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 Questions about EV training 
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If I encountered a wild pokemon that gave +2 Speed EV points with my Ralts carrying a Power Anklet, then switched out with Bagon and killed it with said pokemon, would Ralts still recieve +6 Speed EV points? Then how much would Bagon recieve? If not, how much would Ralts and Bagon recieve?

Also, recently I accumulated 152 Speed EV points and attempted to use carbos for the last 100, but it wouldnt have effect on my pokemon. Why is that?


Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:20 am
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The base EVs from the enemy pokemon are applied to all team pokemon that receive experience. Individual effects (items, PKRS) are applied only to individual pokemon.

Ralts receives +6 Spe, Bagon receives +2.

And EV vitamins such as Carbos won't work when the pokemon has more than 100 EVs in the stat.

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Another neat thing to note is that certain berries remove EVs, so that you can retrain a pokemon that isnt at lvl 100.

Each berry reduces by 10 evs.
Berry || Stat they Affect
Pomeg || HP
Kelpsy || Attack
Qualot || Defense
Hondew || Special Attack
Grepa || Special Defense
Tamato || Speed

Do note that if you have more than 100 EVs on your Pokemon on a certain stat,
eating the correct berry will reduce those EVs all the way down to 100. So you
technically only need eleven of the same berry to reduce a stat from 101-252
back to 0.

Copy pasta from the gamefaqs EV training guide.

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