My complete idea for a new Gen (Finished)
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Author:  GofD [ Tue May 14, 2013 7:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My complete idea for a new Gen (ongoing)

@GhostPony- Glad you like them! To Answer your Question, No plague is not like Curse. Yes, they both do damage to the Pokemon overtime, But Plague limits the Pokemon infected to using offensive moves, and can spread to other Pokemon in the party,if it isn't knocked out in 3 turns. The tick Damage is less on Plague then it is on Curse as well.

@Crazy Razey-
A)Yes, Soundproof Blocks Sqwack.
B) That's Where I got the idea from to be honest.
C) You'll have to ask the Monks, they wouldn't tell me.
D) Now Chansey and Blissey will be twice as annoying! YAY!
E)OH! Im sorry, I didnt actually look. It sorta popped into my head. That, said, you thought of it first, so you get the credit.

Today, is the Final Post. I had a blast typing it, and I hope you all had a joy reading it. I thank everyone who posted here with there praises, Concerns and ideas. This wasnt easy, I wouldnt want to be the only person having to come up with the ideas for a Pokemon game to be published.

As said earlier, I hope everyone enjoyed the journey through this Pokemon Region with me. Feel free to post your thoughts on the entire Region!

Thank you all for your support as well!

Mysterious Island, Shrine of Champions

As you go up the Grand red staircase you will see more statues of past champions and there signitaure Pokemon.

After a long climb, you will eventually come across up to a large structure with pillars of coresponding colors to the types (blue for water, orange/red for fire, and so on.)

As you enter the structure you will notice a group of people, not a large group, but enough people for you to know there is a group. The floor has strange symbols carved into it. A well dressed referee comes out and speaks to the group.

Referee: Welcome to the Shrine of Champions. You have been selected here to determine which of you shall challenge the Master.

For you to challenge the master you will have to beat 10 trainers in a row. All battles will be single 6 on6 battles. Hold items can be used but not items from your bag. After each battle your Pokemon will be restored to full health. After beating 10 trainers in a row, the referee will announce...

Referee: After 10 battles, it has beendecided that (insert your name here) Will challenge the Master.

There will be a rumble in the shrine, and the floor will seperate, and a rather anceint looking Pokemon feild will rise up with a trainer and a Raichu at one end.


DUH DUH DUH! This is it, the final battle, THE BATTLE TO BE A POKEMON MASTER!!!!

Referee: Do you accpet Red's Challenge? Very well please step Forward.

You step forward.

Red: ...


Red's pokes:

All of Red's Pokes Will be lvl 100. And this team is JUST A SAMPLE! Red will be watching your battles and will choose his team accordingly. In a words, you cant prepare for Red, But Red can Prepare for you.


Known Moves-Recharge, Focus Punch, Thunder, Hidden Power (water)


Known Moves-Exo-Break, Reversal, EQ, Shadow Claw


Known Moves-Leaf Storm, Night Slash, Dragon Breath, Roar


Known Moves-Ice Punch, Aqua Jet, Gulf Stream, Dig


Known MOves-Head Smash, High Jump Kick, Crunch, Dragon Dance


Known Moves-Freezing Flames, Artic Current, Hydro Pump, Hyber Beam

Win Phrase:

Red: ...

Lose Phrase:

Red *nods head*

If you lose to Red, you will have to wait 24 Hours before you can challenge him again (Yes you have to go through battleing the 10 trainers again).

If you win. Red will walk towards you and shakes your hand, then leaves the complex.

Referee: I GIVE YOU THE NEW POKEMON MASTER...(Insert your name here).

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the Pokemon master. But don't sit back and relax. If you come back to the Shrine once everyday, there will be someone waiting to challenge you for the title. (could be a gym leader, E4,Random Trainer, or someone you have had a WiFi/Wireless battle with). If you lose, you will lose the title and will have to go through this aaalllll over again. There will be a plack that will record how long you were the Pokemon Master. (Good luck taking the #1 Spot. Red has it with 15 years.......)


Author:  GhostPony750 [ Tue May 14, 2013 3:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My complete idea for a new Gen (ongoing)

So I need to play 15 years and win every battles to take the 1st spot? o_O
And gratz, this Gen was really enjoyable, and I loved the end! :)

~Can you rematch Red again if you beat him?

Author:  GofD [ Tue May 14, 2013 3:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My complete idea for a new Gen (ongoing)


A) Yes, to take the top spot you would have to playfor 15 years, and win every battle.

B)Yes, there will be a slight chance for Red to reappear to take the title.

And I'm Glad you enjoyed it!

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