Nuzlocke Challenge
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Author:  Pegir [ Thu May 19, 2011 1:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

I'm gettin' in on this: Using Ruby I'll pick Mudkip, let's do this!

Author:  xerovene [ Wed May 25, 2011 6:51 pm ]
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My yellow nuzlocke has made good progress. I'm in fuchsia. All my guys at level 30. I have
{jolteon} Zippy
{horsea} Anita
{pidgeotto} Cinna
{raticate} Jack
{butterfree} Poe
{nidoking} Rex

I've suffered some DEVASTATING losses. Cinna replaced Madge, who died. Jack replaced Jacky, and Jacky was a major bro. I lost all of the starters (Lilly, Burgon, Izze, and Piru). It's been terrible. I'm taking Poe and Rex all the way though. Too many of my early-game guys have suffered death, and I promised the people of the nuzlocke forums that I would take Poe to the top.

Author:  Shuckle-rock$ [ Fri May 27, 2011 8:49 am ]
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So as you can see in my sig, I'm restarting my Ruby Nuzlocke. I'm going to post my progress about everytime I beat a gym. Also, I'm trading over two HM slaves to this game, and trading over a Master Ball in case I see a shiny. Also, my ID number on this game is 01000! 8-)
So here's the start:

{torchic} bLa5t
Lv7, Caught Littleroot Town
Focus Energy

{wurmple} mI5t3rY eV
Lv 2, Caught Rt 101
String Shot

{poochyena} pR0f 1uP!n
Lv3, Caught Rt 103

Box: None
Dead: None

Author:  xerovene [ Fri May 27, 2011 4:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

Completed my yellow run. Final survivors were
{butterfree} Poe
-Stun Spore

{seadra} Anita
-Hydro Pump

{hitmonlee} Kicker
-Rolling Kick
-Hi Jump Kick
-Mega Kick

{jolteon} Zippy
-Pin Missile
-Sand Attack

During the elite 4 {nidoking} Rex and {pidgeot} Cinna died.

I took Poe to the top.

Author:  rssp1 [ Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

i started a nuzlocke in pokemon yellow too...

but updating my ruby.... haven't lost anything, got a new team member, (trapinch) sherlock, and overgrinded him to a flygon and pwned the flying gym with it. My party now, in the order it is:

{pelipper} Zazu lvl 35
Mystic Water

Wing Attack

{gardevoir} Psycho lvl 31
Soothe Bell

Calm Mind
Double Team

{blaziken} Brandon lvl 36

Quick Attack
Double Kick
Blaze Kick

{nuzleaf} Leafinator lvl 31
Miracle Seed

Faint Attack
Nature Power
Bullet Seed
Fake Out

{linoone} Ziggy lvl 33
No item.

Fury Swipes

{flygon} Sherlock lvl 46 (overgrinded, i know)

Faint Attack
Sand Tomb

Box: Random stuff i don't need, then {kecleon}

{aron} i hate golbats.

Updating my yellow nuzlocke.....

{pikachu} Sparky lvl 23
Quick Attack
Double Team
My starter... saved me a lot in some tough spots.

{charmeleon} Charlie lvl 22
Charlie was a weak member at first, and he was into the team when Jess died. However, he is shaping up to be pretty strong right now.

{ivysaur} Lilly lvl 25
Leech Seed
Vine Whip
Lilly has really proven herself in this nuzlocke, as she destroyes every pokemon she is up against. I am proud of her.

{nidorino} Locke lvl 23
Poison Sting
Horn Attack
Double Kick
Locke was the powerhouse of the team after he single-handedly decimated brock. However, after i got Jake, he started to take a backseat. He still is able to get me out of anything, and he has saved all the team members at least once.

{wartortle} Aqua lvl 24
Tail Whip
Water Gun
Aqua is a new addition to my team, but he is shaping up well, and i think he will become very powerful.

{sandslash} Jake lvl 27
Poison Sting
Sand Attack
Jake is my current powerhouse of the team. After i grinded him into a sandslash on the S.S. Anne, he proved himself by completely pwning Lt. Surge's gym without a healing item. He is currently the powerhouse of the team.

I am in lavender town right now, after beating my rival.
This is basically the team i hope to take all the way to the end.

{pidgey} Jess - meh, my first catch, but i wanted to use her till the end. stupid rattata's critting on hyper fang....

EDIT: Since no one else has posted, and i don't want to double post, i will update my ruby nuzlocke today on June 21.

The psychic gym was taken care of with ease, and then i went to the water gym, with no change in my team. I was severely underleveled, and thought i could win. I did, but with a price. Wallace's Seaking Horn Drilled Zazu. Zazu, you will be missed.

I then realized my team was too weak, and would get decimated by the elite four. (they were all in high 30's.... XD)
i began what i called the rebuild......

my team was basically entirely changed, and the only member still remaining from the beginning was my starter, brandon....

I then grinded, and hoped i was ready. My pokemon were still weak, but i was bored of grinding and i wanted to battle, so i went into the elite four.
Big mistake.......

this was my team pre-elite four.... (with new members and all.)

{walrein} Katie lvl 44
EXP share
Ice Beam
Body Slam
Ice Ball

{blaziken} Brandon lvl 45
Double Kick
Blaze Kick

{flygon} Sherlock lvl 50
Faint Attack
Sand Tomb

{lairon} Jack lvl 40
Sitrus Berry
Iron Tail
Take Down
Aerial Ace

{salamence} Brandon (i always name my salamences brandon XD) lvl 50
Sitrus Berry
Dragon Claw

{linoone} Ziggy lvl 34
Rock Smash

I easily owned sidney, and got cocky. Then i had a scare when i found dusclops knew ice beam and earthquake, but the two brandon's escaped, barely. I won that as well, then at glacia, i found walrein knew sheer cold. I wish i had known.... ziggy.... you will be missed, {linoone}.

Then i went to drake and pwned. I was angry now.

I went on to steven.
blaziken vs skarmory

Blaziken used overheat KO

flygon VS claydol
Flygon used Crunch x3 KO
(Claydol got in a reflect and light screen before KO'd)

salamence vs aggron
Salamence used Earthquake KO

salamence VS metagross
Salamence used earthquake
Metagross used meteor Mash KO.

NO!!!!! Brandon..... why? i will miss you....

lairon VS metagross

Lairon used protect
Metagross's attack missed
Reflect faded
Lairon used Take Down
Metagross used meteor mash KO

NOOOOOOO!!! not jack too.....

flygon VS metagross
Flygon used Crunch KO

It is done... but two more to go.

flygon VS armaldo
Now, a spam war of flygon using dragonbreath while armaldo uses slash, and spam healing, until he runs out of healing items and dragonbreath runs out of pp. Then flygon crunches to victory.

blaziken VS cradily

Blaziken used blaze Kick
Cradily used Giga Drain
Blaziken used Blze Kick KO.



now, to win on yellow.....

my final team at the end was:
{flygon} Sherlock lvl 52
Faint Attack
Sand Tomb

{blaziken} Brandon lvl 46
Double Kick
Blaze Kick

{walrein} Katie lvl 48
Ice Beam
Body Slam
Ice Ball

Box: Stuff i don't care for.

aron - dumb golbats...
pelipper - killed by seaking's horn drill....
linoone - killed by Walrein's Sheer Cold
salamence - Killed by Metagross's Meteor Mash
lairon - Killed by metagross's Meteor Mash

Author:  lavitzcentauri7 [ Tue Jun 21, 2011 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

I've been playing with the idea of restarting my Soul Silver game, but I wanted to do a different type of game and found this thread! So I'm giving a go for fun as I was disappointed with White.

So since Soul Silver has a few differences I've adopted optional rules and created a couple of my own. The list of rules following:

- Fainted Pokemon will be boxed instead of released.
- The pokemon that I fail to catch will be boxed and nicknamed Fail #n. (A copy at least)
- Pokeballs used for this will be replaced by the PokeMart.
- If a duplicate pokemon is encountered during my first wild battle on a route, i.e. one that I've caught already or have failed to catch cannot be caught and the next battle against a new wild pokemon will be a valid catching battle.
- Maximum level for pokemon will match highest level of Gym leader's pokemon. If surpassed, pokemon must sit out of the battle and replaced by another.
- Pokemon in party and extras in box must be rotated in order to prevent over/under leveling.
- Cannot purchase pokeballs, (the exception has already been mentioned) only Pokeballs found or created by Kurt can be used.
- Any healing items are to be sold and not used, berries can only be used in battle if held. Repels and the like cannot be used. Any other item is fair game in any sense.
- Any survivors of poison are boxed.
- Pokewalker will not be used for any reason.
- Set Battle Style
- White/Black out results in a game over.
- No HM slave, Move Deleter cannot be utilized and all HMs must be available for use by pokemon if possible.
- Posts are to be made after each earned badge.

Ha ha, So it's a long list!

I've started with Totodile, as it was the first starter picture I was able to view, named him "No. 1" and started my journey. I've been having terrible luck already. The first three routes have given me 3 capture failures. But I have secured a few more pokemon before my first gym battle. *Update* After foolishly being presumptuous, I must alter my original post. I projected my progress before I made it and ultimately had to change my post. As of this moment my Pokemon stats are:


No. 1 - Totodile Lv. 11
LtCmd Data - Zubat Lv. 4
Troi - Bellsprout Lv. 4
Q - Ekans Lv. 4


Failures: (In order of fail)

Ha ha, feel free to tell me what you think about my game through PMs! (as to not flood the board with short messages.)


To prevent a double post I just edited my last post.

Beat Falkner at a heavy price. Traded Troi for Rocky (an onyx) who perished at the hands of pidgeotto. Although setting me up for the win.

Q - ekans lv. 10
No. 1 - totodile lv. 12
LtCmd Data - zubat lv. 8
Wesley - togepi egg.

Rocky - Onix lv. 9


*** Update June 22nd ***
Total fail by default. After losing LtCmd Data and Q against Proton due to critical hits, I rage quit. (raged quit... rage quitted... what's the past tense for that? ha ha) As a result, I have terminated my game to start anew.

Nuzlocke Challenge 1
Me 0

Author:  Zorgon Man [ Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

looking through for fun ways to play and this came up.. trying it out on my ruby.

So far :

Skipper (mudkip) lv 9

Flutter B (wurmple) lv 5
Route 101

ED (poochyena) lv 4
Route 103

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

While I was away from Pypoke I've been doing a Nuzlocke, and here's how it is so far:

Location: Victory Road
{blastoise} , level 49, Adurna, male (The good ol' starter)
{lapras} , level 48, Rockback, female (took a while to grind it to my team's level, but it was worth it.)
{nidorina} , level 47, Plaguess, female (going to evolve it at 53)
{haunter} , level 47, Dopple, male (too bad I don't have any friends with a GBA link cable to evolve it. >.<)
{zapdos} , level 51, Thundersky, genderless (thank you, repel!)
{raichu} , level 47, Kvykeya, female (SO lucky here)

One question though, regarding Dopple: While training on Treasure Beach, a glitch happened. He was on low yellow, close to red HP, and Ponyta used Takedown. Despite him being a ghost and the attack being normal type, it hit, and he fainted. I'm pretty :censored: :censored: at this glitch. I'm probably going to let it pass, but what do you guys think I should do?

Author:  Shuckle-rock$ [ Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

Edoc'sil wrote:
One question though, regarding Dopple: While training on Treasure Beach, a glitch happened. He was on low yellow, close to red HP, and Ponyta used Takedown. Despite him being a ghost and the attack being normal type, it hit, and he fainted. I'm pretty :censored: :censored: at this glitch. I'm probably going to let it pass, but what do you guys think I should do?

If it was an actual glitch then you probably should let that pass and keep Haunter

Edit: Are you sure it was Take Down? Could it have been a different type of move like Ember?

And for my other Ruby Nuzlocke, it hasn't gone anywhere and I've stopped it (again). So if I say I'm starting another one then don't 100% trust that 'cause I probably will abandon it again. ;)

Author:  lavitzcentauri7 [ Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

So my restarted game has seen much more luck. I began with Chikorita, Leaf. The first Pidgey found after getting Pokeballs was Shiny, now named Pyrite! I was able to catch a Spearow, but it fell after being poisoned by the Weedle it was able to help secure, named Midas.

My team is now as follows,

Leaf - Chikorita Lv. 10
Pyrite - Pidgey Lv. 6
Midas - Weedle Lv. 3

Anhinga - Spearow Lv. 2

Author:  Zorgon Man [ Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

Updating my Ruby game.... **CANCELLED**

had quite the major collapse with all 6 pokemon falling to brawly... 3 bulk ups and then 2 crits killed everything i had... restarting all over again with Leaf Green instead...

Just completed Brocks Gym
Current Party Members:
Turtlage ( Squirtle lv 15)
Flutterby ( Caterpie lv 6 )
Virdinian Forest
Bird-E ( Pidgey lv 10 )
Route 1
Oinker ( Mankey lv 4 )
Route 22

riffraff ( rattata lv 4 )
Route 2
sacrificed in the rival battle on route 22 to save turtlage

Author:  Dangertrout [ Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

I never found the cartridge I was doing the last Nuzlocke on, so I started a new one on my Fire Red.

Nickname all Pokemon
Catch first Pokemon on each route (that is a species i dont already have)
Faint = Death
fainted pokemon get placed in a "dead" box in the PC
no revives or healing items except to heal poison condition
no purchasing of items (except 5 pokeballs per town)

Trainer: Clare
Rival: Raki

I've just defeated my rival at route 22.
Team (Alive):
{pidgey} level 11 (Teresa) Timid nature
{rattata} level 10 (Lig) Serious nature

{squirtle} level 7 (Vincent) Lonely nature. Poor thing died on route 1 to a critical hit from a level 3 pidgey. :(

I thought this was going to be short-lived, since I lost my starter so early on. I survived my rival though, so it might be ok. Brock is going to be a royal pain no matter what i catch in the next couple spots. watch me run into pikachu in viridian forest :frustrated:

Edit - I somehow managed to not only get through Viridian Forest without getting hit by poison, but also to defeat Brock without getting hit once. Sleep Powder FTW!
Team (Alive):
{pidgey} level 15 (Teresa) Timid nature
{rattata} level 15 (Lig) Serious nature
{caterpie} / {metapod} / {butterfree} level 16 (Zaki II) Sassy nature

{squirtle} level 7 (Vincent) Lonely nature, death by crit.
{caterpie} level 4 (Zaki) Lax nature, also died to a critical tackle from a level 3 pidgey on route 1. I hate route 1. :evil:

Onwards to running shoes! and new pokemon!

Author:  lavitzcentauri7 [ Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

So due to a combination of laziness, work commitments and the fact that I'd be updating every 12 hours or so if I didn't, I've decided to update after every second badge. Also having 16 badges to collect is a little daunting.

From my last update, I caught a Geodude in the Dark Cave, caught a Bellsprout on Route @@, and a Gastly in the Sprout tower before facing Falkner. I grinded Quartzvein (Geodude) up to level 13 before facing Falkner and won, defeating Pidgey with Pyrite, and then severely damaging Pidgeotto with Quartzvein, but due to a critical hit I was forced to switch out or face death. I sacrificed Skinny (Bellsprout) in order to ensure Pyrite the first move with Quick Attack as he could not survive a hit from Pidgeotto. It was Skinny's first battle.

I picked up the Togepi egg and moved on to the ruins of Alph, where I lost Oromaldito (Gastly) to a super effective hidden power from an unown. It was Oromaldito's first battle as well. After defeating a few trainers I made my way into Union Cave, catching a Zubat, calling him Ploofie, returned to the Pokecenter and sent Ploofie into his first battle against a Rattata one level lower. 4 tail whips and a critical Quick Attack later, Ploofie fell.

After finishing Proton with Quartzvein, Togepi, now known as Kersplater, hatched. Quartzvein carried me through Bugsy, defeating all of Bugsy's pokemon with 2 rock throws a piece. Kersplater defeated my rival's Gastly with ease then Quartzvein defeated his final two pokemon. (I never realized how powerful Geodude could be! I always stayed away from it because of it's 4x weakness to water and grass, but I'm thoroughly impressed!) Finally I caught a Paras, but forgot to nickname him, but Goldenrod's Name Rater is just around the corner!

Let's see how the rest of this goes!

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

Still grinding hard in Victory Road, but it's getting very annoying. Also, Dopple and Plaguess are getting very far behind in levels.
{raichu} , Kvykeya, level 61, female, Lonely
{blastoise} , Adurna, level 60, male, Calm
{nidorina} , Plaguess, level 49, female, Impish
{lapras} , Rockback, level 55, female, Relaxed
{haunter} , Dopple, level 50, male, Serious
{zapdos} , Thundersky, level 63, genderless, Quiet

This might take a while. >.> I'm aiming to get everyone to level 55, but probably to about Zapdos's level. Which means Plaguess and Dopple will need about 10 levels of grinding, EACH. :frustrated: To level 55- 11 levels of grinding total. To level 60- 26 :censored: levels of :censored: grinding!

EDITed with the new levels. Not much different. And why did I grind some pokemon more and others less, even to the point where two were over level 60? Some pokemon deal with a helluva lot more pokemon in the E4 than others can manage. >.<

Author:  UndeadKevin [ Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

I am playing Sapphire Version: I have tweaked the rules as follows:
1. Upon receiving the Pokeballs a pokemon may be caught on both route 101 and 103 (103's {wingull} fainted)
2. If the first pokemon on the route is a Zigzagoon or Tentacool they may be ignored (unless you do not have a live one)
3. The catchable pokemon may be ignored or killed if it is unwanted, no other pokemon may be caught that route.

I have beaten Brawly and am in Slateport.
{combusken} Fasfay lvl 18 Male, Rash (Starter)

{zigzagoon} Maybelle lvl 16 Female, Naughty (Route 101, knows cut)

{poochyena} Drakan lvl 14 Male, Bold (Route 102)

{dustox} Ninna lvl 18 Female, Quiet (Route 104, knows Flash)

{taillow} Agatha lvl 19 Female, Brave (Route 116)

{geodude} Gertrude lvl 16 Female, Docile (Granite Cave)

In box:

{wingull} Treacle lvl 12 Female, Naive (Route 110)

Deaths: None, just a lot of failed captures

Author:  Dangertrout [ Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

Minor update: I FINALLY made it into Cerulean City. Mt. Moon took forever because I lost my Mankey before setting foot in it and had to kill all Geodudes with my Butterfree, AND my Zubat was completely useless until it learned Bite at level 16. Six levels of pain with that one. She's doing much better now tho, thankfully. So now I'm going back to route whateverwasaftermtmoon to catch a new pokemon and training a bit before challenging my Rival.

Team (Alive):
{pidgey} / {pidgeotto} level 18 (Teresa) Timid nature
{rattata} level 19 (Lig) Serious nature
{caterpie} / {metapod} / {butterfree} level 18 (Zaki II) Sassy nature
{zubat} level 18 (Miria) Naughty nature

{squirtle} level 7 (Vincent) Lonely nature, death by crit.
{caterpie} level 4 (Zaki) Lax nature, death by crit.
{mankey} level 9 (Isley) Careful nature, died to a crit from a level 6 Nidoran(M). That was frustrating, I was training him to level 10 before going into Mt. Moon to face the hordes of Geodude, and the Nidoran(M) was the last battle to get me to level 10.

Author:  xerovene [ Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

Just so you know Undead, you're at the most brutal part of Hoenn. Wattson is a murderer. Grind like hell.

Author:  Dangertrout [ Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

Well at least he has a Geodude and Combusken in his team, they should make it a bit easier.

So I made a suicidal charge at my rival, but managed to kill his entire team with just my Pidgeotto. Thus my adventures continue...
Team (Alive):
{pidgey} / {pidgeotto} level 20 (Teresa) Timid nature
{rattata} level 19 (Lig) Serious nature
{caterpie} / {metapod} / {butterfree} level 19 (Zaki II) Sassy nature

{squirtle} level 7 (Vincent) Lonely nature, death by crit.
{caterpie} level 4 (Zaki) Lax nature, death by crit.
{mankey} level 9 (Isley) Careful nature, death by crit.
{zubat} level 18 (Miria) Naughty nature, died to a critical Quick Attack from a level 8 Rattata. I don't even know how that happened, I was almost full health at the time and ten levels higher.
{spearow} level 14 (Louis) Naughty nature, died to a critical Karate Chop from a level 12 Mankey. Less surprising than Miria's death, but still. wth is with the crits in this game?

Hopefully the next 2 pokemon I catch survive long enough to see Misty's gym >.>

Author:  lavitzcentauri7 [ Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

So, I've been in a funk all day today!

Today alone, I've had 7 deaths, including Pyrite Image Midas Image Shrooms Image and Kersplater Image along with newly caught Sleeper Image NidoDrag Image and Monarch Image. This is crazy!

I've rebolstered my team with Goober Image UFO Image and Rudolf Image

Shrooms was the first to fall, taking a critical pound from a Grimer in the underground tunnels, Kerslpater falling to a surprise Sonicboom from a Voltorb in the same area. Sleeper was accidentally sacrificed to save Leaf, he took a faint attack from a Magmar. Whitney and her Gym were killers. NidoDrag kicked the dust to the final Sentret one of the trainers had, Midas and Pyrite fell to Miltank, the ungodly beast. I only pulled out a win by out lasting it with a combination of Quartz's Rock type coupled with Leaf's Reflect and Synthesis. Monarch evolved in this battle, only to fall to poison from a Weedle.

Perks were however catching those three pokemon, now to grind them to lv. 23-24 to take on Morty.

Current Team:

Image Goober Lv. 15
Image UFO Lv. 16
Image Rudolf Lv. 16
Image Leaf Lv. 20
Image Quartz lv. 22 (Renamed from Quartzvein)

Image Ekans

Image Anhinga
Image Ploofie
Image Oromaldito
Image Shrooms
Image Sleeper
Image Kersplater
Image NidoDrag
Image Pyrite
Image Midas
Image Monarch

Author:  Dangertrout [ Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

That was a little sad, the first thing I walked into after the last string of deaths was a level 7 Weedle in a zone where everything but the bugs are level 14 >.< Anyways, the two pokemon I caught before heading to Misty's gym DID manage to survive the grinding. I defeated Misty with a single Gloom and caught a couple more pokemon on Route 5 & 6. Unfortunately, I lost my first Meowth (from route 5) to poison damage on the way to a pokecenter.
I'm still working my way through the trainers on Route 6 at this point.

Team (Alive):
{pidgey} / {pidgeotto} level 22 (Teresa) Timid nature
{rattata} / {raticate} level 22 (Lig) Serious nature
{caterpie} / {metapod} / {butterfree} level 22 (Zaki II) Sassy nature
{weedle} / {kakuna} / {beedrill} level 22 (Yin) Calm nature
{oddish} / {gloom} level 23 (Hei) Gentle nature
{meowth} level 14 (Mao) Naughty nature

{squirtle} level 7 (Vincent) Lonely nature, death by crit.
{caterpie} level 4 (Zaki) Lax nature, death by crit.
{mankey} level 9 (Isley) Careful nature, death by crit.
{zubat} level 18 (Miria) Naughty nature, death by crit.
{spearow} level 14 (Louis) Naughty nature, death by crit.
{meowth} level 13 (Misaki) Impish nature, died to poison on the way to the pokecenter. It was really frustrating because I caught her at level 10 and she had finally become strong enough to fend for herself, but had one unlucky battle where an Ekans hit her with poison and wrap and then she missed and just didnt have enough HP left to make it to town when it was all over. Oh well, things happen I guess. :(

Author:  UndeadKevin [ Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

From my last post, I challenged Winona. She killed my entire party and left me stranded at the Lilycove Pokemon Center with nothing that could fight the nearby Pokemon. I was very sad and restarted. Now using Kynim's Rules
Currently on my way to Mauville Gym with:
{grovyle} Victoria lvl22 Female, Naive (Starter)
{mightyena} Elizgbeth (typo) lvl22 Female, Sassy (Rt. 103)
{breloom} Anne lvl24 Female, Relaxed (Petalburg Woods)
{loudred} Edward lvl24 Male, Careful (Rusturf Tunnel)
{makuhita} Henry lvl22 Male, Naive (Granite Cave, swapped for Matilda for her protection)
{gulpin} Ecgwyn lvl24 Female, Mild (Rt.110)

In Box:
{zigzagoon} Charles lvl16 Male, Mild (Rt. 116)
{wingull} Matilda lvl24 Female, Quirky (Rt. 104)
{roselia} Eleanor lvl13 Female, Naughty (Rt. 117)

Author:  Dangertrout [ Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

I cleared Route 6 and the S.S.Anne last night. I was watching TV and not paying attention, spamming A. As a result, Mao died to a Pidgey which could have easily been avoided if I'd been paying attention. Poor kitteh. :( Aboard the S.S.Anne I challenged my rival and lost Teresa to a critical Hyper Fang from his Raticate. Now I'm torn between catching a couple new pokemon from the surrounding areas, or just training my existing team to 25 and making an attempt at my 3rd badge. I'm leaning towards just trying with my current team, just to see how they do.

Team (Alive):
{rattata} / {raticate} level 25 (Lig) Serious nature
{caterpie} / {metapod} / {butterfree} level 24 (Zaki II) Sassy nature
{weedle} / {kakuna} / {beedrill} level 24 (Yin) Calm nature
{oddish} / {gloom} level 24 (Hei) Gentle nature

{squirtle} level 7 (Vincent) Lonely nature, death by crit.
{caterpie} level 4 (Zaki) Lax nature, death by crit.
{mankey} level 9 (Isley) Careful nature, death by crit.
{zubat} level 18 (Miria) Naughty nature, death by crit.
{spearow} level 14 (Louis) Naughty nature, death by crit.
{meowth} level 13 (Misaki) Impish nature, died to residual poison damage.
{meowth} level 20 (Mao) Naughty nature, died to a Pidgey's Quick Attack because I wasn't paying attention.
{pidgey} / {pidgeotto} level 24 (Teresa) Timid nature, died to a critical Hyper Fang from Raki's Raticate.

Edit - I decided to challenge Lt. Surge without catching anything new. The trainers were all killed by Hei, and Lt. Surge was wiped out by Lig. No deaths :) The bugs are level 25, Hei and Lig are 26. Onwards to catch new pokemon!

Author:  Dangertrout [ Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

This is technically doubleposting, but if I edit my last post it would be ridiculously long.
Anyways, I just defeated Erica, and lost a few pokemon along the way. So, now I have to get my Leaf Stone to evolve Hei, collect my eevee and clear the Rocket Hideout. I haven't decided what Eeveelution I want yet. I was going to go with Flareon, but now I have a Growlithe.... might got with Jolteon, since I missed catching Voltorb eariler.

Team (Alive):
{butterfree} level 35 (Zaki II) Sassy nature
{beedrill} level 31 (Yin) Calm nature
{gloom} level 31 (Hei) Gentle nature
{spearow} / {fearow} level 31 (Corinna) Bashful nature
{magikarp} / {gyarados} level 30 (Huang) Serious nature
{growlithe} level 32 (Wei) Timid nature

In PC (Alive):
{geodude} level 16 (Nick) Modest nature
{meowth} level 18 (Alice) Quiet nature

Squirtle level 7 (Vincent) Lonely nature, death by crit.
Caterpie level 4 (Zaki) Lax nature, death by crit.
Mankey level 9 (Isley) Careful nature, death by crit.
Zubat level 18 (Miria) Naughty nature, death by crit.
Spearow level 14 (Louis) Naughty nature, death by crit.
Meowth level 13 (Misaki) Impish nature, died to poison damage.
Meowth level 20 (Mao) Naughty nature, died because I wasn't paying attention.
Pidgeotto level 24 (Teresa) Timid nature, death by crit.
Raticate level 26 (Lig) Serious nature, died to a trainers level 18 Magneton on Route 11. He was pretty much the only one who could slay the magnets, and that last one just hit him too hard.
Diglett level 19 (Gai) Brave nature, died to dig from another diglett of the same level. I couldn't switch him out because it had Arena Trap.
Rattata level 18 (Li) Rash nature, died to a critical Gust from a level 19 Pidgey.

Missed catches:
Voltorb Route 10, I accidentally poisoned it and had nothing to cure it with me. Since there was no way it would make it to the Pokecenter, I saved the pokeball and killed it.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

Beat the E4. But my journey is far fro over. I still must conquer the islands, beat the E4 again, and capture Mewtwo. I'll re-post/edit once I get my game.

Author:  DragoBoy [ Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nuzlocke Challenge

This looks like fun! I think I'll start the challenge on my FR with charmander.

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