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 What pokemon do you want to evolve in the 5th gen of pokemon 
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No Ditto Evolutions!!!!!!!! Why make a blob a bigger blob? what about a purulgy evolution? do what slakoth did and create a evolution thats like the origional.

I found Chimecho!! AWWWWWWWWW Yeah!!Image

Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:03 pm
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Personally, I hate (HATE) baby pokemon.... I think they are useless.

Anyway, the only ones that should evolve are the ones that are crap right now, but that could at least be usable if they had better base stats or type/moves combo... And there are many of those out there. After doing the list of those I wanted, I noticed most were from Gen II.... Odd.

Gen I
{parasect} = It looks cool, but the stats/types/abilities simply kill this pokemon as soon as it comes out of its pokeball... Can be 8x weak against fire! Nice.
{arbok} = At least other pure-poison types like Weezing and Muk serve a purpose.... Arbok is only nice for his Intimidate.

Gen II
{ariados} = They could have gone further in the spider type. How about a hairy/scary tarentula? Or a jumping black widow?
{corsola} = Good concept, but hardly usable with those low stats...
{magcargo} = Again, the concept was nice, but it's useless with current stats.
{sunflora} = Ugh... That one is fail. Probably the worst fully evolved pokemon in existance... It just screams for better stats.
{girafarig} = Nice type combo, stats just average enough to be decent, but still could be much better. And make it as big as a real giraffe!!
{octillery} = The octopus is very cool, and it has decent stats, but the concept could have been pushed so much further! Make it bigger and badder! (as in make it so it doesn't look that dumb...)

{tropius} = Waaaaay too average... He looks nice though, and makes an AWESOME HM Slave!
{volbeat} / {illumise} = The firefly concept had very good potential, but they stopped there. It could evolve in the first ever Bug/Fire type!
{spinda} = Make it like a real panda!! With actual stats to warrant its existance.....

And I won't even bother with Gen IV... In my opinion, most of the ones with crappy stats are Pokedex fillers...

One for all, and all for me.

Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:50 pm
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Hyperjack123 wrote:
I think that {rapidash} {weezing} {dewgong} {muk} {cloyster} {arcanine} {primeape} {persian} {venomoth} {dugtrio} {parasect} {solrock} {lunatone} {crawdaunt} {torkoal} {illumise} {volbeat} {minun} {plusle} {manectric} {seviper} {zangoose} {pelipper} {masquerain} {breloom} {linoone} {magcargo} {noctowl} {ledian} {ariados} {lanturn} {crobat} {arbok} {sandslash} {weavile} {abomasnow} {lumineon} {carnivine} and etc etc should mostly get a new evo/prevo and then they should evolve {charizard} {blastoise} {venusaur} {meganium} {typhlosion} {feraligatr} {sceptile} {combusken} {blaziken} {empoleon} {infernape} {torterra} {arceus} to make them more POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

For one thing, I HIGHLY doubt that evolved starter Pokemon will ever get evolutions and secondly, Pokemon like arcanine, manectric, rapidash and dewgong are useful as they are. Though I do agree on some of your picks.

Sun Apr 05, 2009 7:13 am
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Kruggeikarp wrote:

I think they should also have a new type, like, Light.
I mean, they have Dark.... Why not light?

if you think about the "light" pokemon type is psychic. espeon evolves from eevee during the day (sunlight) and umbreon evolves during the night. espeon is the opposite of umbreon. and dark is unaffected by psychic.


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Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:36 pm
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Summary of this stupid topic wrote:
i tink they need to evulv all teh pokaymahnz liek GARCHOMP {garchomp} and SALAMENCE {salamence} AND METAGROS {metagross} AND TYRANTAR {tyranitar} CUZ THAT WUD B BADASS LOLOLZ :lol: :lol: :lol:

but not those weak **** like farfetchd and lickitung theyr ugly and stupid and weak and shouldnt get it

and there should be a liught type and a bronse and fairy type too! and then they could make masterchief a pokemon!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!111!

Locked because this has made my brain hurt too many times for my own good.


Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:56 pm
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