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 which type games are geared toward which console 
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What type of games do you thing are geared to which console

gba: rpg: rpgs seem like they would work well on portable system because 1. they don't need stellar graphics 2. They give you a hook If you are stuck in a car train boat or bus for a long time

Ds: inovative: with the toruch screen, duel screen and mic it has the capability for games never dreamed up before

xbox: fps: 2 words halo 2

Ps2: diversity: the ps2 doesn't seem to specalize in one type of game it has many because it's marketed to a wide range of audiences

Gc: party: nintendo is one the best consoles ever for multiplayer its feautures ssmb, mario party, ff crystal chronicles. However on alot of these games single player gets old fast but if you have a bunch of friends over it's the best console to have

psp:sports:I don't really know anything about the psp so corect me if i'm wrong but Its looks like it's be marketed not very much as a game system but more as a movie watchin, mp3 playin, ... media device that just happens to play games people who buy that kinda thing comonly like sports and will buy sports games on it

post your thoughts


Mon Jan 02, 2006 5:56 pm
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I'll do a few old systems, too.

NES: A wide variety of innovative-for-the-time games that saved the future of videogaming.

SNES: Amazing Classic RPGs (the best RPGs for that matter- when Square was at its best), the fact that Mario World is far and away the best Mario game.

Genesis: Fast side-scrolling games, namely Sonic. Pretty across-the-board other than that.

Saturn: The fact that it was 3D. Otherwise, nothing. Saturn was too far ahead of its time to accomplish anything, sad to say. It had some obscure-but-good RPGs, as well.

N64: I guess the fact that it had classic characters like Mario and Link in 3D. N64 was pretty versatile, but having cartridges turned away Square.

PSX: People say RPGs, and honestly, in my opinion, that's it. (Unfortunately, IMO, Square was already descending from its peak) Crash Bandicoot, in my opinion, was always a joke, so I wouldn't say Adventure/Platform/Side-Scrolling/Whatever.

GCN: Multiplayer/Innovation. GCN, in my opinion, gets a "kiddie" reputation that it doesn't deserve. Unfortunately, third-party game development companies producing multi-system games follow such a trend with it- I wouldn't blame it on Nintendo. Nintendo does tend to take too many weird steps and gambles, though- It's amazing how many people were turned off from Wind Waker solely because it was cel-shaded.

PS2: I really don't know. Besides Square games, I can't see anything it offers that XBOX or GCN doesn't. It seems to get the brunt of the third-party games, but that's not really a pro.

XBOX: Shooter. Honestly, XBOX doesn't offer anything, besides Halo 2, (which is severely overrated- I like Halo 1 better) that PC doesn't.

GBA: A wide variety of excellent games, and backwards-compatibility doesn't hurt it either. It's got a lot of good ports- possibly the only system with good ports.

DS: It's got the touch-screen and mic and stuff, and it's a classic "Nintendo stepping in an odd direction" kind of system. It's both a blessing and a curse that it somewhat seems to shoo away third-party developers who don't wish to utilize the touch screen. DS, unfortunately, had/has a terrible marketing campaign which consists of numerous double-entendres.

PSP: Really, just the fact that it's Sony making a portable system. It's strong, I've heard, in the ballpark of sports and racing games, as well as the fact that it has MP3s/Movies/whatever. It'd be more popular if it wasn't so expensive and MP3 players didn't exist.

Mon Jan 02, 2006 7:30 pm
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