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 Special vs Physical 
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hello everyone, i am a old time hardcore pokemon veteran from the good old days of pokemon red and I'm new to this forum thing so i hope i'm posting in the right spot with my topic here. or if the topic has already been brought up. do inform me if I'm completely wrong with this...

I have seen lots of stuff go down with pokemon over the years and I am struggling with something...
I have all of the players guides and this never bothered me until a little of the RSE series and it's bothered me more now that i have the DPP series and it's that there isn't very many pokemon that aren't legendary that have extraordinary power in the Special Attack area.
now... maybe I'm completely wrong, many pokemon have very formidable stats regarding special attack power like Alakazam, Gengar, and Porygon Z, not to mention others. There are a lot more flexible Physical Sweepers out there like Salamence, Tyranitar, and Metagross, however i look at all the starting pokemon and thier movepools and base stats and i see a problem.

Charizard, and Typhlosion have the same exact stats right?
anyway they both have 109 special attack power... it's thier highest stat.
Infernape doesn't bother me too much but it pretty much learns only physical moves so why does it's special need to be equal... anyway
Blaziken has 120 base attack power and 110 base special attack power and only learns ember.... that's it's one special attack...

I guess what i'm asking is, do you think it's a little messed up how blaziken has more special attack power than charizard, typhlosion, and infernape, and only learns one special attack?
and there are more instances where this occurs... where a pokemon that's theoretically an avid attacker has more special attack than most special attackers and only learns physical moves.

at any rate, does anybody think this has any merit? please respond.

Thanks =]

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Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:48 am
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Yerr I agree, when I first finished platinum I don't think any of my Pokemon resulted in being special sweepers, I think competitively (haven't even touched the DPPt metagame so making wild assumptions here) Blissey, suicune, regice etc make it hard to utilise Spweepers, and even if you do have one then ONE BoltBeam combo is usually sufficient in getting your bases covered. Plus, sweepers tend to have a lower def stat than a spdef stat which makes it easier to knock them down. Variety of support moves such as DDance, SDance, (i'm sure there are many more) make it a ton easier to support a Phsweeper than say... CMind. The PhySpec is also advantageous because it allows pokemon that previously had a Phys/Spec typing to draw out their strengths. (Eg... blaziken) Of course there are exceptions but generally that's what I've noticed

Have also noted that more of the useful (+ learnt by more pokemon) attacks switched from Special to Physical as opposed to vice versa. Elepunches, crunch... my pokemon knowledge is a bit rusty.
I ranted for a bit, and I don't even know if this is right lol (going to set up shoddy sometime soon so i can be an expert :P) I know I referred to the metagame but i was primarily referring to ingame...

Good thread

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Fri Nov 13, 2009 7:05 am
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yeah, mainly, this bugs me most in regard to the fire type starter pokemon because many of them are my favorites like... typhlosion and charizard. so I'm a little biased, but i think that charizard should definitely have 120 base special and lower attack and defense or even hp that would make sense to me and also typhlosion only lower its special defense a little or something leaving speed alone. also... if you look at sceptile.... learns the most powerful grass move (IMO) leaf blade, but has high speed and special attack... it doesn't learn many great special grass moves.

Fri Nov 13, 2009 12:14 pm
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