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This game... is SO underrated. This game alone would have gotten me to buy a Gamecube if I was born earlier. It's a cute kids game with minimal violence, an excellent cast of characters, and a vast world to explore. You should all go play it now (unless you have not played Drill Dozer yet, in which case, play that first). So, what I'm wondering is, WHY WASN'T HE IN BRAWL INSTEAD OF R.O.B.? Like, seriously! R.O.B. was a PERIFERAL, not a video game character. And just because he isn't very violent in his game doesn't mean he shouldn't have been playable. I already have the perfect moveset planned out for the sequel on WiiU/3DS:

Physical attack style: Chibi-Robo would whip and throw his plug at enemies, zapping them with electricity.

Standing Special: Chibi Blaster

Side Special: Toothbrush

Down Special: Mug

Up Special: Chibi-Copter (A Propeller pops out of his head, letting him fly upwards and sideways. The others all have links to videos)

Final Smash: Great Twin Blizzard!!!!!!!!!!


These past years have been great, and this community was a great one. Key word being was. Since my birthday last year, the site hasn't updated at all, and people have been slowly trickling away from the forums over the weeks. I've had this site as my internet homepage for ages, and I anxiously awaited the resurgence that I hoped would come. But it never came. So, it is with a heavy heart that I announce my permanent leave of Psypoke. As a moderator, I wished only the best for everyone here, and worked to maintain a jolly environment where everyone could discuss cartoon monsters in peace. Now, I wish all those who happen to be reading this message good luck in whatever endeavors you have chosen to pursue, and that your futures be bright.

Mektar out.

Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:03 pm
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I agree.
They also ** up Falco (He can't jump so high and he's useless.)
This is what happen when an overpowered plumber is the mascot of Nintendo (Mario)

Put these in your vs.recorder!: YVAW-WWWW-WW2T-YTP2 / 2U8W-WWWW-WW2U-ZA3J / PDGG-WWWW-WW2U-ZA49

Thanks DragoBoy for this awesome sig and Mektar for the astonishing avatar!!!

Tue Aug 21, 2012 5:01 pm
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GhostPony750 wrote:
I agree.
They also ** up Falco (He can't jump so high and he's useless.)
This is what happen when an overpowered plumber is the mascot of Nintendo (Mario)

Just to be clear, this isn't really about all the **** ups in SSBB. This is more or less the discussion of a good game called Chibi-Robo. I say good game because I have played this game once, and it was entertaining. Also, your reasoning for the overpowered plumber being the cause of screw ups is invalid. Mario is one of the biggest gaming franchises in history. When you make that much money, you can do whateve the hell you want.

"As I look up from the ground
I see darkness all around
And I'm lost but can be found up in the sky

Tue Aug 21, 2012 5:46 pm
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