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 Random Song Story 
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I have a cool idea: A Random Song Story!
All you need is a music library (itunes, music folder, etc) and several songs on it (the more the better).

1. Turn your library onto shuffle. Then click play. Now whatever song that comes up is the title to your story. (This can also work with an ipod or mp3 of yours)
2. Make a playlist or folder named the song that you got.
3. Now pick ten songs that will become your story. This does not have to be random and you have to pick songs that will make the title good and the story flow. You can sort the songs by song title or what the lyrics of the songs are really about.

Other rules:
You should also tell how the story is sorted by (song name, song lyrics, etc)
The song that the story is named by cannot be a song in the story. In other words, if your story is called "La Villa Strangiato" then it cannot be a song in your story.
When posting what songs you made, its a good idea to explain your story after the list so it will make more sense.

This is what I got:

Sorted by Song Name

Title: Turn the Page
1. Breaking the Law
2. Take the Money and Run
3. Lock and Key
4. I Cheat the Hangman
5. Renegade
6. I Ran (So Far Away)
7. In the Hall of the Mountain King
8. Surrender
9. Fight the Good Fight
10. New World Man
The story starts out in Breaking the Law where the main character likes to rob banks. In Take the Money and Run, he unfortinatly gets caught and in Lock and Key, he gets thrown in jail and sentenced to death.

In I Cheat the Hangman, right when he is about to die, he suddently escapes and breaks out of jail. In Renegade, he has to flee and hide from all the cops. And then finally in I Ran (So Far Away), he runs away from civilization and climbs a big mountain.

In In the Hall of the Mountain King, he reaches the top and finds out he is in the Hall of the Mountain King. :roll: But when he goes to meet the Mountain King, the king is very evil and plans to take over the world and captures the main person in Surrender. But later the King asks him if he wants to take part in taking over the world, but instead, he says no and fights the Mountain King in Fight the Good Fight.

In the end, the main person is victorious and in New World Man, everyone congratulates him and forgives him for his mistakes. The End.


Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:14 pm
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Oh boy...just letting random songs play can make this difficult. I'll give it my best though.

Title: Baba O' Riley
1. Ring! Ring! Ring!
2. Master of Puppets
3. What It Takes
4. Mining Town
5. Tori no Shi - Summer
6. Good Times Roll
7. Entre Nous
8. Madagascar
9. The Zertinan Caverns
10. The Skies of Alexandria

Our story begins with a guy named Baba O' Riley. Mr. O' Riley awakes with a Ring! Ring! Ring! one morning, and shuts off his alarm. It's another terrible day in slavery for our poor protagonist.

The Master of Puppets wastes no time in putting him to work. Today, while working, O' Riley finally gets fed up with his life, and contemplates What It Takes to start anew. He decides he must run away.

O' Riley flees to a far away Mining Town to begin his no life. He enjoys this lifestyle much more than his previous. When the seasons eventually shift, he becomes inspired by the site of a bird flying above near the blazing sun. In a burst of creativity, he composes Tori no Shi - Summer (Bird's Poem - Summer).

A local woman witnesses his writing, and asks to hear his poem. Upon listening, she becomes enamored with him, and the two begin a relationship. O' Riley decides to let the Good Times Roll for the summer.

One fateful day, an unexpected visitor shows up in the town. It is O' Riley's former master, and he has tracked O' Riley down to take him back. Upon hearing that her love was a slave, the woman becomes very confused about her wants. O' Riley is shocked, and he pleads to her, saying he thought that nothing could ever come Entre Nous (between us).

It is to no avail, and O' Riley realizes he needs to start a new life yet again. To escape from his master and life, he flees even further to the remote land of Madagascar. His master was not to be tricked twice, though. He gives chase to O' Riley, and corners him in The Zertinan Caverns.

They eventually are both completely lost. Although O' Riley has thus far evaded his master, he still needs to escape from the caves. After several hours of wandering and developing some claustrophobic feelings, he finally comes upon a tiny hole which he digs at furiously until it is large enough to allow him passage.

O' Riley emerges from the caverns, taking a much needed breath of fresh air and gazing up at the beautiful Skies of Alexandria. He fills in the hole to block his master, and sets off to begin his life anew once more.

To be continued?! NOPE


Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:47 pm
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