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Yes, I know that there is a thread about "more types" in the Isshu region. However, this thread is different. It is for people to showcase their ideas about the new types they created.

How It's Different From The Rest (Thread Rules):
1. This thread will not discuss the probability of Game Freak and Nintendo actually adding more types.
2. This thread will not have long arguments related to a suggestion's plausibility, either.
3. In order for a post to be complete, all people must describe both the actual type/classification and two unrelated non-über Pokémon that would be categorized there. You can use pre-existing Pokémon or create your own.
4. You may or may not include weaknesses or resistances at the end of your post.
5. NO LIGHT TYPE. We all know about the "luminous" or "inherently good" type since it shows up in every type thread. Use your creativity and come up with another type.

Hamiforbeeterra's credit to Rocket's Game Corner.
Dunmaorprasecutail's (also: Whakadon) credit (avatar) to Mektar.

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Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:54 pm
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i'm not too sure what you mean, so i'll just give it a shot

Gun Type!!!!!

Yeah, it's not that animal-like, but neither's steel type, so yeah. Basically its a type for any Pokemon that can fire guns or something (so similar to steel type). Basically Bullet Punch is a gun type move :S. And anything that involevs bullets, grenades, bombs, rockets or anything is gun type (e.g. Egg Bomb, Explosion).

Examples: Metagross {metagross}, Magmortar {magmortar}

Metagross coz its a massive multi-tasking battle robot, so its surely got some guns inside that body. Magmortar's arms look like bazookas, so i think magmortar would be gun type.

Offensive matchups:
Normal -- Super Effective
Fighting -- Neutral
Flying -- Neutral
Poison -- Neutral
Ground -- Not very effective
Rock -- Super Effective
Bug -- Super Effective
Ghost -- Neutral
Steel -- Not very effective
Fire -- Neutral
Grass -- Neutral
Water -- Neutral
Electric -- Neutral
Ice -- Super Effective
Psychic -- Super Effective
Dark -- Neutral
Dragon -- Not very effective
Gun -- Not very effective

Defensive matchups:
Normal -- Neutral
Fighting -- Not very effective
Flying -- Super Effective
Poison -- Neutral
Ground -- Super Effective
Rock -- Neutral
Bug -- Not very effective
Ghost -- Neutral
Steel -- Not very effective
Fire -- Super effective
Grass -- Neutral
Water -- Neutral
Electric -- Neutral
Ice -- Neutral
Psychic -- Super Effective
Dark -- Neutral
Dragon -- Neutral
Gun -- Not very effective

Competitively, gun types will be very offensive, super effective on five types (same number as fighting and ground). Special attackers have a good STAB super effective against blissey and snorlax. It will also be super effective on Tyranitar, which is always helpful. Finally, it takes out cresselia and celebi.

Defensively, it will be quite bad, as it has a weakness to Earthquake and Fire Blast, two of the most common attacks in the game. However, it is resistant to three of scizor's standard attacks and takes neutral damage from the fourth, which is usually the weak pursuit.

Dual type wise, Gun will likely be paired with Fighting or Steel. Either way, this produces two 4x weaknesses, although Flying and Psychic ain't too commonly seen, so Gun/Fighting will probably be higher tiered. Gun/Flying will be popular defensively, as it has just one weakness to fire, which can be dealt with an Occa Berry (or even the ability Heatproof, Flash Fire if you want an uber).

Gun and Ground cover every Pokemon for at least neutral damage, except for gun types with levitate, and steel types after magnet rise. So it will be popular with a double stat boosting set, or a bulky recover stat boost set. Gun and Ice will be popular, as Ice covers Ground and Dragon types that Gun can't.

Overall, OU gun types will generally be quite offensive (sweepers). If they are good, Scizor usage will fall down or its set will change, because it is basically countered by any gun type with decent defenses. Psychics like Cresselia will be phased out completely. Steel and Ground types will be even more popular than before.

Here is a typical late-game gun type sweeper:

Solid Snake (or whatever name you want) @ Life Orb
Nature: Adamant, Ability: Technician
252 Atk, 252 HP, 4 SpD
~Swords Dance
~Bullet Punch
~Ice Shard

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