The Epic of Torchic
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This is the best fanfic I ever read in my live!

Big time #1 fan!

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Shiny Latios, you underrated it! 9999/1000!
And don't listen to them! They lie! I'm your #1 fan!

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I'll decide for myself who my #1 fan is. And you don't have to soar that far over 1000! I get it already! And I hoped both of you liked the "Mew drinks coffee" joke. (Happy Happy Happy!) Anyway here is today's installment:

Chapter 34 (revised)

_ The routine was the same: descend the stairs, open the door, and prepare for battle. This Pokemon was stronger and more robust than the other ones on Mind Island. It looked like a giant pale purple cat. It had large muscular legs ending in two large three-toed feet. Its tail was a deep purple color and was over half as long as it was tall. It had somewhat scrawny arms ending in three-fingered hands. Its head was large and feline, and was supported by a muscle connecting it to the Pokemon’s neck.
_ “Why have you come here?” it demanded in a deep voice that couldn’t get any deeper.
_ “We’re here for the Mind Shield, and we’ll battle you to get to it.” Once again Blaziken was getting sick of having to explain his motives. “Now, who are you?”
_ “I am Mewtwo, the most powerful Pokemon of all! Come to me!”
_ (Powerful? We’ll see…)
_ Blaziken rushed forward with a Blaze Kick to Mewtwo’s chest. Mewtwo then Mega Punched Blaziken sending him flying. Blaziken performed a back flip in midair and landed on his feet. Blastoise launched a Hydro Pump but Mewtwo countered it by punching it off to the side. Meganium attacked with Solarbeam but Mewtwo conjured a blue shield similar to Mew’s pink bubble. Mewtwo then blasted out Psychic. Blaziken thought this attack wouldn’t work, but he was sorely mistaken. Instantly the three friends were plagued with painful headaches. Mewtwo then held out his hand and closed it slowly. Meganium then began choking. As Mewtwo lifted its hand up higher, Meganium began to rise off the ground, kind of like the Darth Vader force grip. She grew pale, unable to get air into her lungs. Blaziken acted quickly and ran forward slamming full force into Mewtwo, pushing it against the wall. It countered by whacking Blaziken with its long tail. Still Mewtwo showed no signs of weakening, but appeared to be as powerful as ever. (How can he last so long?) thought Blaziken. (I keep hitting him, but he never gets any weaker!) Blaziken then thought of a tactic to win. It was risky but it might work. “Ha! Mewtwo! You may think yourself strong, but I still have all my energy left!” “Is that so? Why don’t you come prove it?” “Oh, I will…” Blaziken then used his Agility to greatly increase his speed, and then used Double Team to make it appear as if there was twenty of him, running around the room. Meganium pulled up a Reflect and, knowing what Blaziken was doing, prepared themselves. Mewtwo looked around, trying to figure out which was the real one, then it got hit in the cheek with Blaze Kick. Surprised, it still tried to solve the conundrum, but it was attacked with another Blaze Kick, this time to the chest. This process was repeated several times, then Mewtwo attacked with a powerful Psychic explosion, destroying the fake copies and hurting Blaziken. Meganium and Blastoise then attacked both at the same time with Solarbeam and Hydro Pump. Blaziken, up on his feet, shot Mewtwo up with a Sky Uppercut, who in return answered with firing star-shaped rays at Blaziken. He tried to avoid it, but Swift is unavoidable. “You have failed to prove anything. Now watch as I defeat you!” Mewtwo then caused a black shadowy ball to materialize. This attack, Shadow Ball, was hurled at Blaziken, who got hit and staggered around, his vision blurred by the attack. Then he saw Mewtwo coming straight at him with Swift again. He felt the same feeling when he was fighting Ho-Oh with Sacred Fire – he felt he was going to die.
_ Blaziken was knocked out cold. He was dreaming…or was he? He was floating in blackness, seeing nothing but his own body. Then he saw Articuno coming at him like a freezing bullet. Blaziken got hit severely but he was rooted to the spot where he was. Articuno seemed to pass right through him. Then Ho-Oh came on like a phoenix attempting a death charge encloaked in flame. Ho-Oh passed right through him too, with Blaziken feeling the full brunt of Ho-Oh’s fire attack, still held to the place where he floated. He was in so much pain. He was dreaming but he couldn’t wake up. He was fixed in the deadest part of darkness. Then he saw Mewtwo coming at him with its Mega Punch. If he was conscious, this attack would have killed him. Then all of a sudden Meganium appeared and charged into Mewtwo pushing it back. She pushed Mewtwo straight into Blastoise’s hard shell, clamping their foe between each other. As Blaziken saw this, everything started to blur away, and he woke up. He saw before him the same scene in his dream – Mewtwo being clamped between Blaziken’s two teammates, its concentration continually thrown off by harder clamping. Blaziken then finished the battle with a Blaze Kick to Mewtwo’s face. This time it was its turn to get knocked out cold.
_ Soon Mewtwo got up, saying, “How…could I lose?”
_ Blaziken answered, “We said we’d battle you to get the Mind Shield. In a battle of equals, the one of stronger will wins. Therefore, my will is stronger than yours.”
_ “You’re after Vincent, aren’t you? That’s why you came here. That’s why you want the shield. I see. There is one last battle on this island, and then you can leave. But, I must warn you…Getting the Mind Shield is not as easy as it first seems. Go to the last hut here, there your last battle awaits. Oh, and take this.” Blaziken was handed a stone shaped like a quaver. (No, not ‘quiver’, I mean ‘quaver’.)
_ Not easy as it first seems? Blaziken thought of this as they headed for the last hut, and then it was Vincent’s turn to fall.

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Ready for the Mind Island conclusion? No? Well here it is anyway.

Chapter 35 (revised)

_ This hut had a symbol on its front. It looked like a small U-shaped curve, or a sideways parenthesis. --Take ‘)’ and turn it so it looks like a smile.-- They descended another staircase and opened one last door. This time, there was nothing there. Everything was a strange green color. Now what? There was nothing here. Had Mewtwo lied to them? Did it have the shield instead?
_ “Hello? Anyone there?” Blaziken called out. At first there was nothing. Then they heard mumbling and murmuring, as if something was sleeping and just waking up. Something small came floating down from overhead. It was a small thing, white in color, and looking like a miniature person. It had a little yellow half-star on its head, with a blue ‘tag’ hanging on each of its three points. On its back were two yellow strips flowing like cut strips of clothing. Its face was small (then again, its whole body is only one foot long), and on its chest was a small U-shaped curve, like the one on the hut.
_ “Fyummmmmmmm…” it murmured. “I’m still sleepy…”
_ “What the…?” Blaziken was amazed.
_ “I’m Jirachi. Who are you?”
_ “I’m Blaziken.”
_ “Fyummmmmmmm…I’m still sleepy…” it repeated.
_ Jirachi attacked with a Psychic, but the effect was minimized due to Blaziken’s resistance to the headache-inducing aura hanging around the island. Meganium and Blastoise were knocked out by the attack though. (With just one attack, my friends are unconscious?) Blaziken thought. Blaziken attacked with a Blaze Kick, which was a particularly effective attack against Jirachi. The opponent then squinted its eyes slightly and rammed into Blaziken while hurting itself – the Double-Edge attack. However the Avengers were all equally amazed, for Jirachi was still sleeping. How could something fight while sleeping? Like this, they supposed. Blaziken tried a High Jump Kick, but due to Jirachi’s small size it was able to skillfully avoid the attack. Then the curve on Jirachi’s chest began to unfurl. It wasn’t a curve…it was an eye. Blaziken suddenly got hit by something, what it was he knew not. The eye on its chest closed again.
_ “Fyummmmmmmm…I’m still sleepy…” Jirachi was still sleeping? How could this be? Blaziken then attacked with Blast Burn. Surely Jirachi could not avoid an explosion of fire…and he was right, it didn’t. Jirachi murmured before it fell to the ground, sleeping like a rock. Suddenly the quaver-shaped stone from Mewtwo seemed to react and began to sing.
_ “Oh…that noise…” Jirachi spoke softly. “A song of purity…”
_ Jirachi then woke up. “Ha! Eyes wide open. Hello there, I’m Jirachi.”
_ “Um…I gathered that,” Blaziken responded politely.
_ “Well, whoever wakes me up is granted a wish. I have to grant you a wish. So, what do you wish for?”
_ Blaziken was granted one wish. One wish…He could wish for anything he wanted.
_ “Oh, and I can’t grant you a wish involving someone’s death or swaying someone’s emotions, no matter who you want to kill or fall in love with.”
_ That scratched the ‘I wish Vincent was dead’ wish. He thought hard. Then he realized – the Mind Shield had not been revealed. Surely, after winning all the battles here, he would get it? Then he remembered Mewtwo again: ‘Getting the Mind Shield is not as easy as it first seems.’ Not easy as it first seems…Then he knew why!
_ “Jirachi, I wish I had the Mind Shield.”
_ “So, you have solved all the puzzles of Mind Island…Very well. Your wish is my command.”
_ A shield with a glowing rainbow-colored aurora on its face descended. Jirachi elaborated. “This shield is imbued with psychic power. Because of this, it offers superior protection than any other shield. All seven of us here put our powers into this. With this, you will know you have our protection.” It all made sense. All the legendary Pokemon in existence made part of the ultimate suit of armor. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel fashioned the sword from parts of their bodies. The five birds and three beasts of Flight Island used their power and elemental affinities to shape the breastplate. The entities of water, earth and sky combined their powers into the helmet. And the seven Psychic type legendary Pokemon (not counting Lugia) made this – the shield. “Ah…” Jirachi piped up. “Using that power…made me sleepy…Good night…” It slept and floated up to the ceiling from whence it came. So you had to have Jirachi grant a wish to get the shield.
_ When they exited the hut, Meganium asked, “Blaziken…I want to stay here.”
_ “What?”
_ “When I saw Celebi’s soldiers…They were truly happy in the forest far away from land. I envy them for their happiness. That is why I want to stay here.”
_ “Very well, but we will miss you very much.”
_ “I know. But I am, and always will be, a part of Team Avengers. Thank you for giving me the best days of my life. Goodbye Blaziken and Blastoise. I know in my heart we’ll meet again someday.” They all hugged and cried, and Meganium was escorted by her two friends back to Celebi, who welcomed Meganium warmly. “What you do is very brave, Blaziken. Now that you have the shield, your quest comes near to a close.”
_ He knew this all too well. He had all four pieces of armor. The fervor inside him burned even more hotly. His time was here and now. He had battled all 22 legendary Pokemon – and the 23rd battle would be the fiercest. It would be the battle of all time!

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The story is nearing its end. Are you ready for Wyvern King Vincent?

Chapter 36 (revised)

_ They sailed to Eastport and arrived the next day at Eastport. They were very sad that Meganium was gone, and that Swampert was dead, but they had to move on. Wait – Swampert still dead? So Celebi had failed to change the future…or had it? Blaziken then picked up the armor. He donned the armor. He looked absolutely majestic. Vincent was going down. Then he heard a groan from below decks. He rushed down along with Blastoise and found the noise coming from where Swampert lay. He was alive! Celebi had saved his life! Celebi had sprinkled some of its power onto Swampert’s wound, so apparently he wasn’t dead…just anemic and unconscious for a long period of time. “So, you have all the armor…Well done. Now you will fight Vincent. Say…where’s Meganium?” “She stayed on Mind Island and became Celebi’s vanguard. She will be happy there. In the meantime, let’s go free my parents.” Apparently a river flowed from east to west across the land. The ship’s crew agreed to sail that way to reach home, but not without supplying the foursome (Blaziken, Blastoise, Swampert, and Alakazam) with supplies. The foursome went on alone and walked toward the volcano, not far from Eastport. In about a couple hours, they were there. Vincent was there at the foot waiting for them. “So, you’ve come at last, Blaziken. The wound you gave me in my leg has still not fully healed. But I will not let you leave this place alive! Soldiers! Attack and kill them!” Vincent flew off toward the summit as numerous Dragonair, Dragonite, Shelgon, and Salamence swarmed in like flies on the foursome. Alakazam used his psychic powers to attack some and hold off others. Blastoise used Hydro Pump to blow several away at a time. Swampert’s punching knocked his targets out cold. He probably didn’t have to use the sword to defeat Vincent, but he did. Blaziken was going crazy. He was kicking some, slashing at others, and not holding anything back. The beast within him had awakened and was moving him with unmatched ferocity. As the wave of the Salamence approached them, some Dragonair took the four friends by surprised and constricted themselves around their enemies’ necks. They began to choke.
_ “It’s no use,” remarked Alakazam.
_ “No, I have one last trick up my sleeve!” Blaziken exclaimed. He pulled out a whistle and blew on it as hard as he could. Instantly, a hundred Mankey and many more besides led by a Primeape lept on their assailants and attacked them unmercifully. Their leader exclaimed, “See! I told you! You want us, we come! Oo oo oo OO OO!!” “How did you know?” asked Blastoise. “The thing I whispered to Rayquaza? It was to bring Primeape here. And he did say he’d do anything.” Blastoise, Swampert, and Alakazam remained behind to fight off the rest of the horde as Swampert shouted to Blaziken, “We’ll stay here! This next fight is yours alone! Defeat Vincent!” Blaziken ran up to the volcano, climbed it with incredible speed, and as he was nearing the top, he leapt up onto the summit. The summit consisted of a wide ring; in the middle of it was a vast pool of molten lava. He drew his sword and cried out, “Vincent!! I have come for your life!” Vincent was waiting on the opposite end of the ring. He turned to face Blaziken. “So, you came at last. You may be able to stave off my horde, but you cannot win against me. I will not let you win!”
_ Blaziken repeated Vincent’s old trick: “It doesn’t matter if you let me or not, I’ll still kill you!”

See? Primeape did keep his promise after all.

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At last, here's Blaziken's epic battle with Wyvern King Vincent!

Chapter 37 (revised)

_ The Golden Avenger and Vincent stared at each other, mortal enemies, each wanting to kill the other and get his revenge. This was the same glare that Vincent and the Violet Avenger gave each other, 20 long years ago. Blaziken broke the silence and leaped over to where Vincent was standing, bringing the sword down forcefully. Vincent skillfully dodged the slash and swooped up, coming back to stab with his spear. Blaziken sidestepped the blow and gave Vincent a deep cut across his back with the sword. Vincent came back as fierce as ever, swooping up and back down with another stab. Blaziken ducked underneath, rotating his body until his legs were crouched over his body. He outstretched his legs in the blink of an eye, giving Vincent two kicks to the chest. Vincent then swooped up and back down, but this time he had the talons on his feet outstretched. Since Blaziken was expecting another stab, he was caught up and flung into the volcano crater, but Blaziken used his powerful legs to bounce off the wall he touched, swooping through the air with his sword. Vincent, expecting this, stabbed Blaziken’s shoulder as he whooshed past. He could no longer use his right arm for the sword, so he swapped the sword to his left hand, of which he was equally skilled at using. Blaziken sped forward at blinding speed and attacked Vincent’s chest with a horizontal slash. Vincent came back on and tried to stab Blaziken’s other shoulder, but Blaziken pulled out the shield and held it close to his body, protecting his shoulder. Blaziken attacked Vincent’s chest again with a Blaze Kick. Vincent could not avoid this and took the full brunt of the attack. He then decided to put himself two feet above the ground, allowing him to spin on the air to avoid his adversary’s attacks, but the Avenger was not one to lose. Vincent used his spear like a sword and tried to slash Blaziken with its tip, but Blaziken used his own sword to block the attack. Using his spear as a sword gave Vincent a longer reach of attack, allowing him to be six feet away from Blaziken and still effectively use his weapon. They were each using their weapon with only one hand, Blaziken having his shield close to his body, Vincent keeping his distance with a long-reaching weapon. Meanwhile at the foot of the mountain, the threesome had subdued the entire force of dragons and directed their attention to the epic battle at the volcano summit. They could see Blaziken and Vincent going at it, seeming to be equally matched. All of a sudden Registeel appeared from nowhere and looked up. “HE IS IN HIS MOST CHALLENGING BATTLE YET. I, NO, WE, ARE WITH HIM.” At that, King Island’s other two guardians appeared at either side of their companion. Blaziken used a forceful blow to drive Vincent back, and happened to glance down for a moment, but only for a moment as Vincent came back for the attack. “Regirock, Regice, and Registeel…They’re here…They must be with me…They are with me!” Blaziken suddenly became stronger and drove Vincent back, then slashed his left leg reopening the past wound he’d opened earlier. Vincent appeared severely weakened by this, and threw his spear at Blaziken like a deadly bullet. Blaziken ducked the blow, but Vincent held out his hand and the spear came back to him. “After I kill you, your friends and parents will be next, golden one! I will shatter you and your legend, and wipe you from the face of the earth!” Blaziken was not going to let some strange half-human, half-dragon beast corrupt the world of Pokemon. He did not belong here…He had no right to be here, or anywhere! Blaziken, filled with rage, surged forward and slashed Vincent’s other leg open, and at this Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres appeared. “Our wills and strengths are with the Golden Avenger. He will not lose!” Articuno exclaimed. Suddenly, Vincent grabbed Blaziken’s neck with his free hand and held him up high, squeezing the strength out of him. Vincent was out of the sword’s reach, so Blaziken could not escape. “I will break you…Kill you…And shatter you utterly so your name ceases to exist!” He took him and threw him into the crater of the volcano. Blaziken’s body sunk into the magma, holding his hand up in an effort to grab on to something invisible, his body blackening and broken. So Vincent had won after all. Even though severely weakened he still won…Blaziken’s mission had failed…

I'll just wait a couple days before I put the next part. Let this soak in...

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Who is your number 1 Fan?

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Treeckomaster wrote:
Who is your number 1 Fan?

I'll say when the story is finally done. Which will be quite a while.
Now, let's continue as Blaziken's friends await their fate.

Chapter 38 (revised)

_ Vincent then turned his attention to the Pokemon at the bottom of the mountain. “Now that he is dead, I will complete my revenge, and I will start with you three!” he exclaimed, pointing to Swampert, Blastoise and Alakazam. At this the Regis stepped forward. “IF YOU WANT TO GET TO THEM, YOU WILL HAVE TO GET THROUGH US FIRST,” stated Registeel, its companions by its sides.
_ “And the three of us,” stated Zapdos, its companions also by its sides.
_ Vincent then heard a harmony of voices, with each one spoken another Pokemon appeared. “And me,” spoke Lugia.
_ “And us.” The three legendary beasts appeared.
_ “And me…” Ho-Oh swooped in from above.
_ “And the three of us.” Kyogre came in from the ocean supported by water as Groudon dug its way out of the ground and Rayquaza soared down from the ozone.
_ “And you must not forget us.” It was Mewtwo’s voice. It was accompanied by the denizens of Mind Island: the twin Eon Pokemon, Latios and Latias; the DNA Pokemon Deoxys; the Time Travel Pokemon Celebi accompanied by its soldiers with Meganium at its head; the happy-go-lucky Mew, and the sleeping Jirachi, held in Mewtwo’s hand, asleep but fully aware of what was going on. And every last one of them stood in front of Blastoise, Swampert, and Alakazam. Mewtwo turned back to them. “We will support you here, in your greatest time of need,” it said, in a deep kind voice. It turned back to Vincent. “So, Vincent, do you think you can fight your way past all 22 of us, plus Celebi’s regiment?”
_ “Or maybe even me?!” A voice filled with rage and anger spoke, as if it were some demon from the darkness. The owner of the voice soared out of the volcano crater on a wave of lava and jumped onto the summit. It was Blaziken, his eyes filled with hatred toward Vincent. He channeled all the hatred into the sword and slashed at Vincent unmercifully, breaking the spear and causing his most wicked enemy untold wounds. Vincent was forced down to the ground, his life about to end. “No…How? How could you survive?” “Never underestimate my power,” Blaziken replied in a cold, evil voice. He used his sword and stabbed Vincent straight through his heart, ending his heinous life there and then. He tossed the lifeless body and the broken spear into the volcano’s lava, which quickly entered Vincent’s wounds incinerating the body from the inside. His skin may have been lavaproof, but not his interior. Blaziken then jumped down to his friends, and fell backwards, exhausted from the battle. His parents soon appeared and embraced their son, returned home to kill Vincent. “That is the end. Vincent is no more.” However the story was far from over. As the reunion was taking place, a bright portal opened and a mysterious figure came out. Well…technically they’re all mysterious like that. He looked exactly like Vincent, except he looked fully human…no dragon of him anywhere. He wore black armor made all over his body, had a black sword that was over half the man’s height in length, and wore a black cape with two thick blue stripes on the left and right ends, and 13 bright purple dots in this pattern:
. . .
. . .
. . .
The other four were centered one each on the left, right, top, and bottom sides of the 3x3 square. All the dots were the same distance apart ( _ to scale), except the top and bottom dots had only one-half the usual distance between it and the larger square.
_ “Who are you?” Blaziken demanded. “Are you Vincent’s brother? Have you come to fight us?”
_ “No,” the human calmly replied. “I am here to clear up the matter of Vincent’s mysterious past. Listen to my story:”
_ Wyvern King Vincent was originally fully wyvern. At this point in the story he was really just a wyvern egg. Then scientists came to the volcano where he lived – no, not this one, the one from my world. These people had taken a sample of DNA extracted from my evil clone, and injected it into one of the eggs. That is why Vincent bears a striking resemblance to me. When Vincent hatched, he looked like a miniature version of what you just fought. Nevertheless, his purely wyvern parents raised him all the same. In time, he grew up to be king of the wyverns near the volcano, hence the name Wyvern King Vincent. Vincent was extremely possessive and vengeful, and when I went on a journey and passed by the volcano, Vincent met me and we got off on the wrong foot. He had sided with my evil clone and he’s been my enemy ever since. After being defeated by me in a battle, he managed to open a portal and come to your world, where he came to your volcano and ruled it oppressively. After that Swampert came to defeat him, and you, Blaziken, came to kill him. Well done; you have done what I did not. This story may seem somewhat farfetched to you, but it is all true.
_ “That would explain his behavior,” Blaziken remarked. “His tyranny, his vengefulness…It all adds up. That story is indeed true.”
_ “It is good to see you agree with me,” said the human. “However, there is one other reason I’ve come to your world.”
_ “What’s that?”
_ “To battle you,” the human answered. “Come to the place where you were first born, the exact middle of this island, and there will I meet you.” The figure vanished. (Oh great,) thought Blaziken. He had just killed his archnemesis, and his happy reunion was cut short by another battle? Oh well, he would fight and win this battle just like he had against Vincent. Of course, everything is easier said than done…

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Chapter 39 (revised)

_ Blaziken navigated his way to the spot where he hatched as best he could. He was in a clearing, with a lake not far to the north, and the Squirtle village to the northwest. This was where he hatched. The mysterious human walked out from the forest.
_ “It is nice to see you have arrived,” he said. “My name is Obsidian, because my armor is made from purified obsidian rock. And your friends have accompanied you.” He glanced behind Blaziken and saw Blaziken’s friends and parents. All 22 legendary Pokemon were there too, but he didn’t know why. “Before we begin, I believe your parents have a little confession to make.”
_ “My parents? What are you talking about?”
_ “An egg could not go unnoticed by Vincent for long. Someone would have to have had outside help to take it away unknown by him.”
_ “What are you implying?”
_ Blaziken’s parents stepped forward. “We asked him to take your egg and escape, my son.”
_ “What?”
_ “Yes, Blaziken,” Obsidian continued. “But do not think badly of me, as I saved your life when you did not yet know it. But down to business.” He conjured a door, and opened it, revealing a portal. He went into it, and Blaziken did likewise. Everyone else around him went inside it too. But instead of appearing on the other side in the same spot, they appeared in different spots. This world was very strange. There were three circles suspended in mid-air, two higher up and farther away than the larger third one in the center. It acted as a sort of flat arena with two audience stands. The sky around them was a bright light blue, and if someone fell off one of the circles, there was no telling where they’d end up, alive or dead. Obsidian and Blaziken spawned on opposite sides of the arena, both of them clad in their armor. All of Blaziken’s friends spawned on one of the two higher circles, and Jirachi was still asleep but still aware, as the eye on its chest was open. “So, Blaziken, are you ready for battle? Let us begin!” Obsidian proclaimed. Blaziken was now facing off against a foe even tougher than Vincent. But instead of charging forward, each stood still staring at the other, waiting to see who would make the first move. For a long period, there was dead silence, until Obsidian twitched his arm and Blaziken responded by charging, sword uplifted. Obsidian parried with his own sword, twisting it, thereby causing Blaziken to trip up and fall on his back. Obsidian brought his sword down in a vertical slash but Blaziken spun to the side and got back up again, kicking Obsidian’s legs. Obsidian staggered for a bit then recovered, leaping forward with his sword at his side pointing outward. Blaziken parried, and then used his Flamethrower. Obsidian held his sword closer to his face to absorb the attack, which the armor was doing quite well. Blaziken raised his sword up, and then winced. Then he remembered…his shoulder was still wounded. The wound Vincent inflicted on his shoulder had not yet healed. Well, wound or no wound, he wasn’t intent on losing, but if he did, he’d go down fighting to the last. Obsidian then slashed the air directly in front of him at a blindingly fast speed, displacing the air particles and creating a thin, sharp shock wave. Blaziken held up the shield to parry, but because of his shoulder he wasn’t able to hold it still, and his hand took the brunt of the blow, the remaining energy of the shock wave passing through the shield. Blaziken then tried a bold move. He held the sword close to his face, touched the hilt with his other hand so that the shield covered it, and began humming, as if he was concentrating. He then sprang forward with the sword, attacking Obsidian. The sword found its mark on his foe’s breastplate, unleashing Ancientpower and Icy Wind as well as the metal impact from the sword. So it had Regirock’s and Regice’s powers as well as Registeel’s. What if all the pieces worked that way? It was worth a shot. However he had to think on his feet, as Obsidian continually attacked with vertical and horizontal slashes, so Blaziken had to parry the blows and try to think how the powers of the rest of the armor could be used. Meanwhile, Blaziken’s friends were watching from the stands overhead. They were staring at the two warriors. Both of them were wearing suits of armor. Both of them had powerful attacks. Neither looked like they were tiring out. Regirock commended Blaziken for unleashing his sword’s true power. “HE HAS LEARNED HOW TO UNLEASH THE REGIS UNITED ATTACK. IT DRAWS UPON THE STRENGTH OF ALL THREE OF US THAT WAS IMBUED INTO THE BLADE.” Zapdos commended Blaziken for his impressive stamina. “Clearly Blaziken has vast reserves of energy to fight.” “Indeed,” replied Deoxys, “as he does not appear tired at all. However by the looks of Obsidian, it doesn’t look like he’s tiring out either. Ah!” Deoxys felt a strange feeling. “I sense…energy similar to my own, nearby…” it cried out. “Where is it coming from?” It got its answer. Blaziken realized that Obsidian was wearing a glove on his left hand, and his helmet was mostly concealing the left side of his face, instead of his whole head. Did Obsidian have some kind of monstrous scar he wanted covered up? Blaziken found a weak spot in his foe’s armor – a gap in the shoulder. He brought the sword down with all its might, unleashing its Regis United attack as he did so. Obsidian got a deep cut in his left shoulder, but he did not draw blood as he did so. (What? No blood? How is this possible?) he thought. Then the answer was revealed. Obsidian slumped down from the impact of the sword, letting his left side lean toward the ground. As he did so, his armor fell further down his arm, and his glove fell off. Everyone was astonished. Obsidian’s left hand was orange with a blue stripe and blue underside, and the blue ran up his arm to his upper torso. “So now you know,” he stated, and he took off his helmet. They saw something they’d never expect to see.

And even though the human is named Obsidian, he has no correlation whatsoever to fanfic author (and close friend of mine) the Obsidian Wolf. It is actually because obsidian is the only black material I could think of.

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Fri May 04, 2007 3:14 pm ]
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you are keeping me in suspense....RELEASE THE PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!

Author:  Xeeros [ Fri May 04, 2007 4:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

The plot is good but you really need to work on where to begin new paragraphs. You keep forgetting that after one character is done speaking, you must start another paragraph for another speaker!

The last 3/4 of the most recent chapter was difficult to read because it was one big, garbled mess. Clean it up and it'll be near perfect.

Author:  DNA [ Sat May 05, 2007 10:04 am ]
Post subject: 

Yeah I know about that Xeeros. I find it irritating that the Psypoke system won't let me put 5 spaces down. I've worked out an indenting system and, little by little, working my way forward adding the indents (so far I'm up to Chapter 13 with indents). Don't worry, I will work on some more today. (OK I'm actually done with it now.) But now, for Chapter 40.


_ The upper left side of his body was fashioned exactly like Deoxys’ body. The head, the torso, the arm, the hand…everything. It was a perfect mimic. The wound on his shoulder healed up again, and he repositioned the armor and donned his helmet, not concealing the left side of his face.
_ “You’re…you’re…half-Deoxys?” Blaziken exclaimed. “How is that possible?”
_ “Never underestimate my power,” Obsidian replied. “I once saw Deoxys and analyzed its genetic structure. I managed to replicate part of its DNA and reconfigure part of my own to match its. Now when I am wounded, I can easily heal myself. However, the instantaneous healing effect is restricted to the left side of my body, as is Deoxys’ appearance. But know this…Deoxys does not give me my power. I built my power from the ground up on my own. Now, are we going to continue, or do you have any questions?” Obsidian lifted his massive sword high.
_ “No,” replied the Golden Avenger. “No, I have no questions.”
_ “Then let us continue.” Obsidian tried a swift horizontal slash to the waist but Blaziken parried, using his own momentum to bounce off his foe’s sword and crash his own on his foe’s head. Obsidian stumbled back, his helmet vibrating from the force of the blow. He then tried to get at Blaziken’s legs so he horizontally slashed low to the ground, but Blaziken jumped up and came down upon Obsidian’s helmet again. Obsidian stumbled back again, but came back by throwing his sword at Blaziken. Blaziken managed to avoid it, but it nicked his injured shoulder as it flew past, and as the sword came back it did it again. Blaziken was in terrible pain, but still he fought on. He unleashed another Regis United attack, and thought of a way to activate the powers of the other armor pieces. Obsidian ran at Blaziken, his sword held high, about to bring it down when Blaziken activated the Mind Shield’s power, Psychic Wall. His opponent bounced off it, driving him to the edge of the arena. Obsidian unleashed another shockwave with his sword, but Blaziken activated Psychic Wall again, scattering the attack. He then found a way to activate the helm, and he did. The Triple Force attack struck Obsidian with the powers of earth, water, and sky – the powers of Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. Obsidian began to weaken slightly, but he had had enough. He advanced, spinning his sword rapidly in front of him, to act as a shield. Blaziken’s armor abilities ricocheted off the sword, and Obsidian attacked Blaziken’s already weakened shoulder, cutting it almost through the muscle and nerve. Blaziken was in unbearable pain. He doubted the fact that he could fight any longer. He felt like he had met his match…but his strong will told him otherwise.
_ “Are you done yet, Golden Avenger?” Obsidian questioned.
_ “Not yet,” the Avenger answered. “I have another trick up my sleeve.” He looked up to one of the stands, towards Mewtwo. Blaziken took a small rock he was holding, and held it up high. The stone let out a sweet soothing melody, and Jirachi awakened. Yes, it was the same stone used to wake it up before. Jirachi came up out of Mewtwo’s hand and floated toward Blaziken. “Because you have awakened me again, you are granted another wish.” Blaziken knew exactly what to wish for. “I wish Obsidian didn’t have his armor!” At that, Jirachi exerted its power, and Obsidian’s armor and sword vanished. Underneath was a robe as black as his armor, and the cape still remained. And how did Obsidian react? He laughed.
_ “Ha ha ha ha ha…Big mistake, Blaziken. That armor was only holding back my true power!” Obsidian lifted up his hands, conjured a giant ball of dark energy, and flung it at Blaziken. This attack was even more painful than the last ones. “You…You mean you’re not a sword-fighter at all?” Blaziken replied, nervously. “No,” answered Obsidian. “I’m a spellcaster!”

Author:  Shiny Latios [ Sat May 05, 2007 10:07 am ]
Post subject: 

When you say: The adventure is far from over, are there going to be all the Sinnoh Legends? Because i like the style of Legendary legendary Legendary.
(Legends are 1337!)

Author:  DNA [ Sat May 05, 2007 10:34 am ]
Post subject: 

No; I didn't want to include the Sinnoh legends because I didn't know much about them - this story was finished in mid-March. However, I will have Sinnoh legends in the next chapter of the saga. Watch this post for the next-to-last installment, Chapter 41. (It's almost over already, yes.)

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Sat May 05, 2007 12:03 pm ]
Post subject: 

*jaw drops in horrer* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this story had to end. :cry:

Author:  DNA [ Tue May 08, 2007 8:47 am ]
Post subject: 

Well, Treeckomaster posted after I did, so I'll put the next chapter here, for the sake of continuity.

Chapter 41 (revised)

_ (Oh great,) Blaziken thought. (By that one wish, I ended up making him more powerful. He might have taken it off anyway, so I guess I speeded up the battle.) Obsidian fired another blast of energy, and Blaziken countered with Psychic Wall, however due to the nature of Obsidian’s attack, it was to none effect and Blaziken took the blow full force. Obsidian continued to fire smaller blasts of energy toward Blaziken. Blaziken had a flashback to when Rayquaza used Outrage. He would dodge these the same way. He jumped, leaped, and twisted around the numerous blasts that came at him, all the while trying to think of a way to win. Weaken Obsidian, and then finish him with Blast Burn. But how to weaken him? Blaziken decided to try numerous abilities. He found out how to activate the power of his breastplate. “Yah!” he screamed, as Legend Reflector was conjured. This ability reflected attacks back onto the user. Obsidian, seeing this, stopped firing and conjured a Dark Shield. (A dark spellcaster…) he realized. (How do I beat the dark?) “You don’t!” Obsidian replied, as if he was reading Blaziken’s mind. Well, actually he was. (Dang! He can read my mind too? Now how can I win...Got it!) Obsidian was confused, continuing to fire off blasts. (Got what? He didn’t think of anything!) Blaziken then launched a Flamethrower, not at his opponent, but near the ground where he stood so that he was concealed in fire. Obsidian attacked with a Hydro Pump on the fire, extinguishing it. But there was nothing there. He suddenly felt stabbed in the back by a sharp object. Blaziken had ran behind him and stabbed him in the back…on the right side of his body so his Deoxys ability wouldn’t kick in right away. He may not have exhausted Obsidian by much, but he had drained some of his power. Obsidian attacked Blaziken with Thunderbolt accompanied by smaller dark blasts. Blaziken skillfully jumped to the side, evading the attacks. He then attacked the ground again with Flamethrower, concealing himself. Obsidian ceased attacking and changed his pose, anticipating something. Instantly when Blaziken was about to stab Obsidian in the back again, he turned around and used the psychic choke that Mewtwo used on Meganium. Obsidian lifted him higher and higher, constricting Blaziken’s neck more and more. Blaziken concentrated his mental energies, unleashing Triple Strike on Obsidian. Obsidian had to release his grip on Blaziken to fend off the attack, while Blaziken seized the moment and made the previous wound he inflicted deeper before dashing over to the other side of the arena. Obsidian was tiring out, and they all knew it. They could see him gasping for breath, sweat running down his face. He kneeled down on the ground, almost collapsing.
_ “You’ve fought well, Golden Avenger.”
_ “I would say that myself.”
_ “Of course you would. But, you still haven’t won yet.”
_ “Oh, give it a rest. I knocked off your armor, exhausted your spellcasting abilities…What could be next? Calling forth a dragon?”
_ “Actually, yes – the Chaos Infinity Dragon.”
_ Obsidian closed his eyes, humming something to himself. He began to glow bright purple. A dark shield of energy formed around him, making it impossible for Blaziken to finish him off. His glow then turned to deep black, as well as his whole body, like a black blob. It began to grow larger, and larger, and larger…until it was 30 feet high. The black aura cleared away, and revealed a black dragon with three heads, each with two bright purple eyes. Its body was huge, covered with impenetrable scales. It had two large arms and hands tipped with long claws. Its feet were equally large, and its claws equally long. To top it off, two colossal black wings spread out further from its back. So Obsidian was right. He wasn’t directly related to Vincent at all. This was the true essence of his power.
_ Obsidian had transformed himself into the Chaos Infinity Dragon.

You will be begging for the last chapter.

Author:  Treeckomaster [ Tue May 08, 2007 1:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

How did you guess....


Author:  DNA [ Wed May 09, 2007 9:44 am ]
Post subject: 

Ready or not, here it comes - the epic conclusion to the Epic of Torchic! Will Blaziken triumph in the final battle, or will Obsidian consume him in darkness?
(And before you say "Blaziken wins", remember, he almost died three times. What makes you think I won't kill him for sure this time?)

Chapter 42 (revised)

_ There was no way Obsidian could have another trick up his sleeve. He was using the rest of his energy to fuel his true dragon form. His voice transformed into a deep roar.
_ “I am the Chaos Infinity Dragon! One who dwells in the infinite realm of chaos!”
_ “Guess that’s where you get your name,” Blaziken replied coolly.
_ “Now, I am going to finish you!”
_ He fired off three beams, one for each head. The beams were huge and so quick, Blaziken had trouble avoiding them. (Great…Now what’s this thing’s weakness? The armor was removed by Jirachi, his spellcasting energy was removed by continual attacks…Could I use Jirachi to drain his energy?) The answer was unfortunately no. The dragon used his power to bring Blaziken and himself into the realm of chaos. Blaziken felt like he was on a small plateau in space, as stars and nebulae were floating past him. Blaziken’s friends, however, were warped back to the real world, completely unaware of what Blaziken was doing in there. “WE WILL STAY HERE UNTIL THIS BATTLE IS FINISHED,” affirmed Registeel. “WE WILL STAY EVEN TO THE BITTER END.” And so they did stay there, waiting for the outcome nervously. Meanwhile, Blaziken was still trying to figure out the dragon’s weakness. (Perhaps his large size? Possibly. Maybe exhausting his energy? Probably not; I can’t guarantee how long I can evade the attacks. Or possibly a weak spot…) Blaziken had to avoid another Three Beam Blast coming at him. The dragon then fired three more beams, one of fire, one of ice, and one of lightning. Blaziken activated Legend Reflector, reflecting the energy back toward the dragon. The dragon flinched for just a split second. However Blaziken could not bank on this. Using the Reflector drained a bit of his energy, and he knew the dragon had a lot more energy than he. Then he saw it. There was a purple jewel on the dragon’s head, and within it he saw Obsidian’s sleeping form. That was how he’d win. Run up the dragon’s back to his head, smash the jewel, and run Obsidian through. Easier said than done, obviously. First he had to get around to the dragon’s tail without getting hit by another beam. Second of all, because it had three heads, the dragon could still attack him as he was running up its back. It was the only thing to do, so he did it. Blaziken ran around the dragon to its tail, but the dragon fired an Ice Beam at him, which was parried by Blaziken’s Flamethrower, or more accurately a Fireball, which the ice was drawn to, wrapping around it. Blaziken jumped onto the tail, but the tail spun around and around in an attempt to shake Blaziken off. Not to mention the two other heads trying to kill him with Flamethrower and Ice Beam. He used Legend Reflector to drive the heads away, and then ran up the dragon’s back. The two other heads were back quickly, trying to nail him with their attacks. Blaziken kept running up, and the heads’ attacks only hit the dragon’s body, however it was not harmed by its own attacks. At last Blaziken was at the neck, but the two heads were blocking his way. With the speed of a hero, Blaziken used Agility and gouged out the eyes of the heads so they could not see him. He continued to run up the neck, but still with great caution, as this head was trying to fling him off like the tail did. Blaziken held on with all his might, but he felt like he would be plunged into the abyss of chaos. Thinking quickly, he stabbed the neck with the Regis United attack, stopping its shaking. He ran up to where the head was. He couldn’t be attacked by the other heads, nor could he be shaken off, as the opponents in question were unable to act in that fashion. He ran up to the jewel, punched it open, waking Obsidian. “No, no! What are you doing? How?!” He stabbed Obsidian right through his heart, making him cry out in unbearable pain. Blaziken jumped off the dragon and ran to the opposite side of the arena. The dragon was squealing out, like its heart had been gouged out. Unable to act any further, the dragon collapsed in the mother of all explosions. Blaziken used Legend Reflector to prevent it from affecting him. It took all of his energy just to keep the Reflector up and not be affected or blown off by the explosion. Obsidian collapsed to the ground, and although his heart was run through, he was still alive, as his half-Deoxys nature had completely healed the wound. However, transforming into his dragon form had exhausted all his energy. He could fight no more. He managed to speak a few words. “You have done the impossible…Well done…” Blaziken was warped out to his friends and family. Obsidian was defeated, but not dead. Two things were for sure: Obsidian wouldn’t ever come back, and Blaziken’s adventure was finally over.

_ After the final battle, Blaziken went and lived a quiet live near the volcano, the land where he should have been all along. Blastoise became an experienced mariner, even more so than his father, and became the illustrious chieftain of his village after his father’s death. Meganium lived a peaceful live as Celebi’s vanguard; however she still missed the adventures she had had with Team Avengers. The legendary Pokemon returned the armor pieces to their rightful resting places, for another hero to come and obtain them. Vincent had been killed by Blaziken, so he was never seen again. Alakazam replaced the other Alakazam as the oracle of Central Village. Swampert retired back to the swamp, living a peaceful life, without fear of any enemies. His scar has healed, as has Suicune’s. Primeape and his tribe, after repaying Blaziken, went back to the jungle where they had lived. Obsidian departed to his own world and he was never seen again either. And as for myself, I’ll consider writing another story soon…

-- END --

After this I'll post a recap.

Author:  DNA [ Wed May 09, 2007 10:01 am ]
Post subject: 

Now for my final recap. This covers all 42 chapters.
All chapters have been indented.

(L) - long chapter

Page 1 - Chapters 1-13:

Ch1 Torchic Meets Squirtle
Ch2 Torchic Sets Out
Ch3 Stupid Mankey...
Ch4 Central Village
Ch5 Mankey's Revenge
Ch6 The Swamp
Ch7 Swampert the Violet Avenger
Ch8 Torchic Heads to Westport
Ch9 Team Avengers Begins
Ch10 King Island 1 - Battle with Regirock
Ch11 King Island 2 - Cold Regice
Ch12 (L) King Island 3 - Registeel and the Regi Sword
Ch13 Combusken Arrives at Westport

Page 2 - Chapters 14-26:

Ch14 Flight Island 1 - Electric Bird Zapdos
Ch15 Flight Island 2 - Volcano Bird Moltres
Ch16 Flight Island 3 - Battle with Articuno 1
Ch17 Flight Island 4 - Battle with Articuno 2
Ch18 Flight Island 5 - Sea Guardian Lugia
Ch19 Flight Island 6 - Entei and the Charred Field
Ch20 Flight Island 7 - Raikou on Static Field
Ch21 Flight Island 8 - Suicune and Vincent

Ch22 Flight Island 9 - Firebird versus Firebird
Ch23 Flight Island 10 - The Legend Breastplate
Ch24 Sailing East
Ch25 Wyvern King Vincent
Ch26 Element Island 1 - Entity of the Sea

Page 3 - Chapters 27-39:

Ch27 Element Island 2 - Entity of the Land
Ch28 (L) Element Island 3 - Entity of the Sky
Ch29 Swampert's Death
Ch30 Mind Island 1 - Twin Legendaries
Ch31 Mind Island 2 - DNA from Space
Ch32 (L) Mind Island 3 - Time Traveling
Ch33 (L) Mind Island 4 - Never Drink Coffee
Ch34 Mind Island 5 - Engine of Destruction
Ch35 Mind Island 6 - A Wish and a Shield
Ch36 March Toward the Volcano
Ch37 Blaziken's Vengeance 1
Ch38 Blaziken's Vengeance 2
Ch39 Final Battle versus Obsidian 1

Page 4 - Chapters 40-42:

Ch40 Final Battle versus Obsidian 2
Ch41 Final Battle versus Obsidian 3
Ch42 Final Battle Conclusion and Epilogue

Now for my fan ratings:

My #1 fan

Shiny Latios

I hope to start writing again soon. I'll ask a mod to lock this in about a week, allowing plenty of time for replies. Until then, this is SorcererDNA, signing off!


Author:  Meeps [ Wed May 09, 2007 3:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

... That was the best story ever. it was so good it's like 100,000,000/2. It was also so long my eyes hurt. Literally ... :D

Author:  GlowVapor [ Sat May 12, 2007 10:18 am ]
Post subject: 

Good sorcerer. Good. Good.

Author:  TheKyogreKing [ Sun May 13, 2007 8:11 am ]
Post subject: 

I s'pose it had to end eventually... I remember reading the first chapter, I think I was still a bug catcher then! Please write another story! Please, please!

Author:  Shiny Latios [ Sun May 20, 2007 2:40 am ]
Post subject: 

When will the next chapter of the saga arrive?
I really liked this part, and can't wait for the next.
A superlative writer you are, DNA.

-Shiny Latios

Author:  Crimson [ Sun May 20, 2007 5:17 am ]
Post subject: 

...Latios, his story is over. That was the last chapter.

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