Video games reveiws.
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Author:  GofD [ Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:34 am ]
Post subject:  Video games reveiws.

Im surprised I havent found a thread like this here... either that or my eyesight is worse than i think.

Anyways, we all play video games. We all have opinions of those games and we want to tell people what we thought of the game. Well in this thread thats what you do.


- No one liners, such as "this game is da bomb" or "this game stinks". Explain yourself, or the mods with lock this thread faster than a freak blizzard in June.

- If you dont agree with someone fine, but again EXPLAIN yourself.

- All other psypoke forum rules apply (Do I really have to say that?)
Please submit your reviews in the following fashion.

Name (of the game)
System (DS,DSi, XBOX, yada,yada,yada)
Publisher (who made the game)
story/objective ( what are trying to accomplish in the game. Try not to give too much of the story away)
Gameplay (what you thought of the gameplay, controls and camera angle.)
Graphics (how did the game look, where teh characters blocky or life like)
Music (how did the game sound.)

After that give your overall opinion of the game. Did you like/dislike it? why? Would you recemend it to other people? Why or Why not?

So, I guess Ill start

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

System: Ds

Publisher Nintendo/ Camelot

Story/objective This is the Third game in the Golden sun series. It takes place 30 years after the last game, and playing as the children of the Warriors of Vale(restored alchemy to your world with the 4 elemetnal lighthouses representing the elements Earth, fire , water and wind) you are sent on a quest to get an item to fix something one of you broke. Of course, further adventure/quests ensue. Allong the way you will meet more adepts (people who can use psynergy{telekinic powers and such}) and capture Djin( pure elemental beings).

Gameplay: Overworld/towns/dungeons- If you've ever played Final Fantasy or ther like, you'll be able to play this. Controls are simply the arrow pad and the 4 buttons. Honestly, the touch screen (which is the main screen of play) isnt used very much, Until you use psynergy (telekinese, mind powers, magic.. used to move obstalces and manipulate certain objets) This is where the touch screen comes in Oh so handy. Ive dabbled in one the the other games, and I found it hard to use some of the psynergies using just an arrow pad. The touch screen makes things awhole lot easier. The top screen on the other hand is not used to its fullest. It either shows a map of your (flat) world or the Djin that havent been set (equipped) to your character. More uses for the topscreen will be discussed later.

Combat- Again if youve ever played Final Fantasy or the like, youll have no problem here. Either Attack(basic atacks increase your mastery of the weapon held. Mastery of a wepon leads to critical strikes and specila moves)/ Defend use psynergy, release a Djin, summon, use an item, switch a charcter with one in resereve or run. In comabt Psenergy acts like magic or spells, either targeting one, or more opponet or teamate. Djin (when released) can either cause damage to foe, debuff a foe, buff allies, heal allies or add status effects to a foe. Once some Djin have been released, youd be able to summon some beasts. Each beats requies a certain amount of dejin from one or more element group (wind,earth, fire, water). When the apporprate djin have been used for the summon they enter a "recovery" mode and after a few turns they are requiped to there character and ready for use again. Any Djin that werent used for a summon during the battle, will require mannual requiping once the battle is over.

Miscelaneous- Item window- Each person in your party can carry a max of 10 items and 30 each of healing items and certain battle items. Unfortuently, if you need more room youll have to drop items or sell them. Rare items thet you dropped or sold can be bought back.

Graphics: The game itself looks very vibrant. Trees look like trees and they environment reflects many different kinds of terrain (forest,ocean.) The people themselves look rather blocky, more so when your in town and greatly when you zoom in on specific peopl (such as someone your buying stuff from). In battle, there's still some blockiness, but I find it tolerable. What got me was the summons. The developers made sure you got the idea that they where powerful buy using BOTH screens for the summon animations. They looked AMAZING. Other than that graphics are pretty good.

Music: The musical score was also rather interesting. Depending on where you are the backround music changes. Not much more to add here.

Overall Im finding the game pretty darn good (Im still trying to beat it). The blockiness of the characters are tolerable and somehow works with the game. Although the top screen seems to be ignored, it does get it uses. Im gettin some pretty good tgame time out of this game, which is good. I would recemend this to people who like the Final Fantasy genera, but are looking for something else to play.

Sid Meir's Civlization Revolution

System DS

Developer Firaxis/ other (not 100% sure)

Story/objective For the Civilization series there's no story line. Instead you are tasked with picking a civilization and a leader associated with that civilization and keeping your civilization alive for multiple turns.

Gameplay The camera angle for this game is fixed. You are always looking down. The bottom screen is the play area, will the top screen displays graphics of fight and info on certain units. The game is turn by turn play. The game consists of you building cities and uinits to defend them, while also building up old, buildings for bounses and to keep your peope happy/ sanitary. You are up against 4 other NPC's all wanting the same thing you want. Wars do accur, but they are easily avoided (sometimes there is no choice). Too win you either need to have the highest score by 2050, obtain a certain amount of gold, launch a space rocket or destry all toher players. Anyone whose played the Pc ersion can play this game, however it has been simplified a little bit for younger players, but the game remains the same. Some players may find this cgame slow since it does take some time to meet your rivals and get a military force and some money going.

Graphics The grahics for me, let me down. For most of the play it's a flat static world, thats not all that vibrant, with units that look like they where cut out of paper and are sliding around the world. The only time you actually see movement is on the top screen when you fight other units. Here the uints look a bit better then the ones on the bottom, but its still nothing to look at...

Sound Basic orchestral backround music, a lot of grunting whem land units fight, gunfire/ sound of planes flying. Not much to say here.

Overall, this game was a let down. AS someone who plays the PC Civ's, this game was lacking. The graphics where not up to my standards on the Ds, it seems like the gameplay was missing a few things, and ther wasnt that WOW factor that made me excited, like the PC version. This game dissapointed me and I would not recommend this game to people. If they wanted to play a Civ game, Id recommned a PC version..

Author:  Aquadude [ Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

I shall review Sonic Colors for the Wii made by Sega the objective of the game is to stop his universal domination he claims that the amusement park with no evil intentions and that is where the game begins, and that leads to talking about Gameplay. it is what you would expect for a sonic game and the controls are natural with the wiimote and nunchuck. there three other control schemes gamecube controller, classic controller attachment and the wiimote sideways I have 2 issues with the gameplay one there are some crappy camera angles and they are not hard to spot. Also the controls can cause stupid mistakes. Graphics are some of the best i've ever seen backgrounds are good and it feels real. the music always fits the stage having played the game I give it an 8/10

Author:  GofD [ Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

Alright time for another reveiw by me. Ill be ding two in one because the second is an expansion that just adds features to the game.

Side meirs Civilization IV+expansion BeYOND THE SWORD

System CPU

Publisher Firaxis

Story/objective Again, the Civilization series doesnt really have a story line. You pick a civilization and then a leader associated with that civilization and keep that civilization alive for multiple terms.

Gameplay CIV 4 is turn based stategy so you have all the time in the world to make your decesions. The game does start out rather slow, but if you tweet your game settings (which is VERY extensive, further explanation to follow) you will be kept on your toes. As the leader of your civilization you are tasked with keeping it alive till 2050 (NOTE: The game can end earlier than this if another victory condition is met, but in either case you can contniue on in the game (unless you Civ is destryed)) the person with the highest score (based on total popiulation military, yada, yada yada). Each game is never the same , with you being able to choose the type of map (continent, island) and the "personality" of opponets and barbaians (peacful, warful). Great people (can be used to start golden eras/ can be used for certain good effects) and wonders are used to add culture to cites, which helps to spread your influences. In the expansion they introduce corporations which adds an econmical thread to this game, along with tweeking of the differnt goverment abilites (known as civic's which allow you to personalis your civilization). Camera angle can be adjusted by you, the computer does not control it. Also, you cna play MODS of the game that add differnt elements to the game (such as godly powers, sweet new giant tanks and more!)

Graphics AMAZING. Everthing is very vibrant. Fish can be seen jumpinmg out of water, flowing water, breezes. NOTHING appears static or lifless. Although tjhe people units appear a little blocky, diplomatic interactions (face to face with other leaders) they do not appear blocky in any way sdhape or form. Of course this all depends on your graphic card/ setting.

Music The music fits the bill. Not much esle to add here.

I really like the civilization series (except for the first one I talked abput up there in my first posts). Altough the first 20~30 minutes can be borring, it does get interesting. I like the fact I can take my time and not have to button mash to keep up. Althought at the moment I cant seem to play the game cause I think my graphic card(the one I added , not the onboard graphic card) has bit the dust. I would however highy recommend this game to anyonew looking for something different.

Author:  LegsCurry [ Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

I'm gonna review paper Mario, the thousand year door for game cube, yeah it's old, but its fun. Mario gets a letter from peach with a map inside. The letter tells mario to go to rouge port, a rough port in another kingdom. Mario goes there and that's where the game starts. Mario meets a goomba named goombella and discovers the thousand year door. The map is magical and will lead Mario to the crystal stars, which when gathered will open e door and reveal what is inside.

While the story is a unique and very interesting part of the game it is definitely not the most interesting part. The entire world you play on, including you and everyone and everything is made of paper. Along with Mario's partners and abilities he gains throughout the game, the background and many other aspects can be manipulated to gain items and other things.

The fighting is the average turn style gaming, and like all turn style games can get a bit tedious. It adds it's own flair with badge moves and effects, along with star moves, but nothing really new here, except action commands. Not super awesome, but can be helpful, if you tap a when attacking at the right moment you do more damage, and if you tap a when defending, you take less damage. If you tap b when defending you do them damage, and take none.

Overall I give this game a 10, but it's a very one-sided ten, so you decide.

Thanks, Legs.

Author:  GofD [ Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.


Supreme Commander

System Pc

Publisher Gas Powered Games.

Story/ Objective In supreme commander you can play as three different fractions, the united earth federation (AKA the UEF), the cybran (cyborgs essentially) and the Aeon Illumate (A very religous culture). Each fraction has 5 missions,(after you play as one fraction youll understand how they connect the story for each fraction.) Regardless of which fraction you play as it all follows the same kind of timeline, put you get different parts of the story. As you play you find ot each fractions intentions ( uniting, freeing, cleansing).

Gameplay The game is a RTS (real time strategy) so you have to be one your toes. Gameplay requires you to aquire resources (mass and energy) which is used to build units/ factories. Factories are required to build land/air and sea units, and engineers, which build factories and defenses and experimental units (BIG BAD BATTLEING MACHINES- some of the most powerful units in the game, each fraction has ~3 each). You o have to zoom in and out a lot, unless you have a cpu that can handle 2 screens. Now depending on how strong your Cpu is, the game does get bogged down and slow, but it is still playable.

Graphics Again depending on your CPu graphics can be anywhere from horrible to amazing to "BLOW YOUR FREAKIN MIND". But still the graphics are still good.

Music Could be better could be worse, I kind dont really remeber the sounds really. Except for the firing, and he construction.

Overall this is a good game. It does keep you on your toes, and ther are many ways to acheive your strategic victory. I would recommend this game to people looking for something stragic, but also keeps them interested.

Author:  LegsCurry [ Thu Jan 13, 2011 7:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

Hi, it's me again, and this time I'm gonna review Disney's Epic Mickey. This game adds a great concept with a twist that you don't think this game would add. The storyline is also very deep for a Disney game.

The story starts with Mickey sleeping in a bed. Long story short, he creAtes the phantom blot on wasteland, the land for forgotten Disney characters. A few years later, the phantom blot pulls Mickey into wasteland. Mickey gains the power over paint and thinner. Paint builds things, and thinner destroys them. You have to traverse through wasteland to find a way back home.

The twist I was talking about is this. Mickey has choices to make. Paint is good, and thinner is bad. You can take the easy way with thinner, and the bad way, or the harder way with paint. Example. You have to open a safe dangling from the roof. You can either thinner away the crossbeam, and crush a man underneath, or use paint to complete chores for someone who will give you the code.

The storyline is deep, as it features used characters including Oswald the lucky rabbit. I knew about this character before the game, but I don't think everyone does. He was Walt's original character before legal difficulties made him void.

Anyway, this is a very fun game, and I likenit, and hope you will to.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Thu Jan 13, 2011 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.


Systems- Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii

Story- You are the sun god Amaterasu sent to rid the world of evil, and to reclaim the lost 13 Celestial Brush techniques.

Gameplay- Okami is an RPG that plays much like Zelda. Battles are real time, which mean while you are readying for an attack your enemies can launch an attack before you can. You upgrade your abilities by using the praise that you accumulate from doing various things in the game. Feeding animals, blooming trees, etc. By pressing the R1 button on the Playstation 2 controller, and the B button on the Wii I think, you activate the Celestial Brush then you can use the various techniques that you have learned throughout the game, all of which are required to beat the game, some make combat much easier. The one downfall of the gameplay is the ball pushing stuff you have to do in some parts of the game. It is incredibly gimmicky and frustrating.

Graphics- Okami uses cell shading, which gives it a unique look. Each version graphics are different. There was a paper parchment filter on the Playstation 2, while still in the Wii version, its use was dulled down significantly.

Music- The soundtrack for this game is amazing. All the songs have Japanese instruments.

If I were to give this game a number score from one to ten, I would give it a 9. The graphics, music, and story are phenomenal. The down fall is the ball pushing segments that appear, and sometimes while using the brush the game thinks you are using one technique when you meant to do another.

Author:  LegsCurry [ Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

This is so fun, I can't stop! I'm like a schoolgirl, tee hee. This game I on ds

Anyway, this time I'm gonna review Wario, Master of disguise. This game is stupid. Stuid idea, stupid characters and stupid people who decide to play. But somehow it works.

Story: Ok, Wario creates a helmet that lets him step into tv episodes. Yes, I'm not kidding. Anyway, he takes over from Count Canolli, you know, the food in rolls. He's the protagonist of the story. Anyway, wario goes on a quest to get the five stone tablets. Count canoli and mr carpachio, you know, raw meat, try to stop you.

When you take over from count canolli, it's by force, because you steal the source of his powers. I'm not explaining this well am I. Count canolli is a thief. His powers come from a wand called, I don't know, I haven't played for a while. Anyway, as wario progresses and opens special chests, he gets more powers, which are used by writing a symbol on the touch screen. You open chests by playing annoying mini games.

I give this game a 6, but my review was bad, so read an official one.

Until next time.

Author:  GofD [ Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

Supreme Commander 2

Platform Pc

Publisher Gas powered Games

Story/ Objective Ok so this is the third game in the series (the second game I think was an expansion pack, im not sure cause i havent played it). Again ther are three fractions each with there own story. Im not sure if they are connected cause i still havent finished the first fractions missions. This time around you actually play as someone. Unlike some games Ive played the character devlepoment along the story line is good. I cant say much more cause, again my graphic card is on the fritz so I havent played it in awhile.

Gameplay OK so a few things have changed. First gathering resources has been made abit easier. Second, they scrapped the "tech tree". This was due in part to the fact that once people got up to tech 3 stuff they scrapped there other stuff, which isnt very strategic and wasnt what the devoplers thought would happen. So instead they made reasearch points and a reseasrch tree. You essentially spend research points to get upgrades for your current units and unlocks new units that you can build with your factories. Plus they allow you to upgade your factories to include air turrents and sheilds, so the arent totally defensless. They also made thu units abit smarter, so that when you want to move somewhere they actually gte there without gettin stuck, and other units get out of there way. There's some other stuff, but I dont want to give away too much.

Graphics It doesnt matter what graphic llevel you put this game at, your eyes will pop out of your head. The graphics are that good. The scaling of the units are a bit better this time around and the landscapes are more vivid. What really got me is that the battle im currentlyon is ina very well designed city, Thats gettin blown to peices by nukes. Again the graphics are really amazing, and looks better than the 1st.

Music I honestly cant tell you about the music cause I was too involved with everything else.

This game looks like it was rebuild from the ground up. It is amazing graphics wise. It still keeps the same aspects from the first game buts add more stuff to blast your enemy with. Id honestly recommened this game, whether youve played the first game or not. Is just that good.

Author:  LegsCurry [ Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

Platform: PC

Game: Oblivion.

Overview: I'm being a bit more formal this time. Ok, oblivion is a game where, well it's hard to explain. Its like the old timeie magic and swords games, except it has more than one race. Twelve I think. Orcs, cat people, elves, all sorts of things. Anyway, there are hundreds of weapons, and AI people,who are all voiced by three people.

Graphics: This deserves it's own section, because they are so good. There is an entire world with six or seven citys including a big major city. With animals, enemies and guards outside cities, and countless people inside them, the graphics are truly amazing.

Story: You are a convict in a jail cell. I won't say much, but the king needs to escape the city, so he comes into your jail cell, which should have been empty, and opens a secret passage. The adventure begins.

Missions and guilds: While the story is a fun collection of missions against the evil of some guy I can't remember, there are still countless missions that have nothing to do with the story line, and are just for fun and sometimes you get good weapons or armor or something else useful. There are four guilds, the fighting, mage, thieves and dark brotherhood guilds. They are pretty self explanatory, except for dark brotherhood which is murder. They are just more story lines, except less major than the other one.

Overall the game is very good, and I would give it a nine, but some missions can be very difficult and a bit tedious.

Author:  GofD [ Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

Spectrobes: Beyond the portals

Platform Ds

Publisher Disney Interactive

Story/Objective Ok this is the second game in the series. Basically, the universe is in danger of being "eaten" and you have to stop it by, reviving, evolving and battling spectrobes. This is disneys response to pokemon and digimon (in my mind at least) .

Gamelay Ok, so the camera is set at the third person veiw lookin at the back of your character. Now im not a big fan of this angle, because I find it very hard at some points to figure out wherer thet heck you are ( the topscreen does have a map but I find that it doesnt help in some instances). This is alos the case when your battling ( you have two spectrobes in battle at a time and you control one while the other in controlled by the system, you can switch, between the two for control.) and again the camera angle stinks. The game has you digging for your spectrobes, and you then revive/awaken them from there "fossil" state. The ones just revived are used to look for more fossils and minerals(used to increase exp for lvl up/ increases att or def). Too get those to battle state you need them at a certain lvl, have fed them enough crystals, and they have participated in the correct number of battles. The game does get rather boring as it goes on (the lookin and digging for stuff broke this, but only for a little while, after that it got boring. All in all, starts out good, but it doesnt keep you wanting to play.

Graphics Ok, This is blocky to the extreme. Everything is a bit blocky and things that should look dimensional, dont. The only time things dont look blocky is when your digging for stuff. It shouldnt be like that. Graphics arent something to jump up and down about. The spectrobes also didnt look great. (they just looked weird, a little too weird for me).

Music Nothing memerable.

Um, yeah, the story was good, But after that, ack! I wouldnt recomend this game.

Author:  nomnom52 [ Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

Halo: Combat Evolved
System: Xbox

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Bungie

Genre: FPS (First-person Shooter)
story/objective: You're stranded on an Alien ring with the Covenant, a conglomerate of Religious alien races that are at war with Humanity.

Gameplay: Controls excellently, but using th flashlight and switching grenade types can be a little combersome at times. There are two main modes, multi- and single-player. The multi-player is excellent, with everyone starting with the same weapons, and having the option of playing against each other via LAN to make up to 16 players in the same game. Campaign is mainly in a seemingly open world with lovely sights. Only one or two levels go to a repeating corridor fashion.

Graphics: Actually looks pretty damn cutting-edge for a 2001 Xbox game.

Music: You're alread on the internet, go ahead and look up "Halo 1 theme". Go on, I'll wait. Done? Good.
Now, imagine that, but killing tons of aliens while listening to it?

Author:  LegsCurry [ Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

Game: James Bond, Golden Eye

Console: Wii

Overview: This game is good. The best thing about it is the fact it is on wii. I don't have an Xbox or PS3, so I don't have cod or anything. This game is exactly like cod, which is good,

Controls: He, he, I have not played the game for a while, but I can remember that's it a bit strange, but you get used to them, so there not so bad.

Story: I have nit finished the game yet, but those veterans of the first game, the one on N64, is a lot different. Some levels have just had a makeover, like the first and second, but some levels are new. Like most games, some are tedious when one guy takes forty seven bullets before he dies, there pretty good.

Multiplayer: This is my favorite part of the game. The online multiplayer is very seamless, and although the people who play may kill you several times a minute, it's very fun, playing with people. I assume non-online is justas good, except with a split screen.

I'd give this game an 8, because the AI players can be hard even for easy, and because the non AI players can be just ad hard.

Author:  GofD [ Sat Jan 22, 2011 4:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

Wow this topic is going pretty good, here's a list of gam,es that have been reveiwed so far:

GofD-Sid meir's Civilization revolution
- " " 4+ beyond the sword
-Spectrobes beyond the portal
- Supreme commander 1+2
- Golden sun Dark Dawn

LegsCurry-james bond: Golden eye
- Wario master of disguise
-Epic Mickey
-Pape mario: the thousand year door

AquaDude- Sonic colors

Shinashu Taji- Okami

nomnom52- Halo: Combat evolved

Keep them coming and dont be shy to request a reveiw! And rememeber you can review a game that has already been reveiwed.

Author:  Mektar [ Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

I might post one for Drill Dozer later.

Author:  LegsCurry [ Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

Can someone review CoD seven for me? Call of duty black opps? Thank you.

Author:  GofD [ Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Video games reveiws.

DFO (DUngeon Fighter Online)

platform PC

publisher nexon

story/objective Not sure if there's an overall story, but there seem to be a theme fopr the quests in each area. DFO is a free to play download from Its totally free however you can spend cash to get in game credit. This is opional of course.

gameplay DFO is an arcade beat em up style mmo. There are 6 classes of characters you can can choose from each with 4 subclasses(one only has 3 at the moment). Controls are basically the z,x,c and arrow keys with addinatl buttons able to be set as hotkeys. For the first little while a lotr of the quest will be basic to get you aqqainted with your character, once you reah lvl 18 you can see your classes mentor and get a subclass, and when you reach lvl 48, you can awaken(basically a stonger version of your current subclass). lvl cap is et at 60 so far. The game play is made up of quest that you complete in different areas (each having a minimum lvl for you to enter). I found that once you complete all the quets for anarea it getsa bit boirng trying to get the rest of the exp to lvl up to the right lvl for the next area (this is more noticable at higher levels). AS for controls, no real complications. The big proble with this game is connection issues between players
when partying or usinf the pvp arena. Nexon has been trying to fix this problem.

grahics Basic arcade style graphics. Nothing thats gonna blow your mind, yet nothing tha twill made you go "UGH these graphics bite."

music Some dungeons musci's better than others. Everyone will have a favorite. NO real complaints here.

This game is FREE. The best kind of game. However the connection problems do tend to take away from the game when partying. And for me personally, I find that this game does get old, but considering the fact that right now, it seems to be the only game that doesnt crash on my PC, I do find it enjoyable in short bursts. Id recomendit just because, it is free, so i someone doesnt like it they wouldn't be out of some $$$.

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