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 Thoughts on Sun and Moon 
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Sincerely, this game is really great. The main reason is that the game is actually difficult, the AI will mess you up if you are not careful. For constrast, I beat the entirety of ORAS with a solo HM slave Linoone, while right now I have a balanced team and still lose some pokemon to random trainers. (nuzlockes are going to be fun lmao)

Although I'm not a fan of the isles, the world looks really small and repetitive, you just make it across the isles and move to the next one. I also dislike the graphics but that is subjective. The game is not very immersive in itself. Also, so far there isn't much to do... you just go to the next trial and nothing else happens.

Another nice thing is the abundance of different pokemon to pick from right at the start. Lots of pokemon from Kanto and Johto, plus the new ones, which looks pretty nice for most (finally omg) Also, with the removal of the HMs, we are free to do whatever team we'd like, we are not limited by them anymore.

This is my favorite main pokemon game since Platinum,

Put these in your vs.recorder!: YVAW-WWWW-WW2T-YTP2 / 2U8W-WWWW-WW2U-ZA3J / PDGG-WWWW-WW2U-ZA49

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Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:29 pm
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About the graphics, apparently Sun and Moon were developed alongside the third version, the codenamed "Pokémon Stars", which was announced for release on the Nintendo Switch sometime next year. From what I've read, the graphics engine for Sun and Moon was designed with the Switch in mind, which is why they can seem odd at times on the 3DS.

I have to agree that these games are probably some of the strongest entries in the series, and it's even more evident now that the "easy" and "hard" modes are still there, they've just supplanted the Exp. Share. I just got to a point in the game that took a sharp level curve - in the wild pokémon, not just the trainers - after Highlight to view spoiler.
fighting someone that could have been a champion in another game, if her pokémon were twenty levels higher. This was still a mid-game boss fight, where she will clearly be seen again. We have not had an antagonist like this since perhaps Giovanni in Red and Blue, or N, and likely surpassing even them.

I'm loving the story, and I can't wait to see what Stars can add to it, considering the fact that Platinum, the last "third entry", improved on the base story by leaps and bounds.

I'm playing Moon now, and for the first time in generations, I'm looking forward to playing Sun soon after this, perhaps repeatedly. The biggest improvement, by far, and despite the fact that some of my favorites aren't in the game and won't even be accessible until January, is that they've cut out around five hundred pokémon altogether. This is a trend that desperately needs to continue, because stuffing 650+ pokémon into a single set of games is rediculous, and with the culmination of that trend - the addition of thirty plus legendaries in ORAS - it's just something that needed to happen, especially now that we're within possibly two generations of a one thousand total. This does point out the need for more games in this generation, however, but we're getting strong hints for that Sinnoh remake being around the corner.

Overall, a very good game, and a worthy entry for the twentieth anniversary.

Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:37 pm
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Definitely one of the better Pokemon games I've played. It has a feel of like old Gameboy Pokemon Blue/red etc. Makes it a really enjoyable experience to play.

Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:48 pm
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