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Author:  Azulon [ Thu Jul 14, 2011 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Pokémon Turquoise


Pokémon Turquoise is a forum that was once a popular and active TRPG board. It was first hosted by Zetaboards, and that board is still up, but is not used anymore. It can be accessed by the zetaboards url if you have it. If you want it for any reason, it is here. After a lot of success Chronicler, the owner, upgraded the board to vbulletin. However due to irl issues at the time, Chronicler was forced to go back to zetaboards, thus creating the board you see today. The board diminished in activity due to people having loads to do irl, and after another switch, people either lost the link, or got tired of the constant switching.

However, as of today, I, Azulon, along with Dragonfire and Pheonixsong are working on getting Turquoise back up and running for the public. The TRPG is currently down, but work is being done, and we are all hopeful it will launch in the coming months.

So here is where the public like you all come in. Turquoise has lost most activity after its unexpected switch back to zetaboards. Some users have been coming on periodically, but I am wanting some activity beyond periodic visits. I'm looking for new posts every day and a good member base. Turquoise will be back on the web at its full potential one day, and until then, it needs the activity of users. And, if you want, you could even help in reconstructing the TRPG, such as spriting. We'd love to have your assistance in this project!

If you do join, feel free to PM me or the other staff any questions concerning Turquoise, or you can PM me here! :)

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