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 First indulgance in seven years 
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I figured this was more or less the place to post this although if I am wrong please correct me. Today i was walking by our only card shop and after a discussion with a friend we both decided to go in, I bought 4 pack of pokemon cards (which i still have yet to open). I am very excited about this and its really bringing up old memories =).

1xPlatinum Arceus
1xPlatinum rising rivals
2xHS Unleashed

I will update after I open them. Wish me luck.

Edit: (this is gunna be a long one)

From the HS Unleashed-
Common: Misdreavus, Onix, Poliwag, Riolu, Spearow, Larvitar (but the card not the picture is holographic?), Stunky, Pineco, Makuhita, Murkrow, Aron,
Uncommon: Engineer's Adjustments, Plusle, Numel, Sableye (same as Larvitar?), Raticate, Team Rocket's Trickery, Unknown (spells out dark)
Rare (but not Holographic): Floatzel, Vileplume

From the Plt. Rising Rivals-
Common: Nuzleaf lv.25, Aron lv.21, Gliscor lv.53 (has Bertha on it), Nidorina lv.29 (hollo card but not picture), Munchlax lv.15, Kakuna lv.8
Uncommon: Pokemon Contest Hall, Upper Energy (normal type), Leafeon lv.49
Rare: Snorlax lv.X (its holographic but there's no star so i can't be sure =/)

From the Plt. Arceus-
Common:Tangela lv.9, Gastly lv.15, Burmy (trash cloak lv.11), Geodude lv.14, Rattata lv.12
Uncommon: Expert Belt, Wormadam (trash claok lv.44), Pelipper lv.49
Rare non-holographic: Pichu lv.9
Rare: Arceus lv.100 (steel type)

If anyone actually had the attention span to read through all of this i applaud you and also ask for some help; I have no idea how rare/common anything is anymore =/
the last card pack i bought was one of the gold/silver packs and I got the origional Holo Bellossom XD

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