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 Call of the Dead Guide 
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This is a guide that I took the time to write for another website that I thought would be good to share here. It is for the Co-op of the newest Call of Duty Black Ops DLC for Xbox 360. If you have it for PS3 or PC and don't have it yet then you shouldn't read this due to spoilers. If you do have it for the 360 and are having problems, then I hope this helps you. You can message me on live if you need help, Mr GreaTeR GooD.

Ok, so finally I have found out a way to make it through the Zombie map "Call of the Dead" on Co-op to unlock the "Ensemble Cast" achievement. This is by no means an easy to do task, in fact some portions of it are complete luck.

To begin, you will need to make your way to the "Trapped People" which are the original people from the very first Zombies. The goal is to do a series of tasks to be able to send the players to Paradise. At the same time you will also need to make your way to the power, which is located in the wheel house of the large cargo ship.

So I will guide you through this step by step, in order to help you unlock this difficult achievement. I will refer to the Trapped People as "TP" and the Light House floors as L1, L2, L3, and L4. L1 being the very bottom of the lighthouse with the floors progressing upwards.

Prologue: In the very beginning of the game you will find yourself facing a lake of sorts with the director George in it, him being a giant zombie that is VERY difficult to kill with any weapon. You will notice around you there is a bridge where you can buy an M-14 rifle and Olympia shotgun each for the price of 500 points. If you venture down this bridge you will find a flipped over boat for the price of 750 points that leads to the cargo ship. This is the route to the Power which you will need to turn on in order to talk to the TP. If you go the opposite direction you will encounter another flipped boat which blocks the route to the Lighthouse. In the first few rounds killing the zombies is quite easy. To obtain the most points, in the first round you can shoot the zombies 6 times with your pistol and then knife them for the kill or if you want to save ammo you can knife the zombies for an instant kill. I recommend that you spend typically 3-4 rounds in the starting area of the game in order to obtain enough points to begin the story mode. While attempting to explore the area, it is best to leave what I call a "crawler" zombie to chase you. A crawler is a zombie with no legs. This can be done by throwing a grenade in the zombies path to remove them or at higher levels a Ray Gun round to the legs removes them easily.

Step 1 - Starting the story: In order to start the story you will need to unlock the route to the power and the lighthouse. This will cost a total of 3,500 combined points (two boats at 750, the staircase on the Cargo Ship for 1,250, and the door to the Power (the wheelhouse) for another 750 points). Once the power is turned on you will be able to use the catapult to get to the Lighthouse faster, the room holding the TP is below where you land. To begin talking to the people walk down with your group and stand next to the door, sometimes you need to knife the door if it does not start of if it pauses.

Step 2 - Finding the Fuse: The fuse asked for by the TP is very close and easy to find, simply go up the stairs and it will be on one of the tables. In my experiences the fuse will sometimes glitch where you will need to play another round to get it to appear. Take the fuse down stairs and to the right of the door, hold X to pick it up and again to place it there. Another conversation will take place and another task shall begin.

Step 3 - Destroying the Generators: After the dialogue you will now need to find four (4) generators to blow up which will lower the forcefield around the room of the TP. These generators can be destroyed by anything that is an EXPLOSIVE which includes frag grenades, the russian dolls, and the Scavenger which is an explosive rifle obtained in the Mystery Box. They are located in four places and will require you to buy many doors. These are pretty easy to spot once you know where to look for them. The first one I like to destroy is also the most obvious, the one right next to the door itself. I will describe how I have found it to be the easiest way to destroy each:

Step 3.1 - Generator 1: Located in the middle of the room where the TP are, throw a grenade towards the roof landing it in the middle of the top portion.

Step 3.2 - Generator 2: Located in in an area behind the Lighthouse. You will need to buy 3 doors to reach it for a total of 2,750 points (1,000 to open the Lighthouse, 750 for the blockage on the staircase going DOWN, and 1,000 for the door at the bottom of the stairs (looking through the window of this door, you will see another room while the wrong door will show you the outside)). Go through the ice water and you will come upon a buiding, once to the building go to the left and look through the boarded window. Cook a frag grenade just over 3 clicks (your cross hair flashing) and it should blow up just as it gets to the generator.

Step 3.3 - Generator 3: To get to this one you will find yourself doing some walking as you need to get to the Cargo Ship. Once there you need to walk straight taking you to the side of the boat where you see open ocean, looking to your right you should see a red light flashing in the water close to the hull. This is a harder one to hit and will take a couple of tries, I use my timing just as it hits 3 to throw it. It is also VERY hard to see in the fog so I find it best to wait for the fog to lift.

Step 3.4 - Generator 4: This Generator can be accessed in two ways, one which is more difficult but does not cost to access which I will start with first. This area is accessed by going to the second level of the Cargo Ship, you will walk to the right side of the ship and go down a flight of stairs only to go up ones in front of you after a few steps. Keep walkign forward until you find some debris you can buy to clear the way, at this moment it is NOT necessary to purchase this, once here look to your left to find the flashing red light. Cook a frag grenade exactly 4 flashes and let it go just over the top of the debris next to it, it should blow up instantly. Once done, return to the TP via the catapult to enter a new dialogue and continue your tasks.

Step 4 - Finding the Vodka: This is one of the easier steps, but at the same time it can be a little bit of a hastle to find the bottle. I have so far found the vodka in 3 separate places which might be able to help you find it faster. You should be aware though, the Vodka has been mentioned to appear in other areas besides the ones I am about to list.

Step 4.1 - Location 1: On the railing right above the exit of the TP room, very fast and easy, have one person stand on the corner while the other person knifes the ice chunk to knock it down to you.

Step 4.2 - Location 2: On the Cargo Ship, this one will be on the second level of the ship. As you are first boarding, walk forward until you are about at the middle of the ship and look to the railing above you for the bottle

Step 4.3 - Location 3: This one had us stumped for a bit as it was very hard to see. It is located next to the debris mentioned in Step 3.4. You will need to purchase the debris and have one person jump down the platforms that will be accessible after the purchase to catch the bottle.

Step 5 - Turning the Dials: This is the beginning of a long and painful quest to obtain the Golden Rod. This step however is one of the hardest to do and the easiest to forget, however if you do forget this step the green light will shine towards the lighthouse at the end but it will NOT go down it. You need the code of 2746 to the dials inside, I will explain a way in detail to turn the knobs in an order that will get you the knobs to display the code.

Step 5.1 - On the BOTTOM lighthouse floor (L1) turn the dial until the number reads 6

Step 5.2 - Go to the floor above (L2) and remember what number the dial is on currently

Step 5.3 - Go to the third floor up (L3) and turn the L3 dial until the dial on L2 displays the number 4

Step 5.4 - Remember the number of the L3 dial, go to L4 and turn the L4 dial until the L3 dial displays the number 7

Step 5.5 - You will need to buy a 750 point debris to get to L4. Turn the L4 dial until it displays the number 2, BE SURE to record how many times you turn the dial!

Step 5.6 - Move the dial on L1 the same number of times you moved the dial on L4

Step 5.7 - Move the dial on L2 until it reads the number 4, once this step is done the dials should read as such. L4 is 2 (yellow), L3 is 7 (orange), L2 is 4 (blue), L1 is 6 (purple)

Step 6 - Turning on the Radio: After getting the dials to read 2476, you are ready to continue to the next part of the walkthrough and the quest to get the golden rod (with fingers on the top....ahhhh). You might have noticed during a playthrough that there are a series of radios. Some work, displaying a dialogue of the mad germa scientist and some simply let off a beep. It is the ones that beep that are very important. You need to hit 4 of these radios in a certain order, which will send up a blinking light in the sky. Here is the order:

Step 6.1 - The first radio you need to hit (press X next to) is located on the Cargo Ship, you will find it on the second story of the ship in a room directly under the wheelhouse (where you turned the power on) on top of some radio station close to a wire hanging from the ceiling.

Step 6.2 - The second radio you need to turn on, is located in the same area that Step 3.2 took place. Instead of going to the left here, look directly to your right and you will see the radio on top of some barrells.

Step 6.3 - The third radio is located in an area that I have not explained yet. There is another area of the Cargo Ship that is broken off from the rest. To access this area you will need to spend another 2,750 points (at the bottom of the lighthouse purchase the other door opposite of the one you have already unlocked for 1,000, a flipped boat on a bridge for 750, now you will go into the second level of the broken ship and see a square walkway surrounding ice water and on this walkway is a staircase, go up the stairs and a few steps forward and look to your right to unlock a door for 1,000 points). Once here you will be able to go go through the door and you will see the radio in one of the containers next to three barrells. The radio will be standing up on its side making it tall and thin.

Step 6.4 - The fourth radio in the sequence is located in the room with the TP. It is on the bottom level (same as the door) and is on top of some closet. Once this is done you should see a gold spark in the sky letting off a morse code sound.

Step 7 - Contacting the Submarine: After completing the radio sequence you need to return to the Wheelhouse of the cargo ship and do a few quick things which will call up the submarine from the water. Doing the following quick steps you will be that much closer to getting this achievement.

Step 7.1 - You will notice that the helm has 6 handles, one of them being brown in color. You need to turn the helm two times, getting the brown handle to point in a 5 o'clock position.

Step 7.2 - You will then see to the right of the helm you will notice three throttle handles. Pull the left handle ONE TIME, do not pull the middle handle at all, then pull the third handle 3 times. Once this is done a horn will blow, a green light will shoot straight up, and the submarine will blow a horn 4 times in different tones.

Step 8 - Aiming the Light: Once the green light is up, you are nearing the end of your quest to send others to paradise. You also may have noticed during a playthrough that there are some fog horns, 4 to be exact. These (like the radios) need to be activated in a certain sequence which is the same as the sounds the submarine let off. It is best to have one person at the bottom of the lighthouse and one person going down the ice slide to gain access to the other horns.

Step 8.1 - The first horn to hit is located near the bottom of the lighthouse, but is the one that is closest to the water and NOT the one closest to the wall.

Step 8.2 - The second horn is accessible by going down the ice slide and heading out of the room that has a Perk-a-cola, as you exit the perk area look directly to your right and you will see the horn on a small ledge out of the water.

Step 8.3 - The third horn is also at the bottom of the light house, this time it is the one closest to the wall.

Step 8.4 - The fourth and final horn is pretty easy to spot, go back into the water and look to your right. Soon you will see the horn next to a large rock, activate it then walk to your left to drop off of a ledge that will take you back to your ally and the bottom of the lighthouse.

Step 9 - Finding a Sacrifice: Now things should be looking familiar (at least if you have did this in the single player) with a green light going down through the lighthouse. You are now very, very close to the end of your quest. Now what you need are some crawlers, it si VITAL you keep at least two alive. You will also be needing the V-R11 and of of these three weapons: Pack a Punch Ray Gun, Russian Dolls, or a Scavenger rifle, all of which are obtainable via the Mystery Box. Now here is what you do.

Step 9.1 - Lure a crawler to the bottom of the lighthouse while your partner distracts George (if you kept him alive) and/or the second crawler. It is advisable to have your partner lead them off somewhere and come with you to the lighthouse to help you kill the sacrifice.

Step 9.2 - Shoot the crawler with the V-R11, he will then run into the light and start floating upwards. You MUST kill him before he reaches the top, you will notice this when he stops moving. After this the Golden Rod will be floating at the bottom in the light.

Step 10 - Going to Paradise: You might be noticing by now that it is important to have the second crawler alive in order to hold off the next wave of zombies, if you have managed to get this far then you are basically home free. A few more steps and you will unlock a very difficult achievement.

Step 10.1 - Insert the Rod into the tube you inserted the Vodka into before, another dialogue will appear and you will need to do a quick task.

Step 10.2 - The fuse that you put into the wall earlier will now start sparking. You need to knife the fuse to destroy it.

Step 10.3 - Once this is doen the TP are gone to paradise and you will unlock the Co Op acheivement and gamerpic (or both if you have not done the single player) and finally have done smething in a zombies map.

Hints and Tips:

So basically I am just throwing out words of wisdom from trial and error in the game. If for any reason you skip the dials in the lighthouse before you do the radio you need to start over, it simply does not work after that. Crawlers are not easily obtained before round 4. You can essentially do all of this in rounds 5 or 6 if you were lucky enough to get the weapons from the mystery box, there are some spots next to windows where if the last zombie responds in them you can keep getting points off of infinite repairs until you just stop getting them. There are videos on how to glitch George, I am not sure if this is patched yet or not. Fast ways to move George include luring him onto the catapult if you make your stand on the third floor of the ship and shooting him at the top of the light house and running to the water.

How we survived: So my friends and I made our stand on the third floor of the ship, one person with the least ammo in the wheelhouse, one person with an LMG or one shot kill gun on the stairs, and the third watching the door to the left of the stairs. If it gets hairy, we go down the zip line to the water and make our way to the island to kill them quickly in the water. Once there are about 4, pick off the fastes one(s) and then make your way back to land to make them crawlers. Some crawlers die in water so make sure you are on the main part of the land before you do anything. DO NOT shoot george near slow zombies that are walking, sometimes they become very... very fast.
out typo's and such. I hope this helps all of you, good luck!

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