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 What Do You Think Pokemon Should Be Like? 
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I mean, when you read the dex entreis for pokemon, and look at their appearance, what kind of things do you assume?

Examples wrote:
"Oh geez, rampardos looks like it has a very rocky defense, so it should probably have good defenses."

"Hariyama and wailord are very fat pokemon, so I'm only left to assume they have good HP."

"Swellow looks extremely aerodynamic, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of the fastest pokemon in the whole game!"

Well, that's what this topic is for. What do YOU think pokemon should be like? I'll show you an example of what to do:

Pelipper wrote:
{pelipper} Pelipper {pelipper}
HP: 80
Atk: 74
Def: 110
SA: 90
SD: 95
Spd: 71

Synopsis: Pelipper looks like it could take quite the beating from physical attacks. It looks like it could keep getting hit with a rockslide and just get back up and up again, and apparently GF agrees with me, because they gave it 100 base Defense. However, I think this terrific pokemon deserves just a *little* bit more.

Pelippers are also quite the hefty pokemon, and for me, 19/20 times, hefty = good HP. Not TOO good, but y'know, good enough. Enough that this whole tank/stalling thing could actually WORK. So yeah, I thought 88 HP was suitable. ;c

As for the attack stats...Pelipper looks like it should have good special attack, but not much worse physical attacks. A pelipper could probably pull off a good something with average defenses, that is. As for the attack, surf and ice beam should work well on it. A pelipper firing an ice beam from its godly mouth should be able to do sufficient damage, whereas a wing're going to need to hit your opponent a couple of times to do anything great.

Eh, special defense. Doesn't look like anything special. Its speed doesn't look too good either, due to the fact that it's kind of...heavy. And besides, what pokemon has good defense AND speed?
Level-Up Moves: Wing Attack, Swagger, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Peck (from wingull), Protect, Fly, Roost, Supersonic, Double-Edge

Moves by other means (TM/HM/Egg, etc.): Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Agility (again, wingull), Block

Synopsis: Well wingull's look like the speedy little goober, don't they? Or at least, they look like the pokemon that tries to be fast, thus agility.. Wing attack, obviously. I put stockpile, swallow, and spitup due to all the things about pelipper centering around its mouth, of course. Fly, because its dex entries talk about it being a pokemon that carries things great distances, so I thought it would be fitting for a levelup move. Protect because of the defenses, roost because I think one of its dex entires talks about pelipper having a nest. Double-Edge, because, well...Pelipper's attack stat isn't very good, but by flinging its body at the opponent, it should be able to also use its defense to cause good damage. Or something. Swagger because pelipper is kind of...annoying, and people'd get mad at it easily for being so goofy-looking. Peck, obviously. Surf, Waterfall, and Ice Beam, because any water type without those moves does not deserve to exist. D;

Absol wrote:
{absol} Absol {absol}-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
HP: 70
Atk: 130
Def: 70
SA: 85
SD: 80
Spd: 93

EVs: +2 Atk
Total: 528

Synopsis: Okay, so Absol to me doesn't seem like the kind of pokemon that should have too high of HP. I gave it HP similar to Luxray, because of their similar builds, but absol just a little less. It looks like a skinny goat with lots of fur. And IMO, fat = HP, so fat stuff gets 149 HP, skinny stuff gets 10. :(

Absol's attack stat is a fantastic stat on its own. Why would I try and take away the one good thing GF gave it.

Doesn't look like it should have fantastic defense, but it should have better defense than it really does. It'd be able to take a hit if I punched it, but not if a hitmonlee kicked.

Special Attack I thought should be alright. It should be able to pull off things like Psychic, but not in the way alakazam can. Just use its mind, or release some special energy from its horn and voila. It can send out a beam only slightly larger than what butterfree can pull off.

When I think of Special Defense, I think of a rainbow colored barrier and what it can withstand. I put absol next to a medicham and envisioned them in those barriers, and I think absol should have higher SD than medicham. Absol can hold up a barrier for a short period of time, but not long before cherrim's solarbeam breaks through

Absol needs to be slightly fast, so that it can get away from the area that's going to be hit by the natural disaster. So I gave it 93 :o. Only slightly slower than Lucario, and he's pretty fast.


Have fun with this. :D

Remember be intelligent and reasonabl! I tried not to let pelipper not get too out of control, and you all should do the same.

Fri Jul 06, 2007 8:50 am
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