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 I feel ashamed 
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I have barely played my Pokemon games for like over a year now. I run a free hang-out for people who play the DS games and that seems to be the only place I play my games anymore. I don't know why, but Black and White just lost my huge obsession with Pokemon. I mean, they had many awesome perks, like triple and rotation battles, TMs being used forever, Dream World abilities, Random Matchup, an actual plot for the games, infrared battling and trading, etc., etc., etc........but I keep feeling like there's something missing. And that is probably one big reason why I don't play them anymore.

Another is that I have a 22-month-old that requires constant looking after. So I rarely even play any games around him now.

Is anyone else feeling like they're just slowly drifting away from Pokemon? I don't want to but a part of me just doesn't know what to do.


Trust hurts, betrayal kills.
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Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:11 am
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I've seen that the reaction to Black and White was largely mixed - either people really like it, or they feel it could be better.
I actually fall into the former camp (which I've noticed is smaller) so I've found a lot in B/W that keeps me busy. Team-building has been really fun for me, actually; now that I have Pokerus, EV training is just that much easier. Plus, I feel like the Gen 5 games are much...smoother?...than the Gen 4 games. (As far as Gen 4 went, HG was nice, Pt was bearable, and D/P were awful, at least to me.)

The only thing I DON'T like about Black/White is that they took away the option for LV100 battles over Wifi - Flat Battle was the only restriction they gave. Oh sure, that's nice for Subway practice...or if you're a pansy. Come on, Nintendo. Give us back what we really play the game for - all-out 6v6 slaughterfests. LV100 fights were awesome ways to level the playing field. They're still possible now, BUT there's all the added work of actually raising them to LV100, which - although easier to do in B/W now - is still immensely tedious.

I'd say it's not just you who's feeling this, but at the same time, your opinion isn't uniform. I've met many people who became disinterested with Pokemon when B/W came around, but I am not one of them.
Also, to close this post,
Another is that I have a 22-month-old that requires constant looking after. So I rarely even play any games around him now.

Real-life issues > Pokemon. No exceptions. Don't feel bad because you have more urgent matters to attend to than video games.


Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:47 pm
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