blake had decided not to bring any wood with them. Alex pulled out a lighter, then attached a gas tank to the stove, turning it on. She lit the lighter, then ignited the gas on the camping stove. She pulled out a pot, then stuffed some snow in it. She set it on the fire, then took the packs of food Blake had handed her.

When the snow melted, she added the food, and set it all to boil. She sat close to the stove, welcoming the warmth of the tiny cooking flames. Blake and Selestia followed her example, and they sat around for half an hour, watching the food cook.

Alex pulled the pot off the stove, and spooned the stew into three bowls, passing two to Blake and Selestia. They ate in complete silence, then they packed up.

Shouldering her pack, Selestia pointed down the tunnel, and said,”We should get a move on. They will be nearing Ice cave soon, but it will still take while to navigate the mountain, but I suspect they will be doing it by foot, instead of that flying saucer they have. It won’t take so long on foot. We must hurry on, for Aerodactyl’s sake!”

Blake nodded, and the three set off in silence. It took another half hour to get through the tunnel. They came to the opening, and across an icy plain, they could see another cave opening, though this one was much larger than the other one. It was also encrusted in ice, which explained the name. Blake grinned. It wouldn’t be long now. They set off, and were about half way when, quite suddenly, Selestia stopped. She looked around, and said,”Careful, guys. I don’t think we’re alone....” Suddenly, a dark ball of energy flew from their right side, hitting the ground in front of them, sending up showers of snow.

“That was a Shadow Ball!,” Selestia yelled in surprise. “Haunter, use your senses to find the attacker.” Haunter drifted forward, eyes glowing blue with its slight psychic powers. Another Shadow Ball flew out of the snow, and Haunter dodged just in time. “Now we know where it is. Use Shadow Punch!” Haunter let a shadowy outline of one of its hands flying from where the Shadow Ball came from. But, the Shadow Punch was met with an Ice Beam attack. Both attacks collided, causing an explosion.

Blake gasped, as he saw a dark shape detach itself from the smoke. It was dark all over, had sharp claws, and two red feathers were protruding from its head. He pulled out his Pokedex. “Sneasel”, the Pokedex started,” the sharp claw pokemon. It is extremely vicious and will not stop attacking till its foe is incapable of moving.”

“Woah”, Blake said under his breath,”This sounds like a really strong pokemon.”

Selestia opened her eyes in fear. “Haunter, Shadow Ball!” Haunter shot a Ball of shadow energy. But sneasel was so fast, it dodged to the side and fired its own Shadow Ball. Haunter’s Shadow Ball missed, while Sneasel’s hit dead on. “Haunter, no!,”Selestia cried out. Haunter hit the ground, fainted. She returned him to his Poke Ball, then pulled out another.

“Wait”,Blake stopped her,”I’ll handle this. Go, Marshtomp!” He released his trusty starter, who appeared with a cry. “Now, Water Gun!” Marshtomp fired a jet of water, but Sneasel was able to dodge. “Now, fire your Mud Shot at the ground in front of Sneasel to stop it.” Marshtomp fired a stream of mud at the ground. Sneasel was tripped up by it, and hit the ground hard. “Now, finish this with one last Mud Shot!” Marshtomp fired one last blast of mud, which struck Sneasel dead on. Blake then threw a Poke Ball, which struck Sneasel on the head.

It was warped inside, and the ball sat on the ground, shaking crazily back and forth. It stopped, and Blake let out a whoop. He ran over and retrieved it. As he was returning Marshtomp to his Poke Ball, Selestia walked over and said,”Good job, Blake. You made good work of Marshtomp’s strong points. That Sneasel is really strong. It guards Ice Cave, so Team Blasto isn’t here yet.” They headed forward, fully intent on ambushing Team Blasto before they go there.

But they were stopped short, for they saw a group of men, clad in black jackets with a B on the front, reach the cave. Blake noticed a steel cage being hefted between them, and inside was Aerodactyl! “Hold on, buddy! I’m coming!” Blake pulled out his new pokemon, and released Sneasel. “Go, stop them with Shadow Ball!” Sneasel nodded, and jumped in the air. He formed a ball of shadow energy within its clawed hands, and fired his Shadow Ball attack. The Shadow Ball traveled quickly toward the group of crooks, and struck in the middle of them, sending them flying in all directions. Unfortunately, the six Grunts who were carrying Aerodactyl were unaffected, and ran inside the cave, out of range of Shadow Ball. “Sneasel, let’s go get Aerodactyl back!”

Together, they ran down the hill toward the cave. A few of the Grunts got up, and released three pokemon, a Golbat, an Arbok, and a Seviper.

Blake heard Alex call from behind, saying,”Blake! Selestia and I will handle these guys. Now, go Kirlia!” She released the psychic pokemon, while Selestia released a pokemon Blake had never seen. But he didn’t have time to get a good look at it, and continued down the hill side.

Alex grinned. All were poison pokemon. “Go, use Psybeam, Kirlia!” Kirlia let loose a multi colored beam of light, which struck the ground in the middle of the group of pokemon. It sent up a shower of snow, blinding them long enough for Blake to get inside the cave. Sneasel suddenly pushed him out of the way, barely dodging a Sludge Bomb attack. Blake looked up, right into the opposing form of a Muk.

It was the Grunt from Shadow City! “Now”,The Grunt said,”It’s high time I get my revenge! Muk, use Sludge Bomb again!” Muk fired a ball of sludge at Blake and Sneasel.

“Sneasel, dodge, then use Slash!” Sneasel dodged the bomb effectively, with Blake just managing to get out of the way. Sneasel fully extended his claws, then rushed forward and raked Muk with them. Muk roared in pain. “Now, freeze it with Ice Beam!” Sneasel fire a bright blue beam, which struck and trapped Muk in ice.

“How dare you!”, The Grunt roared in anger.

Blake scowled, then rushed forward and punched The Grunt in the face, knocking him out cold. “That’s for Alex! Come on, Sneasel! We’ve got to rescue Aerodactyl!” They rushed forward, toward the back of the cave, following foot prints from the other Grunts. Blake barely had time to marvel at the cave around him. It wasn’t even made of stone, but instead, the whole thing was constructed of ice.

They reached the back quickly, and stopped. They continued on silently, careful not to make a sound. They quickly caught sight of a group of thugs, surrounding a scientist in a white coat. They were standing next to a block of ice, which contained the ancient pokemon, Dialga, who was frozen solid.

The Scientist was explaining what he planned to do with Aerodactyl. “By using energy that was passed down by this particular family of Aerodactyl, we can release Dialga from its icy tomb. Then, we catch it, and use its special powers to rule the world. Attach these cables to the cage, and I’ll attach the other end to the Electrodes.” It was then Blake had seen the group of ball like pokemon, white on top, and red on bottom.

Blake turned to Sneasel, and said,“Sneasel, sneak around and start Shadow Balling them. I’ll release Marshtomp when they are distracted, and faint the Electrode before they can do anything. Ready?” Sneasel nodded, and moved around the corner stealthily.

Blake pulled Marshtomp’s Poke Ball from his belt, and released Marshtomp. Blake quickly clapped his hand around Marshtomp’s mouth, keeping him from giving his unique cry. He explained his plan to Marshtomp, and then, cautiously, removed is hand from Marshtomp’s mouth.

They moved into easy targeting position on the Electrode. There were at least ten of them, maybe even more. Blake didn’t have time to recount, because it was then Sneasel decided to launch his part of the double attack. Blake pointed at the Electrode, and said,”Now, Marshtomp! Use Mud Shot on that group of Electrodes!” Marshtomp leaped into the air, firing mud onto the electric pokemon, fainting them from the super effectiveness of a ground type attack.

Blake stood up, and returned Marshtomp. He then turned to Sneasel, and ordered,”Use Slash to release Aerodactyl from her cage!” Sneasel sped across the chamber like a Thunder Bolt, heading for Aerodactyl’s cage. Aerodactyl let out a roar of happiness when she saw her trusty trainer.

Sneasel was almost there, when the Blasto Scientist stood up, releasing a strange, dark like Pokemon. Blake pulled out his Pokedex. “Umbreon”, the Dex started,”The moonlight Pokemon. The evolved form of Eevee. The light of the moon changed Eevee’s genetic structure. Umbreon lurks in darkness for pray.”

The Scientist grinned evilly. “You must be Blake, the friend of the meddling little girl, Alex. It’s a pleasure to finally meet. I’m a scientist, but more importantly, I am the leader of Team Blasto as well. You have delayed a most important event by taking the egg from that Old Woman. It is high time I get my revenge. Can you defeat me and my team of Eevee evolutions? Now, Umbreon! Use Faint Attack!”

Umbreon jumped forward, smacking Sneasel backward. Blake scowled, and said,”That was a cheap shot! You’re just as weak and hopeless as the other members of Blasto, especially if you have to resort to such tricks to win! Go, Sneasel! Slash attack!”

Sneasel sprang to his feet, then sprinted forward, slashing his razor sharp claws at Umbreon. They connected, sending Umbreon sky high. The Blasto Boss just stood there, doing nothing. Umbreon sprang to its feet, and Blake was shocked to see it looked like it hadn’t even felt the Slash attack.

The Boss grinned, and said,”Looks like you’ll have to try harder than that, my friend. Umbreon has high defense and special defense, making it a formidable foe for any Pokemon trainer.” The Boss through back his head, and let out an evil laugh.

Blake felt a bead of sweat travel down his neck, even though it was frigid in the cavern. He knew he was in for a long, tough battle.


Outside Ice cave, things were progressing at a quick pace for Selestia’s and Alex’s fight against the Blasto Grunts. They had successfully defeated and capture almost all of them. Alex grinned, and said,”Kirlia, defeat Weezing with Psychic!” Kirlia sent a Psychic blast toward the imposing Pokemon, and knocked it back, fainting it. The Grunt returned the Pokemon to its Poke Ball. “Now, use Psychic to tie him up!” Kirlia concentrated, and lifted two coils of rope that had been laying on the ground.

The Grunt saw the rope coming, and ran, trying to escape. But it was hopeless. The rope caught up to him, tripped him up, and tied him around the legs, and tying his arms to his chest, rendering him incapable of moving. Alex grinned, and ran over to hug Kirlia.

Selestia came over to Alex, and said,”Good job. I got the last Grunt shortly after you won. Now, we should get in there and help Blake...”

Selestia was interrupted by a roar behind them. They turned around, and gasped at what they saw. There had to be at least thirty Black clad men running down the hill, pulling out Poke Balls. Selestia frowned, and said,”This must be the rest of them. There are too many for both of us. We need reinforcements....” She pulled out a radio, and spoke into the mike. “This is Selestia, and I’m here at Ice Cave. It’s under attack by members of the notorious Team Blasto. We dispatched of the forward party, but now there are at least thirty of them about to attack. We need assistance from anyone who can here this.” With that, Selestia put down the radio, and pulled out a Poke Ball.

Alex turned to Selestia, and asked,”Do you think anyone will come? I thought we were the only ones out here.”

Selestia nodded, and said,”Do to the frigid conditions, it is our responsibility to protect them. That channel I was using is specially designed for the Pokemon Rangers who patrol this area. Today, I do believe my brother is on patrol.... here he comes now!” She pointed to the sky, and Alex followed it, gasping with surprise. A huge Pidgeot was descending from the sky, carrying an unidentifiable person.

The Pidgeot landed, and stretched its massive wings. The man riding it returned Pidgeot, then walked over to Alex. “What’s the problem?”,he asked.

“It’s nice to see you, Blaire. Just turn around, and you will see.”

When Blaire turned around, Alex was able to see his face. He was a stalky, yet muscular kind of man, with a black shirt and a red over coat. He had a rough face, and wore a red hat. Alex could just see brown hair poking out from under it. His eyes were strangely black.

“Blasto, huh?”,Blaire said, pulling out a Poke Ball. “We can’t let them get in.”

Alex snapped out of her silence, saying urgently,”But there are already some in there, along with my friend, Blake!”

Blaire blinked in surprise, and said,”Blake is in there? I haven’t seen him in years! Well, I guess we can’t do anything to help him. If the rest get in, we’ll be in big trouble.”

Selestia put her hand on Alex’s shoulder to cheer her up, and said,”I wouldn’t worry too much. He’s a strong trainer, and can take care of himself. Any ways, we’d be helping him the most by staying out here. Look, here they come. Are you ready for this, Alex?”

Alex nodded, though she was shaking all over. She turned and faced the Blasto Members, as the first ones released their pokemon.


Blake was shocked with the Blasto Leader’s battle style. He hadn’t launched an attack yet. “Okay, Sneasel, use Shadow Ball!” Sneasel panted, and was able to form a ball of tightly packed shadow energy, though it looked smaller and weaker than the other ones had been. He launched it at Umbreon, who took it head on.

The Leader grinned, and said,”It looks like your Sneasel is getting a little tired, don’t you? I think it was time we attacked. Go, use Faint attack!” Umbreon streaked across the cavern, hitting Sneasel, and sending him flying backward. Even though the attack was successful, Blake noticed that Umbreon looked tired, and had sank a little on its feet.

Blake new that the battle was close to finishing. “Go, Sneasel! Power up with Swords dance!” Sneasel got up, and began to spin in a deadly dance, claws getting sharper, muscles seeming to grow. “Now, finish this with Slash!” Sneasel bolted across the room, raking the Umbreon with its newly, powered up claws. The attack was devastating, fainting Umbreon before it hit the ground.

The Boss chuckled, returning Umbreon to its Poke Ball. “Well, well, well. You really are strong. Know that this battle is only just getting started! Go, my electric beauty!” He released one of the more commonly known evolutions of Eevee, the electric, spiky Pokemon, Jolteon. Blake noticed him motion to the Scientist behind him, who instantly attached the cables to Aerodactyl’s cage, and sticking a metal rod into Dialga’s icy cage. The Boss laughed, and said,”Now, Jolteon! Use your Thunderbolt on the cage, and released Dialga from its icy chamber!”

“NOOOOOO!!!!!!”, Blake called. But it was too late. Jolteon turned around, and fired an extremely powerful bolt of lightning at Aerodactyl’s cage. Blake winced as the bolt struck, and Aerodactyl screamed in pain. Suddenly, a mystical aura, colored blue, surrounded Aerodactyl, repelling the electric attack. The cage captured the aura, and seemed to suck it out of Aerodactyl. The blue aura traveled down the cord, and into the metal rod that was attached to Dialga’s icy tomb. The ice suddenly shook, and shattered, spraying icy shards in all directions.

Blake brought his arm up, covering his face, and when he looked up, Dialga emerged from its chamber, shaking its head to remove the frost that had collected from the millennia long sleep. Blake sank to his knees in defeat. He had failed Selestia. Who knew what kind of havoc Dialga would cause.

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