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Author:  Krisp [ Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:42 am ]
Post subject:  Growing Pains


Growing Pains was a sitcom that aired from 1985 to 1992(?) on ABC. Obviously, I was too young to watch it at that time (and I only existed for four years of its airtime) so I saw the re-runs on Disney in 1998. This sitcom rivaled some of Disney's original (and crappy) TV shows that aired at the same time, such as this awful piece of work, Shia LaBeouf is a horrible actor and this is a horrible show, and finally, The Cancer That Killed Disney Channel and flushed the network down the toilet entirely. Actually, thinking back, ALL of Disney's TV shows were pretty bad, but Growing Pains was an exception.

It's about Mike, Carol, and Ben growing up. From teenagers (kid in Ben's case) to adults, they dealt with problems growing up. Their little sister Chrissy was in it too, but let's face it - she was a horrible character in the last season (because she could talk by then.) Luke was also one of the Seaver kids (not biologically), and is still my favorite character to this day (damn Leonardo DiCaprio is was hot). Mike was the trouble maker, Carol was the nerd, Ben was the younger sibling who annoyed his brother and sister, and Chrissy was the annoying brat from hell. Being 10 when this awesome show aired on Disney for the first time, I was glad to see Disney have at least one more good show before spawning Lizzy McGuire, Hannah Montana, and um...The Suite Life of Cody and ??? (don't know the second name and don't care).

I just ordered the first season on eBay, and I hope they release more DVD sets of the other seasons someday. I couldn't find the opening for the final season on YouTube (god Leonardo was hot), so this fan made opening will have to do.

I don't really expect anyone else to reply because I don't think this show was that popular with my generation (and it's obviously unknown to the newer generation of kids), but I thought I'd make a topic about it anyway. :)

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