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 Lightning Storm (TCG GB 1 Deck) 
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So, a few days back, one of my friends remarked that he was using a Legendary Zapdos deck (the Zapdos that is GB-exclusive), and he was using it in TCG GB2 and absolutely sweeping.
I, owning TCG GB1, noticed the potential of the Zapdos, and thought that spamming Peal of Thunder would be a wonderful deck idea. At the time I thought it only hit the opponent's field, but I looked at the card again and realized it didn't. I was a bit downcast, but I realized I shouldn't let that stop me from building the deck. Thus, I set to work.

The deck is technically considered a WIP, as I built it only yesterday (Christmas) and am continually tweaking it. I'll give you the list, then the strategy. If you have suggestions, tell me and I'll consider them. (Just please note I cannot include more than 2 GB Zapdos.)

(Note, I can only use cards that are in Base, Jungle, Fossil, GB-exclusive cards, or classic Black Star Promos.)

Pokemon (12):
2 Pikachu (Promo)
2 Raichu (Fossil)
4 Electabuzz (Base)
2 Zapdos (Fossil)
2 Zapdos (GB)

Trainers (32):
4 Professor Oak
4 Bill
2 Pokemon Trader
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Switch
4 Scoop Up
3 Computer Search
2 PlusPower
2 Defender
3 Item Finder
4 Potion

Energy (16):
16 Lightning Energy

Here's Zapdos GB's effect, for reference:

Pokemon Power: Peal of Thunder
Once during your turn, when you put Zapdos from your hand onto your Bench: Target any 1 Pokemon on the field (either side) except for this one, and do 30 damage to it. Don't apply Weakness and Resistance.

LLL Big Thunder
Target any 1 Pokemon on the field (either side) except for this one, and do 70 damage to it. Don't apply Weakness and Resistance.

(For some strange reason, PlusPower will make Peal of Thunder do more damage, regardless of who your Active Pokemon is...but I digress.)


The preferred starting Active Pokemon for the deck is Electabuzz, so start with that whenever possible. Not only is he a good beatstick, but his respectable 70 HP prevents him from being killed easily. (Then again, the Basic Pokemon in this deck have 60, 70, 80, and 100 HP - and that's for a reason, namely in case Peal of Thunder backfires.)

Once that is done, get a Zapdos (GB) into your hand as soon as possible - Bill or Pokemon Trader is preferred, though Computer Search can work just as well. After that happens, drop Zapdos on the bench and watch it do 30 damage to something. (Because Peal of Thunder can hit ANYONE, keep your Benched Pokemon count as low as possible; I have never had more than 2 at any given time, and even that happens rarely.) Recycle its Poke-Power by using Scoop Up to pick Zapdos up and place it down again (letting it do 30 MORE damage to something random), and then Item Finder to re-use the Scoop Ups. Once then hand is empty, use Professor Oak (can be added to the hand with Computer Search if need be).

In addition to that, the deck can play very offensively if Electabuzz is not the starter. In that case, just keep loading Lightning Energies onto the Active Pokemon while trying to get a Zapdos. It'll take a while, though, as anything else in the deck requires FOUR Lightning Energy to attack, except for Zapdos GB, who only needs 3.

In the odd event that Zapdos GB is the only Pokemon in your opening hand, you can abuse Big Thunder. Focus on getting 3 Lightning Energies on Zapdos ASAP, then constantly use Big Thunder...while keeping your bench EMPTY. If Big Thunder is ever used, have 0 Benched Pokemon - this can happen either by having an Electabuzz die, or by using Scoop Up.

Switch is in case of a bad start and you draw into an Electabuzz (or you have a Special Condition). PlusPower and Defender are in case Electabuzz needs to attack (and after several Peals of Thunder, he usually will), and Defender combos beautifully with Zapdos Fossil - Thunderstorm does a respectable 40 damage to the Defending Pokemon, plus it can do 20 more to each of your opponent's bench with good flips; Defender is used to negate any self-damage that happens, making it a no-risk attack with a high payout. (Raichu's Gigashock is a weaker version of Thunderstorm and is used as backup.) And of course, 4 Potion is required, not only to heal off opponent's attacks, but also a misdirected Peal of Thunder.

The deck as a whole performs marvelously well; it doesn't usually need Energy cards to take prizes, and in one instance I was able to take 2 prizes on the 2nd turn without drawing into a single Energy up until that point. This deck sets up and takes prizes FAST...even faster than the infamous Rain Dance. And against stall decks, Big Thunder makes Murray cry.


While building this, I considered Gust of Wind and Pokemon Center, but ultimately removed them both because neither of them are really needed - the former because Zapdos will snipe at random, and the latter because Potion does the job better - that, and if you need to heal a Raichu/Fossil Zapdos, you'll lose 4 Energy.

I could max out my Pokemon Trader, but due to the deck's immense drawpower, getting a Zapdos is actually pretty easy, so I don't think more than 2 are needed. (That, and while I was building the deck, 11 of my 13 Pokemon Trader cards were already in use!)



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