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 Fossil Pokémon 
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So in every region except Johto, you have a choice between two fossils. Which of the two fossil Pokémon in each region do you prefer?

Kanto: Kabuto. Kabutops is awesome with its scythe arms.
(*By Kanto, I mean between Omanyte and Kabuto. Aerodactyl doesn't count.)
Hoenn: Lileep. Most people choose Anorith, but I prefer Cradily just because it's so weird-looking.
Sinnoh: Shieldon. Bastiodon has an awesome design and a second type backing it up... even though I picked Diamond over Pearl.
Unova: Tirtouga. After my experiences with this little beast and seeing Archen's ability, I'm adamant that if you purposely chose the Plume Fossil... something's wrong with you.

Final Black Team:

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Well, Johto didn't have any fossils, since it was connected to Kanto... I'll put Aerodactyl there, lol.

Kanto: Kabuto, as scythes are simply awesome. Both are Water/Rock types (I think), so for me, it really just came down to aesthetic preferences. And Kabutops kicks ass.

Johto: Aerodactyl, because... see above.

Hoenn: Anorith. Scythes seem to be my weakness, lol. But I just generally like the design of Armaldo; the feathers and bug-like appearance really draw me in a lot more than the strange plant-like appearance of Cradily. Not that I don't like Cradily :)

Sinnoh: Rampardos, but to be honest, I didn't really like either of them. Both are equally appealing (yes, I choose most of my pokemon based on their looks; I'm strange like that ;) ), and I don't care enough about stats to use them much. I've trained both up, but I've never used either; maybe one day I will.

Unova: I don't actually have the game yet, but I'm going to get the pre-evo of Carracosta. Why?? Water is my favorite type, blue is my favorite color, and turtles also tend to kick ass. Put all of that together, and you get my choice.


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