Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 6]
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Author:  GofD [ Fri May 13, 2011 6:43 am ]
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Third Facility: THE BATTLE BOAT

Located to the east of the battle subway.

The BAttle Boat is a reconstructed Pirate ship that serves as a luxary cruise a,d a platform for trainers to batle on the High Sea. The Battle Boat Visits Unova's Version of Treaure Island, where legend says that the riches of Moon Beard, Unovas' most notorius Pirate in the 17th century, Burid his trasure. No one has yet to find it.


-Pokemon can not hold items during registration.

-The normal bag is traded in for the battle bag, which will store any items the trainer may find. Trainers a er also give the Batle Rod, a special fishing rod to only be usd on the battle boat. All itesm found on the battle boat can only be used in the battle boat. If you win your items are saved and are lost if you lose.

-Trainers walk the Ship Collecting peices of a treasure map by defeating other trainers. Trainers have a set time to be aboard the BAttle Boat.

-Trainers can ear na bonus 10 BP by catching the requested pokemon. Trainers can also find items and trainers by fishing.

- You will lose the challenge IF: You lose all peices of the treasure map OR are defeated by the Frontier Brain.


Not much is known about Swashbuckle until the age of 20. It is sadi that he was found afloat in Pacificlog town in the Hoen region as an orphan, His floating basket being pulled by a Horsea. At the Age of 20 he was accepted into the Hoenn Marine college. There he studied to be a Captain. He also showed amazing battleing skills when using water type pokemon. After 10 years he became the Captain of the battle boat. His skills as a captain and a battler are renouned throught out the High Seas. Swashbuckle aslo has an interest in the Moon Beard Legend. One of the many reasons why he accepted the postion on the BAttle Boat.

Swashbuckle uses Watertypes. But dont think youll have an easy time if you use Electric nd Grass types... HE knows how to counter both types.

First Encounter: Collect 9 peices of the treaure map

Seaking Male lvl 50
Jolly nature
Swift swim

Posion Jab

Uses Rain dance to activate swift swim. Waterfall for stab, megahorn for power and poison jab for Gras types.

Whishcash lvl 50 male
adamant nature
Absorb Bulb

Dragon Dance
Giga impact

DD for speed and power boost. Water fall and EQ are stab. Giga impact for the rest

Ludicolo lvl 50 male
impish nature
Rain Dish
Life orb

rain dance

Waterfall for stab. Counter for physical moves. Rain dance to Activate rain dish. Toxic for posion status.

BP upon Defeat: 10

Second encounter: Collect all peices of the treasure map (18)

Seaking Male lvl 50
Modest NAture
Lighting rod
Absorb Bulb

Ice beam
HP Ground

Scald for Burn and Stab. Ice beam for grass. Hp gorund for electric. Return for the rest.

Pelipper lvl 50
Impsih nature
Rain Dish

Knock Off
Double team

STAllS for Toxic to take care of things.

KIngdra lvl 50 male
Adamant nature
Scope lens

Drago Meteor

Drago Meteor and Scald for stab. Toxic and Protect for stalling.

Bp Upon Defeat: 20 BP

Author:  Lawence Codye [ Fri May 13, 2011 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

@ GofD = I like the Battle University alot actually & the Battle Boat is the most unique Battle Facility I have ever seen created...I like the trail that is set up in the Battle Boat as it is something that cannot get old anytime soon & I like the Battle University's trail as well though not as much as the Battle Boat & I like the Battle University's credit & pokemon system, it is very unique as well considering it's similarities to the Battle Castle & the Battle Factory :) ...

@ Infernape77 = I looked at it but didn't feel the need to mention it as while it is great, nothing added after the initial post is too worth mentioning though I like how that trainer has 6 Cottonee though & as for your Dark Gym repost...I really enjoy seeing Zorua somewhere in there & the fact that you combined a dungeon if you will with a Pokemon Gym, it is really a good thing to see & makes me happy to see it add to the uniqueness of the Gym in general & then you go & still add trainers?...Good work on that, really I like it quite a bit actually 8-) ...

@ xeroveve = Umm, before I go on about the appeal of your Gym to me, I need to say this cause it is wide open but umm...You missed a spot ;) , somewhere there is suppose to be something but there isn't yet it is every other similar spot, interesting, though as for your Gym, I like the use of Skuntank but also like the use of the Venoshock & Toxic combination on the best likely candidate of Britney's pokemon & the use of the moves Cross Poison & Bulldoze...As for what I don't like, is the use of Swagger even though I know what it is there for, I just don't like it, personal opinion there though & lastly, the Gym isn't like Lt. Surge's Gym as far as the Switches are concerned are they?...I'm curious about that, don't really have a problem with it though but still...

Author:  xerovene [ Fri May 13, 2011 8:58 pm ]
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I believe your referring to how I forgot to give the worker an end-battle speech thing. I noticed that and just fixed it before I saw your post xD

Anyway, I don't much like swagger either, but I figure hey, leaders aren't supposed to be perfect, plus the poison point thing actually works really well. I also really like the toxic+venoshock, and with gengar I also like to throw hex into the mix, but it can only learn hex by level up, and not until higher levels.

Yeah, I'm not really proud of this gym's puzzle, compared to a river running through and climbing up a natural tower, this gym is pretty lame and rushed. But no, it's not like Surge's. Basically you walk in and there's a wall of poison gas about three squares in front of you, and you have to just search for an invisible switch. Then that gets rid of the poison and brings you to another of the exact same thing, just larger.

Author:  GofD [ Sat May 14, 2011 6:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Thanks Lawence, Glad your enjoying em.

The Fourth Facility: THE BATTLE ISS!

The Faciity itself is located in Space, but the launchpad is located west of the battle subway.

The Battle ISS is located in earths orbit, in a geosynconal orbit with Unova. Not much more information cane be given out due too security reasons. Trainers wishing to battle the ISS must take a 1hout rocket ride up to the station.


-At the start of the battle, a cosmic storm will appear. Depending on your Pokemon typing you will either be affected positivly or negativly. (If the pokemon has two types, the first type wil be used. HOWEVER if the Pokemon second typing is steel, The pokemon will be affected by the Steel effects.)

The affects of Pokemon type by the Cosmic storm are as follows:

Normal-> Will inflicted with the Burn status
Poison-> Will be inflicted with the poison Status
Psyhcic-> Sp.Att will be raised by 3 stages
Dark-> Sp.Def will be raised by 3 stages
Steel-> NO effect
Ghost-> Will recover a bit of HP every turn
Grass-> Will be inflitd with Poison
Bug-> Will be Confused
Fighting-> Moves will be given a 50% boost, but accuracy wil be reduced by 50%
Water-> Speed will be given a two Stage increase
Rock-> Speed will be given a 2 stage boost, Defense will be given an 8 stage drop
Ground-> Immunity to electric types will be lost
Dragon-> Att+Sp.Att will be given am 8 stage increase, but the poke will be locked into ONE move
Ice-> SP.Def will be given a 2 stage boost
Electric-> Electric type moves will be boosted by 25%
Fire-> Fire type moves will be Boosted by 25%


From an Early age Loli has stared at the stars. SHe has often wondered if we weer alone in the Universe. She attended Unova University to become an Astronmer. She recived her diploma early, and is the yuongest person to do so. She is also an avid battler, prefering the Psychic and Dark types. Its is often said that she shares a telepathic link with her pokemon. She was give nthe task of Cammadner for the BAttle ISS. Her mission is considered Classifeid.

Battleing Loli will be no easy task. Challengers must be ready for anything

Commander Loli will only appear after the challenger has won 50 battles in the battle ISS

Umbreon lvl 50 female
Calm nature

Confuse ray
stored power
Work up

Will confuse the target ( if not already) then will proced with work up. Will switch to moonlight if needed. After a few Work ups will start using Stored power

Espeon lvl 50 female
Magic Bounce
Quick claw
Modest nature

Morning sun
clam mind
Shadow ball

Willl calm mind for two turns. Morning sun if needed. Pshychic or shadowball next.

Lucario lvl 50 male
Scope lens
Timid nature

Aura sphere
Dragon Pulse
Shadow Ball
Flash Cannon

Uses wichever move will be the most effecive.

Bp Awarded- 35BP

Author:  Infernape77 [ Sat May 14, 2011 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Lawl, dunno why, I just feeling to make another Frontier when saw GofD's Frontier XD But meh.... I should finished this one then a new frontier :3

@Lawence: Huh? Do I put Zorua as wild Pokemon? O.O Don't think so... uhm... the Zorua is the Leader's :P And thanks, the dungeon+gym was totally random idea xD

Repost XD

Name= Charlotte ♀
Type= Bug
City/Town= Welbur City
Badge= Web Badge
Money and TM= 2500Poke and TM X-Scissor
Item on Bag= 2 Super Potion

"Welcome to my gym, <name>. Nice to meet you again in this place. And you came on the right time, I've just trained my Pokemon and will challenge you again! Ready! Go!!!"

"Huh, you're a lot stronger than the last battle, but I've also improved my team, too!"

"Gez...... I lose..... Alright, you win, so you should receive this Badge, Web Badge! And oh, with this TM, too! Congratulation!"
ImageSwadloon Lv.23 ♀
Bug Buzz
Silver Wind
Strategy: Swadloon use Protect every time she was sent out. Swadloon uses Bug Buzz to lowering the target's Sp.Defense stats, and Silver Wind to raise her own stats. When she's feeling in danger, she'll use GrassWhistle to sleep the foe. Charlotte may use her Super Potion on Swadloon.

ImageKarrablast Lv.25 ♀
--x Held Item: Leppa Berry
Fury Cutter
Strategy: Karrablast was the "striker" on this team. She always use X-Scissor until the PP was out, then she use her other attacking move, 'til the PP were out. Karrablast also holding a Leppa Berry, so when there's only one move with PP, she'll use it on the strongest move. Charlotte may use her Super Potion on Karrablast.

ImageJoltik Lv.27 ♂
--x Held Item: Sitrus Berry
Spider Web
Bug Bite
Strategy: Joltik use X-Scissor and Bug Bite to attack other Pokemon. If the foe is Fire or Flying, he'll use Thunderbolt. Joltik also will use Spider Web to prevent foe to flee. He usually use this and then switched out into Swadloon and use GrassWhistle. Joltik may use Sitrus Berry, or Charlotte use Super Potion on him.

The gym was full with spiders web around, and you also found a guy with yellow coat and his Galvantula, gives you a Sitrus Berry, that guy was Sparton, the 5th Gym Leader. And the gym challenge was to open doors of spider webs, with solving the maths on them. You know Magic Box, right? the first challenge was Magic Box(or Magic Web =P), it's easy just fill 1 blank number that will sums into 15 (ex. 1 5 9 etc.). After that, you'll fight a trainer. Then you'll solve a Sudoku(but in Web version XD) it's only 2x2 per columns, and there are 4 columns. There's shouldn't any same number in any column, row diagonally and vertically. After that, just beat the last trainer to face Charlotte.


Bug Catcher Andy
"Wow, you solved the Magic Web! But you should me too!"
ImageVenipede Lv.15 ♂
ImageShelmet Lv.20 ♂
Energy Ball/Struggle Bug/Bide/Double Team
"I hope I can trade my Shelmet with Charlotte's Karrablast.... anyway, you pass the first part!" (pssstt.... he's spoiling Charlotte's Pokemon! Hint Hint XD)

Hiker Bunbug
"Me and my Dwebble always go hiking together, we have unbreakable bond, and we'll win!"
ImageDwebble Lv.23 ♂
Sand Tomb/X-Scissor/Shell Smash/Rock Tomb
"Huh? You can't beat my Bond with my Dwebble? Okay, you pass the Webdoku!"

Star Manager Webda (Yes, Charlotte is a superstar and an actress, and Webda is her manager)
"I'm Ms. Charlotte's manager, I'm one who manages not only her shows and concerts, but also her Gym Battle, I don't remember you have registered to battle her, so you should beat me first!"
ImageAccelgor Lv.24 ♂
U-Turn/Bug Struggle/Agility/Double Team
"Ah.... you pass, but make sure that your battle with her was as fast as you can! She has a show in an hour!"

[Side-quest= You can trade a Grass Pokemon with Andy for his Venipede. Trade Andy's Venipede with the Hiker for his other Dwebble, trade the Dwebble with Webda for her Karrablast, then trade with Charlotte for a Larvesta. You can only do this after beat the Elite 4 and re-match w/Charlotte.]

Author:  Lawence Codye [ Sat May 14, 2011 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

@ xerovene = Ah, so you figured out that disaster of a riddle of mine eh :roll: ?...

Anywho, glad to see you got it right meaning you actually looked hard & I said I understood why it was there & Poison Point does actually work well so that is perfectly fine either way & glad to hear it's alot better then that, that Gengar thing though, you do know that you could just make it where in your Region there is a different way of obtaining the move Hex, right? & even still, & baby can learn the moves it learns by LV Up if both parents that bred it know the moves but it is a balancer so just the 2 moves will do...

@ GofD = I like the name alot but I would have still gotten it if it was just called Battle Station too, but that is irrelevant...

Umm, I don't like the effects but that is because I am a balance maniac that hates anything unbalanced in almost the least bit but as for the things I do like, that Unbreon is awesome & that Espeon is great as well that Loli uses & the last thing I like is that you get more BPs for beating her then the others as they are most definitely well earned & also, I assume it only effects the pokemon that is out, that Cosmic Storm I mean so that is kind of a balancer in itself...

Final note, is it Loli as it is pronounced in the word "loli-pop" or is it pronounced like "lo" then "li" that would be similar to the name "Lola" except with a "i" instead of an "a"...

@ Infernape77 = I am not a fan of learning general things to progress through a Pokemon Gym but I like the puzzle this Gym now has & the whole idea of Charlotte being in show biz is just the best thing for her & it makes her Gym much more interesting & last but definitely not least, there is the Side Quest you put in your post regarding this Gym, it is simply priceless in terms of being a solid addition to the usefulness of the location & it's trainers post Elite 4, I like that the most...

The owner of the paradise known as the Grass Resort & known layabout male Grass Themed Gym Leader, Parker is coming soon, I have to list all the possible Grass Type pokemon & get what is hopefully a physical offensive team together this time, should be fun... /sarcasm

Author:  xerovene [ Sat May 14, 2011 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Accidental double post. Maybe my brain is just wonky because I need sleep, but I can't find the delete button. . .

Author:  xerovene [ Sat May 14, 2011 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Aien City, the psychic gym of the Oren region.

The gym appears distorted. Nothing is as it seems to be. Some walls appear to be there, but you can walk straight through them. Other walls are invisible. To reach the leader you have to make your way through an entire maze of that, and then walk out the side of the gym, where everything is black, and then go back in on the other side of the invisible wall.

Psychic Maria and Psychic Erin (double battle)
"We always fight together!"
{lunatone} lvl 34
Cosmic Power/Rock Throw/Confusion/Grass Knot
{solrock} lvl 34
Cosmic Power/Rock Throw/Confusion/Flamethrower
"We need to train together more. . ."

Leaders Samuel and Abigail (double battle)
Age: 32
Appearance: Sam is much taller than Abigail. Sam has short, dark hair and wears black pants and a red shirt, with a grey button-up shirt over it, un-buttoned and sleeves rolled up. Abigail was dark auburn hair and wears a black skirt and a black jacket.
"Abigail: We've trained our pokemon together from when we were teenagers!"
Image lvl 34 (Abigail's)
Put's opponent to sleep and uses nightmare. Will do this to one pokemon every 5 turns, so insomnia, vital spirit, or uproar can do a lot. Otherwise uses psybeam, and moonlight when health gets low.
{hypno} lvl 34 (Samuel's)
Thunder Punch/Ice Punch/Hypnosis/Nightmare
Does same combo as Abigail at the same rate, however offset from hers. Otherwise he uses the more effective of the punches.
{bronzong} lvl 35 (Abigail's)
Extrasensory/Ancient Power/Flash Cannon/Rain Dance
Activates rain dance to reduce fire damage since fire is its only weakness. Then whichever is more effective of flash cannon and extrasensory, and if equal extrasensory takes priority. Ancient Power is only used if more effective than both others, and is mostly there for fire types.
{metang} lvl 35 (Samuel's)
Magnet Rise/Metal Claw/Zen Headbutt/Ice Punch
Magnet rise to gain an immunity to ground, making it much like Bronzong, with only one weakness. Then same as Abigail's bronzong except with metal claw and zen headbutt. Ice punch is the ancient power equivalent and is there for ground types.
{gardevoir} lvl 36 (Abigail's)
Calm Mind/Magical Leaf/Psychic/Wish
Readies up with calm mind, while healing with wish whenever it's health gets below 60%. Then destroys all with it's powered up magical leaf and psychic. Psychic has priority.
{gallade} lvl 36 (Samuel's)
Reflect/Heal Pulse/Slash/Night Slash
Reflect to protect Abigail's Gardevoir, heal pulse when Gardevoir is below 60% health. The overlap of wish and heal pulse creates basically two turns of guaranteed safety for Gardevoir due to wish's delay. Otherwise he just attacks. Slash has priority over night slash.
"Samuel: We haven't lost for a long time. You're definitely worthy of this badge."

Rewards: Unity badge, zen headbutt TM.

Author:  GofD [ Sun May 15, 2011 6:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

The reason why I didnt go with Battle Station is because it could also be used to describe the BAttle Subway. I wanted a name that couldnt be confused.

As for the Cosmic Storm, Yes it only affects the the pokemon out. I tried t make the effects as even as possible ( an equal amount of + and - effects). But I could see w hy someone would think that it is unbalanced.

Im surprised you like Umbron and Espeon Since I mostly through them together in a hurry. Im not even sure how effective they would be in a real pokemon battle.

It is pronounced as in Loli-pop. The IDea came fom DFO. Where Loli is a term used for a mage. That And When I was writing thisd I really wanted A lolipop.

Author:  xerovene [ Sun May 15, 2011 8:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

I also really like the idea of those two since Umbreon is tank and Espeon is a damage dealer and psychic gets the Sp Atk bonus and dark gets the Sp Def bonus. And it makes it even more awesome that normally someone could use a psychic type and use it's Sp Atk bonus to counter the Umbreon's Sp Def bonus, but since dark is immune to psychic they're forced to just live with it. Although a psychic COULD use another special attack. If a psychic type had silver wind it could very well destroy that Umbreon.

EDIT: If this thread dies I will die on psypoke. This is one of the only reasons I'm still on psypoke.

Author:  Infernape77 [ Sun May 29, 2011 7:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Gym Leader Pattern:
1. Dark - Page 16
2. Bug - Page 17
3. Flying - Page 17
4. Electric - Page 17
5. Ground - Page 17
6. Grass - Page 17
7. Poison
8. Psychic
@xerovone: Lol, I'm sorry...... dunno what I should do x.x and same, if this thread die, I also will die >.>

And here the next gym~ (ish lazy to add trainers on 3rd gym)

Name= Darson ♂
Type= Poison
City/Town= Nucleassa City
Badge= Radio Active Badge (or Nuclear Badge)
Money and TM= 6200Poke and TM Venoshock
Item on Bag= 3 Hyper Potion and X Accuracy

"Uh..... if I add this with this mixture, then I have a chance to make most powerful bomb! Huh? Oh... sorry.... Uh, I mean, welcome! You want to challenge me, right? Okay let's go! "

"Arghhh.... my Poisonous team........ you can almost beat me!?"

"Oh, no. My... My Poisonous team....... You beat them!? "


ImageWhirlipede Lv.38 ♂
--x Held Item: Sitrus Berry
Poison Tail
Strategy: Whirlipede will try his best to poison you first. After you got poisoned, he'll use his Venoshock. He also may use Agility, os his speed will increase and can attack you first. And when he thinks you will harm him, it'll use Protect. He may use his Sitrus Berry.

ImageAccelgor Lv.43 ♂
Acid Spray
Strategy: Same with Whirlipede, his goal is to make his opponent got poisoned, but this time Accelgor use Toxic to poison your Pokemon. And he also will Acid Spray to decrease your Sp.Defense. Then he also sometimes uses Swift. Darson will give him Hyper Potion if Accelgor's HP is low.

ImageGarbodor Lv.46 ♂
--x Held Item: Sitrus Berry
Sludge Wave
Strategy: Garbodor will use his Sludge Wave to poison you, and followed by Venoshock. He also will confuse you with the Swagger, plus use Haze to reset the Attack that increase when you use the Swagger. Darson will use X Accuracy to increase his accuracy for a bit and Hyper Potion to recover, plus a Sitrus berry held by him

ImageScolipede Lv.47 ♂
--x Held Item: Persim Berry
Energy Ball
Petal Dance
Strategy: And Lilligant also kinda annoying. She uses Attract to male pokemon, so get ready with your female Pokemon to attack her or Pokemon with Oblivious ability. And will attack with Energy Ball and use Aromatherapy if you're trying to poison or paralyze her, so weaken her with Sleep. And will attack with Petal Dance, which was kinda powerful. When she's got confused by Petal Dance, she use the Persim berry she's holding and then snaps out of the confusion.

Gonna add the trainers soon o3o

Author:  xerovene [ Sun May 29, 2011 11:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Raywon city, the flying/dragon gym of the Oren region (and 6th gym if you've lost count like I just did)

There are ziplines arcing through the gym all over the place. You have to get through a maze of ziplines and annoying dead ends and fight three trainers to reach the gym leader.

Ace Trainer Dray
"Not all flying types are birds!"
{charizard} lvl 40
Flamethrower/Air Slash/Dragon Pulse/Will-0-Wisp
{gyarados} lvl 40
Aqua Tail/Swagger/Thrash/Roar (seems like a very gyarados-ish moveset to me)
{tropius} lvl 40
Air Slash/Magical Leaf/Synthesis/Stomp
"Maybe I need to think a bit more carefully about strategy..."

Dragon Apprentice Seth
"I won't let my pokemon evolve so that they learn powerful attacks sooner!"
{dratini} lvl 40
Dragon Rush/Aqua Tail/Thunderwave/Wrap
{bagon} lvl 40
Zen Headbutt/Headbutt/Bite/Focus Energy
{gible} lvl 40
Dragon Rush/Dig/Sand Tomb/Sand Attack
"But I could let them evolve to make them more powerful! It's too hard a decision!"

Lass Julianna
"I love to travel! From the airport in town I've been to Hoenn, Unova, all over! I idolize Winona, Skyla, and of course our leader!"
{swablu} lvl 42
Cotton Guard/Refresh/Peck/Fury Attack
{swellow} lvl 42
Aerial Ace/Endeavor/Double Steam/Steel Wing
"At least I'm better than Falkner. . ."

Leader Amanda
Age: 34
Appearance: Shoulder blade length, sky blue hair. Light blue jeans, dark blue jacket over a white shirt.
"You may have heard of Winona? She's my younger sister. Skyla is our cousin. We used to always bicker as children, but I always won our little bouts. That hasn't changed today, I'm still stronger than both of them. This won't be an easy battle for you."

{skarmory} lvl 45
Sandstorm/Stealth Rock/Whirlwind/Assurance
Sets up sandstorm and stealth rock, then whirlwinds around until it gets the opponent to be something that isn't super effective against steel/flying or something that is weak to dark. Then pounds away with assurance. When/if sandstorm dies it uses it again.
Rock Slide/Earthquake/Crunch/Aerial Ace
Attacks with everything it has. Hopefully it has the Sp. Def. bonus from skarmory's sandstorm. Uses whatever has most damage taking into consideration effectiveness, STAB, and base power.
{dragonair} lvl 45
Dragon Rush/Dragon Tail/Aqua Tail/Thunder Wave
Remember our little friend stealth rock? Dragonair beats the opponent around with dragon tail until the opponent is weak to dragon or water moves, then uses thunderwave on them (unless they're a ground type of course) and then uses most effective attacking move. Rinse and repeat.
{swellow} lvl 44 (WITH GUTS HOLDING TOXIC ORB)
Facade/Brave Bird/Rest/Sleep Talk
Uses most effective of its ridiculously powered up facade or its slightly less powered up brave bird. Then when its health gets really low it rests to heal itself up, and then uses sleep talk, which will select its moves which are still powered up due to sleep.
{altaria} lvl 43
Cotton Guard/Draco Meteor/Earthquake/Dragon Claw
Sets up with cotton guard for two turns, then destroys all in sight. Since Altaria's base attack and special attack stats are equal it can use both well, so it can use draco meteor without worrying about the loss of its special attack because its other moves are both physical.
{staraptor} lvl 42 (WITH RECKLESS)
Brave Bird/Take Down/Close Combat/Endeavor
Uses whatever is most effective. Brave bird and take down are both powered up by reckless AND by STAB. Close combat is just another move. Then uses endeavor when its health is below 1/4.
"It sure is nice to fight with someone other than my family for once. Your fighting style was really refreshing. Take this badge."

Rewards: Cloud Badge, Endeavor TM.

I'm really proud of my last two gyms, I think they actually have really cool strategies, and use lots of my favorite pokemon. Input?

Author:  firekknight [ Sun May 29, 2011 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

there are alot of dev things in the game and if u find one tha can make you very powerfull or at lest get u some really coll items or pokemon.
p.s. i have foind 3 in white (shinny pokemon, 1 hidden pokemon,and 1 hidden item that came on the hidden pokemon) gl finding them :)
o btw i cant do online battals with that pokemon wont let me but the item can be used :)

Author:  Lawence Codye [ Mon May 30, 2011 12:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Okay, firstly, considering that I am the creator of this thread, I apologize for not being here for around half a week, internet wasn't payed & OneCommunityPublic was nowhere to be found so I had no internet, truly dark days those were & now...

GofD wrote:
The reason why I didnt go with Battle Station is because it could also be used to describe the BAttle Subway. I wanted a name that couldnt be confused.

As for the Cosmic Storm, Yes it only affects the the pokemon out. I tried t make the effects as even as possible ( an equal amount of + and - effects). But I could see w hy someone would think that it is unbalanced.

Im surprised you like Umbron and Espeon Since I mostly through them together in a hurry. Im not even sure how effective they would be in a real pokemon battle.

It is pronounced as in Loli-pop. The IDea came fom DFO. Where Loli is a term used for a mage. That And When I was writing thisd I really wanted A lolipop.

Good reason, didn't think of that at all, hmm...

Good, in that case, it isn't really that unbalanced as I thought initially...

They would both be unique but not the best option in the world for the pokemon...

:o What, really?...That's fantastic, the way I wanted it to be pronounced too :lol: ...

@ xenovene = You know what the best part of your otherwise still great Gym is, the way you have Abigail & Samuel's pokemon matching in some sort of theme a pair, I love that & the fact that you used the Solrock & Lunatone combination on a trainer beforehand meaning that the appeal this time is the pokemon more so then anything else, fantastic Gym...

& wow, glad that someone likes this thread so much that it is pretty much their reason for visiting, I'm honored to hear that actually...

As for your Flying & Dragon Gym, same thing though the Gym itself is more appealing then the previous 1, the pokemon selection still stands on top but for less of a reason...

You have an interesting Swellow strategy going on there, I will do a comparison of sets to give input on it since I have no other real input except good job, that Gym leader is really challenging & actually uses Stealth Rocks properly unlike a certain set of AI controlled characters in Pokemon BW...

Amanda's Swellow holding Toxic Orb
Facade / Brave Bird / Rest / Sleep Talk

Lawence's Swellow holding Flame Orb
Facade / Brave Bird / Roost / U-Turn

The only thing I don't like is that it is holding Toxic Orb instead of Flame Orb but that is fine since it's the opponent & not the player as Toxic Orb's damage increases every turn & Flame Orb's doesn't not :| ...

@ Infernape77 = I am going to look at it when it is finished, unless it is finished & I am not aware of it due to that statement on the bottom...

firekknight wrote:
there are alot of dev things in the game and if u find one tha can make you very powerfull or at lest get u some really coll items or pokemon.
p.s. i have foind 3 in white (shinny pokemon, 1 hidden pokemon,and 1 hidden item that came on the hidden pokemon) gl finding them :)
o btw i cant do online battals with that pokemon wont let me but the item can be used :)

Okay umm, it's not the typos necessarily but I cannot understand a thing you are I guess, asking :? ...

& also, regardless, even though I can't tell what you are really trying to get across, this is not the place for questions about a specific Pokemon game or a Pokemon game in general, sorry but read the first post on page 1 to learn what this thread is for please, thank you in advance :| ...

Author:  Eccentric [ Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Glad to see this thread still up and running after my long hiatus

Author:  Lawence Codye [ Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Eccentric wrote:
Glad to see this thread still up and running after my long hiatus

Yeah, I am so glad that this thread has lasted this long since I made it, also, I hope you are able to contribute to it at some point, Eccentric...

As for my contribution, I am still trying to decide which pokemon to use in Parker's team & I guess I will leave it to you guys as I am very low on time to really think it through for minutes at a time :violin: ...

Leavanny(Won't be used for Aegis)
Sawsbuck(Could be used for Tomoe)
Shiftry(Could be used for Yamato)

Those are the options, write the names of the pokemon in your post & I will tally them up as I discover your post, also pokemon who were eliminated but you can also suggest or whatever...

Breloom(Could be used for Shaud)
Exeggutor(Could be used for Shaud)
Cacturne(Could be used for Yamato)

All help is appreciated very much :) ...

Author:  sumo12345 [ Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Leader Flaare (stupid name i know)
Elex Regeoin
Bio: Was brought up by Blaine. When he was older he decided he wanted to be a gym leader like his father, so he cose the same tipe specialty: fire.
Fire type
{monferno}Choice specs/Blaze lv 31 flamethrower brick break iron tail fire spin
{magmortar}Charcoal/ Vital Spirit (dream world) lv 33 ember flamethrower sunny day solarbeam
{combusken} No Item/ Blaze lv 36 sky uppercut blaze kick fire punch close combat
{magcargo} Hard Stone/ Weak Armor (dream world) lv 38 rollout flamethrower ember rock blast
{charizard}Cell Batery/ Blaze lv 40 steel wing fire spin flamethrowr solarbeam
Reward flame badge 5000 pokedollars

Like it?

Author:  Lawence Codye [ Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

@ sumo12345 = Firstly, welcome to my thread new comer...

Second, it is only a stupid name because you have 2 "A" letters in there, get rid of that second "A" & it will be decent, I suck worse then anyone here when coming up with names so don't give yourself too less credit...

Third, yes I do like it, it's balanced, challenging & has a Magcargo though I do have 1 complaint...each pokemon has 1 to 3 possibilities for what their ability can be & you should list which 1 each of Flaare's pokemon has...

Hope you enjoyed posting that as I enjoy seeing what you guys have to post :violin: ...

Author:  xerovene [ Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Gonn City, the electric/steel (electronics) gym of the Oren Region (and the 7th gym, just one more!)

The gym has no trainers, and is dominated simply by an annoying multiroom puzzle consisting of flipping switches to change the direction of an electrical current to open doors.

Leader Steven
Age: 40
Appearance: Short-cropped dark hair, going slightly silver on the edges. He wears a black jacket with silver buttons over the pockets and dark blue jeans. He has black boots with silver buckles around the ankles.
"I've heard all about you from my daughter Mikayla. I have to admit, I went a little easy on her when she won my badge. I promise you I'm not going easy this time!"

{electrode} lvl 44
Rain Dance/Thunder/Magnet Rise/Explosion
Magnet rise to have no weaknesses, rain dance to boost thunder, then uses thunder until its time is done and it explodes. The rain dance also helps the teams steel types from fire weakness.
{probopass} lvl 45
Thunder/Thunderwave/Mudslap/Flash Cannon
Thunderwave and mudslap to annoy. Rain dance is hopefully still in effect for thunder. Flash cannon is fun.
{electivire} lvl 46
Rain Dance/Thunderpunch/Iron Tail/Cross Chop
Attacks with whatever its got. Uses rain dance once it knows its time will come soon.

Gear Grind/Thunder/Thunderwave/Shift Gear
Annoys with thunderwave. Sets up with shift gear. DESTROYS WITH GEAR GRIND AND 100% ACCURACY THUNDER.
{magnezone} lvl 48
Rain Dance/Thunder/Flash Cannon/Magnet Rise
Magnet rise for ground weakness, rain dance for fire weakness and thunder accuracy. Then destruction.

"Hate to say it, but you're definitely tougher than Mikayla. I've been getting quite a few tough trainers through here recently, but you're one of the best. If Mikayla doesn't become the next champion, I hope you do."

Rewards: Gear Badge, Thunder TM.

This one isn't as good as my last two, but it's decent. Just one more, and then the league. I like my league theme, but I'm not sure what the champion's going to be yet.

Author:  Serperior [ Thu Jun 23, 2011 5:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Name: Kareon
Type: Dragon/Fire
Strategy:Get'em or Get out of my way
Bio: Known for fine achivement, though weak in battle. Don't test him or he will hit back HARD!!!
OT: Kareon
Leaf Blade
Giga Drain
Grass Pledge
Item: Miracle Seed
Has Pokerus

OT: Miles
Item: Mystic Water

OT: Kareon
Air Slash
Protect(was Tailwind)
Sky Attack
Item: Sharp Beak
Has Pokerus

OT: Kareon
Fire Blast
Fusion Flare
Hyper Voice
Item: Flame Plate

OT: Andre
Fusion Bolt
Item: Zap Plate

Doggyboy(male sign)(Stoutland)
OT: Kareon
Item: Leftovers
Has Pokerus

Intro: Lets see how good you are!
Win: Well that's too bad... Come back next time!!!
Lose: My word, your better than my Momma's Stoutland!!! Congrats!!!

Author:  Serperior [ Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Pokemon League of Sinjhoenntova Region
Elite 1
Grass Gym Leader now Grass Elite
Pokemon 1st visit

Treetaur Lv.53
Wood Hammer
Giga Drain
Razor Leaf

Grasher Lv.53
Razor Leaf
Magical Leaf
Giga Drain

Grassdactyl Lv.55
Frenzy Plant
Air Slash
Leaf Smack
Aerial Ace

Serperior Lv.53
Giga Drain
Sunny Day
Leaf Blade

Elite 2
Fire Gym Leader now Fire Elite

Horsear Lv.53
Fire Blast
Flame Charge
Quick Attack

Fengine Lv.53
Fire Blast
Iron Head
Flash Cannon

Flameon Lv.55
Air Slash
Fire Blast
Blast Burn

Slumock Lv.53
Rock Slide
Fire Blast

Elite 3
Water Gym Leader now Water Elite

Swimlin Lv.53
Hydro Pump
Rain Dance

Watadult Lv.53
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam

Watawar Lv.55
Hydro Pump
Hydro Cannon
Close Combat

Waileron Lv.53
Hydro Pump

Elite 4

Starter Weakness Lv.55

Jetgon Lv.53
Fire Blast
Take Off

Rockasaur Lv.53
Rock Slide
Stone Edge
Hammer Arm

Fightar Lv.53
Focus Punch
Close Combat

Team White: Prince Sen

Bullock Lv.57
Take Down

Settal Lv.57
Flash Cannon
Weather Ball
Iron Head
Gyro Ball

Reshiram Lv.59
Fusion Flare
Hyper Beam

Zekrom Lv.59
Fusion Bolt
Zen Headbutt
Giga Impact
Light Screen

Xylerite Lv.57
Zen Headbutt

Skylar Lv.57
Air Slash
Aerial Ace
Brave Bird

Team White: King Dr. White

Skylar Lv.57
Air Slash
Aerial Ace
Brave Bird

Fightar Lv.57
Close Combat
Low Kick

Tailrah Lv.57
Close Combat
Iron Tail
Low Kick
Head Smash

Second Visit Coming Soon!
All pokemon are self named by me and Sinjhoenntova Region is also in my lego world. Do Not Take For REAL!!!

Author:  Lawence Codye [ Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

@ Serperior = Welcome to this thread firstly & secondly, I would prefer you didn't use made up pokemon as their stats & what not are unknown by the general public so critiquing of them thus becomes impossible, however I can say I have made up pokemon too but have replaced them with actually existing pokemon cause I didn't want to confuse anyone, this thread is for alot of things but not made up "pokemon" :| ...

Still putting together who will be in Parker's party but I have also been busy so it hasn't been as speedy a task as it should be, oh well...

Author:  Serperior [ Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

I am very very sorry Lawence, I was just showing off my Creativity skills. But I'll move it to my special thread "Name your own Pokemon!" to get it out of the way. Once again I am VERY VERY sorry for the inconveinence.

Author:  Lawence Codye [ Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Serperior wrote:
I am very very sorry Lawence, I was just showing off my Creativity skills. But I'll move it to my special thread "Name your own Pokemon!" to get it out of the way. Once again I am VERY VERY sorry for the inconveinence.

It's fine, I wasn't specific about that anyway but yeah, there is actually a thread in the Lilycove Museum section of the forum called The Fake Poke'mon Poke'Dex, I know you have your own thread which you mentioned & I saw but it seems similar to that 1, meh...

Oh & no need to Edit your other post, it is still technically following the thread rules ;) ...

Author:  Infernape77 [ Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Personal Trainer's Thread [Gen 1 - Gen 5]

Long time no see xD
I don't have time to do this one.

I've done a mistake on that Scolipede XD
I'm re-making that one now.

Scolipede Lv.47 ♂
--x Held Item: Poison Jewel
Poison Tail
Bug Buzz
Strategy: Don't have much strategies here. He'll create the most damage he can do. The leader will use Hyper Potion on him.

~Da Trainers and Gym~
The gym is uh.... sorta like a dump(XD). There's a hill of trashes and rubbish, and like the first gym, we have wild Pokemon in gym, again(Yay! 8D). Weirdly, the wild pokemon is inside the trash hill, and inside the hill itself, there's like a tower. It has 7 floor, the last floor is gym leader's floor. There are a trainer on Floor 1, 3 and 6, the rest is open field for wild Pokemon and gym leader.

Wild Pokemon=
Floor 1-3:
Image Lv.28-30
Image Lv.25-28

Floor 4-6:
Image Lv.30-32
Image Lv.27-31
Image Lv.30-31


Lady Lolila
"Ewww..... this place is very smelly. I want to go home already!"
Image Foongus Lv.33 ♂
Venoshock/Gastro Acid/Growth/Giga Drain
"Finally, I have a reason why I should leave this place, eek..."

Janitor Josse
"Hohoho... what're you doing 'lil kid? You don't see that I'm cleaning those rubbish? Oh, okay...."
Image Deino Lv.34 ♂
Image Trubbish Lv.35 ♂
"Geez, how can I'm cleaning this place when I don't have Pokemon to help me? Oh well...."

Drunker Rosh
"Heee? Who re tho? 'Tis ain't a place for a kid like ya.. *hic* so... *hic* go back home and drink y'r milk *hic*"
Image Garbador Lv.36 ♂
Take Down/Selfdestruct/Sludge Bomb/Body Slam

Phew..... actually I also a fakemon designer, I want to use my fakemon too, but, I already knew that this place not accepting fakemon and fake moves XD

P.S. Today, 26th June, is my birthday XD

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