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 What Are Stab Moves? 
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If Some Please Explain To Me What Stab Moves Are?

Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:05 pm
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Quick answer:

STAB is an acronym that stands for Same Type Attack Bonus.

Whenever a Pokemon uses an offensive move that is of its own type, it receives a x1.5 attack bonus to that move's power. For example, a Reuniclus using Psychic would get a x1.5 power boost to that attack, but if it used Shadow Ball it would receive no such bonus. This also applies if the Pokemon is dual-typed; Starmie receives STAB if it uses Water- or Psychic-type moves (such as Surf or Psyshock).

The ability Adaptability (known by Porygon-Z, Eevee, and DW Feebas) changes the STAB bonus from x1.5 to x2. However, Porygon-Z's the only noteworthy Pokemon that gets it. For example if Porygon-Z w/Adaptability used Return, it would get a x2 STAB bonus (instead of a x1.5).


Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:16 pm
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A little extra:

Moves that do set damage, such as Dragon Rage and Seismic Toss, do not receive an STAB bonus. So a Gible using Dragon Rage will do 40% damage, no 60%. Also, stealth rock doesn't receive an STAB bonus either; how much damage it does purely depends on the Pokemon it hits. Having a rock type use Stealth Rock doesn't boost its power. Same with spikes.

Some people think Normal types don't give STAB. They do; this includes moves like Explosion and Hyper Beam. So a Tauros using Hyper Beam will be effectively using a 225 power attack. Skitty and Delcatty have the ability Normalize, so all of their attacks become the normal type. That means they all receive STAB.

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Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:21 am
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I've got to learn to more carefully read the subjects. At first I thought the question was "What are stab MOVIES" ... I was going to reply with a description of "slasher" movies. :lol:

But the info on the STAB moves was very good. Thanks guys.

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