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 your first pokemon 
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Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
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My official first Pokemon was a Torchic (female) which I named Torchie (bleh, original name, I know, but it stuck for every single female Torchics I got as starters). As of now, she's a lv. 100 Blaziken sitting in my Emerald, waiting to be transferred to SS, then to B/W (or B2/W2, haven't really decided yet, sadly, as my brother and I only have one DS atm, which is out of battery and charger got lost >.>'), then to either X or Y (after getting the game, as well as getting a 3DS... -_-). But anyway, yeah, she's safe in Emerald xD (She was my second Pokemon to reach lv. 100, sadly, as I trained Ray, the Rayquaza, to 100 first x; )

Kanto (LeafGreen)
Starter: Squirtle (M; Bluestream) = Lv. 100 Blastoise (lost the game u.u')
First Caught: Pidgey (F; Sandy) = ~Lv. 85 Pidgeot

Johto (SoulSilver)
Starter: Cyndaquil (M; Inferno) = Lv. 100 Typhlosion
First Caught: Pidgey (F; Sandy) = ~Lv. 40 Pidgeot

Hoenn (Emerald)
Starter: Torchic (F; Torchie) = Lv. 100 Blaziken
First Caught: Poochyena (M; Sam) = Lv. 33 Mightyena

Sinnoh (Pearl)
Starter: Piplup (F; Empress) = Lv. 73 Empoleon (lost the charger to DS, and haven't gotten a replacement charger afterwards, so DS died ._.)
First Caught: Starly (F; Dawn) = ~Lv. 50 Staraptor

Unova (White)
Starter: Oshawott (M; Miju) = Lv. 68 Samurott (see Pearl's explanation)
First Caught: Lillipup (F; Lily) = ~Lv. 40 Stoutland

Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:18 am
Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Trainer
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My first Pokémon from all the games.
Ruby: Mudkip (named Muddy)

FireRed: Bulbasaur-(named Bulbasaur)

Platnium: Piplup (named Private (I doubt anyone will understand that))

SoulSilver-Cyndaquil (Named Cyndaquil)

Black-Oshawott (Named For The Win)

Black 2-Snivy (Named Snivy)

Y- Chespin (Named Chespin)

Pokémon gates to infinity (Pikachu)

Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:55 am
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